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									Be Your Own Boss with Affiliate Marketing
The concept of being your own boss appeals to many individuals but most people do not
know how to make this dream a reality. There are certainly many advantages to being
your own boss, however, reaching this goal of being self employed is not always an easy
path. Even after you become your own boss, maintaining the motivation necessary to
sustain your business can be extremely difficult. There is no step by step process to
becoming your own boss that will work for everyone. We have provided a guideline for
you which includes some of the most common steps.

This report is designed to provide you with the information you need to start the process
to become your own boss with affiliate marketing today. Becoming successful in the
world of affiliate marketing is not as easy as following a recipe. There is no one simple
process for becoming a successful affiliate marketer that will work for everyone.
However, there are some general tips that can really help an individual to find the success
in affiliate marketing he is seeking. This report will cover critical aspects of becoming
your own boss as:

       Product Selection

The information we will provide can help anyone be his own boss in the affiliate
marketing industry.

Research Affiliate Marketing Thoroughly

The first, and one of the most critical steps, taken by any highly successful affiliate
marketer is research. You cannot expect to just jump into the affiliate marketing industry
feet first and be highly successful. Sure there may be a few cases of those who have taken
this approach and enjoyed a great deal of success but these stories are few and far
between. You will be better served to thoroughly research affiliate marketing before
investing a great deal of time, energy and money into the industry. Some of the areas you
need to research include, but are not limited to:

   •   How affiliate marketing works
   •   Common practices of successful affiliate marketers
   •   Finding an affiliate product
   •   Reaching a target audience
   •   Training and growing your downline
These key aspects of affiliate marketing are critical to success. You can do you research
on these subjects through a number of different methods. We have listed these methods
below for your use.

Method 1: Online Research

You are already one your way to being your own boss by earning valuable income online
so it only makes sense to turn to the Internet as a primary research source. “Google it,”
didn’t become such a popular phrase without a good reason. Everything you need to
know about affiliate marketing is available online. You just have to know where to look.

Take a look at this:

And this:
In the first graphic you see the top four search results for the term, “Affiliate marketing,”
produced by the Google search engine. These search results include a definition of the
term, a directory of affiliate products available, a website featuring tips on affiliate
marketing and a forum dedicated to the subject of affiliate marketing. Dig deeper into the
search results and you will also find ebooks available for downline, reviews of books on
the subject, tools useful for affiliate marketing and so much more.

The amount of information available on the Internet is simply awesome! The second
graphic clearly demonstrates this. There are 17 million search results for this term! With
so much information available it is almost impossible not to find what you need to
succeed in this industry. You will also notice there are sponsored links supplied by
Google when you search for any particular term. Explore this links as well to expand
your knowledge of the subject.

Method 2: Using Books for Research

Books have been used for research since the dawn of modern printing techniques. It is
sometimes difficult to find books on hi-tech subjects but this is not the case with affiliate
marketing. Amazon is one of our favorite sources for finding useful books on the subject
of affiliate marketing. Here you can search for books read both editorial reviews and user
reviews. You can even peak inside some of the books. Check this out:

You can view the front cover, table contents and even read excerpts from the book with
just a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Method 3: Consulting with Professionals in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

This method can be one of the best methods because you have an opportunity to interact
with an affiliate marketing guru. You can ask them all the questions you have and they
will explain directly to you in a way you can understand. You will likely have to pay for
this type of research. You may have to pay to attend a seminar or an hourly fee to have
the guru meet with you. This fee is more than worthwhile when you consider the type of
financial freedom you will enjoy when you put your newfound knowledge to work.

Regardless of how you choose to acquire your information, it is important to really
process the information and formulate your own plan of action based on your research. It
is also important to understand the Internet is not the most reliable source for
information. When using the Internet for research you should verify the information is
coming from a reliable source.

You can learn a great deal about affiliate marketing by researching the common practices
of successful individuals in this industry. However, this does not mean you need to apply
all of these practices to your own affiliate marketing efforts. It is more important to
carefully examine these practices and determine which ones are likely to work for you.
This is important because not every concept will work the same for each affiliate
marketer. You may want to try out a few ideas that you aren’t sure about but in the end
you will be the most successful if you follow your own path.

