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									                    Read-Aloud Lesson Plan
Title: Armadillo Tattletale
Author: Helen Ketteman
Illustrator: Keith Graves
Suggested Grade Level: Third
Strategy: Predict/Infer
Submitted by: Monika Logan
School: Wrens Elementary School

                      This book is a wonderful piece of fiction about eavesdropping
                      and tattletales. The illustrations are extraordinary. The book
                      provides a context for teaching students to predict and to
                      make inferences about what is going to happen next.

Before Reading:
Prepare               Begin by asking the question, “What are ‘tattletales’?”
                      Should we tattle? Why or why not?
                      Are there some times when we need to tattle?

                      Let’s take a minute to think about the title of this book,
                      Armadillo Tattletale. Look at the illustration on the front cover.
                      Do you think that Armadillo’s tattling might get him in trouble?

                      While I am reading the book, I want you to think about what
                      might happen in the end. I will occasionally stop reading to
                      ask you for your predictions of how you think the story will

During Reading:
Guide                 After “scraggly-looking” –

                      How do you think Blue Jay feels about what Armadillo just told
                      Did Armadillo tell Blue Jay exactly what Egret said?
                      Can you predict how Egret is going to react towards Armadillo
                      when he finds out about what Armadillo told Blue Jay?

                      After “he promised never, ever to tell tales again” –

                      Do you think that Armadillo learned his lesson after a second
                        What do you infer will happen next?

                        At the end –

                        Did the story end the way we predicted? Did Armadillo really
                        learn his lesson? What caused Armadillo to stop tattling?

After Reading: Extend
                        When we predict what is going to happen in a story, we may
                        not be able to predict exactly what is going to happen, but we
                        can make logical guesses or assumptions.
                        Should we tattle? When we tattle, is it important to state the
                        exact facts and not add to the facts?

Vocabulary Lesson
                        There are some interesting words in the book that I would like
                        for you to think about.

                        The first word is humongous.
                        In the story, the word humongous was used to describe the
                        hissy fit that each victim encountered.
                        Humongous means large, huge, or very big.
                        Can anyone use the word humongous in a sentence?

                        The next word is promise.
                        In the story, Armadillo promised not to tattle, but each time, he
                        never kept his promise.
                        What is a promise?
                        A promise is like a pledge or to give your word.

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