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					How to do marketing on the Internet can be overwhelming, however, many of the problems
encountered can be eliminated once a systematic approach is taken. There is a process to
successful internet marketing which is as follows:

Create a simple one page website

All you need is a single page to start your internet business. This page should provide the
information your visitor is looking for, with only one simple action for them to take, 'sign up'.

Provide a free gift

Providing a free gift enables you to build a list. Once someone signs up for your free gift, their
name is added to your list which you can promote to later. A free gift can be an ebook or a report
a free newsletter or something else. Make sure it's something of value. This will keep your list
interested in any future products you promote to them.

Build a list

List building is where you will make your money online. When people sign up to your list, your
job is to nurture a relationship with them. This can be done through auto-responder emails. New
internet markers often fail at this point because they try to sell immediately. Sell later, build a
relationship first. You build a relationship with your list by giving value, then when you do want
to sell a product to them, they'll be more interested.

Promote to that list

Once you have nurtured your list, they've got to know you a little and like you, you can now
promote your products to your list.

Just like in any business, there are tools required. In internet marketing you require:

   1. Domain name- This is the web address of your website for example To get a
      domain name you need to go to what's called a registrar like 'Godaddy' and register your
      domain name. There will be a yearly fee to register your domain name. Go to Godaddy
      now, type in different names and see if they are available.

   2. Hosting - This is where your website lives if you will, it's your space on the web, just as
      your house is your space on your street. Hosting your website enables it to become live
      on the web. There are a number of Web Hosting companies such as Hostgator or Just
      Host. A monthly fee is charged to host your website.
   3. Auto-responder- An auto-responder is what you use to manage and nurture your list.
      This will send messages out to your list automatically. There is a monthly fee for this.
      Aweber is a good auto-responder or you could try Mail Chimp.

Now that you have your tools, you need to choose a niche/market to sell to - Once you've chosen
your niche/market, create a website around that niche and promote to your list. A niche could be
Property Investment, How To Loose Weight, Dating.

If you don't already have a product to promote, you can go to places like ClickBank, share sale
or commission junction to find a product to sell.

All that's left for you to do now is to get started, get your feet wet. Don't worry about making
mistakes, everyone makes mistakes when they're staring something new, but the great thing is
you will learn from these mistakes.

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