31st January 2011 - Meridian Canoe Club

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					             Action Item
Date of Meeting
Reoccurring Chairman’s Report (Mark)

Reoccurring General Secretary’s Report (Russell)
            Membership Report (Nigel)

                    Equipment Report (Ada)

                    Finance Report (Paul)

10/25/2010 Young People Sports Awards
            The Club has been asked by Bexley Council to nominate young people for ‘Young
            Sport Award’ either for representing country or a good endeavour. Mark said
            would need to be in correct age band and go to local borough school.
12/6/2010   Steering Group Minutes 11 Dec 2010

6/25/2010           Cleanliness of the changing rooms at Danson Lake

1/31/2011           Outcome of Pool Charges change etc. Mark/Paul

1/31/2011           Power lakeside (Mark)

1/31/2011           Club Forum update (Paul)

1/31/2011           new funding (Nigel)

1/31/2011           Security (Ada)

1/31/2011           Xmas disco cancellation and announcements
1/31/2011           DPWC request to borrow K1s

1/31/2011           Adventure Activities Licensing Authority
                    In his report published on 15 October, Lord Young of Graffham, recommended
                    that the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) be abolished and the
                    existing statutory licensing regime be replaced by a code of practice.
1/31/2011           Xmas 2010 Disco

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1/31/2011           Hurstmere School Partnership
                    6 of the boys from the Hurstmere School Partnership are to be allowed under the
                    community membership to attend club sessions through the month of Febuary
                    this is to ease the transition from the the children being on a school based course
                    to a normal club steup where parents are required to remain. Early indications
                    are that at least 5 of the boys will become members
7/5/2010            Review of Bexley Festival
                    • MP felt that Sunday register desk went smoother than Saturday due to 3 girls
                    dealing with enquiries, Saturday could have done with a 3rd to assist in keeping
                    queues down to a minimum. MP also felt that a bit light on the beach on the
                    Saturday with Dave and Gill flat out all day.
                    • Children in the water, as opposed to on the water, was becoming a problem
                    especially at end and beginning of a session. It was discussed and decided rules
                    needed to be implemented namely that Children in the water and not in a boat
                    were not to go in beyond knee deep.
                    • MP believed a pack down team with fresh legs should be arranged next year
                    rather than the few left at the end who are exhausted, maybe a group that can’t
                    make the day event but could spare an hour or so at the end of the day. All
                    agreed that this was a sensible idea. It was also then suggested that the last late
                    session was too much and we should finish a bit earlier again this was agreed to
                    be considered for next year.
                    • Suggestion of bringing the pitch up to the hard base near the boat house, this
                    was agreed to be looked at a later date nearer next year’s event.
                    • Ada requested First Aid Kit requirement on pitch next year.
                    • Security of Club Equipment needs to be considered for next year following theft
9/27/2010           Review London International tournament
                    Nigel commented that some people were reluctant to help as straight after the
                    festival and many were unaware it was a Club event.
                    Jane mentioned many members helped out that haven’t before but because not
                    knowing how many and when these people were coming it was difficult to
                    allocate jobs out, but as usual she wished to say how grateful she was for this
                    continued support.
                    Ada has suggested that the Club will hold a review meeting whereby we consider
                    what should we be looking to hire, buy, borrow equipment to make the
                    organising of the event easier. Jane agreed to this proposal once all the loose
                    ends were tied up from the 2010 event.

1/31/2010           After Schools Club
                    recieved payment for latest invoice £2700
                    Invoice Pending for remaining £3000
                    we have already submitted enough hours to justify remaining monies but. We are
                    approx 60 children short of our target number. A lot of the money claimed is
                    surplus so we can afford to pay coaches to run these sessions we just need to find
                    the children.
7/5/2010            Clubs Pontoons
                    £1500 was agreed for funds to carry out maintence Grants to be sought to cover
                    the rest of the jetty update.

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7/5/2010            London International Equipment Storage
                    We will be loosing use of the Borrett Family's garage in Upton road next year,
                    Suggestions are to move the trailer currently stored at Crooklog to Darenth
                    Fairground Storage for £100 per year.

9/27/2010           National Inter Club Slalom Competition
                    Meridian CC came a respectable 10th at the 2010 competition, decision needs to
                    be made regarding the clubs future participation and what we wish to achieve
                    from it.
9/27/2010           Review London International Tournament
                    Jane felt it was a great success, profit unknown as yet believe accounts could be
                    ready as soon as late Oct 2010. A profit is expected to be announced.

