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					Point ID    SMS Code       Full Name
6500D0001       34327853   BALLINGRY Hill Rd Adj Navitie Park
6500D0002       34327856   BALLINGRY Hill Rd Opp Navitie Park
6500D0003       34327849   BALLINGRY Hill Rd Opp Benarty Sq
6500D0004       34327846   BALLINGRY Benarty Sq Adj Hill Rd
6500D0005       34327837   BALLINGRY Kirkland Gdns Adj Ballingry Rd
6500D0006       34327829   BALLINGRY Kirkland Ave Adj Ballingry Rd
6500D0007       34327836   BALLINGRY Kirkland Ave Adj Nursery
6500D0008       34327686   BALLINGRY Ballingry Rd Opp Marshall Pl
6500D0009       34327687   BALLINGRY Ballingry Rd Adj Marshall Pl
6500D0011       34327672   BALLINGRY Ballingry Rd Opp Flockhouse Ave
6500D0012       34327865   BALLINGRY B920 Adj Hill Rd
6500D0013       34327842   BALLINGRY Lochleven Road Adj Ballingry Cres
6500D0014       34327835   BALLINGRY B920 Opp Ballingry Cres
6500D0015       34327675   LOCHORE Loch Leven Rd Adj Balbedie Ave
6500D0016       34327684   LOCHORE Loch Leven Rd Opp Balbedie Ave
6500D0017       34327635   LOCHORE Loch Leven Rd Opp Ballingry Rd
6500D0018       34327625   LOCHORE Loch Leven Rd Adj Lochleven Ter
6500D0019       34327593   LOCHORE Loch Leven Rd Opp Abbotsford Rd
6500D0020       34327589   LOCHORE Loch Leven Rd Adj Abbotsford Rd
6500D0021       34327578   CROSSHILL Main St Adj Benarty Ave
6500D0022       34327576   CROSSHILL Main St Opp Benarty Ave
6500D0023       34327565   CROSSHILL Main St Opp Catherine Ter
6500D0024       34327564   CROSSHILL Main St Adj Catherine Ter
6500D0026       34327546   CROSSHILL Main St Adj Country Park Access
6500D0027       34327528   GLENCRAIG B920 Opp Manse Rd
6500D0028       34327496   GLENCRAIG B920 Opp Miners Institute
6500D0029       34327495   GLENCRAIG B920 Adj Miners Institute
6500D0030       34327428   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Opp High School
6500D0031       34327436   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Adj High School
6500D0032       34327378   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Opp Colquhally Rd
6500D0034       34327326   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Adj Launcherhead Rd
6500D0035       34327372   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Adj Colquhally Rd
6500D0037       34326982   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Adj Hugh Pl
6500D0038       34327236   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Opp Hugh Pl
6500D0039       34326929   LOCHGELLY Bank St Adj Lochgelly Centre
6500D0041       34326953   LOCHGELLY Auchterderran Rd Adj Reid St (TOP)
6500D0042       34326965   LOCHGELLY Auchterderran Rd Opp Reid St
6500D0043       34327242   LOCHGELLY Auchterderran Rd Adj Grace St (BOTTOM)
6500D0044       34326984   LOCHGELLY Auchterderran Rd Opp Grace St (BOTTOM)
6500D0045       34326865   LOCHGELLY Bank St Adj North St
6500D0046       34326858   LOCHGELLY Bank St Opp North St
6500D0047       34326794   LOCHGELLY Main St Opp Church St
6500D0048       34326784   LOCHGELLY Main St Adj Church St
6500D0049       34326597   LOCHGELLY Main St Adj Zetland Pl
6500D0050       34326537   LOCHGELLY Lumphinnans Rd Adj Motion St
6500D0051       34326543   LOCHGELLY Lumphinnans Rd Opp Motion St
6500D0052       34326472   LUMPHINNANS Main St Adj No 27/28 Viewfield Ter
6500D0053       34326459   LUMPHINNANS Main St Opp 46/48 Viewfield Ter
6500D0054       34326457   LUMPHINNANS Main St Adj No 5/8 Viewfield Ter
6500D0055       34326398   LUMPHINNANS Main St on Bridge (Westbound)
6500D0056       34326426   LUMPHINNANS Main St North side of Old Rail Bridge
6500D0057   34326392   LUMPHINNANS Main St Adj Sligo St
6500D0058   34326376   LUMPHINNANS Main St Opp Sligo St (Opp Central Bar)
6500D0059   34326348   LUMPHINNANS Main St Adj Primary School
6500D0060   34326349   LUMPHINNANS Main St Opp Primary School
6500D0061   34326298   COWDENBEATH Lochgelly Rd Adj Perth Rd
6500D0062   34326526   COWDENBEATH Perth Rd Adj Gray Park
6500D0063   34326494   COWDENBEATH Perth Rd Opp Gray Park
6500D0064   34326395   COWDENBEATH Perth Rd Opp Gilmour St
6500D0065   34326367   COWDENBEATH Perth Rd Adj Gordon St
6500D0066   34326278   COWDENBEATH Perth Rd Adj Stuart Pl
6500D0067   34326275   COWDENBEATH Perth Rd Adj Valleyfield Pl
6500D0068   34325972   COWDENBEATH Foulford Rd Opp Leuchatsbeath Dr
6500D0069   34326285   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Opp Craigbeath Ct
6500D0070   34325983   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Opp Tulloch Ct
6500D0071   34325989   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Adj Tulloch Ct
6500D0072   34325974   COWDENBEATH High St Opp Foulford St
6500D0073   34325939   COWDENBEATH Foulford Rd Adj Prospect St
6500D0074   34325943   COWDENBEATH Foulford Rd Adj Foulford Pl
6500D0075   34325936   COWDENBEATH Foulford Rd Adj No 200/202
6500D0076   34325935   COWDENBEATH Foulford Rd Opp No 195/198
6500D0077   34325879   COWDENBEATH Old Perth Rd Opp Foulford Rd
6500D0078   34325892   COWDENBEATH Old Perth Rd Adj Foulford Rd
6500D0079   34325863   COWDENBEATH Old Perth Rd Adj Stenhouse St
6500D0080   34325864   COWDENBEATH Old Perth Rd Opp Stenhouse St
6500D0081   34325859   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Adj George St
6500D0082   34325856   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Opp George St
6500D0083   34325865   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Adj Keir St
6500D0084   34325867   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Adj Russell St
6500D0085   34325782   COWDENBEATH Moss-side Rd Opp Smith Ave
6500D0086   34325795   COWDENBEATH Moss-side Rd Adj Park Rd
6500D0087   34325769   COWDENBEATH Moss-side Rd Adj Blamey Cres
6500D0088   34325783   COWDENBEATH Moss-side Rd Opp Blamey Cres
6500D0089   34325874   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Adj King St
6500D0090   34325878   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Opp King St
6500D0091   34325894   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Opp Bowling Green St
6500D0092   34325924   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Adj Bowling Green St
6500D0093   34325927   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Adj Hill St
6500D0094   34325923   COWDENBEATH Stenhouse St Opp Hill St
6500D0095   34325964   COWDENBEATH High St Adj Foulford St
6500D0096   34325938   COWDENBEATH High St Adj Burgh Rd/Commercial Hotel
6500D0097   34325895   COWDENBEATH High St Opp Station Rd Adj Railbridge
6500D0098   34325868   COWDENBEATH High St Opp Job Centre
6500D0099   34325827   COWDENBEATH High St Adj School St
6500D0100   34325829   COWDENBEATH Broad St Adj Natal Pl
6500D0101   34325826   COWDENBEATH Broad St Opp Natal Pl
6500D0102   34325794   COWDENBEATH Broad St Opp Park Ave
6500D0103   34325786   COWDENBEATH Broad St Adj Rose St
6500D0104   34325756   COWDENBEATH Broad St Adj South St
6500D0105   34325754   COWDENBEATH Broad St Opp James St
6500D0106   34325765   COWDENBEATH Moss-side Rd Adj Wallace St
6500D0107   34325767   COWDENBEATH Moss-side Rd Adj Wardlaw St
6500D0108   34325735   COWDENBEATH Mossend Ter Adj Braemount
6500D0109   34325729   COWDENBEATH Sinclair Dr Adj Mossend Ter
6500D0112   34325686   COWDENBEATH Sinclair Dr Opp Maxwell Cres BW
6500D0113   34325696   COWDENBEATH Greenbank Dr Opp Beath View Rd BW
6500D0114   34325738   COWDENBEATH Broad St Opp Bus Depot
6500D0115   34325725   COWDENBEATH Broad St Adj Westburn Ave
6500D0116   34325687   COWDENBEATH Broad St Opp Woodend Pl
6500D0117   34325684   COWDENBEATH Woodend Pl Adj Gardiner Pl
6500D0118   34325685   COWDENBEATH Woodend Pl Opp Gardiner Pl
6500D0119   34325678   COWDENBEATH Woodend Pl Adj Allan Park
6500D0120   34325679   COWDENBEATH Woodend Pl Opp Allan Park
6500D0121   34325658   HILL OF BEATH Main St Opp Swinton's Pl
6500D0122   34325653   HILL OF BEATH Main St Adj Hill of Beath Primary School
6500D0123   34325635   HILL OF BEATH B981 (Cowdenbeath) Opp Hill of Beath Access
6500D0124   34325629   HILL OF BEATH B910 (Cowdenbeath) Opp Netherbeath Rd
6500D0125   34325627   HILL OF BEATH B910 (Cowdenbeath) Adj Netherbeath Rd
6500D0126   34325484   CROSSGATES Main St Adj Shannon Villa
6500D0127   34325479   CROSSGATES Main St Opp Miners Station
6500D0128   34325429   CROSSGATES Main St Adj British Legion
6500D0129   34325426   CROSSGATES Main St Adj Hillview Cres Adj Divitos
6500D0130   34325395   CROSSGATES Dunfermline Rd Adj Lady Anne Ct
6500D0131   34325387   CROSSGATES Dunfermline Rd Opp Lady Anne Ct
6500D0132   34325379   CROSSGATES Dunfermline Rd Adj Primary School
6500D0133   34325382   CROSSGATES Dunfermline Rd Opp Primary School
6500D0134   34325376   CROSSGATES Springhill Brae Opp Fairy Fa Cresent
6500D0135   34325369   CROSSGATES Springhill Brae Adj Fairy Fa Crescent
6500D0136   34325392   CROSSGATES Springhill Brae Adj Droverhall Ave
6500D0137   34325394   CROSSGATES Springhill Brae Opp Droverhall Ave
6500D0138   34323832   ABERDOUR Main St Adj Murrell Rd
6500D0139   34323828   ABERDOUR Main St Adj Morayvale
6500D0141   34324893   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Adj Durie Pl
6500D0142   34323793   ABERDOUR Station Pl Adj Railway Station
6500D0143   34323787   ABERDOUR High St Adj Woodside Hotel
6500D0144   34323786   ABERDOUR High St Opp Garage
6500D0145   34323784   ABERDOUR Inverkeithing Rd Opp McLauchlan Rise
6500D0146   34323783   ABERDOUR Inverkeithing Rd Adj McLauchlan Rise
6500D0147   34323686   DALGETY BAY A921 Adj Marconis Factory
6500D0149   34323672   DALGETY BAY West Access Adj Ridge Way
6500D0150   34323654   DALGETY BAY West Access Opp Ridge Way
6500D0152   34323737   DALGETY BAY A921 Adj Central Way
6500D0153   34323732   DALGETY BAY Ridge Way Opp Moubray Rd
6500D0154   34323753   DALGETY BAY A921 Adj East Access
6500D0155   34323754   DALGETY BAY A921 Opp East Access
6500D0156   34323752   DALGETY BAY East Access Adj Parish Church Access
6500D0157   34323749   DALGETY BAY East Access Opp Parish Church Access
6500D0158   34323742   DALGETY BAY East Access Adj Ridge Way
6500D0159   34323743   DALGETY BAY East Access Opp Ridge Way
6500D0160   34323685   DALGETY BAY East Access Opp Moray Way North
6500D0161   34323678   DALGETY BAY East Access Adj Moray Way North
6500D0162   34323658   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Adj Dalgety House View
6500D0163   34323652   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Adj Pentland Rise
6500D0164   34323643   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Adj Dalmeny View
6500D0165   34324826   DUNFERMLINE Pittencrieff St West of Coal Rd
6500D0166   34323635   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Opp Markfield Rd
6500D0167   34323629   DALGETY BAY Moray Way South Adj Frankfield Rd
6500D0168   34323628   DALGETY BAY Moray Way South Opp Frankfield Rd
