Exclusive CPALead 1000 Day Method VIP (PDF) by asifbhagad


									Yes those numbers are real, I still remember trying to make my
goal only a mere $25 a day.

687 leads = $1,893.72?!?
I disabled all the surveys paying under $5 after comparing EPC
and conversion rates. Forcing the visitor to finish one of the
available surveys to get to my content.
Requirement: You must have something people want.

I'm about to continue the ebook, but I really want you to check
out the network if you haven't before. They have a pretty cool
intro which shows you exactly what their network is all about.
Best of all, their network allows INCENTIVES. Yes, that's right.
INCENTIVIZED Traffic. Pretty much anything that isn't adult

Signup with them here:

Onto the method I'll be sharing! This method can easily make
you $300+ a day depending on how far you take it. If you
outsource it, you can very well break the $1000 a day barrier.
Earnings completely depend on the amount of work you put in
and how much Blackhat are you willing to go.

Ok let's start. The spotlight website in this method is justin.tv
I sort of hate instructions. At least the writing them out part. So
this section is going have a some screen shots. (I always enjoy
screen shots with instructions :)

Step 1: For the sake of this example, you need a website
related to sports. If you make it broad, you can change from
one sport to the other as you see fit. *Register a domain, or
make a free wordpress/blogspot or any free domain you want.
Or even register for free at 110mb.com and then just use a
redirect to it. (bit.ly, tinyurl.com)
*Don't apply at cpalead.com with this website!! Use another
website you have lying around that has something people would
want to access or maybe even purchase. It's not hard to make
one. If you really really can't manage this step, you could
always find someone's website and use it in your own
application. (NOT recommended at all)

Step 2: By now, you should have a website related to something
on justin.tv or ustream.tv; you should be accepted by cpalead
as well. You will then be using the Widget tool cpalead provides.

Create a widget, word it to your liking, (look into creating a custom
widget layouts for better conversions) and put the widget code
provided on your “justin.tv” *website. Take a look around
justin.tv to get an idea before you register a domain name or
create your main page.

Step 3: Ok, if you're at this step. You have the following:

• A cpalead account.
• Sports-related website. (not required, but works best for
• Have a cpalead widget ready. (you'll be putting this on your
website. Not the main page for obvious reasons)

Now comes the traffic, or should I say:
“the extremely targeted incentivized justin.tv traffic.”

Step 4: These pictures should speak for themselves:
Ok now, find rooms with a high amount of viewers. [soccer does
well. At the moment football (american football) is very popular
for retardedly obvious reasons.] Sometimes big rooms aren't a
good idea, because they can be heavily modded by gay admins.
Some rooms are spam free enabled or whatever and
automatically delete your links once you post. But many
rooms are created without that option enabled.
This is your source for awesome traffic!
Get creative with what you spam. Don't make it look like spam
(or rather don't make it sound like spam). Read it yourself and if
you're tempted to click it, you should be good to go.

You should now have more than enough information to start
making a good bit of income with cpalead.
For your website, design posts to include an embedded stream
to some other sports game. Then just act like you got it wrong.
Or actually embed the stream to the game itself if you can find
it. (This is to avoid being accused of having fake content)

It's not good being in the spotlight when your website has fake

Believe me when I say:
“the possibilities with cpalead are endless”
Exclusive Tips:
• If you get suspended/banned use CCleaner. Clear everything.
Make a new account.
• Make a bunch of different widgets for different sports or even
This = more money. Don't just use one overall. Your visitor may
return for another game, having to complete another survey.
• Or make the access time a few hours, if they ever return they'll
have to complete it again.
• For better conversions make your widget layout and wording
• Blogs work better because you can put the widget on specific
and separate posts.
• Don't put the widget on your main page.
• Hint: UFC nights can bring in TONS of money.
• Try to avoid copying what others do. Don't assume you can't
come up with something better. Because you can.

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