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Secret CPAlead Money Making Method


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									     Secret CPAlead Money Making Method
                    **EBook created by manutdrooney10 ( **


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                                VERY EASY AND LITTLE WORK IS NEEDED!

No joke! After setting this up (which will take around 1 hour) the only thing you have to do is sit back,
relax and stare at your growing CPAlead earnings stats!

Listen up:

Stop playing around!

Stop wasting your time on crappy luck based money making strategies.

Forget about everything else, the most profitable existing online money making method on the planet is
called CPAlead!

What is CPAlead?

CPA Lead is a CPA service (Cost per Action); they allow people to install a survey gateway on their site to
make money. You make money every time someone fills out a survey. The average payout for a survey is
between 1.00$ and 10.00$, So basically by pasting the CPAlead code of a widget you've created on your
blog/site you are blocking your valuable content and to get to it users have to take a short survey. You
get CA$H for it! Isn’t that nice? How much can you earn with it? Pretty DUMB question. Asking about
that is something like asking how fast can you drive a Lamborghini... Unlike other methods out there
CPAlead's potential is LIMITLESS! Average earners earn around 100-200$ a day, Top earners - 1000-
2000$ and even more.

Now, after reading this and you are a webmaster or blogger and you own a website or blog with
valuable content you already know that simply by singing up for CPAlead and using it on your
website/blog /if you have more than 500 unique visitors daily/ you are already rich!
If you do not own any webpage or blog - no problem! This strategy works for both……
                                                 The Method

Part 1
You have to SIGN UP for CPAlead (Referral link) to sign
up you must have a website or blog. If you have one - good, if you don't head over to
and create a free blog. What should be the content of the blog? Well, something really valuable, like for
example a rare money making method, an E-book on how to do something, how to become skinny,
however the content that has something to do with money making converts the best. So pimp out your
blog, do not use the default templates. To get something original go to Blogger Templates by Deluxe

Now for the content, as we said it has to be something worth taking a survey to get it, you can even type
with big/large letters something like: "DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE, GET THIS "YOUR STUFF" WORTH 50$
FOR FREE NOW FROM HERE: LINK". Than post a link to this E-book, system, method or whatever, and
create a CPAlead widget for it so that users have to take a survey before downloading it. You get the
idea! Don't forget to put some catchy description and title, For example including the words "how to",
"for free", "earn", "get rich" etc…

Part 2
Go to some pay per click (PPC) sites. The biggest is Neobux as you know, so you can go there. Click on
the ADVERTISE button and buy some clicks. Buying clicks means that you pay only 5$ for example to get
200 views of your website/blog. Believe me - it's worth it! Because many of you are spending so much
cash, (as we can see in the marketplace) for money making strategies, E-books and stuff, so what we are
doing here is INVESTING a little cash to EARN more. The possibilities are following:

5$ for 200 clicks
11$ for 500 clicks
18$ for 1000 clicks
34$ for 2000 clicks
80$ for 5000 clicks

So basically if you buy 500 clicks - 500 Neobux members will browse your PIMPED page where they can
get something for free by taking a survey.

According to the statistics of CPAlead from every 100 visitors from 5 to 30 are taking surveys. /depends
on how good your content is. I strongly recommend to try it with spending 11$ to buy 500 clicks. Your
investment will come back to you only from around 5 members. The others are PURE PROFIT!
This is the easiest and most profitable CPAlead strategy!

1. You don't need spend much time on it, just a couple of clicks.
2. This is the secret of the CPAlead top earners, how they earn their CA$H.

So what are you waiting for? Don't be afraid and try! You CAN'T loose with this strategy! How much
have you spent on crappy E-books and money making systems. Well don't do it anymore! This will be
the best investment in your life! This is how the real TOP earners are doing it!


- if you own a website or blog - try CPAlead, it will make you at least 10 times more than Google ad
- don't forget to adjust the CPAlead widget settings for more leads by going to "widgets" -> "modify
surveys" and choose the "strictly EPC" option as a Survey Sort Order Formula. This means that the most
filled surveys will show up as primary
- in time ADWORDS/ADSENSE, yahoo ads etc are also a VERY GOOD IDEA if you want to invest more, but
trust me - you will earn more


                       EBook by manutdrooney10 ( )


                            Add my MSN if any further help is required!

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