6500D0169   34323592   DALGETY BAY Moray Way South Adj Cramond Pl
6500D0170   34323583   DALGETY BAY Moray Way South Opp Pinnel Pl
6500D0171   34323565   DALGETY BAY Moray Way South Adj St Bridget's Brae
6500D0172   34323424   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj The Firs
6500D0173   34323463   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj Hillside Ave
6500D0174   34323262   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Opp The Bridges
6500D0175   34323493   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Opp Moray Park
6500D0176   34323462   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj Pinewood Dr
6500D0177   34323578   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Opp Moray Pk
6500D0178   34323637   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Adj Markfield Rd
6500D0179   34323627   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Adj Couston Dr
6500D0180   34323625   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Opp Forth Cres
6500D0181   34323595   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Opp Meadowfield
6500D0182   34323594   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Adj Meadowfield
6500D0183   34323623   DALGETY BAY West Access Opp Garden Centre
6500D0184   34323569   DALGETY BAY Regents Way Adj Hope Tryst
6500D0185   34323525   DALGETY BAY Regents Way Opp Lade Braes
6500D0186   34323653   HILLEND Main St Opp Hillend Tavern
6500D0187   34323647   HILLEND Main St Opp Letham Hill Ave
6500D0189   34323238   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Main St Opp Anchor
6500D0190   34323237   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Main St Adj Kintore
6500D0191   34323239   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Main St Adj Old Kirk Rd
6500D0192   34323235   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Battery Rd Turning Circle
6500D0193   34323252   INVERKEITHING Hope St Adj Ferryhills Rd
6500D0194   34323253   INVERKEITHING Hope St Opp Ferryhills Rd
6500D0195   34323279   INVERKEITHING Hope St Adj Glebe Park
6500D0196   34323265   INVERKEITHING Hope St Adj Cemetery Access
6500D0197   34323276   INVERKEITHING Hope St Opp Garage
6500D0199   34323278   INVERKEITHING Hope St opp Allotments
6500D0200   34323286   INVERKEITHING Hope St Adj Queen St & Opp Police St
6500D0201   34323425   INVERKEITHING High St Adj Hill St
6500D0202   34323297   INVERKEITHING Hill St Opp Back O Yards
6500D0203   34323428   INVERKEITHING Hill St Adj Roods Rd
6500D0204   34323294   INVERKEITHING Dunfermline Wynd Adj Hillfield Rd
6500D0205   34323292   INVERKEITHING Dunfermline Wynd Adj Manse Rd
6500D0206   34323426   INVERKEITHING Fraser Ave Adj Shops
6500D0207   34323273   INVERKEITHING Barr Cres Adj Fraser Ave
6500D0208   34323284   INVERKEITHING Spencerfield Rd Opp Cochrane Ave
6500D0209   34323436   INVERKEITHING Spencerfield Rd Opp Fordell Way
6500D0210   34323476   INVERKEITHING Chapel Pl Adj Station Car Park
6500D0211   34323495   INVERKEITHING Chapel Pl Opp Station Car Park
6500D0212   34323468   INVERKEITHING Church St Opp Boreland Rd
6500D0213   34323469   INVERKEITHING Church St Adj Boreland Rd
6500D0214   34323459   INVERKEITHING Hillend Rd Opp Fraser Ave
6500D0215   34323465   INVERKEITHING Hillend Rd Adj Fraser Ave
6500D0216   34323496   INVERKEITHING Hillend Rd Adj High School
6500D0217   34323479   INVERKEITHING Hillend Rd Opp High School
6500D0218   34323472   ROSYTH Castlandhill Rd Opp Fairykirk Rd
6500D0219   34323474   ROSYTH Castlandhill Rd Adj Fairykirk Rd
6500D0220   34323538   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Adj Fairykirk Rd
6500D0221   34323536   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Adj Harley St
6500D0222   34323532   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Adj No 94
6500D0223   34323587   ROSYTH Harley St Adj Parkside St
6500D0224   34323593   ROSYTH Harley St Adj Park Rd
6500D0225   34323645   ROSYTH Middlebank St Adj Harley St
6500D0226   34323646   ROSYTH Middlebank St Opp Harley St
6500D0227   34323657   ROSYTH Middlebank St Adj Burnside St
6500D0228   34323656   ROSYTH Middlebank St Adj Holborn Pl
6500D0229   34323694   ROSYTH Woodside Ave Opp Cromwell Rd
6500D0230   34323692   ROSYTH Woodside Ave Adj Leslie Rd
6500D0231   34323687   ROSYTH Woodside Ave Adj Wemyss St
6500D0232   34323689   ROSYTH Woodside Ave Adj Woodside St
6500D0233   34323682   ROSYTH Park Rd Opp Elder Pl
6500D0234   34323684   ROSYTH Park Rd Adj Elder Pl
6500D0235   34323679   ROSYTH Park Rd Opp Camdean Lane
6500D0236   34323674   ROSYTH Primrose Ave Opp Brankholm Cres
6500D0237   34323673   ROSYTH Primrose Ave Adj Brankholm Cres
6500D0238   34323698   ROSYTH Primrose Ave Opp Anderson Lane
6500D0239   34323725   ROSYTH Anderson Lane Adj Primrose Ave
6500D0240   34323729   ROSYTH Primrose Lane Adj Anderson Lane
6500D0241   34323734   ROSYTH Primrose Lane Opp Anderson Lane
6500D0242   34323638   ROSYTH Primrose Ave Turning Circle
6500D0243   34323763   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Adj M90 Access Road
6500D0244   34323747   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Adj Rail Station
6500D0245   34323736   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Adj Tesco
6500D0246   34323728   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Opp Dick Pl
6500D0247   34323726   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Adj Dick Pl
6500D0248   34323683   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Adj Queens Buildings
6500D0249   34323648   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Opp Queens Buildings
6500D0250   34323634   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Adj Parkgate
6500D0251   34323596   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Opp Parkside St
6500D0252   34323573   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Northbound (Crossroads)
6500D0254   34323543   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Adj St Johns Church (Crossroads)
6500D0255   34323542   ROSYTH Castlandhill Rd Adj Late Shop (Crossroads)
6500D0256   34323523   ROSYTH Castlandhill Rd Opp Late Shop (Crossroads)
6500D0257   34323545   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd West (Crossroads)
6500D0258   34323563   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Adj Norval Pl
6500D0259   34323547   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Adj Ridley Dr
6500D0260   34323568   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Adj Backmarch Rd
6500D0261   34323564   ROSYTH Admiralty Rd Opp Backmarch Rd
6500D0262   34323524   ROSYTH Castle Rd Adj Admiralty Rd
6500D0263   34323473   ROSYTH Castle Rd Adj Linton Pl
6500D0264   34323423   ROSYTH Castle Rd Opp Rannoch Rd
6500D0265   34323434   ROSYTH Castle Rd Adj Rannoch Rd
6500D0266   34323283   ROSYTH Castle Rd Adj Hilton Rd
6500D0267   34325356   DUNFERMLINE Blackburn Ave Opp Rosebank Gdns
6500D0268   34325297   DUNFERMLINE Parkneuk Rd Adj Clunievar St
6500D0269   34325292   DUNFERMLINE Parkneuk Rd Opp Wallsend Ct
6500D0270   34325358   DUNFERMLINE Carnock Rd Opp Craigluscar Rd
6500D0271   34325359   DUNFERMLINE Carnock Rd Adj Craigluscar Rd
6500D0272   34325326   DUNFERMLINE Carnock Rd Adj Milesmark Depot
6500D0273   34325325   DUNFERMLINE Carnock Rd Opp Milesmark Depot
6500D0274   34325268   DUNFERMLINE Rumblingwell Adj Parkneuk Rd
6500D0275   34325267   DUNFERMLINE Rumblingwell Opp Parkneuk Rd
6500D0276   34325463   DUNFERMLINE A823 Adj Wellwood Primary School
6500D0277   34325452   DUNFERMLINE A823 Opp Wellwood Primary School
6500D0278   34325628   TOWNHILL Main St Turning Circle
6500D0279   34325625   TOWNHILL Main St Adj Garden Court
6500D0280   34325468   TOWNHILL Main St Adj Stewart St
6500D0281   34325436   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Opp Scottish Power Access
6500D0282   34325437   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Adj Scottish Power Access
6500D0283   34325253   DUNFERMLINE Bernard Shaw St Adj Scott St
6500D0284   34325327   DUNFERMLINE East Baldridge Dr Opp Lady Nairne Rd
6500D0285   34325275   DUNFERMLINE East Baldridge Dr Opp Douglas Dr
6500D0286   34325278   DUNFERMLINE East Baldridge Dr Opp Pollock Walk
6500D0287   34325256   DUNFERMLINE Burns St Opp Scott St
6500D0288   34325249   DUNFERMLINE Scott St Adj Burns St
6500D0289   34324986   DUNFERMLINE Baldridgeburn Adj Scott St
6500D0290   34324984   DUNFERMLINE Baldridgeburn Opp Scott St
6500D0291   34324975   DUNFERMLINE Baldridgeburn Adj Broomhead Dr
6500D0292   34324974   DUNFERMLINE Baldridgeburn Opp Broomhead Dr
6500D0293   34325424   DUNFERMLINE A823 Main St Adj Leadside Cres
6500D0294   34325425   DUNFERMLINE A823 Opp Burt Street
6500D0295   34325352   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Opp Venturefair Ave
6500D0296   34325248   DUNFERMLINE Broomhead Dr Opp Flats
6500D0297   34325242   DUNFERMLINE Broomhead Dr Adj Flats
6500D0298   34325257   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Adj Arthur St
6500D0299   34324989   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Opp Arthur St
6500D0302   34325374   CROSSGATES Springhill Brae Adj Inverkeithing Rd
6500D0304   34325259   DUNFERMLINE Arthur St Opp Tuke St
6500D0305   34325264   DUNFERMLINE Arthur St Opp Edward St
6500D0306   34325262   DUNFERMLINE Arthur St Adj Edward St
6500D0307   34325274   DUNFERMLINE Arthur St Adj No 110
6500D0308   34325328   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Adj Blair Dr
6500D0309   34325347   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Opp Blair Dr
6500D0310   34325283   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Opp Robertson Rd
6500D0311   34325272   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Opp Arthur St
6500D0312   34325239   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Opp Thistle St
6500D0313   34325234   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Adj Thistle St
6500D0314   34325386   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Opp Kent St
6500D0315   34325393   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Adj Kent St
6500D0317   34325276   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Opp Bellyeoman Rd
6500D0318   34325269   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Adj Bellyeoman Rd
6500D0319   34325265   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Opp Adamson Cres
6500D0320   34325273   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Adj Adamson Cres
6500D0321   34325296   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Opp Balfour Ct
6500D0322   34325294   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Adj Balfour Ct
6500D0323   34325349   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Adj Alderston Dr
6500D0324   34325345   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Adj Lauriston Dr
6500D0325   34325348   DUNFERMLINE Queen Margaret Hospital
