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                                    BOARD OF SELECTMEN

                                        October 19, 2010

SELECTMEN PRESENT: Steven N. Wawruck, Jr., Joseph R. Calsetta, and Denise T. Balboni
ALSO PRESENT:         Patrick McMahon (EIDC Consultant), Dorothy & Walter Holliday, Peter
                      Coffey, and Reporters from the Hartford Courant and the Journal Inquirer
First Selectman Wawruck called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Holliday of 67 North Main Street were in attendance to discuss their concerns
with the proposed expansion of the Babylon Recycling Center. Mrs. Holliday referred to an
informational letter that she sent to the homeowners on North Main Street to notify them of the
potential for an increase in waste disposal at the facility and resulting truck traffic on North Main
Street if the expansion is approved. A copy of the letter was also given to the Selectmen. Mrs.
Holliday stated that she is aware that the Selectmen were also concerned with the proposal and
was in attendance to observe their discussion on the matter.

a. Inter-Municipal Agreement for Bradley Airport Development Zone (BADZ) – Patrick
  Patrick McMahon, EIDC Consultant for the Town of Windsor Locks, came forward to give the
  Selectmen some background information on how the Bradley Airport Development Zone
  (BADZ) was created and ultimately approved by the Governor last spring. He distributed
  copies of two maps that outlined the parcel of land surrounding Bradley International that will
  be the designated development zone for the towns of East Granby, Suffield, Windsor and
  Windsor Locks. He stated that the Bradley Development League, Metro Hartford Alliance
  and key state legislators championed the creation of the Bradley Airport Development Zone to
  seize upon the airport’s potential.
  Mr. McMahon continued by stating that the new zone that will be comprised of commercial
  and industrial areas in close proximity to Bradley and will offer incentives to help attract new
  businesses and expansion of existing businesses. In order to qualify for these incentives the
  business must be a manufacturing company, performing research and development directly
  related to manufacturing, and/or significantly servicing, overhauling, or rebuilding machinery
  and equipment for industrial uses. Warehousing and motor freight distribution uses qualify for
  the incentives, but only if they handle goods shipped by air. Mr. McMahon clarified that the
  company would have to be picking up or delivering freight to the airport to qualify. He added
  that business services, including information technology, also qualify for incentives if the
  Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Commissioner determines
  they depend upon or relate directly to the airport. The Town will have an opportunity to weigh
  in on any company that the DECD Commissioner rules on.
  Selectman Balboni asked Mr. McMahon to give an example of a company that would provide
  a type of service that would be related to airport services. Mr. McMahon stated that it could
  be the type of company that provides software for various airport operations (lighting,
  runways, etc.).
  Mr. McMahon then spoke briefly on property tax exemptions. He explained that newly
  constructed, renovated, or expanded facilities qualify for an exemption based on the value of
  the improvement. The exemption equals 80% of improvement’s assessed value and it is good
Board of Selectmen
October 19, 2010
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 for five-years. Acquired facilities qualify for the same exemption, but it is a based on the
 assessed value of the acquired section and that the exemption is also is good for five-years.
 He further stated that businesses developing or acquiring a facility in the BADZ also qualify for
 a five-year, 80% exemption on assessed value of machinery and equipment they install in the
 facility as part of the development or acquisition. The Town would receive half of the
 exemption back from the State each year. Businesses that qualify for the property tax
 exemptions also qualify for a 10-year corporation business tax credit equal to the portion of
 the tax attributable to the facility. The credit equals 25% of the tax. Mr. McMahon further
 stated that the town can seek a 40% reimbursement from the State at the end of the year for
 half of whatever exemptions have been provided to the businesses.
 Selectman Wawruck asked if Hamilton Sundstrand would qualify for the exemption if they
 renovated one of their buildings for another venue other than what they are doing right now.
 Mr. McMahon stated that yes, they would qualify.
 Selectman Balboni wondered if a business within Windsor Locks that relocates to the airport
 would qualify for the 10-year tax credit. Mr. McMahon stated that they could qualify for the 5-
 year tax abatement, and possibly a 10-year tax credit if they were expanding.
 Mr. McMahon stated that even though the zone now exists, the property tax exemptions
 incentives have been pushed out until October 1, 2012, and the corporation business tax
 credit will apply to income years beginning on or after January 1, 2013 because of the current
 legislative budget crisis.
 Mr. McMahon concluded by stating that there is a major economic driver in Bradley Airport
 and that having incentives through this program can only help to attract more business
 development to the region, and could thereby increase the tax base in each of the four
 Mr. McMahon then explained the proposed Inter-Municipal Agreement for the “Creation,
 Marketing, Promotion and Development of the Bradley Airport Development Zone”. The
 Agreement suggests that each of the towns designate a coordinator for the marketing,
 promotion and development of its portion of the Bradley Airport Development Zone. In
 Windsor Locks the marketing and coordinating will be done through The Economic &
 Development Commission (EIDC) utilizing their own marketing line item in conjunction with
 the Bradley Development League. The Agreement also recommends that the towns look to
 see if any infrastructure improvements can be made to increase the attraction of the zone.
 The Agreement also mentions that in the event that an economic opportunity reaches an
 unsuccessful conclusion each municipality agrees to advocate the benefit of locating business
 and industry in the other Bradley Airport Development Zone municipalities.
 Mr. McMahon recommended that the Board of Selectmen authorize the First Selectman to
 execute this Inter-Municipal Agreement, and that they endorse the creation of the zone. Mr.
 McMahon reiterated that the development of this Bradley Airport Development Zone was
 based on discussions with the economic development professionals in each of the four towns
 along with the key legislative leadership that and is now incorporated into State Legislation.
 Any changes to the zone will require an act through the legislature.
 Selectman Wawruck stated that the original plan was to have the zone come down through
 the Windsor Locks Main Street corridor but was turned down because the location is remote
 from the airport.

