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SWIDC Community Leadership Enhancement Project by m8063J4r


									SWIDC Community Leadership Enhancement Project

Trainer’s Guide

This Trainer’s Guide is to be used in conjunction with the accompanying
PowerPoint Training Programs:

                Basics of Economic Development
                Community Leadership
                Marketing your Community with a Focus on Economic
                Economic Development Tool Box
                Leadership Quotes (To be used preceding any of the above
                 training programs)

Purpose of the Trainer’s Guide
The purpose of the Trainer’s Guide is to allow individuals the opportunity to
present the PowerPoint SWIDC Community Leadership Enhancement Training
Programs to selected audiences. The trainer’s guide makes the presentation of
the PowerPoint modules easier for first time presenters. It is suggested that
trainers print-out this on-line resource for easy reference during training.

Presenter Outline
The PowerPoint training program contains a “Notes” area. The “Notes” area
contains detailed information on each PowerPoint slide in the training program.
Presenters should prepare in advance by printing out the notes section. The
notes are intended to be used as background information and as information
presented during the training. It is suggested that the trainer become familiar
enough with the information for use with each bullet point on the slide. It is
NOT recommended that trainers read verbatim from the notes area.

Training Opening
The first section of the training program is intended to be customized by the
trainer based on the specific audience. It is recommended that the trainer...

                Open the session by welcoming the participants to the training
                Review the agenda for the session
                Tell participants housekeeping information (turn cell phone off,
                 restroom use, meal time)
                Conduct introductions
               Begin program

The SWIDC Community Leadership Enhancement Program was developed with
the intent that a meal would be served immediately following opening remarks.
It is suggested that a meal or refreshments be served in conjunction with the
SWIDC training programs.

Since it is recommended that a meal be served in conjunction with these training
programs, no break is recommended.

Guest Speakers
The SWIDC Community Leadership Enhancement “Basic Economic Development”
module was developed to be delivered by an economic development
professional. Dr. Thayr Richey of SDG in Bloomington, Indiana,,
was hired by SWIDC to deliver the economic development module. Dr. Nancy
Kovanic, of Isaac Paul & Associates of Evansville, Indiana,
( (812)426-2401) delivered the leadership module.

It is suggested that a person with economic development expertise and/or
economic development professional deliver the economic development training.
It is also recommended that someone with leadership training experience or
facilitation skill be used to deliver the leadership training.

It is suggested that someone other than the trainer conduct the program
introduction and close the training session.

Suggestions for Handouts
As a supplement, the PowerPoint training program can be printed-out in
advance. The PowerPoint slides can be used as supplemental hand-outs. It is
suggested that the PowerPoint slides used for hand-outs be printed 6 slides per
page. In the PowerPoint print section, select Handouts and type in 6 slides per

Suggestions for Customizing
Every group of participants may require some customization of slides, pace, and
length of program. This training was intended to be customized by the user. It
is suggested that slides can be added, deleted, and combined from multiple
modules to achieve the desired customization needed for specific audiences.
During the SWIDC Community Leadership Enhancement Project, some counties
divided equally the economic development and leadership components for the
program. The training usually began with the basics of economic development,
one break-out session, and concluded with a community leadership section.

Importance of Break-Out Sessions
The training was designed to maximize participant interaction. Break-out
sessions are intended to be facilitated by the trainer. It is suggested that a
minimum of one break-out session be included in every one hour of training.

Participants should be divided into groups of 4-7 during break-out sessions.
Each group should appoint a leader to record information and to report results to
entire group to close the break-out session.

Trainers should conclude each break-out session by asking participants to
“report-out” what happened during the break-out session. Trainers may want to
summarize break-out sessions on flipchart or type pertinent information on a
PowerPoint slide.

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