6500D0326   34324983   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Scobie Pl
6500D0327   34325237   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Opp Cherry Bank
6500D0328   34325235   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Queens Gdns Opp Elizabethan
6500D0329   34325238   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Elizabethan
6500D0330   34325247   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Whitefield Rd
6500D0331   34325246   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Linburn Rd
6500D0332   34325243   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Opp Linburn Rd
6500D0333   34325263   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Lynebank Hospital
6500D0334   34325279   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Opp Lynebank Hospital
6500D0335   34325285   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Carnegie College
6500D0336   34325287   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Opp Carnegie College
6500D0337   34325298   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Fod Arms
6500D0338   34325323   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Opp Fod Arms
6500D0339   34325364   DUNFERMLINE A907 Opp Kingdom Services
6500D0340   34325357   DUNFERMLINE A907 Adj Kingdom Services
6500D0341   34324946   DUNFERMLINE William St Opp Golfdrum St
6500D0342   34324957   DUNFERMLINE William St Adj Golfdrum St
6500D0343   34324942   DUNFERMLINE Chalmers Street opp Grieve Street
6500D0344   34324925   DUNFERMLINE Chalmers Street adj Grieve Street
6500D0345   34324959   DUNFERMLINE Golfdrum St Opp Ross Lane
6500D0346   34324896   DUNFERMLINE Chalmers St Opp Dewar St
6500D0347   34324876   DUNFERMLINE Chalmers St Adj Dewar St
6500D0349   34324829   DUNFERMLINE Pittencrieff St Adj William St
6500D0350   34324837   DUNFERMLINE Pittencrieff St Opp Maitland St
6500D0351   34324848   DUNFERMLINE Pittencrieff St Adj Maitland St
6500D0352   34324895   DUNFERMLINE Carnegie Dr Adj Fire Station
6500D0354   34324968   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Adj Victoria St
6500D0355   34324963   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Opp Victoria St
6500D0356   34324928   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Opp Campbell St
6500D0357   34324853   DUNFERMLINE James St Bus Stance A
6500D0358   34324856   DUNFERMLINE James St Bus Stance B
6500D0359   34324854   DUNFERMLINE James St Bus Stance C
6500D0360   34324849   DUNFERMLINE James St Bus Stance F
6500D0361   34324847   DUNFERMLINE James St Bus Stance E
6500D0362   34324843   DUNFERMLINE James St Bus Stance D
6500D0363   34324947   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Opp Bellyeoman Rd
6500D0364   34324939   DUNFERMLINE Townhill Rd Adj Bellyeoman Rd
6500D0366   34324892   DUNFERMLINE Appin Cres Adj Park Pl
6500D0367   34324924   DUNFERMLINE Appin Cres Opp Park Pl
6500D0368   34324749   DUNFERMLINE St Margarets Dr Adj Railway Station
6500D0369   34324753   DUNFERMLINE St Margarets Dr Opp Railway Station
6500D0370   34324797   DUNFERMLINE New Row Adj Park Ave
6500D0371   34324785   DUNFERMLINE New Row Opp Park Ave
6500D0372   34324734   DUNFERMLINE Priory Lane Adj Reid St
6500D0373   34324737   DUNFERMLINE Priory Lane Opp Reid St
6500D0374   34324927   DUNFERMLINE Appin Cres Adj Transy Grove
6500D0375   34324932   DUNFERMLINE Appin Cres Opp Transy Grove
6500D0376   34324937   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Opp Garvock Hill
6500D0377   34324952   DUNFERMLINE East End Park Eastbound
6500D0378   34324948   DUNFERMLINE East End Park Westbound
6500D0379   34324962   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj Lambert Dr
6500D0380   34324929   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Opp St Johns Dr
6500D0381   34324898   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Adj No 26
6500D0382   34324923   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Adj No 37
6500D0383   34324935   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Opp Old Kirk Rd
6500D0384   34324945   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Adj Gowanbrae Pl
6500D0385   34324943   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Adj Scotland Dr
6500D0386   34324949   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Opp Mitchells Factory
6500D0387   34324953   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Adj Mitchells Factory
6500D0388   34324875   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Opp Durie Pl
6500D0390   34324832   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Adj Gilfillan Rd
6500D0391   34324827   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Opp Gilfillan Rd
6500D0392   34324768   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Adj St Columba's High Sch
6500D0393   34324789   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Opp St Columba's High Sch
6500D0398   34324752   DUNFERMLINE Shields Rd Opp Macbeth Rd
6500D0399   34324936   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Adj Noddys Neuk
6500D0400   34324938   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Opp Noddys Neuk
6500D0401   34324836   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Adj Fodbank View
6500D0402   34324828   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Bank Opp Fodbank View
6500D0404   34324782   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Adj No 97-115
6500D0405   34324787   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Opp No 97-115
6500D0406   34324746   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Cres Opp No 13
6500D0407   34324743   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Cres Adj No 19
6500D0408   34324763   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Cres Opp No 57
6500D0409   34324762   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Cres Adj No 61
6500D0410   34324786   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Cres Adj No 123
6500D0411   34324783   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Cres Opp No 125
6500D0412   34324747   DUNFERMLINE Blacklaw Rd Adj Woodmill Cres
6500D0413   34324756   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Adj Blacklaw Rd
6500D0414   34324757   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Opp Blacklaw Rd
6500D0415   34324728   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill St Adj Surgery
6500D0416   34324732   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill St Opp Surgery
6500D0417   34324532   DUNFERMLINE Limekilns Adj McKane Place
6500D0418   34324395   DUNFERMLINE Limekilns Rd Opp McKane Place
6500D0419   34324686   DUNFERMLINE West Netherton St Adj Milton Green
6500D0420   34324656   DUNFERMLINE West Netherton St Opp Milton Green
6500D0421   34324685   DUNFERMLINE Nethertown Broad St Opp Reid St
6500D0422   34324694   DUNFERMLINE Nethertown Broad St Adj Reid St
6500D0423   34324682   DUNFERMLINE Bothwell St Opp Bank of Scotland
6500D0424   34324648   DUNFERMLINE Bothwell St Adj Bank of Scotland
6500D0425   34324589   DUNFERMLINE St Leonards St Adj Bus Depot
6500D0426   34324623   DUNFERMLINE St Leonards St Opp Bus Depot
6500D0427   34324396   DUNFERMLINE Hospital Hill Adj Tollgate
6500D0428   34324236   DUNFERMLINE Hospital Hill Adj Cottage Inn
6500D0429   34324263   DUNFERMLINE Izatt Ave Adj Gordon Ter
6500D0430   34323969   DUNFERMLINE Kier Hardie Ter Adj Alice Cox Walk
6500D0431   34323965   DUNFERMLINE Keir Hardie Ter Opp Alice Cox Walk
6500D0432   34323932   DUNFERMLINE Johnston Cres Adj Hutchison Green
6500D0433   34323936   DUNFERMLINE Johnston Cres Opp Hutchison Green
6500D0434   34323974   DUNFERMLINE Izatt Ave Adj No 67
6500D0435   34324293   DUNFERMLINE Jennie Rennies Rd Opp Dunfermline High School
6500D0436   34324343   DUNFERMLINE Jennie Rennies Rd Adj Dunfermline High School
6500D0437   34324368   DUNFERMLINE St Andrews St Adj Howard Cres
6500D0438   34324373   DUNFERMLINE St Andrews St Opp Howard Cres
6500D0439   34324583   DUNFERMLINE St Andrew St Adj Wallace St
6500D0440   34324579   DUNFERMLINE St Andrew St Opp Wallace St
6500D0441   34324252   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj Malcolm St
6500D0442   34324268   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Opp Malcolm St
6500D0444   34324292   DUNFERMLINE Hospital Hill Opp Cottage Inn
6500D0445   34324652   DUNFERMLINE Beveridge St Adj Gorrie St
6500D0446   34324659   DUNFERMLINE Beveridge St Opp Gorrie St
6500D0447   34324689   DUNFERMLINE Beveridge St Adj No 90-96
6500D0448   34324692   DUNFERMLINE Beveridge St Adj No 96
6500D0449   34324653   DUNFERMLINE Whitelaw Rd Opp Whitelaw Cres
6500D0450   34324646   DUNFERMLINE Whitelaw Rd Adj Whitelaw Cres
6500D0451   34324654   DUNFERMLINE Whitelaw Rd Adj Ochil Ter
6500D0452   34324657   DUNFERMLINE Whitelaw Rd Adj No 54
6500D0453   34324647   DUNFERMLINE Whitelaw Rd Adj No 79
6500D0454   34324658   DUNFERMLINE Whitelaw Rd Adj No 84
6500D0455   34324683   DUNFERMLINE Allan Cres Opp Shops
6500D0457   34324725   DUNFERMLINE Allan Cres Adj Cresta Bar
6500D0458   34324645   DUNFERMLINE Duncan Cres Adj Abbey View
6500D0459   34324638   DUNFERMLINE Duncan Cres Adj Almond Rd
6500D0460   34324636   DUNFERMLINE Duncan Cres Adj Cleish Rd
6500D0461   34324639   DUNFERMLINE Duncan Cres Opp Cleish Rd
6500D0462   34324679   DUNFERMLINE Duncan Cres adj Abbeyview Park
6500D0463   34324687   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway West Adj Duncan Cres
6500D0464   34324695   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway WestAdj Trondheim Pl
6500D0465   34324696   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway West Adj Linburn Rd (Westbound)
6500D0466   34324697   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway West Adj Linburn Rd (Eastbound)
6500D0467   34324626   DUNFERMLINE Cleish Rd Adj Cleish Pl
6500D0468   34324572   DUNFERMLINE Tweed St Adj Dee Pl
6500D0469   34324575   DUNFERMLINE Tweed St Opp Dee Pl
6500D0470   34324563   DUNFERMLINE Tweed St Opp Don Rd
6500D0471   34324535   DUNFERMLINE Tweed St Opp Nith St
6500D0472   34324525   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn Cres Adj Eden Rd
6500D0473   34324386   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn Cres Opp Eden Rd
6500D0474   34324387   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn Cres Adj No 35
6500D0475   34324527   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn Cres Opp No 41
6500D0476   34324564   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn St Adj No 73
6500D0477   34324565   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn St Adj No 74
6500D0478   34324569   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn St Opp Gorrie St
6500D0479   34324576   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn St opp St Lawrence St
6500D0480   34324538   DUNFERMLINE Blacklaw Rd Adj Halkett Cres