 The Selectmen briefly reviewed the maps outlining the zone areas.
 Selectman Balboni moved that the Board of Selectmen authorize the First Selectman to
 execute the Inter-municipal agreement for the creation, marketing, promotion and
 development of the Bradley Airport Development Zone, and;
Board of Selectmen
October 19, 2010
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 Furthermore, that the Board of Selectmen approves of the zone boundaries for Windsor
 Locks as shown on the attached map.
 Selectman Calsetta seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Selectman Wawruck requested that an additional item be added to the agenda under New
Business as 4) a. (1) EIDC Capital Expenditures.
Selectman Calsetta moved to add “EIDC Capital Expenditures”, under New Business as
item 4) a. (1). Selectman Balboni seconded the motion. All were in favor.

EIDC Capital Expenditures:
Mr. McMahon distributed a map to the Selectmen outlining a parcel of land between Suffield &
North Main Street. He began by explaining that during the last budget the Capital Program was
allocated $35,000.00 to further the pursuits of the Main Street Master Planning Study. Various
projects related to the canal were considered; clearing out the southern end of the canal to
enhance viewing, and/or possibly installing a couple of fountains in the canal itself. However,
based on more recent feedback the EIDC felt it would be better to focus in on some properties
on Main Street that might be affecting the value of the neighboring property. One of the
suggestions was to approach the owner of the property at the intersection of Suffield Street &
North Main Street to possibly enter into a marketing agreement. Mr. McMahon further explained
that something similar to this was done in the town of Suffield with a successful result.
Mr. McMahon stated that before a formal proposal is drawn up the EIDC will need approval to
utilize some of the allocated Capital Expenditure Account funds to secure the property for the
community to market it. He suggested that the funds could pay for Phase 1 and Phase 2
studies, along with an environmental study, appraisals, and any property surveys that might be
Mr. McMahon stated that it is a creative approach to try to improve property at a key intersection
in town. He again used the example of the blighted property in Suffield that was renovated into
an income generator that has paid back the town’s investment several times over. He thought
that the total amount invested in the project by the Town of Suffield was somewhere in the
amount of $15,000.00 to $17,000.00.
Mr. McMahon stated that the town will be acting as the broker and will send out requests for
proposals to developers. He speculated that the vast use of this parcel of land considered as a
“100% corner” could be an office building along with some retail space.
The Selectmen briefly discussed other possible areas in town that could be considered for this
type of development. Selectman Wawruck stated that this particular area was selected from the
overall Main Street Study and has been brought forward in many discussions as the entrance
way or departure when entering or leaving Windsor Locks. It has been an under performing
property for many years.
Selectman Wawruck further stated that the owner has expressed interest in working with the
town to renovate and develop this property.
The type of zoning for this area was briefly discussed with the generalization that it is a mixture
of business and residential. The Selectmen also discussed the possibility of leaving the space
open and planting grass and trees there instead. Mr. McMahon did not have a specific dollar
amount yet associated with the proposal, but stated that the EIDC is working with the allocated
budget of $35,000.00. The EIDC will work in conjunction with the Planning & Zoning
Commission before a specific proposal is determined and submitted for further consideration.
Board of Selectmen
October 19, 2010
Page 4

