''Sam's Entourage' and how it got that way by dandanhuanghuang


									‘’Sam’s Entourage’ and how it got that way

The first act in the recent Half the Sky hafla was billed as “’Sam’s
Entourage’, a way of saying that it included dancers from her newest
to her most experienced. Who was who?

The event was put together by Triton’s Tribal Belly Dance Club
and Gülbahar; Smoke danced its own number. The ground
rules/expectations for the different groups follow.

   To be in the Club:

     Be an enrolled Triton student. Sign up, come to meetings and
practices. Members of the Triton Tribal Belly Dance Club are not
under any obligation to perform. According to data collected in class,
students take bellydance for fitness, because they want to learn some
new steps, or out of curiosity. All of these are good reasons to take
the class and join the Club. Those who get hooked on the dance may
want to learn how to do it in performance; this possibility may arise,
depending on available performance opportunities.

   Want to be in the student troupe?

    Come to class consistently. Practice on your own and with
others. Show commitment to improving form, working in formation,
presentation skills. Be competent in leading and following. Be
comfortable with finger cymbals.

Gülbahar is Triton’s student performance troupe. Ask me (Sam)
about dancing events with them- I can tell you what you need to work

   What is Smoke?

     Smoke is Sam’s ATS performance troupe, based at Intuit Dance
in Oak Park. Not everyone in Smoke has come up through Triton
classes. Some members have worked hard to get there, or have
come to me with exceptional talent. They were able to put in the time
to dance with the troupe, in synchrony and flow. They are committed
to the full canon of fast and slow steps; they are held to a
professional standard of conduct and performance. At this level,
dancers benefit from taking workshops and classes with additional
teachers outside of my classes.

                        ~For Performance~

                              You will need:
Finger cymbals, two and a quarter inch size or larger, and mastery of
Headdress or ‘’hair garden’ elements
Makeup (not ‘’street’, but stage/performance)
Dance shoes
Tiered, full-circle skirt
Hip scarf or tassel belt (no Egyptian coin scarves for performance
with Smoke- acceptable for Gülbahar
Choli, close-fitting
Coin bra, tribal style

If in doubt about any of these elements, ask. For Smoke, and to a
lesser extent Gulbahar, a costume silhouette including some
particular items will be specified for each event.

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