6500D0481   34324523   DUNFERMLINE Blacklaw Rd Opp Halkett Cres
6500D0482   34324328   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj St Lawrence St
6500D0483   34324326   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Opp St Lawrence St
6500D0484   34324296   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj Blacklaw Rd
6500D0485   34324283   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Opp Blacklaw Rd
6500D0486   34324284   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Opp Glen Nevis Dr
6500D0487   34324259   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj Glen Nevis Dr
6500D0488   34323986   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Opp Calaisburn Pl
6500D0489   34323979   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj Calaisburn Pl
6500D0490   34323957   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj Masterton Rd
6500D0491   34323973   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Opp Kerrisk Dr
6500D0492   34323967   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj Kerrisk Dr
6500D0493   34323898   DUNFERMLINE Laburnum Rd Adj King Malcolm Hotel
6500D0494   34323859   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr Opp Cypress Grove
6500D0495   34323856   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr Opp Larch Grove
6500D0496   34323897   DUNFERMLINE Laburnum Rd Opp King Malcolm Hotel
6500D0497   34323842   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Adj Cypress Grove
6500D0498   34323838   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Opp Cypress Grove
6500D0499   34323824   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Opp Golf Course
6500D0500   34323825   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Adj Golf Course
6500D0501   34323792   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Opp Visa Centre
6500D0502   34323785   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Adj Visa Centre
6500D0503   34323868   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr Opp Lime Grove
6500D0504   34323872   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr Adj Mulberry Dr
6500D0505   34323848   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr Adj Erica Grove
6500D0506   34323847   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr Adj Holly Cres
6500D0507   34323876   DUNFERMLINE Morrison Dr Opp Thorn Grove
6500D0508   34323875   DUNFERMLINE Morrison Dr Adj Plane Grove
6500D0509   34325672   KINGSEAT Main St Adj No 9
6500D0510   34325673   KINGSEAT Main St Adj Church St
6500D0511   34325682   KINGSEAT Main St Opp Henderson St
6500D0512   34327489   KELTY Black Rd Adj Gowanbank Farm
6500D0513   34327657   KELTY Black Rd Opp No 39-49
6500D0514   34327475   KELTY Black Rd Adj Main St
6500D0515   34327383   KELTY Keltyhill Rd Opp Union St
6500D0516   34327386   KELTY Keltyhill Rd Adj Union St
6500D0517   34327363   KELTY Keltyhill Rd Adj Keltyhill Ave
6500D0518   34327373   KELTY Elmwood Ter Adj Keltyhill Ave
6500D0519   34327348   KELTY Keltyhill Rd Adj Keltyhill Cres
6500D0521   34327325   KELTY Keltyhill Ave Opp Clentry Cres
6500D0522   34327296   KELTY Oakfield St Adj Station Rd
6500D0523   34327358   KELTY Keltyhill Ave Opp Dullomuir Dr
6500D0524   34327368   KELTY Keltyhill Ave Adj Dullomuir Dr
6500D0525   34327375   KELTY Keltyhill Ave Adj Elmwood Ter
6500D0526   34327385   KELTY Dullomuir Dr Adj Elmwood Ter
6500D0527   34327392   KELTY Elmwood Ter Adj Playing Field
6500D0529   34327437   KELTY Maple Ter (Westbound)
6500D0531   34327454   KELTY Beechbank Cres Adj No 71
6500D0532   34327426   KELTY Beechbank Cres Adj No 5
6500D0534   34327395   KELTY Keltyhill Rd Adj No 11
6500D0535   34327472   KELTY Main St Opp Westcroft Way (Black Rd)
6500D0536   34327473   KELTY Main St Adj Westcroft Way (Black Rd)
6500D0537   34327432   KELTY Main St Opp Keltyhill Rd
6500D0538   34327424   KELTY Main St Adj Keltyhill Rd
6500D0539   34327387   KELTY Main St Opp Primary School
6500D0540   34327379   KELTY Main St Adj Primary School
6500D0541   34327349   KELTY Main St Adj Lawrence St
6500D0543   34324727   DUNFERMLINE Moodie St Opp Pittencrieff Park
6500D0544   34324684   DUNFERMLINE Moodie St Adj Pittencrieff Park
6500D0547   34327328   KELTY Station Rd Adj Oakfield St
6500D0548   34327345   KELTY Station Rd Adj Main St
6500D0549   34327356   KELTY Station Rd Opp Muirton Ter
6500D0550   34327362   KELTY Station Rd Adj Muirton Ter
6500D0551   34327359   KELTY Station Rd Opp Garage Adj North Rd
6500D0552   34327324   KELTY Oakfield St Adj Cocklaw St
6500D0555   34327243   KELTY Oakfield St Opp No 96
6500D0556   34326989   KELTY Oakfield St Adj No 114
6500D0557   34326787   KELTY Cantsdam Rd towards Kelty
6500D0558   34326762   KELTY Cantsdam Rd towards Dunfermline
6500D0559   34323695   CHARLESTOWN West Rd Adj The Cairns
6500D0561   34323696   CHARLESTOWN West Rd Opp The Cairns
6500D0562   34323584   CHARLESTOWN Main Rd Adj The Green
6500D0563   34323586   CHARLESTOWN Main Rd Opp The Green
6500D0564   34324547   CROSSFORD Cairneyhill Rd Adj Douglas Dr
6500D0565   34323546   CHARLESTOWN Main Rd Adj Saltpans
6500D0566   34323562   CHARLESTOWN Main Rd Opp Saltpans
6500D0567   34323548   CHARLESTOWN Main Rd Entering Village (Westbound)
6500D0568   34323549   CHARLESTOWN Main Rd Entering Village (Eastbound)
6500D0570   34325768   COWDENBEATH Bridge St Adj Birnie Ridge
6500D0573   34323497   LIMEKILNS Promenade Opp Pier
6500D0574   34323484   LIMEKILNS Promenade near Bruce Arms Hotel
6500D0575   34323487   LIMEKILNS Promenade Opp Bruce Arms Hotel
6500D0576   34323494   LIMEKILNS Church St Adj Sandilands
6500D0577   34323537   LIMEKILNS Dunfermline Rd Adj Limekilns Primary School
6500D0578   34323535   LIMEKILNS Dunfermline Rd Opp Primary School
6500D0579   34324634   CROSSFORD Main St Opp Lyne Grove
6500D0581   34324593   CROSSFORD Main St Adj Lyne Grove
6500D0582   34324597   CROSSFORD Main St Adj Pitfirrane Arms
6500D0583   34324596   CROSSFORD Main St Opp Pitfirrane Arms
6500D0584   34324573   CROSSFORD Cairneyhill Rd Opp Lundin Rd
6500D0585   34324543   CROSSFORD Cairneyhill Rd Opp Douglas Dr
6500D0586   34324294   CAIRNEYHILL Main St Adj War Memorial
6500D0587   34324274   CAIRNEYHILL Main St Opp War Memorial
6500D0588   34324265   CAIRNEYHILL Main St Adj Brandy Riggs
6500D0589   34324276   CAIRNEYHILL Main St Opp Brandy Riggs
6500D0590   34324256   CAIRNEYHILL Main St Adj Drummormie Rd
6500D0591   34324239   CAIRNEYHILL Main St Adj Muirside Grove
6500D0592   34324247   CAIRNEYHILL Main St Opp Muirside Grove
6500D0593   34323782   CROMBIE Main Rd Opp Ordnance Rd
6500D0594   34323789   CROMBIE Main Rd Adj Ordnance Rd
6500D0595   34323765   CROMBIE Ordnance Rd Adj Central Rd
6500D0596   34323768   CROMBIE Ordnance Rd Opp Farm Rd
6500D0597   34323764   CROMBIE Ordnance Rd Adj Farm Rd
6500D0598   34323748   CROMBIE Ordnance Rd Adj Turning Circle
6500D0599   34323949   TORRYBURN Main St Opp Church
6500D0600   34323952   TORRYBURN Main St Opp Eilean Lane
6500D0601   34323946   TORRYBURN Main St Adj Eilean Lane
6500D0602   34323963   TORRYBURN B9037 (Newmills Rd) Adj No 18 The Ness
6500D0603   34323956   TORRYBURN B9037 (Newmills Rd) Opp No 10 The Ness
6500D0604   34324238   NEWMILLS Main St Opp Tinian Cres
6500D0605   34324258   NEWMILLS Main St Adj Tinian Cres
6500D0606   34324279   NEWMILLS Main St Adj Crown Hotel
6500D0607   34324275   NEWMILLS Main St Opp Crown Hotel
6500D0608   34324287   NEWMILLS Main St opp Durham Terrace
6500D0609   34324324   NEWMILLS Main St adj Durham Terrace
6500D0610   34324365   NEWMILLS Main St Adj Rosemill Ct
6500D0612   34324545   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Chapel St Opp Health Centre
6500D0613   34324383   HIGH VALLEYFIELD B9037 Opp Valleyfield Ave
6500D0614   34324394   HIGH VALLEYFIELD B9037 Adj Valleyfield Ave
6500D0615   34324529   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Valleyfield Ave Adj Chapel St
6500D0616   34324372   HIGH VALLEYFIELD B9037 Opp C52 junction
6500D0617   34324374   HIGH VALLEYFIELD C5 junction Adj Forth View Ind Est
6500D0618   34324375   HIGH VALLEYFIELD C5 junction Opp Forth View Ind Est
6500D0619   34324246   LOW VALLEYFIELD Main St Opp Forth View Cottages
6500D0620   34324253   LOW VALLEYFIELD Main St Adj Forth View Cottages
6500D0621   34324245   LOW VALLEYFIELD Main St Adj Telephone Box
6500D0622   34324237   LOW VALLEYFIELD Main St Opp Phone Box
6500D0623   34324243   LOW VALLEYFIELD Main St Adj No 5
6500D0624   34323985   LOW VALLEYFIELD Main St Opp No 6
6500D0625   34323942   CULROSS Low Causeway Adj Veere Park
6500D0626   34323935   CULROSS Low Causeway Opp Veere Park
6500D0627   34323892   CULROSS Low Causeway Adj Primary School
6500D0628   34323924   CULROSS Low Causeway Opp Primary School
6500D0629   34323869   CULROSS Low Causeway Adj 18C
6500D0630   34323242   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Main St Opp Police Station
6500D0631   34323873   CULROSS Low Causeway Opp Police House
6500D0632   34323864   CULROSS The Tron Adj The Palace
6500D0633   34323865   CULROSS The Tron Opp The Palace
6500D0634   34323863   CULROSS Balgownie West Opp Housing
6500D0635   34323867   CULROSS Balgownie West Adj Housing
6500D0638   34325459   CARNOCK Main St Adj Primary School
6500D0639   34325439   CARNOCK Main St Opp Primary School
6500D0640   34325473   CARNOCK A907 Oakley Rd Opp Burnbank
6500D0641   34325472   CARNOCK A907 Oakley Rd Adj Burnbank
6500D0642   34325476   OAKLEY A907 Opp Sir George Bruce Rd
6500D0643   34325474   OAKLEY A907 Adj Sir George Bruce Rd
6500D0646   34325493   OAKLEY Blairwood Ter Opp Station Rd
6500D0647   34325486   OAKLEY Blairwood Ter Adj Station Rd
6500D0648   34325492   OAKLEY Blairwood Ter Opp Football Ground
6500D0649   34325495   OAKLEY Station Rd Adj Hillview
6500D0650   34325482   OAKLEY Station Rd Opp Hillview
6500D0651   34325458   OAKLEY Station Rd Adj Sir George Bruce Rd
6500D0652   34325457   OAKLEY Sir George Bruce Rd Adj Woodburn Cres
6500D0653   34325462   OAKLEY Sir George Bruce Rd Adj Sligo St
6500D0654   34325454   OAKLEY Sir George Bruce Rd Adj Erskine Wynd
6500D0655   34325453   OAKLEY Sir George Bruce Rd Opp Stobie Pl
6500D0656   34325467   OAKLEY Sir George Bruce Rd Adj Burnside Ter
6500D0657   34325465   OAKLEY Sir George Bruce Rd Opp Burnside Ter
6500D0658   34325428   OAKLEY Link Rd Adj Boswell Dr
6500D0659   34325423   OAKLEY Boswell Dr Opp Link Rd
6500D0660   34325435   OAKLEY John Stuart Gait Adj Bus Terminus
6500D0661   34325494   COMRIE Main St Opp Phoenix Hotel
6500D0662   34325427   GOWKHALL Carnock Rd Opp Dean Ridge
6500D0663   34325432   GOWKHALL Carnock Rd Adj Dean Ridge
6500D0664   34325498   COMRIE Main St Adj Porterfield
6500D0665   34325624   COMRIE Main St Opp Porterfield
6500D0666   34325632   BLAIRHALL Rintoul Ave Adj OAP Club
6500D0667   34325626   BLAIRHALL Rintoul Ave Adj Wilson St
