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1   A Cold Neutron Depth                 3   BT-7 Triple Axis Crystal                8   BT-2 Triple Axis Crystal             11 NG-7 Horizontal Sample
    Profiling instrument (not shown)         Spectrometer with fixed incident            Spectrometer with polarized             Reflectometer allows reflectivity
    for quantitative profiling of            energy for measurements of                  beam capability for measurement         measurements of free surfaces,
    subsurface impurities currently at       excitations and structure.                  of magnetic dynamics and                liquid vapor interfaces, as well as
    this site will be moved to another   4   BT-8 Residual Stress                        structure.                              polymer coatings.
    position. Shown is MACS, a cold          Diffractometer optimized for            9   BT-4 Filter Analyzer Neutron         12 Neutron Interferometry and
    neutron Triple Axis Crystal              depth profiling of residual stress in       Spectrometer with cooled Be/            Optics Station with perfect
    Spectrometer under construction          large components.                           Graphite filter analyzer for            silicon interferometer; vibration
    with double focusing monochro-                                                       chemical spectroscopy.                  isolation system provides
    mator and multiple crystal           5   BT-9 Triple Axis Crystal
                                             Spectrometer for measurements           10 BT-5 Perfect Crystal                     exceptional phase stability and
    analyzer/detectors that can be                                                                                               fringe visibility.
    flexibly configured for several          of excitations and structure.              Diffractometer SANS small
    energies simultaneously or for       6   Thermal Column a very well-                angle neutron scattering instrument   13 Spin Polarized Triple Axis
    high throughput at one energy.           thermalized beam of neutrons               for microstructure on the 104 nm         Spectrometer (SPINS) using
                                             used for radiography, tomography,          length scale, sponsored by the           cold neutrons with position
2   BT-6 (temporary location)                                                           National Science Foundation and          sensitive detector capability for
    Neutron Imaging Facility for             dosimetry and other experiments.
                                                                                        NIST, part of the Center for High        high-resolution studies — part of
    imaging hydrogenous matter in        7   BT-1 Powder Diffractometer                 Resolution Neutron Scattering            CHRNS.
    large components such as water           with 32 detectors; incident wave-          (CHRNS).
    in fuel cells or lubricants in           lengths of 0.208 nm, 0.154 nm,
    engines.                                 and 0.159 nm, with highest
                                             resolution of δd/d = 8 x 10-4.

                                         NIST Center for Neutron Research Layout








14 Spin Echo Spectrometer                18 Fermi Chopper hybrid time-of-        21 Backscattering Spectrometer            24 Advanced Neutron
   offering neV energy resolution,          flight (TOF) Spectrometer for           high intensity inelastic scattering       Diffractometer / Reflectometer
   based upon Jülich design,                inelastic scattering with selected      instrument with energy resolution         (AND/R), a vertical sample
   sponsored by NIST, Jülich and            incident wavelengths between            < 1 µeV, for studies of motion in         reflectometer with polarization
   ExxonMobil — part of CHRNS.              0.23 nm and 0.61 nm.                    molecular and biological systems          analysis and off-specular reflection
15 Prompt Gamma Activation               19 Disk Chopper TOF Spectrom-              — part of CHRNS.                          capabilities for measuring
   Analysis cold neutron fluxes             eter a versatile time-of-flight      22 NG-1 10 m SANS (under                     reflectivities down to 10-8. It is part
   allow detection limit for H of 1 µg      spectrometer, with beam pulsing                                                   of the Cold Neutrons for Biology
                                                                                    construction.) It replaces the
   to 10 µg. Focused beams are              and monochromatization effected                                                   and Technology program
                                                                                    current 8 m SANS and will be
   available for profiling.                 by 7 disk choppers. Used for                                                      committed to studies of biological
                                                                                    made available for CHRNS use
                                            studies of dynamics in condensed                                                  membrane systems.
16 NG-7 30 m SANS for microstruc-                                                   along with use by the NIST
   ture measurements sponsored by           matter, including macromolecular        Polymers Division.
   NIST, ExxonMobil, and the                systems — part of CHRNS.
                                                                                 23 Vertical Sample Reflectometer
   University of Minnesota.              20 NG-3 30 m SANS for microstruc-          instrument with polarization
17 Neutron Physics Station                  ture measurements sponsored by          analysis capability for measuring
   offering three cold neutron beams        the National Science Foundation         reflectivities down to 10-8 to
   having wavelengths of 0.5 nm,            and NIST — part of CHRNS.               determine subsurface structure.
   0.9 nm, and “white” that are
   available for fundamental neutron
   physics experiments.


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