   The Selectmen thanked Mr. McMahon for his input.
b) Set Public Hearing Date for Expansion of Babylon Recycling Center (11/09/10)
  Selectman Wawruck reminded the Board of their discussion at the August 17, 2010 regarding
  the proposed expansion of the Babylon Recycling Center. Currently, it is a volume reduction
  facility that allows for construction debris (bricks, cement, roofing materials, etc.). The
  company has expanded over the years to accommodate more types of construction materials
  however they are now seeking the addition of a transfer station for municipal solid waste
  (garbage). The company wants to change their designation from a VRF to a municipal solid
  waste transfer facility which would bring approximately 30 to 35 trucks a day into the facility.
  After the municipal solid waste is brought into the facility it will be loaded on to railcars and
  taken out town via freight trains later in the day or at night.
  Selectman Balboni wondered if Windsor Locks would have any say in the proposed
  expansion. Selectman Wawruck stated that the town attorney has confirmed that the
  approval will be acted upon at the State level by DEP. The DEP has overview of the
  application and now has it under technical review. He added that the town was originally
  notified by the applicant as a courtesy.
  Selectman Wawruck suggested that a Public Hearing be set on November 9, 2010 to inform
  residents regarding the type of application that is being sought by the facility. He thought that
  the town will be able to weigh in on the matter before a final decision is made. He felt that it
  is better at this point to have a Public Hearing than to continue with private meetings with the
  Attorney representing Babylon. The residents that live along the North Main Street corridor
  are calling the office to state their concerns. He reiterated that it is better to get everyone into
  one forum to understand what is being proposed so that there are no misconceptions.
  Questions and concerns will be addressed at that time.
  Selectman Wawruck explained that the building portion of the facility is located in Windsor
  Locks. The building was originally approved for volume reduction purposes only by the
  Planning & Zoning Commission. A listing of what was to be accepted and not accepted at
  that building was agreed on at that time. One of the items on the non-acceptance list was
  municipal solid waste.
  The Town Attorney and the Zoning Official will be attending the Public Hearing. Selectman
  Wawruck stated that he has notified the Attorney representing Babylon about the Hearing and
  that he will reach out to see if anyone from DEP will be able to attend. A Press Release will
  be sent out to the newspapers to notify the residents of Windsor Locks.
  After more brief discussion the Selectmen agreed to hold a Public Hearing on the Babylon
  Recycling Center expansion on November 9, 2010.
  Selectman Balboni moved to set a Public Hearing date for Tuesday, November 9, 2010
  @ 7:00 p.m. at the Windsor Locks High School Auditorium for the purpose of
  discussion on the expansion of the Babylon Recycling Center. Selectman Calsetta
  seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Selectman Balboni stated that she was not able to get to Town Hall to listen to the original
recording of the July 6, 2010 Meeting. Discussion ensued between the Selectmen on whether
the quality of the original tape was as inaudible as the CD copy. Selectman Balboni stated that
Board of Selectmen
October 19, 2010
Page 5

she would prefer a transcription of the meeting before considering approval of the minutes. She
further stated that she would formally request one to be made available.         The Selectmen
agreed to postpone approval of the July 6, 2010 Minutes until the November 2, 2010 meeting.
Selectman Calsetta moved to approve the October 5, 2010 Special & Regular Meeting
Minutes with Selectman Balboni seconding the motion. All were in favor.

 A November 2010 Calendar of Events was distributed to the Selectmen outlining all of the
  various Veteran’s Day events that will be taking place during the month in addition to the
  meetings and the Public Hearing that are scheduled.
 A list of Capital Projects for Board of Selectmen to consider submitting to the CIAC was
   Sidewalk replacement on the following Streets:
    Main Street from Dexter Plaza north to Chestnut Street
    Elm Street from Main Street west to Center Street
    South Elm Street from Elm Street south to Harrison Street
    Reed Avenue from West Street west to Creston Road
   Road, sidewalk, drainage and sanitary on:
    Coolidge Street
    Dale Street
   Folding Tables and Chairs
  Selectman Wawruck stated that the Capital Projects will need to be submitted by January
 An auction will be taking place at Sales Construction this weekend. Selectman Wawruck
  stated that the town has an old town street sweeper that could be put up for bid. The
  Selectmen agreed to put it up for bid for no less than $5,000.00.