6500D0668   34325489   BLAIRHALL East Ave Adj South Ave
6500D0670   34325496   BLAIRHALL Houldsworth St Adj Bowling Green
6500D0671   34326326   SALINE West Rd Turning Circle
6500D0672   34326272   SALINE Main St Opp Mar Pl
6500D0673   34326273   SALINE Main St Adj Mar Pl
6500D0674   34326245   SALINE Main St Adj Oaklea
6500D0675   34326243   SALINE Main St Opp Oaklea
6500D0676   34326242   STEELEND Main Rd Adj Ravenscraig Ter
6500D0677   34326248   STEELEND Main Rd Opp Knockhill View
6500D0678   34326237   STEELEND Main Rd Adj Sunnybraes Ter
6500D0679   34326238   STEELEND Main Rd Opp Sunnybraes Ter
6500D0682   34325385   KINCARDINE A977 Adj Castle Park
6500D0683   34325368   KINCARDINE A977 Opp Broomknowe Dr
6500D0684   34325282   KINCARDINE A977 Opp Scottish Power Access
6500D0685   34325284   KINCARDINE A977 Adj Scottish Power Access
6500D0686   34324987   KINCARDINE Fere Gait Adj Kilbagie Street
6500D0687   34324979   KINCARDINE Fere Gait Opp Kilbagie Street
6500D0688   34324839   KINCARDINE High Street (Stance A)
6500D0689   34324845   KINCARDINE High Street (Stance B)
6500D0690   34324834   KINCARDINE Toll Rd Adj Forth View
6500D0691   34324825   KINCARDINE Toll Rd Opp Forth View
6500D0692   34324842   KINCARDINE Toll Rd (Roanhead Ter) Adj Dewar Ave
6500D0693   34324835   KINCARDINE Toll Rd Opp Dewar Ave
6500D0695   34324745   KINCARDINE Westfield
6500D0697   34325469   TOWNHILL Main St Adj Townhill Rd (Southbound)
6500D0699   34327394   KELTY Keltyhill Rd Adj Main St
6500D0700   34326462   COWDENBEATH Perth Rd Adj Golf Course Rd
6500D0701   34323632   HILLEND Hillend by-pass towards Dunfermline
6500D0702   34323649   HILLEND Hillend by-pass towards Kirkcaldy
6500D0703   34326729   LOCHGELLY Main St Adj Cartmore Rd
6500D0704   34326895   LOCHGELLY Landale St Adj Bank St
6500D0705   34324264   DUNFERMLINE Izatt Avenuue Opp Gordon Ter
6500D0706   34323976   DUNFERMLINE Izatt Ave Opp Johnstone Cres
6500D0707   34326253   STEELEND B914 Ravenscraig btwn Saline & Steelend North side
6500D0708   34326249   STEELEND B914 between Saline & Steelend South side
6500D0709   34323534   ROSYTH Ridley Dr Adj Admiralty Rd
6500D0710   34324384   DUNFERMLINE Hospital Hill Adj Izatt Ave
6500D0712   34326486   LOCHGELLY Lumphinnans Rd Opp St Finnians Church
6500D0713   34326495   LOCHGELLY Lumphinnans Rd Adj St Finnians Church
6500D0714   34325365   CROSSGATES A907 Springhill Brae Adj Fairy Fa Cres
6500D0715   34325636   HILL OF BEATH B981 (Cowdenbeth) Adj Hill of Beath Access
6500D0716   34326452   LUMPHINNANS Main St Opp Robert Smith Ct
6500D0717   34327673   BALLINGRY Ballingry Rd Adj Flockhouse Ave
6500D0718   34327638   BALLINGRY Ballingry Rd Adj Lochleven Gdns
6500D0719   34325948   COWDENBEATH Foulford Rd Opp Prospect St
6500D0720   34324926   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Adj Campbell St (Baths)
6500D0721   34324934   DUNFERMLINE Garvock Hill Opp Garvock Ter
6500D0722   34326234   SALINE Oakley Rd Adj Easter Craig Gdns
6500D0723   34325726   KINNEDDAR Oakley Rd Opp Kinneddar Park
6500D0724   34323676   ROSYTH Park Rd West Adj Camdean Lane
6500D0725   34323567   ROSYTH Harley St Adj Admiralty Rd
6500D0726   34326247   STEELEND Turning Circle Steelend East
6500D0727   34323246   FORTH ROAD BRIDGE (North End) Northbound
6500D0728   34323243   FORTH ROAD BRIDGE (North End) Southbound
6500D0729   34323759   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Opp A823 Access Road
6500D0730   34323293   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Opp Rosebery View
6500D0731   34323268   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Opp Lumsdaine Dr
6500D0732   34327256   LOCHGELLY Auchterderran Rd Adj roundabout
6500D0733   34323576   INVERKEITHING A921 (Admiralty Rd) Adj Kirkgate
6500D0735   34324767   DUNFERMLINE Clunie Rd Adj Bute Cres
6500D0736   34325743   COWDENBEATH Broad St Adj FSO Depot
6500D0737   34325252   DUNFERMLINE Rumblingwell Adj East Baldridge Dr
6500D0738   34323738   ROSYTH Primrose Lane Access Road
6500D0739   34325497   COMRIE Main St Adj Phoenix Hotel
6500D0740   34325245   DUNFERMLINE Rumblingwell Adj Willam St/Garage
6500D0741   34323836   CULROSS (west) Blair Castle Road End
6500D0745   34323739   ROSYTH Primrose Lane Adj Gulf Garage
6500D0746   34323287   ROSYTH Hilton Rd
6500D0747   34327297   LOCHGELLY A910 Cardenden Rd Adj Cemetery
6500D0748   34323527   ROSYTH Castle Rd Adj Civil Service Club
6500D0749   34326239   SALINE Oakley Rd Opp Easter Craig Gdns
6500D0750   34324978   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Adj No 76
6500D0751   34324967   DUNFERMLINE Bellyeoman Rd Adj Surgery
6500D0752   34324972   DUNFERMLINE Bellyeoman Rd Adj No 30
6500D0753   34324726   DUNFERMLINE Allan Cres Adj Shields Rd
6500D0754   34324723   DUNFERMLINE Allan Cres Adj Inchkeith Dr
6500D0755   34324724   DUNFERMLINE Allan Cres Opp Inchkeith Dr
6500D0756   34324824   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Opp Shields Rd
6500D0757   34324754   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Opp Whinhill
6500D0758   34324738   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Adj Whinhill
6500D0759   34324764   DUNFERMLINE Shields Rd Adj Macbeth Rd
6500D0760   34323794   ABERDOUR Station Pl Opp Railway Station
6500D0761   34324357   DUNFERMLINE Tweeddale Dr Opp Husband Pl
6500D0762   34324376   DUNFERMLINE Tweeddale Dr Opp Norton Pl
6500D0763   34323639   DALGETY BAY Moray Way North Opp Hopetoun View
6500D0764   34325254   DUNFERMLINE Arthur St Adj Bannerman St
6500D0765   34325258   DUNFERMLINE Arthur St Adj Headwell Rd
6500D0766   34325342   DUNFERMLINE Pilmuir St Adj Venturefair Ave
6500D0767   34325293   DUNFERMLINE Whitefield Rd Opp Queen Margaret Rail Station
6500D0768   34323458   DALGETY BAY Link Rd Opp Forth Reach
6500D0769   34324278   DUNFERMLINE Limekilns Rd Adj Liggars Pl
6500D0770   34323823   DUNFERMLINE Limekilns Rd Opp Liggars Pl
6500D0771   34323295   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Adj Harbour Pl
6500D0772   34323435   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Adj Granton View
6500D0773   34323642   ROSYTH Kings Rd Opp Albert St
6500D0774   34323636   ROSYTH Kings Rd Adj Albert St
6500D0775   34323589   ROSYTH Kings Rd Adj Camdean Primary School
6500D0776   34323697   ROSYTH Kings Rd Opp Park Rd (Eastbound)
6500D0778   34325362   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Opp Lauriston Dr
6500D0779   34325367   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Opp Alderston Dr
6500D0780   34325384   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Adj Pavilion
6500D0781   34325383   DUNFERMLINE Robertson Rd Opp Pavilion
6500D0782   34327468   GLENCRAIG Station Rd adj Kingslea Cottage
6500D0783   34327467   GLENCRAIG Station Rd opp Kingslea Cottage
6500D0784   34325858   LOCHFITTY B912, Lochfitty Cottages Adj Memorial
6500D0785   34325853   LOCHFITTY B912, Lochfitty Cottages Opp Memorial
6500D0786   34324965   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Rd Opp Lambert Rd
6500D0787   34324625   DUNFERMLINE Limekilns Rd Adj Abington Rd
6500D0788   34323575   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj Moray Pk
6500D0789   34323456   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj Moray Park
6500D0790   34323438   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Opp Oxcars Dr
6500D0791   34324235   CAIRNEYHILL Main Street opp Glen Moriston Drive
6500D0792   34323675   DALGETY BAY A921 Adj Rail Station
6500D0793   34323659   DALGETY BAY A921 Opp Rail Station
6500D0794   34323579   DALGETY BAY Regents Way Opp Parish Church
6500D0795   34323574   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Adjacent Parklands Cres
6500D0796   34323539   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Opp Parklands Cres
6500D0797   34325654   KINGSEAT B912 Adj Eagle Glen Access
6500D0798   34325652   KINGSEAT B912 Opp Eagle Glen Access
6500D0799   34325958   COWDENBEATH Foulford Rd opp Foulford Pl
6500D0800   34325753   COWDENBEATH Greenbank Dr Opp Hillcrest
6500D0801   34325752   COWDENBEATH Greenbank Dr Adj Hillcrest
6500D0802   34325736   COWDENBEATH Mossend Terr opp Ewing St
6500D0803   34325727   COWDENBEATH Sinclair Dr opp Mossend Terr
6500D0804   34325232   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Dr Adj Halbeath Pl
6500D0805   34325236   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Dr Opp Halbeath Pl
6500D0911   34323454   DALGETY BAY Link Rd Adj Forth Reach
6500D0912   34323483   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Opp Wayfarers Dr
6500D0913   34323489   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Adj Wayfarers Dr
6500D0914   34323598   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Opp St Davids Dr
6500D0915   34323597   DALGETY BAY Harbour Dr Adj St Davids Dr
6500D0916   34323796   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Opp Kwiksave Office
6500D0917   34324378   NEWMILLS Main St after bridge (Westbound)
6500D0918   34324389   NEWMILLS Main St before bridge (Eastbound)
6500D0919   34324359   NEWMILLS Main St Opp Rosemill Ct
6500D0920   34325346   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Bypass Westbound
6500D0921   34325353   DUNFERMLINE Halbeath Bypass Eastbound
6500D0922   34323467   INVERKEITHING Spencerfield Rd Opp Concorde Way
6500D0923   34324964   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd Adj Earn Grove
6500D0924   34324649   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd adj Drum Rd
6500D0925   34324627   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd opp Drum Rd
6500D0926   34324242   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd Adj McKay Dr
6500D0927   34324346   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd Opp McKay Dr
6500D0928   34323427   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj Rosebery View
6500D0929   34323263   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj The Bridges
6500D0930   34323282   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj Lumsdaine Dr
6500D0931   34323298   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj The Inches
6500D0933   34325623   TOWNHILL Main St Opp Forest Rd
6500D0934   34323585   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd Adj Parkside St
6500D0935   34323457   DALGETY BAY Moray Way Adj Strathbeg Dr
6500D0936   34323285   ROSYTH Babcock Training Centre
6500D1001   34325354   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Adj Ormiston Pk
6500D1002   34325329   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Adj Robertson Rd
6500D1003   34325398   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Adj Farnell Way
6500D1004   34325389   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Opp Farnell Way
6500D1005   34325396   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Adj Colliston Rd