Don’t Walk in Someone Else’s Shadow

The concept of following your own path in the affiliate marketing industry is one that you
will find is critical to your success. Affiliate marketing programs are often structured as
part of a tiered system. The individual at the top, as well as all of the individuals in the
program, earn a set fee or a percentage of a purchase price whenever their affiliate link
generates a sale or entices the website visitor to perform a desired action. However, the
person at the top of the tiered structure as well as everyone above you, also earns a set fee
or a percentage of the sale, each time your affiliate link generates a sale or entices a
website visitor to perform a desired action.

Take a look at the chart below:

This is a representation of how most downlines work. It should be immediately obvious
that you want to be the one sitting at the top of the chart. That is because most affiliate
programs are structured so everyone earns profits from those below them. Once you find
yourself at the top you will never want to be anywhere else!

What does this mean? It means that everyone above you in the affiliate marketing
program is making money from your efforts. Realizing this is enough to motivate many
affiliate marketers to get out of the shadow of those for whom they are working. It is only
natural to want to be the one at the top of the tier. However, knowing how to do this can
be difficult.
Being a member of another marketer’s downline is not necessarily a bad place to start but
it should not be your aspiration. You can learn a great deal while participating in an
affiliate marketing program as a member of someone else’s downline. This is especially
true if the affiliate marketer is highly successful and invests time, effort and money into
training his downline. However, once you learn the ropes, it is a good idea to branch out
on your own. It is important to realize you will never reach your full potential unless you
emerge from the shadow of other affiliate marketers. Unless you at the top of an affiliate
marketing program structure, someone else will always be benefiting financially from
your success.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Your Own Boss

After spending some time as a member of another affiliate marketer’s downline,
branching out and being your own boss may seem intimidating. The process of doing this
and becoming your own boss may seem daunting and overwhelming but it does not have
to be difficult. Once you have done the necessary research on affiliate marketing and
spent some time practicing your skills as a member of another affiliate marketer’s
downline you should fee empowered to become your own boss.

Fear of failure is what prevents many affiliate marketers from really taking the leap
necessary to be their own boss. If you are already enjoying success as an affiliate
marketer working in a downline you already have the skills you need to be your own
boss. Now you just need to believe in yourself and start the process. You can even
continue to promote your products as a member of another person’s downline while you
start the wheels of motion rolling towards starting your affiliate marketing where you will
be enjoying all of the benefits at the top of the tiered structure of your very own

Look back on your past success as a way to empower yourself to take the steps necessary
to be your own boss. If you were a successful member of another affiliate marketer’s
downline, you already have most of the skills you need to be successful for yourself.
Specifically you already know how to promote your affiliate product. You can apply
these skills to a new product and be your own boss in the affiliate marketing industry.

Find a Fresh Product

Finding a fresh product is an essential component of being your own boss as an affiliate
marketer. You may start dabbling in the field of affiliate marketing by becoming a
member of a more successful affiliate marketer’s downline but this will not enable you to
reach your full potential. When you find a fresh product that you are confident will
provide you with success, enter the affiliate program on your own instead of through
another member. This will ensure you are at the top of the tiered structure of the affiliate
marketing program.
When looking for a fresh product to promote in your affiliate marketing program there
are a few factors you may wish to consider including:

   •   The potential popularity of the product
   •   Your ability to market the product
   •   The existing target market for the product
   •   Other individuals who may be interested in the product
   •   Your own passion for the product.

Ideally, the product you select will meet a number of criteria which will help you to enjoy
affiliate marketing success. These criteria include a product that is already popular or has
the potential to be popular, has a number of marketing avenues, has a large existing
targeting audience as well as additional demographics which may be interested in the
product. You may also wish to select a product for which you are passionate. However,
this is not an essential criterion because a highly skilled affiliate marketer can successful
promote any product regardless of whether it is a product about which he is passionate.

So, Where Do I Find These Products?

If that is the question on your mind you are not alone. It is easy for us to tell you to go out
and find a new product. We don’t mean to be cavalier but finding a product becomes so
easy when you know where to look. Try ClickBank for example. They spell out how easy
it is to find products before you even register.
In just four easy steps you are on your way to being your own boss. Join today and start
depositing your commission checks in no time!

You want to know another great secret for finding great affiliate products? This is so
simple you won’t even believe it. Just keep your eyes open! You read that correctly just
keeping your eyes open will bring new affiliate products to you. Say you have a beloved
dog in need of a new collar. A quick visit to the PetSmart website will help you find what
you need. But what is that?

Scroll to the bottom of the website and you see PetSmart has an affiliate link. Click on
the link to get started and in no time you have a new affiliate product. There are
thousands of examples just like this so always be alert when you are online!