9/27/2010           Jack Petchey Foundation
                    All agreed after reading literature that the Jack Petchey Foundation Awards
                    would be an excellent way of fund raising whilst rewarding
                    commitment/achievement by junior members.
9/27/2010           Outstanding polo league entry fees
                    due back from some teams including two from last year. This applies to the Youth
                    Teams. Paul and Mark to come up with list of outstanding entry fees. Nigel
                    concerned with the way we would chase outstanding fees as relates to juniors, so
                    all agreed any e-mail should be approved by committee before being sent to
                    parents of Junior member.

9/27/2010           Training courses 2* / 3* plus other courses eg 2* open canoe / FRST / First Aid

9/27/2010  ULU canoe polo tournament
           ULU Canoe Polo are hoping to hold a tournament now on the 12 - 13th of March
           Council have approved
           they will be camping in the park
           We will be requiring a deposit for use of our equipment however we can't justify
           charging as we recieved the grant from the polo committee
9/27/2010 Saturday Morning Cover
           It was brought to the attention of the committee that on Saturday mornings Club
           members are being asked to take children out on the lake that just turn up to
           paddle. Should we have a Saturday coach? Mark said there may be money
           available from Bexley for this and would look into it, but felt that if we have a
           rota for the people that are usually there on a sat to cover say 1 sat in 8-10 per
           person it would mean that the burden wouldn’t rest on the few that just go to
           the lake for a general paddle on Saturdays. Mark to e-mail relevant members.
10/25/2010 Lake users meeting update

10/25/2010 Bexley Youth Funding Opportunity fund
           £1000 financing coaching training camps for river running and Slalom.

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10/25/2010 Facebook Majority not in favour in taking up a new page as have existing one
           that cannot be monitored properly and in some cases it is being misused. Agreed
           to close existing page down.

12/6/2010           Potential extra Pool Meeting Sessions
                    Pool meeting was cancelled due to weather. We have been offered extra pool
                    times at weekends 6-10pm Sat, 7-10 Sun at a price of £45.75 Sessions bookable
                    one at a time. Could include Competition in Slalom and Polo, Sunday could be a
                    possible children’s session, this needs to be looked at further by way of discussion
                    with parents of the children who might attend.
9/27/2010           Wavehopper Challenge
                    Liverpool International Canoe Polo Competition has changed its date to avoid the
                    Deutchland Cup, and now clashes with our date. A significant number of club
                    members will look to go to the Liverpool competition instead of staying for the
                    Wavehopper Challenge. Malcolm is unwilling/unable to change date as he
                    believes that this will only affect a few of the children. He has already
                    committted the dates to the scouts. 18th June

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Update                                                                                         Status
See ongoing minutes notes spread sheet                                                         closed
Insurance for 2011 received and will be sent to Committee and                                  closed
Jane by email. Details of the BCU youth membership and doc’s
given to Nigel.
Junior Letter sent to say Supervising Club officer needed in                                   Open
attendance when using Ergo equipment at Boat House.
Membership numbers etc distributed to Committee.
New bumpers for new polo boats to be fitted. Rubbish all                                       Open
cleared from containers. Note to Curly regarding removal of
private boats as per agreement to be sent on by committee and
not an individual. Equipment insurance renewed.
Still awaiting London International Accounts. Club are to be                                   Open
refunded Youth fees. Jan Pool bill in. £355 owed to Southmere
(coaching). Pool income for May last year needed from Mark.
Account in for Lake fees.
Mark missed the cutoff for this although Oli and Jamie Thomson                                 closed
were automaticly nominated

Club Calendar was reviewed and agreed it would be posted in                                    closed
Excel form on the club website.

Support for running the club Disco was coordinated
31/1/11 Members to clean after them Russ to do several posters                                 Open
for the changing rooms.
31/1/11 Cuts required 30% of subsady over three years                                          Open
Calculations will be given to Paul over next 6/8 weeks.
31/1/11 Awaiting quote from steve re power at lakeside. Ada                                    Open
feels a connection from one container to another or a sealed
box. Steve won't give us access to his power in Container.
31/1/11 Lots of online funding poss available. Fees for Lee                                    Open
Valley anounced £20 for 2hrs main course £10 for small course.
Child protection courses for level 2 coach needed once only.
31/1/11 Canoe London RDT £500 grant for come try event. We                                     Open
could use our Danson Festival date mark to organise. 2nd Cash
for clubs open to anyone basically who can meet critiria apply
on line agreed. We could ask for 2 new Polo goals/senior K1.
31/1/11 Update locks padlocks add locks to wheels and tow                                      Open
Request of 9 K1's Mark has said no. On behalf of the committee Open
by e-mail.
31/1/11 AALA likely to be wound up by end 2013.                Open

Russ to e-mail members that due to club activities it would be                                 open
difficault to re-arrange. A Valantines disco would clash with
Half term or Club trip. Lack of ticket interest at xmas was also
taken into account.