 a. CCSWA Cost Resolution::
    The Selectmen were previously provided with material to review on the Central Connecticut
    Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) alternative agreement to CRRA. Selectman Wawruck
    stated that CCSWA is looking for the Board of Selectmen to adopt a Resolution to authorize
    the expenses associated with a membership commitment. He added that, as stated in the
    proposed Resolution, the contribution for the town will not exceed $14,964.15 for the current
    fiscal year. The fee will include any attorney fees, RFQ, RFP, governance, language, and
    overall operations, and other start up costs that this project entails.
   Selectman Wawruck continued by stating that the town has already received back more
   than the $14,964.15 fee in benefits with the reduction of the tipping fees over the last two
   years when this initiative was first started. He added that CRRA has now come to the table
   and have changed their thinking on when towns will need to commit to the project in
   Hartford from December 31st to July 1, 2011.
   Selectman Wawruck stated there is a lot of interest in municipal solid waste with towns from
   inside and outside the State of Connecticut. He added that there are many companies in
   place other than CRRA that already have the means to collect and dispose of waste. CRRA
   is moving forward with cost initiatives that include a reduction in their electricity contract,
   which will further reduce the towns tipping fees. Other benefits from CRRA will also be
Board of Selectmen
October 19, 2010
Page 6

   forthcoming. Selectman Wawruck also stated there are forty-two towns that have expressed
   interest in the initiative, however, so far only twenty towns have made the commitment. It is
   expected that more towns will follow within the next few months.
   Selectman Wawruck asked for the Selectmen’s concurrence with the proposed CCSWA
   Cost Resolution. He added that the information and proposal has been given to the Board
   of Finance to review.
   Selectman Calsetta moved to adopt the CCSWA Cost Resolution authorizing
   expenses associated with membership in the Central Connecticut Solid Waste
   Authority, in the not to exceed amount of $14,964.15. Selectman Balboni seconded
   the motion.
   Selectman Wawruck stated that he will notify the Board of Finance that the Selectmen are in
   agreement with the initiative and have expressed their interest in moving it forward. He
   further stated that he will ask a representative from CRCOG to attend a joint meeting with
   the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen to gain a full understanding of the past,
   present and future of the program.
 b. Ratification of Public Works/WPCA Union Contract (NAGE RI-177)
 c. Ratification of Dispatchers Union Contract (CILU, Local No. 6)
   Selectman Wawruck stated that the negotiations for both of these contracts took place last
   year. Both Unions have agreed to a 0% salary increase with everything else in their
   contracts frozen in place for this current year.
   Selectman Calsetta moved to ratify the Public Works/WPCA Union Contract (NAGE
   RI-177) with a 0% salary increase, and all other conditions remaining the same.
   Selectman Balboni seconded the motion. All were in favor.
   Selectman Balboni moved to ratify the Dispatchers Union Contract (CILU, Local No. 6
   with a 0% salary increase, and all other union contract provisions remaining the
   same. Selectman Calsetta seconded the motion. All were in favor.
   Selectman Wawruck thanked both of the Unions for coming forward to the bargaining table
   with the understanding of the plight that the town is currently under. Both Unions will re-
   negotiate next year.


Selectman Calsetta moved to approve the Refund Request for October 19, 2010, in the
amount of $6057.85, as outlined in Schedule A. Selectman Balboni seconded the motion.
All were in favor.
A copy of Schedule A is attached to these Minutes.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Holliday of 67 North Main Street briefly stated their concerns with the impact
that will be placed on the residents of Windsor Locks with the proposed expansion of the
Babylon Recycling Center. Dialog ensued between the Selectmen and Mr. & Mrs. Holliday on
the issues that could be created by expansion.
Selectman Wawruck stated that he hoped that everyone with concerns or comments will attend
the Public Hearing on November 9, 2010.
Board of Selectmen
October 19, 2010
Page 7