Start Your Affiliate Marketing from Scratch

The key to being your own boss in the industry of affiliate marketing is to start your
business completely from scratch. You may have already learned a great deal from others
in the industry but if you truly want to be your own boss you have to start from scratch.
Sure you can renew your marketing efforts as a member of someone else’s downline.
Building up your own downline and increasing your own conversion rate will certainly
translate into greater financial success for you. It will also increase the financial success
of those above you in the downline as well as the individual at the top of the structure.
Considering this fact, are you ever going to be truly happy if you are working for
someone else? The answer to this question will vary. There are some who can be
completely satisfied working in affiliate marketing for others. Conversely there are others
who will not be happy unless they are the boss.

Consider which category you fit into. Do you enjoy the comfort and security of working
for someone else or are you motivated to be your own boss? If you are someone who is
motivated to be his own boss, it is time to act. Create a plan of action for becoming your
own boss with six easy steps.
Step 1: Finding a Fresh Affiliate Product

We have already discussed a few options for finding fresh products. Popular websites
such as ClickBank are a great place to start. They are not your only option though. Many
online retailers offer affiliate programs so always be on the lookout and finding an
affiliate product will be easier than you think.

Step 2: Promoting Your Affiliate Product

An affiliate product is nothing without promotion. Try Squidoo for a simple way to
promote your affiliate products. Through creating a Squidoo lens you can build small
websites that you can use to not only provide visitors with useful information but also
promote your affiliate products. See the screenshot below for more information on what
exactly a Squidoo lens is:

Step 3: Training Your Downline

The next step you need to take is forming a plan to train your downline. Sure you want to
be your own boss but being the boss of tens, hundreds or even thousands of others isn’t a
bad idea either. Especially when each and every one of these members is earning money
for you. Decide how you want to train your downline. Some of your options include:

   •   Writing a tutorial
   •   Creating videos
   •   Hosting seminars
   •   Sending out monthly newsletters
   •   Hosting online message boards
Step 4: Growing Your Downline

At important part of the training of your downline should include teaching them how to
train their own downlines. This is important because you want them to have the same
type of success as you are having because you earn profits from their success.

Step 5: Evaluating your Success

Once you begin your affiliate marketing program it is important to continually evaluate
your success. Some of the ways you can do this include:

   •   Tracking where your conversions originate
   •   Noting surges or declines after marketing changes
   •   Comparing your degree of success to your peers
   •   Making a list of quantifiable goals

Step 6: Evaluating the Success of Your Downline

Another aspect of evaluating your success is evaluating the success of your downline.
Again, you want them to be successful because the successes of your downline put
money in your pocket. Track which members are the most successful and reward them
for their successes. Also find out which members are not as successful and offer support
to bolster their conversion rates.

Putting this plan into action will help you to become your own boss as an affiliate
marketer. You may still stay involved with your other affiliate marketing efforts as a
member of another affiliate marketer’s downline but your primary goal should be
expanding your own affiliate marketing empire. This means the bulk of your resources
including time, effort and money should be dedicated to this cause. Once you become
financially secure through your own affiliate marketing efforts, you can focus completely
on your own program.

Staying Motivated as an Affiliate Marketer

The final step involved in being your own boss as a successful affiliate marketer is
staying motivated. Many affiliate marketers earn a great deal of financial success in the
early stages of their affiliate marketing careers but do not have the motivation necessary
to continue this level of success. As a result of this waning motivation the affiliate
marketer may lose interest and less revenue typically accompanies this reduced interest.

One of the crucial elements of being your own boss is knowing how to motivate yourself.
Any truly successful boss must know how to motivate and manage his employees. Failure
to do this can result in insufficient productivity and poor revenue. When you are your
own boss, you do not have someone else to rely on in order to motivate you. You must
learn how to motivate your self if you want to be truly successful.
Motivating yourself involves determining what drives you to succeed. If it financial
success you are after, the best way to motivate yourself is to track your financial
progress. Seeing the amount of revenue you are generating may inspire you to continue
your efforts and even seek out ways to improve your performance. Those who are driven
by the desire to be creative may find frequently trying new marketing techniques can help
to keep them motivated.

Researching the success of others can also be a tremendous source of motivation for
affiliate marketers. Specifically finding those who enjoy greater career success than you
currently have may inspire you to figure out ways to improve your own efforts. This
source of motivation will not work for everyone as some may find it discouraging.
However, others will find the success of others to be inspiring. The success of others will
motivate them to work harder to reach this degree of success they now know is attainable.

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