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					CSIT 321
Lab 15
Oct. 31, 2006

   1. (This is my continued revenge on those who forget to put their names on their
      labs.) Place below your name and put it in 36-pt Holiday India font found at

   2. Did your computer “fall back” on its own?

   3. Paste a screen capture that shows the amount of free space on your C drive.

   4. Copy the serial number from the Partition Magic 8 disk. Then install Partition
      Magic on the E drive. A Typical installation should suffice. Do not register

   5. Remove the CD. Go to Start/Programs/Power Quest Partition Magic 8/Partition
      Magic 8. Use Partition Magic to make your C drive into a 20GB drive.

   6. Paste below a screen capture showing how much free space remains on your C

   7. Defrag the C drive. Paste a screen capture of the report that results.

   8. Defrag the E drive (or whatever you called your second drive). Paste a screen
      capture of the report.

   9. Go to Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP,
      download and install the HTML Slide Show Wizard. Download some images
      from the Internet, and make a slide show. Paste below a screen capture showing
      your slide show.

   10. Go to (or any similar page) and read
       about Autorun file and commands. Read at least half a page of the above
   reference. Make an autorun file that will open your slide show from above and
   then burn the show and autorun file onto a CD. Test it!

11. Download and install the PowerToy Tweak UI. Use it to take all of the games off
    of the Frequently Used programs part of the Start menu. Paste below a screen
    capture of the Tweak UI interface just before or just after you apply this setting.

12. In Tweak UI under Special Folders, find the path for CD Burning. What is this
    folder used for?