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                                                                                               On Hold

                                                                                               On Hold

30/1/11 Approaches to scouts and St Johns by Mark/Russ                                         Open

27/09/2010 - Club has spent £2,500 and BCU £5,000 on Jetty    Open
which is all now in place. Phase 2, remaining old jetty to be
taken off lake and rubbed down, galvanised and modification.
Cost £6K which could be settled by Sport England plus extra
source provided to Jane at the meeting. Timing should be
March for work and for us to apply for grant ASAP.
25/10/2010 Bexley Youth Capital fund £5000 needs applying for
by 14th Dec To be used for Jetties
10/01/2010 Youth Capital fund declined our application for

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01/08/2010 - Trailer Sold due to not being big enough to                                       Open
accomodate London International Kit
27/09/2010 - Cash from Trailer sale was used for the float for
the International event.
30/01/2010 - The Borretts would like the garage freed up in
the next couple of months as the property will be inhabited
shortly. Mark and Ada to explore new storage unit. Paul said
that he possibly could free up a garage as a short term
soloution, Mark said he would rather move diretcly to a
permanent soloution due to the effort of moving all the kit
each time.
Mark to contact all senior ranked slalom paddlers to gain their                                On Hold
opion and will share this with the committee. The output of
which may be shared at the AGM and then ratified there. Nigel
feels needs lots of discussing re picking teams etc.
31/01/2010 - Jane "the accounts should be done before the                                      open
next meeting as well. I will then get them to Fran to audit
before the next AGM. Obviously I will give Paul a copy."
Mark to collect the latest Bank statement from Jane on the
way to committee meeting. Now will be collected later for
next meeting.
06/12/2010 Provisionally accepted at Silver Scheme award                                       Open
final paperwork and Original bank statement to be provided
asap,31st Jan 11 no paper on how to run it yet.

25/10/2010 Mark said has spoken to all parents and they are       Open
expecting letter informing of fees outstanding. Will be sent this
31/10/2010 Mark has withdrawn both Youth Div 1 teams from
the league and has requested that all monies paid out for this
season with respect of these teams is returned. Mark has not
issued requests for payment to parents yet
Fran Thomson confirmed that the BCU Canoe Polo committee
will now reimburse Meridian Fees
31/10/2010 Finances with Southmere now resolved to be             Open
paid 2nd Feb 2011.
All correspondants will be shared with the committtee.            Open

Mark Arranged for cover until early December the lake then                                     Open
froze maybe this should be kicked off again 31/1 agreed from
1st April.

Wish list sent to Claire Wells awaiting response                                               Open

10/01/2010 Youth Opportunity fund declined our application for closed

G:\Office97\preddm\Useful Documents\personal\Meridian\Committee\Meridian CC action Tracker2.xls[Sheet1]   11:43 AM 3/6/2012
15/11/2010 Chris Haynes removed himself and all users from     open
the group, we now can't tell who the remaing users are
although no one new can be added as group no longer as an
30/11/2010 New function of facebook has created a location
called Meridian Canoe Club, various members are checking into
it, if the committee wants to take ownership we will need to
proof of who we are ie bank statement.
Mark said that at the moment he is reluctant to commit more time to club sessions and with us now moving into the spring, the

25/10/2010 - 3. Potential Wave hopper/Slalom event at Danson open
suggestions. Feeling is that we need to keep any multi
disciplined events on the lake manageable and suggest we shift
emphasis to slalom to get max numbers and include the Wave
hopper event. Paul suggested we need to make sure that the
right day is chosen to avoid clashing with other events and
maybe add a social event in also. Mark said could run it as a div
4 with say 12 gates. Ada suggested a non ranking event and
making it fun. Russell suggested putting it to the Steering
committee, with Malcolm in attendance as he is heavily
involved with the wave hopper event, for their input re dates
etc. The suggestion of a lightening Regatta was voiced but Mark
felt the whole lake would be needed to do this successfully.
Nigel said would need to check dates of Tonbridge Marathon as
they may be interested in the event as they do Slalom training.
30/01/10 Liverpool International Canoe Polo Competition has
changed its date to avoid the Deutchland Cup, and now clashes
with our date. A significant number of club members will look
to go to the Liverpool competition instead of staying for the

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