Statutory 90 day period by m8063J4r


                                                                              Statutory 90 day period for purposes of
                                                                              establishing domicile (residency) for all FCF Forms for all JDF Forms (Self Help)
                                                           Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation JDF 1101,
                                                           With Domestic Relations Case Information Sheet, JDF 1000

Service of Summons is Completed by: JDF 1102
                                                                                        Mandatory Initial Status
        1.Co-Petitioner Filing (both parties sign/notarize Petition)
                                                                                        Conference for both Parties
        2.Summons and Waiver/Acceptance of Service
                                                                                        with Family Court Facilitator
        3.Summons and Return of Service
        4.Special Instruction for Service by Publication (JDF 1301 & 1302)

                                                      Statutory 90 day waiting period begins once
                                                       Service of Summons is properly completed

            Forms to be submitted a f t e r Service of                               OPTIONAL
            Summons is completed:
                                                                            After the opposing party has been properly served
             1. Notice of Applicability, FCF 700
                                                                            the steps to schedule a hearing for Temporary
             2. Wife’s Sworn Financial Statement,                           Orders include the following forms:
                 (Financial Affidavit) JDF 1111
                                                                             1.    Motion for Temporary Orders JDF 1106
             3. Husband’s Sworn Financial Statement,
                 (Financial Affidavit) JDF 1111                               2.    Current Financial Affidavit JDF 1111
             4. Separation Agreement/Partial Separation
                    Agreement/Information For Disclosure Prior                3.    Notice to Set For Pro Se’s Temporary
                    to Final Orders, JDF 1115                                       Orders Hearing FCF 1010
              5. Case Management Order, FCF 400                               4.    Temporary Order Information for the
                                                                                    Court JDF 1109
    Mediation is mandatory and required when the parties are unable to agree as to terms which
    relate to the division of property/debts. Parties are required to file the request in writing (FORMS
    FCF 300a) with the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution to schedule mediation to assist them
    in resolving issues that are being contested. The parties may also elect to complete mediation with
    a Mediator from the community outside the courthouse.

    After the statutory 90-day waiting period, and if all the documents required above have been filed
    with the Office of the Clerk of the Court, you may file the documents to complete your divorce.
                                                                            CONTESTED ISSUE: (4 to 6 Month Delay)
      UNCONTESTED:                                                           1  Notice to Set—Notice of Hearing to
       1. Affidavit For Decree Without Appearance of                            schedule court date, JDF 1122,
          Parties, JDF 1201                                                      JDF 1123, JDF 1124
       2. Proposed Decree for Dissolution of Marriage                           Parties must comply with Case
          or Legal Separation, JDF 1116 (3 copies + 2                           Management Order issued at time
            envelops w/postage)                                                 of setting.
       3    Support Order (if Maintenance is involved),                      3. Proposed Decree Dissolution of
            JDF 1117.                                                           Marriage or Legal Separation
    FCF 500 R9/06 Flowchart Without Children
                                                                             4. Support Order (if Maintenance is

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