Mr. Peter Coffey of Denslow Street came forward to state concerns with:
   The Town’s Website: thought that the wrong time was listed for the Selectmen’s Meeting. It
    was discovered that Mr. Coffey was looking at the old website and not the new one at
   Railroad Station: wondered if there was any progress on the railroad station as promised at
    the previous Board of Selectmen’s meeting. Selectman Wawruck stated that he had
    informed everyone that of the town would have the appraisal of the Montgomery Building
    within two weeks. The appraisal came in this morning and is being reviewed by the Town
   Hiring: The Town is not hiring residents, especially the Police Department and Board of
    Education. He thought there were more out employees that reside out of town than in town.
    Selectman Wawruck stated that he would get the town employee numbers for Mr. Coffey,
    however the Board of Education would need to be contacted to verify their employees. The
    Selectmen agreed that they strongly encourage all departments to hire town residents if they
    are qualified, and to also hire from within. Selectman Balboni thought that a phrase could
    be added to the Personnel Rules & Regulations stating that preference should be given to a
    resident of the town if they are qualified for the position. Selectman Wawruck stated that
    certain labor practices need to be adhered to when hiring or otherwise it could be
    considered as discriminatory.
   Blight Complaint Forms: wondered if there was a form or if a letter was needed. Selectman
    Wawruck stated that the forms are available in his office. Mr. Coffey stated that he would be
    in to fill one out in the morning.
   Rules of Order for Meetings: wondered what rules of order are used for Town Meetings.
    Selectman Calsetta responded that all of the meetings held for the Town of Windsor Locks
    are run under “Robert’s Rule of Order”, with the exception of Public Hearings because no
    motions or votes are taken (at a Public Hearing). Discussion ensued between the
    Selectmen and Mr. Coffey on the Budget Public Hearing that was held earlier this year.
Selectman Wawruck thanked Mr. Coffey for his input.


There being no further discussion or information to come before the Board of Selectmen;
A motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 p.m. was made by Selectman Calsetta and
seconded by Selectman Balboni. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan R. Barsanti
Recording Secretary
Schedule A
                                               Refund Request for
                                                October 19, 2010

                    Name                       Bill Number           Reason for      Refund
                                                                      Refund         Amount
Prior year refunds
Fedele & Eunice Marinone
14 Lownds Drive , Windsor Locks, CT 06096       08-1-2921           Value Reduced    $ 324.76

Pride Holdings-Stephen Cook
381 Russell Avenue
Suffield, CT 06078                              08-1-4958           Value Reduced    $ 136.40

Current year refunds
American Honda
Mail Stop 300-1-1R
700 Van Ness Avenue                                09-3
Torrance CA 90501                                Attached           Value Reduced    $ 4576.32

Cab East LLC
P.O. Box 6700
Dept 231601
Detroit, MI 48267                              09-3-51894            Vehicle Sold    $   40.06

Pride Holdings-Stephen Cook
381 Russell Avenue
Suffield, CT 06078                              09-1-3870           Value Reduced    $ 145.84

Justin Cousins
283 Elm Street , Windsor Locks, CT 06096       09-3-52717            Vehicle Sold    $   9.29

Albina & Anthony Gavello
915 Westview Lane
Winchester, VA 22601                           09-3-56780            Vehicle Sold    $ 15.63

Honda Lease Trust                                  09-3
600 Kelly Way, Holyoke, MA 01040                 Attached           Vehicles Sold    $ 232.42

John & Sue Landolina
74 South Center St., Windsor Locks, CT 06096   09-3-60613            Vehicle Sold    $   5.58

Fedele & Eunice Marinone
14 Lownds Drive , Windsor Locks, CT 06096       09-1-2932           Value Reduced    $ 347.24

Mobile Mini
7420 Skyrene Rd. Suite 101
Tempe, AZ 85283                                09-2-40392           Adjusted Value   $ 41.91

Alex Ofsuryk
96 Suffield Street, Windsor Locks, CT 06096    09-3-62898            Vehicle Sold    $ 20.98

Preston Leasing Co.
8 Faheuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA 02109                               09-3-63866            Vehicle Sold    $ 22.91

S R Transport LLC
14 Royal Manor, Somers, CT 06071               09-3-68679            Vehicle Sold    $ 115.18

Toyota Motor Credit Corp
19001 So Western Ave #WF21
Torrance, CA 90509                             09-3-70277            Vehicle Sold    $ 18.21

Christopher Weigert
469 Halfway House, Windsor Locks, CT 06096     09-3-71126            Vehicle Sold     $ 5.12

Prior year refunds                                                                   $ 461.16
Current year refunds                                                                 $ 5596.69
TOTAL REFUNDS                                                                        $ 6057.85