6500D1006   34325397   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Opp Colliston Rd
6500D1007   34325289   DUNFERMLINE Lauriston Dr Adj Kames Pl
6500D1008   34325295   DUNFERMLINE Lauriston Dr Opp Kames Pl
6500D1011   34326375   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Opp Downfield
6500D1012   34326365   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Adj Downfield
6500D1013   34326362   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Adj Glenfield Rd
6500D1014   34326369   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Opp Glenfield Rd
6500D1015   34326276   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Dr Adj Craigbeath Ct
6500D1016   34323492   LIMEKILNS Church St adj Church
6500D1017   34323529   ROSYTH Ridley Dr adj Foot Pl
6500D1018   34323486   ROSYTH Ridley Dr Opp Hudson Rd
6500D1019   34323482   ROSYTH Ridley Dr Adj Hudson Rd
6500D1020   34323475   ROSYTH Ridley Dr opp Tyrwhitt Pl
6500D1021   34323478   ROSYTH Ridley Dr adj Tyrwhitt Pl
6500D1022   34324958   DUNFERMLINE Golfdrum St Adj Ross Lane
6500D1023   34325784   COWDENBEATH Bridge Street opp Thistle Street
6500D1024   34323975   KINCARDINE B9037 opp Longannet Cottages
6500D1025   34323978   KINCARDINE B9037 adj Longannet Cottages
6500D1027   34323798   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Adj Kwiksave Office
6500D1028   34325343   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Opp Neidpath Pl
6500D1031   34325375   DUNFERMLINE Whitefield Rd Opp Queen Margaret Hospital
6500D1032   34325378   DUNFERMLINE Whitefield Rd Adj Queen Margaret Hospital
6500D1033   34324269   DUNFERMLINE McKay Dr Adj Kinnis Ct
6500D1034   34323987   DUNFERMLINE Tweeddale Dr Adj Walls Pl
6500D1035   34323938   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Adj King Malcolm Hotel
6500D1036   34323948   DUNFERMLINE Queensferry Rd Opp King Malcolm Hotel
6500D1037   34325324   DUNFERMLINE Whitefield Rd Adj Queen Margaret Rail Station
6500D1039   34327323   LOCHGELLY Station Rd Opp Launcherhead Rd
6500D1040   34325373   DUNFERMLINE Alderston Dr Opp Balvaird Pl
6500D1041   34327683   BALLINGRY Ballingry Rd Opp Turning Circle
6500D1042   34323762   DUNFERMLINE Carnegie Campus adj Sky Television
6500D1043   34326374   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Drive adj Southfield
6500D1044   34326372   COWDENBEATH Leuchatsbeath Drive opp Southfield
6500D1045   34323498   LIMEKILNS Promenade Adj Harbour
6500D1046   34323526   LIMEKILNS Promenade Opp No 20
6500D1047   34323528   LIMEKILNS Promenade Adj No 18
6500D1048   34324793   KINCARDINE North Approach Rd Opp Silver St
6500D1049   34324792   KINCARDINE North Approach Rd Adj Silver Rd
6500D1050   34325286   DUNFERMLINE East Baldridge Dr Adj Aytoun Grove
6500D1051   34345629   DUNFERMLINE Dunlin Dr Adj Braemar Dr
6500D1052   34345464   DUNFERMLINE Dunlin Dr Opp Braemar Dr
6500D1053   34324798   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd adj Woodmill High Sch
6500D1054   34325723   KINNEDDAR Oakley Rd Adj Kinneddar Park
6500D1055   34323756   DUNFERMLINE Carnegie Campus opp Sky Television
6500D1056   34323757   DUNFERMLINE Carnegie Campus adj Scottish Water
6500D1057   34323758   DUNFERMLINE Castle Dr opp Scottish Water
6500D1058   34323767   DUNFERMLINE Carnegie Campus adj Blackwood Way
6500D1059   34323769   DUNFERMLINE Castle Brae opp Blackwood Way
6500D1060   34323797   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Rd opp Windlebrook
6500D1061   34323795   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Rd adj Windlebrook
6500D1062   34323835   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Rd opp Dover Dr
6500D1063   34323853   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Rd adj Dover Park
6500D1064   34323249   FERRYTOLL (Park & Ride)
6500D1065   34323947   TORRYBURN Main St adj Church
6500D1066   34323256   ROSYTH Ferrytoll Rd adj Grampian Rd
6500D1067   34323254   ROSYTH Ferrytoll Rd opp Grampian Rd
6500D1068   34323258   ROSYTH Europarc Barham Rd
6500D1069   34323267   ROSYTH Castle Rd Dockyard R'bout (northbound)
6500D1070   34323264   ROSYTH Castle Rd Dockyard R'bout (southbound)
6500D1071   34323746   ROSYTH Queensferry Rd opp Station
6500D1072   34323852   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr adj Walnut Grove
6500D1073   34323854   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Dr opp Walnut Grove
6500D1074   34324273   DUNFERMLINE McKay Dr Adj Meldrum Crt
6500D1075   34324262   DUNFERMLINE McKay Dr Adj Thane Pl
6500D1076   34324982   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd adj Linburn Grove
6500D1077   34324578   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn St Opp Wedderburn Cres
6500D1078   34324568   DUNFERMLINE Wedderburn Cres Adj Wedderburn St
6500D1079   34324852   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd opp Dunlin Dr
6500D1080   34324857   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd adj Dunlin Dr
6500D1081   34323269   ROSYTH Castle Rd Adj St Peter's & St Paul's Church
6500D1082   34323464   ROSYTH Castle Rd Adj Fire Station
6500D1083   34324748   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd Opp Gipsy Lane
6500D1084   34324735   DUNFERMLINE Linburn Rd Adj Gipsy Lane
6500D1086   34324693   DUNFERMLINE Skye Rd Opp Iona Rd
6500D1087   34324698   DUNFERMLINE Skye Rd Adj Iona Rd
6500D1088   34324739   DUNFERMLINE Clunie Rd Adj House No 90
6500D1089   34324729   DUNFERMLINE Clunie Rd Adj House No 55
6500D1090   34324758   DUNFERMLINE Clunie Rd Opp Bute Cres
6500D1091   34325456   DUNFERMLINE Kingseat Rd Adj The Hide-Away Pub
6500D1092   34325464   DUNFERMLINE Kingseat Rd Opp The Hide-Away Pub
6500D1093   34324524   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Drive Opp Tern Road
6500D1094   34324397   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Drive Adj Tern Road
6500D1095   34323937   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Road Adj The Paddock
6500D1096   34323927   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Road Opp The Paddock
6500D1098   34323879   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Drive Adj Morrison Drive BW
6500D1099   34323895   FORDELL B916 Clockluine Rd Adj Fordell Gdns
6500D1100   34348258   ROSYTH Kings Rd adj Kings Rd Primary School
6500D1101   34353863   ROSYTH Camdean Cres Adj Camdean Lane
6500D1102   34345345   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd Adj Beauly Cres
6500D1103   34345283   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Road Opp Chattan Cottage
6500D1104   34345284   KINCARDINE A985 West adj Westfield Access Rd
6500D1105   34345373   KINCARDINE A985 opp Westfield Access Rd
6500D1106   34345278   KILBAGIE A977 opp Kilbagie Paper Mill
6500D1107   34345294   HIGH VALLEYFIELD B9037 opp Woodhead St
6500D1108   34345268   INVERKEITHING Rail Interchange
6500D1109   34345275   CROMBIE A985 opp Crombie Primary School
6500D1110   34346259   CROMBIE A985 adj Crombie Primary School
6500D1111   34345293   DUNFERMLINE Cleish Rd opp Cleish Place
6500D1112   34345346   DUNFERMLINE Turnstone Rd adj Tesco Supermarket
6500D1113   34345282   ROSYTH Wood Rd Opp Babcock Training Centre
6500D1114   34345429   KELTY A909 Great North Road Adj Depot
6500D1115   34345354   ROSYTH Ferry Terminal
6500D1116   34345642   DUNFERMLINE Castle Dr opp Pitreavie Castle
6500D1117   34345687   DUNFERMLINE Castle Dr adj Pitreavie Castle
6500D1118   34345634   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Rd opp Crematorium
6500D1119   34345672   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Rd adj Crematorium
6500D1120   34345638   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Road opposite Morrison Drive
6500D1121   34345679   DUNFERMLINE Masterton Rd adj Morrison Dr
6500D1122   34345487   DUNFERMLINE Sandpiper Dr adj Cromar Dr
6500D1123   34345659   DUNFERMLINE Sandpiper Drive opp Cromar Drive
6500D1124   34345657   DUNFERMLINE Sandpiper Dr adj Deeside Pl
6500D1125   34345653   DUNFERMLINE Sandpiper Dr opp Nithsdale Pl
6500D1126   34345385   DUNFERMLINE Sandpiper Dr adj Kyle Cres
6500D1127   34345628   DUNFERMLINE Sandpiper Drive opp Lorn Place
6500D1128   34345652   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd opp David Cres
6500D1129   34345656   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Road adj David Crescent
6500D1130   34345645   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr adj Teal Pl
6500D1131   34345696   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr opp Teal Pl
6500D1132   34345674   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr opp Curlew Gdns
6500D1133   34345637   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr adj Curlew Gdns
6500D1134   34345654   DUNFERMLINE Fife Leisure Park opp Odeon Cinema
6500D1135   34345697   DUNFERMLINE Dunlin Dr adj Birnam Gdns
6500D1136   34345686   DUNFERMLINE Dunlin Dr opp Birnam Gdns
6500D1137   34345692   CROSSGATES Springhill Brae opposite Mossgreen Junction
6500D1138   34345726   CROSSGATES Springhill Brae adjacent to Mossgreen junction
6500D1139   34345675   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Sharp's Brae adj B9037 BW
6500D1140   34345827   FORDELL B916 Clockclunie Road Opp Fordell Gardens
6500D1141   34345857   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd opp Bonnyton Pl
6500D1142   34346569   CROSSFORD A994 adj Urquhart Bungalow
6500D1143   34345932   DUNFERMLINE Dunlin Dr opp Alford Way
6500D1144   34346242   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill Rd Adj Bonnyton Pl
6500D1145   34346237   OAKLEY Station Rd adj Inzievar Primary School
6500D1146   34346232   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr adj Dunlin Dr
6500D1147   34346257   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Drive opp Fieldfare View
6500D1148   34346258   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr adj Fieldfare View
6500D1149   34346273   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr opp Kingfisher Pl
6500D1150   34346279   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr adj Kingfisher Pl
6500D1151   34346263   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr adj Trondheim Parkway
6500D1152   34346269   DUNFERMLINE Greenshank Dr opp Trondheim Parkway
6500D1153   34346287   DALGETY BAY Regents Way adj Lade Braes
6500D1154   34346396   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive opp Peploe Rise
6500D1155   34346423   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive adj Peploe Rise
6500D1156   34346425   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive opp Eardley Crescent
6500D1157   34346429   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive adj Eardley Crescent
6500D1158   34346454   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive adj Annfield House
6500D1159   34346456   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive opp Annfield House
6500D1160   34346457   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive adj Annfield Farm Rd
6500D1161   34346458   DUNFERMLINE Lapwing Drive opposite Annfield Farm Road
6500D1162   34346476   BLAIRHALL Rintoul Ave Opp OAP Club
6500D1163   34346483   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway opp Bergen Ave
6500D1164   34346486   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway adj Bergen Avenue
6500D1165   34346525   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway opp Manor Gardens
6500D1166   34346492   DUNFERMLINE Trondheim Parkway adj Manor Gardens
6500D1167   34346547   DALGETY BAY Ridge Way adj Beech Way
6500D1168   34346567   DALGETY BAY Ridge Way opp Beech Way
6500D1169   34346535   DUNFERMLINE Carnegie Drive adj Kingsgate Centre
6500D1170   34346372   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Road opp Masterton Primary School
6500D1171   34346373   DUNFERMLINE Aberdour Rd adj Masterton Primary School
6500D1173   34346724   KINGSEAT Main St adj Henderson St
6500D1174   34346989   COWDENBEATH Gardiner Pl Adj Woodend Pl
6500D1175   34347252   DUNFERMLINE Fife Leisure Park (Odeon Cinema)
6500D1176   34347254   CHARLESTOWN Main Road adj Surgery
6500D1177   34347256   CHARLESTOWN Main Road opp Surgery
6500D1178   34347275   INVERKEITHING Fraser Ave Opp Shops
6500D1179   34347285   INVERKEITHING Hillend Rd adj The Avenue
6500D1180   34347286   INVERKEITHING Hillend Rd opp The Avenue
6500D1601   34346428   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 1)
6500D1602   34346394   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 2)
6500D1603   34346437   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 3)
6500D1604   34346398   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 4)
6500D1605   34346438   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 5)
6500D1606   34346432   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 6)
6500D1607   34346452   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 7)
6500D1608   34346434   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 8)
6500D1609   34346453   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 9)
6500D1610   34346427   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 10)
6500D1611   34346397   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 11)
6500D1612   34346439   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 12)
6500D1613   34346459   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 13)
6500D1614   34346435   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station (Stance 14)
6500D9003   34327382   KELTY Bath Street adj Arlick Road HR
6500D9006   34327294   KELTY St Joseph's Primary School HR
6500D9026   34325363   DUNFERMLINE Braigh Gdns Turning Circle HR
6500D9027   34327357   LOCHGELLY Stationhead Rd adj Houses HR
6500D9028   34327353   LOCHGELLY Benarty Ave adj House No 36 HR
6500D9030   34327295   LOCHGELLY Cooper Ha Ave adj Grays Rd HR
6500D9031   34327287   LOCHGELLY Page St opp Morris Ave HR
6500D9032   34327267   LOCHGELLY Hugh Place opp Drummond Sq HR
6500D9034   34326975   LOCHGELLY Minto St Adj No 10 HR
6500D9035   34326947   LOCHGELLY Melville St Opp No 24 HR
6500D9036   34326896   LOCHGELLY Union St Adj Campbell Cres HR
6500D9037   34326924   LOCHGELLY Grainger St opp Church HR
6500D9038   34326923   LOCHGELLY Hall St opp Cook Sq HR
6500D9039   34326934   LOCHGELLY David St Adj Garry St HR
6500D9040   34326948   LOCHGELLY Stewart Cres Adj Boyd Pl HR
6500D9041   34326798   LOCHGELLY Cartmore Rd Adj North St HR
6500D9042   34326582   LOCHGELLY Zetland Pl Adj No 21 HR
6500D9043   34326549   LOCHGELLY Paul St opp Park HR
6500D9044   34326456   LOCHGELLY Erskine St adj House No 24 HR
6500D9045   34326474   LOCHGELLY South St adj Hamilton St HR
6500D9046   34326737   LOCHGELLY High St opp Primary School HR
6500D9049   34325793   COWDENBEATH Barclay St adj St Brides Primary SchoolHR
6500D9050   34325842   COWDENBEATH Young Terr opp Milne Cres HR
6500D9051   34325796   COWDENBEATH Wardlaw St adj House No 14 HR
6500D9069   34346784   ROSYTH Europarc Barham Rd
6500D9090   34324954   SHIRES MILL B9037 adj Couston
6500D9100   34324956   SHIRES MILL B9037 opp Couston
6500D9101   34323626   ROSYTH Brankholm Brae opp Forker Ave HR
6500D9119   34346954   CROMBIE Bullions Farm Road End
6500D9121   34346956   BOWERSHALL C53 At Stronach
6500D9122   34346957   BOWERSHALL C53 opp Stronach
6500D9123   34346395   OAKLEY D13 opp Duck Hill Cottage
6500D9124   34346392   OAKLEY D13 adj Duck Hill Cottage
6500D9127   34346738   LOCHGELLY Stationhead Rd opp Houses HR
6500D9128   34346745   LOCHGELLY Benarty Ave opp House No 36 HR
6500D9129   34346746   LOCHGELLY Cooper Ha Ave opp Grays Rd HR
6500D9130   34346747   LOCHGELLY Page St adj Morris Avenue HR
6500D9131   34346749   LOCHGELLY Hugh Place adj Drummond Sq HR
6500D9132   34346753   LOCHGELLY St Patricks Primary School
6500D9144   34346756   LOCHGELLY Russell St adj Minto St
6500D9175   34346349   INVERKEITHING High School Bus bay HR
6500D9182   34346793   LIMEKILNS B9156 adj East Lodge
6500D9183   34346794   CHARLESTOWN Merryhill Farm Cottages
6500D9199   34345732   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Sharp's Brae opp B9037 HR
6500D9222   34345783   COWDENBEATH Sinclair Dr Adj Maxwell Cres
6500D9223   34345767   COWDENBEATH Greenbank Dr Adj Beath View Rd BW
6500D9225   34346542   Dunfermline Pitreavie Primary School HR
6500D9227   34347234   DUNFERMLINE Duloch Primary School
6500D9248   34346787   DALGETY BAY Ridge Way adj Moubray Road
6500D9255   34346953   OAKLEY Holy Name Primary School
6500D9265   34346958   DUNFERMLINE Queen Anne High School Bus Bay HR
6500D9269   34346873   DALGETY BAY Donibristle Primary School HR
6500D9271   34346875   TORRYBURN Main St adj Primary School
6500D9272   34346876   TORRYBURN Main St opp Primary School
6500D9273   34346878   REDCRAIGS TOLL (Eastbound)
6500D9274   34346879   REDCRAIGS TOLL (Westbound)
6500D9276   34346892   COWSTRANDBURN B913 adj Earthworks
6500D9277   34346859   DUNFERMLINE St Leonards Place adj Dunfermline High School
6500D9278   34346893   COWSTRANDBURN B913 opp Earthworks
6500D9279   34346837   KINCARDINE C5 opp West Sands Lodge
6500D9280   34346838   KINCARDINE C5 adj West Sands Lodge
6500D9281   34346839   KINCARDINE Broomknowe Drive adj Windyhill Avenue
6500D9282   34346842   KINCARDINE Windyhill Avenue Adj Broomknowe Drive
6500D9283   34346843   KINCARDINE Kirk St adj Tulliallan Primary School
6500D9285   34346895   ROSYTH Hilton Rd
6500D9286   34346894   DALGETY BAY Morlich Crescent opp Morlich Road
6500D9357   34346426   DUNFERMLINE High School Bus Bay Hr
6500D9378   34346865   ROSYTH Kings Crescent adj Kings Road Primary School
6500D9445   34346282   MOSSMORRAN B925 ATBeverkae Roundabout Westbound
6500D9446   34346363   ABERDOUR Hawkcraig Road
6500D9447   34346285   MOSSMORRAN B925 At Beverkae Roundabout Eastbound
6500D9473   34346278   BALLINGRY Hill Road Adj St Kenneths Primary Sch
6500D9510   34345959   CROSSFORD A994 opp Urquhart Bungalow
6500D9514   34346743   INVERKEITHING Hillfield Cres opp No 56
6500D9515   34346739   INVERKEITHING Burnside Ct adj North Rd
6500D9520   34346359   KELTY Keltyhill Rd Opp Kelthyhill Cres
6500D9548   34346742   COMRIE Bickram Cres adj Dean Acres
6500D9558   34346286   DONIBRISTLE Main St Westbound
6500D9560   34346293   CROSSGATES C26 Adj Whitehill Kennels
6500D9567   34346358   ROSYTH Heath Rd At St Johns Primary
6500D9600   34323972   DUNFERMLINE Birrell Drive adj Glen Isla Grove HR
6500D9605   34346465   DUNFERMLINE Birrell Drive opp Glen Isla Grove
6500D9608   34346467   DUNFERMLINE Glen Nevis Drive Opp Aberdour Road
6500D9609   34346468   DUNFERMLINE Glen Nevis Drive Adj Aberdour Rd
6500D9631   34346765   BLAIRHALL School Lane adj Primary School
6500D9650   34324635   CROSSFORD Knockhouse Rd opp Miller Ave HR
6500D9651   34324676   CROSSFORD Kirkwood Cres adj House No22 HR
6500D9652   34327676   LOCHORE Balbedie Ave adj House No 62 HR
6500D9653   34327598   LOCHORE Loanhead Ave opp House No 50 HR
6500D9654   34327594   LOCHORE Rosewell Dr adj House No 57 HR
6500D9655   34327465   KELTY Great North Rd opp Shiels Cottages HR
6500D9656   34324795   DUNFERMLINE St Johns Drive Opp Old Kirk Road HR
6500D9657   34324894   DUNFERMLINE Scotland Drive Opp Guildry Grove HR
6500D9658   34327529   GLENCRAIG Manse Road Adj House No 6 HR
6500D9659   34327562   CROSSHILL Catherine Terrace Adj House No 16 HR
6500D9660   34327573   CROSSHILL Park Street Adj House No 60 HR
6500D9661   34327587   LOCHORE Abbotsford Road Adj Bowling Green HR
6500D9662   34327628   LOCHORE Ivanhoe Avenue Adj House No 12 HR
6500D9663   34327634   LOCHORE Marmion Road Adj Woodstock PlaceHR
6500D9664   34327823   BALLINGRY Ballingry Crescent Opp Flockhouse Avenue HR
6500D9665   34327839   BALLINGRY Cleikimin Crescent Adj House No 18 HR
6500D9666   34327832   BALLINGRY Seamark Place Opp House No 6 HR
6500D9667   34327689   BALLINGRY Martin Crescent Opp Elders Knowe HR
6500D9668   34324542   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Woodhead Street Adj House No 28 HR
6500D9669   34324363   CROSSFORD Waggon Road Opp Abbey View HR
6500D9670   34323964   CROSSFORD Hunt Place Adj Ellaleen Grove HR
6500D9671   34323939   CROSSFORD Rannoch Drive Adj Dunvegan Court HR
6500D9672   34323896   CROSSFORD Arkaig Drive Adj House No 23 HR
6500D9673   34323923   CROSSFORD Mochrum Drive Adj Venachan Place HR
6500D9674   34323934   CROSSFORD Western Avenue Opp Morar Road HR
6500D9675   34324643   CROSSFORD Lundin Road Opp Anderson Avenue HR
6500D9676   34323245   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Ferryhill Road Adj Church HR
6500D9677   34323259   INVERKEITHING Manse Road Opp Forth View HR
6500D9678   34323452   INVERKEITHING Hillfield Road Adj Deas Road HR
6500D9679   34323429   INVERKEITHING Spittalfield Road Adj House No 21 HR
6500D9680   34325475   COMRIE Porterfield Opp Tapitlaw Grove HR
6500D9685   34345397   LOCHGELLY High School HR
6500D9693   34346867   KELTY Main St adj Mossgreen Street
6500D9694   34346868   KELTY Main St Opp Mossgreen Street
6500D9701   34323624   ROSYTH Brankholm Brae adj Forker Ave HR
6500D9702   34323289   INVERKEITHING Spittalfield Cres opp House No 64 H+R
6500D9703   34324632   CROSSFORD Knockhouse Rd adj Miller Ave HR
6500D9704   34324675   CROSSFORD Kirkwood Cres adj House No13 HR
6500D9705   34327659   LOCHORE Balbedie Ave adj House No75 HR
6500D9706   34327623   LOCHORE Loanhead Ave adj House No 5 HR
6500D9707   34327595   LOCHORE Rosewell Dr adj House No 27 HR
6500D9709   34327398   KELTY Great North Rd adj Shiels Cottages HR
6500D9710   34325478   COMRIE Porterfield Adj Tapitlaw Grove HR
6500D9712   34323274   INVERKEITHING Preston Crescent Adj Morris Court HR
6500D9713   34323453   INVERKEITHING Hillfield Road Adj Playing Field
6500D9715   34325748   COWDENBEATH Selkirk Avenue Adj House No 32 HR
6500D9716   34324637   CROSSFORD Kilburn Road Adj House No 11 HR
6500D9718   34324823   DUNFERMLINE St Johns Drive Adj Old Kirk Road HR
6500D9719   34324859   DUNFERMLINE Scotland Drive Adj Guildry Grove HR
6500D9721   34325749   COWDENBEATH Park Street Opp Pilkham Court HR
6500D9722   34327285   KELTY Blackhall Road Adj House No 7 HR
6500D9724   34327354   KELTY Croftangry Road Adj House No 26 HR
6500D9725   34325828   COWDENBEATH Church Street Adj Primmer Place HR
6500D9726   34325825   COWDENBEATH Watson Street Opp Randolph Street HR
6500D9727   34325789   COWDENBEATH Thistle Street Adj Paterson Lane HR
6500D9729   34327534   GLENCRAIG Manse Road Adj House No 11 HR
6500D9730   34327583   GLENCRAIG Garry Park Adj House No 80 HR
6500D9731   34327563   CROSSHILL Catherine Terrace Adj House No 13 HR
6500D9732   34327645   CROSSHILL Park Street Adj House No 73 HR
6500D9733   34327575   CROSSHILL Benarty Avenue Adj House No 5 HR
6500D9734   34327572   CROSSHILL Inchgall Avenue Adj House No 23 HR
6500D9735   34327574   CROSSHILL Castle Avenue Adj House No 22 HR
6500D9736   34327596   LOCHORE Abbotsford Road Opp Bowling Green HR
6500D9737   34327632   LOCHORE Ivanhoe Avenue Opp House No 12 HR
6500D9738   34327629   LOCHORE Marmion Road Opp Woodstock Place HR
6500D9739   34327696   BALLINGRY Ballingry Crescent Adj Flockhouse Avenue HR
6500D9741   34327869   BALLINGRY Navitie Park opp House No 75 HR
6500D9742   34327859   BALLINGRY Kirktoun Park opp House No 53 HR
6500D9743   34327838   BALLINGRY Cleikimin Crescent Adj House No 13 HR
6500D9744   34327828   BALLINGRY Seamark Place Adj House No 6 HR
6500D9745   34327695   BALLINGRY Martin Crescent Adj Elders Knowe HR
6500D9747   34326862   LOCHGELLY North St adj Bank St HR
6500D9748   34345328   ROSYTH Dockyard HR
6500D9749   34325747   COWDENBEATH South Street adj House No 17 HR
6500D9750   34325746   COWDENBEATH Rae Street opp James Street HR
6500D9751   34325728   COWDENBEATH Birch Bank Adj House No 2 HR
6500D9752   34324539   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Woodhead Street Adj House No 21 HR
6500D9753   34324585   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Preston Street Adj St Serfs PS HR
6500D9754   34324628   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Dunimarle Street Adj House No 4 HR
6500D9755   34324595   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Valleyfield Avenue Adj House No 9 HR
6500D9756   34324592   HIGH VALLEYFIELD Abbey Street Opp Comm Centre HR
6500D9757   34324329   CROSSFORD Waggon Road Adj Abbey View HR
6500D9758   34323959   CROSSFORD Hunt Place Opp Ellaleen Grove HR
6500D9759   34323929   CROSSFORD Rannoch Drive Opp Dunvegan Court HR
6500D9760   34323894   CROSSFORD Arkaig Drive Adj House No 32 HR
6500D9761   34323878   CROSSFORD Mochrum Drive Opp Venachan Place HR
6500D9762   34323945   CROSSFORD Western Avenue Adj Morar Road HR
6500D9764   34324642   CROSSFORD Lundin Road Adj Anderson Avenue HR
6500D9765   34324598   CROSSFORD Dean Drive Adj PS HR
6500D9766   34324672   CROSSFORD Knowehead Road Adj House No 19 HR
6500D9767   34324673   CROSSFORD Woodlands Drive Adj House No 22 HR
6500D9768   34324629   CROSSFORD Douglas Drive Adj PS HR
6500D9770   34324364   CAIRNEYHILL Glen Moriston Drive Adj Glen Clova Cres HR
6500D9771   34324382   CAIRNEYHILL Drummormie Road Opp Garden Place HR
6500D9772   34323236   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Deep Sea World HR
6500D9773   34323247   NORTH QUEENSFERRY Ferryhill Road Opp Church
6500D9774   34323275   INVERKEITHING Manse Road Adj Forth View HR
6500D9775   34323432   INVERKEITHING Hillfield Crescent Adj House 56 HR
6500D9776   34323485   INVERKEITHING Struan Drive Adj House 58 HR
6500D9777   34323437   INVERKEITHING King Street Adj Car Park HR
6500D9778   34323439   INVERKEITHING Alma Street Adj Keith Place HR
6500D9779   34323296   INVERKEITHING Spittalfield Road Adj House No 22 HR
6500D9780   34323735   CROMBIE Jetty (RNAD Staff Only) HR
6500D9781   34325947   COWDENBEATH Beath High School HR
6500D9782   34327329   KELTY Blair Street Adj House No 127 HR
6500D9784   34323257   INVERKEITHING Whinnyhill Cres Adj House No 30 HR
6500D9786   34327584   LOCHORE Montrose Crescent Adj House No 32 HR
6500D9788   34323582   DALGETY BAY Primary School HR
6500D9789   34345254   DUNFERMLINE Pitcorthie Drive Opp Morrison Drive
6500D9800   34345262   CROFTGARY Adj Farm HR
6500D9801   34345349   WHITEHILL Crossroads Adj Lodge HR
6500D9803   34345258   COMRIE Porterfield opp Gillespie Grove
6500D9804   34345395   CROFTGARY Opp Farm HR
6500D9805   34345327   WHITEHILL Crossroads Opp Lodge HR
6500D9819   34347282   BALLINGRY Hill Rd adj St Bernards Church
6500D9821   34345793   CAIRNEYHILL Glen Moriston Dr Opp Glen Clova Cres
6500D9822   34345795   CAIRNEYHILL Drummormie Rd Adj Garden Pl
6500D9830   34346845   DUNFERMLINE Maclean Walk opp Maclean Gate
6500D9832   34346298   CROSSGATES B925 at Fordell Adj School Houses
6500D9847   34346872   ABERDOUR Hawkcraig Road opp Primary School
6500D9855   34345826   DUNFERMLINE Bruce St opp Cousins Lane
6500D9881   34346326   KELTY B914 Adj Greenknowes Poultry Farm
6500D9882   34346327   KELTY B914 Opp Greenknowes Poultry Farm
6500D9888   34346364   BURNTISLAND A909 Adj Dunearn Rd End
6500D9908   34345838   DUNFERMLINE Springbank Ter Opp No 12
6500D9919   34347238   ROSYTH Park Road West Opp Primrose Avenue Turning Circle
6500D9925   34345976   COWDENBEATH Gateside Ind Est
6500D9926   34345982   COWDENBEATH Foulford Primary School HR
6500D9927   34345983   DUNFERMLINE St Columba's High School
6500D9928   34345986   DUNFERMLINE Woodmill High School
6500D9943   34347323   LOCHORE Rosewell Crescent adj No 13 HR
6500D9944   34347324   LOCHORE Rosewell Crescent opp No 13 HR
6500D9972   34346726   CULROSS East Car Park
6500D9977   34347293   KILBAGIE A977 adj West Lodge
6500D9978   34347294   KINCARDINE A977 adj East Sands
6500D9979   34347295   KINCARDINE A977 opp East Sands
6500D9989   34346365   BURNTISLAND A909 Opp Dunearn Rd End
6500D9991   34346482   DUNFERMLINE Bus Station Arrival Bay
6500D9992   34346484   DUNFERMLINE James Street Arrival Bay
6500K0001   34327278   KIRKCALDY Chapel Village Turning Circle
6500K0002   34327459   KIRKCALDY Duddingston Dr Adj Powfoot Rd
6500K0003   34327463   KIRKCALDY Duddingston Dr Adj Braehead Rd
6500K0004   34327458   KIRKCALDY Duddingston Dr Adj No 119
6500K0005   34327397   KIRKCALDY Duddingston Dr Adj Barnton Rd
6500K0006   34327425   KIRKCALDY Barry Rd Adj Barnton Rd
6500K0007   34327452   KIRKCALDY Barry Rd Adj Linn Pl
6500K0008   34327462   KIRKCALDY Duddingston Dr Adj Barry Rd
6500K0009   34327364   KIRKCALDY Ralston Dr Opp Glenbervie Rd
6500K0010   34327376   KIRKCALDY Barry Rd Adj No 11
6500K0011   34327365   KIRKCALDY Turnberry Dr Adj No 73
6500K0012   34327273   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Opp Fair Isle Rd
6500K0013   34327268   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Adj Fair Isle Rd
6500K0014   34327347   KIRKCALDY Turnberry Dr Adj Muirfield St
6500K0015   34327352   KIRKCALDY Turnberry Dr Adj Kilspindie Cres
6500K0016   34327258   KIRKCALDY Rosemount Ave Opp No 34
6500K0017   34327253   KIRKCALDY Rosemount Ave Adj Barassie Dr
6500K0018   34327342   KIRKCALDY Carberry Rd Asda Turning Circle
6500K0019   34327283   KIRKCALDY Park Rd Adj No 105
6500K0020   34327327   KIRKCALDY Rosslyn St Adj Pool Lane
6500K0021   34327346   KIRKCALDY Rosslyn St Adj Oswald Rd
6500K0022   34327435   KIRKCALDY Rosslyn St Adj Gardenland
6500K0024   34327453   KIRKCALDY Randolph Rd Adj Railway Bridge
6500K0025   34327456   KIRKCALDY Randolph Rd Adj No 33-36
6500K0026   34327457   KIRKCALDY Boreland Rd Opp No 25/26
6500K0027   34327423   KIRKCALDY Boreland Rd Adj Frances Row
6500K0028   34327384   KIRKCALDY Boreland Rd Opp Frances Row
6500K0029   34327367   KIRKCALDY Boreland Rd Adj Boreland Place
6500K0030   34327259   KIRKCALDY Wemyss Rd adj Frances Industrial Estate
6500K0031   34327262   KIRKCALDY Wemyss Rd Opp Police Headquarters
6500K0032   34326986   KIRKCALDY Wemyss Rd Adj Boreland Rd
6500K0033   34326974   KIRKCALDY Wemyss Rd Opp Boreland Rd
6500K0034   34327248   KIRKCALDY Lindores Dr Adj Carron Pl Adj Church
6500K0035   34327235   KIRKCALDY Lindores Dr Adj Blairmore Rd
6500K0036   34327239   KIRKCALDY Tummel Dr Adj No 113
6500K0037   34327234   KIRKCALDY Tummel Dr Adj Broom Rd
6500K0038   34327254   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Adj Tummel Dr
6500K0039   34327264   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Opp Tummel Dr
6500K0040   34326979   KIRKCALDY Blairmore Rd Adj Lindores Dr
6500K0041   34326976   KIRKCALDY Blairmore Rd Adj Tummel Dr
6500K0042   34326968   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Adj Broom Pl
6500K0043   34326956   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Opp Broom Pl
6500K0044   34326958   KIRKCALDY Chapel Rd Adj Community Centre
6500K0045   34326962   KIRKCALDY Chapel Rd Opp Community Centre
6500K0046   34326898   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Adj Broomside
6500K0047   34326935   KIRKCALDY Huntly Cres Adj Bus Terminus
6500K0048   34326854   KIRKCALDY Chapel Rd Adj Broom Rd (North Side)
6500K0049   34326848   KIRKCALDY Chapel Rd Adj Broom Rd (South Side)
6500K0051   34326789   KIRKCALDY Huntly Cres Adj Forres Dr
6500K0052   34326786   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Adj Forres Dr
6500K0053   34326769   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Opp Forres Dr
6500K0054   34326759   KIRKCALDY Forres Dr Opp Huntly Cres
6500K0055   34326768   KIRKCALDY Forres Dr Adj Huntly Cres
6500K0056   34326942   KIRKCALDY Birnam Rd Adj Shops
6500K0057   34326943   KIRKCALDY Birnam Rd Opp Shops
6500K0058   34326834   KIRKCALDY Blairmore Rd Adj Phone Box
6500K0059   34326797   KIRKCALDY Blairmore Rd Opp Dollar Cres
6500K0060   34326763   KIRKCALDY Glamis Rd Turning Circle
6500K0061   34326584   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Opp Newliston Dr
6500K0062   34326576   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd Adj Newliston Dr
6500K0063   34326565   KIRKCALDY Glamis Rd Adj No 44-60
6500K0064   34326573   KIRKCALDY Glamis Rd Opp No 66
6500K0065   34327249   KIRKCALDY Lindores Dr Adj Maree Pl
6500K0066   34327252   KIRKCALDY Lindores Dr Adj Rannoch Rd
6500K0067   34326938   KIRKCALDY Birnam Rd Adj Dallas Dr
6500K0068   34326939   KIRKCALDY Birnam Rd Opp Aboyne Gdns
6500K0069   34326987   KIRKCALDY Fair Isle Rd Adj Lindores Dr
6500K0070   34326983   KIRKCALDY Fair Isle Rd Adj Harris Dr
6500K0071   34326927   KIRKCALDY Fair Isle Rd Adj Birnam Rd
6500K0072   34327275   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Adj Rosemount Ave
6500K0073   34327237   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Adj Tiree Pl
6500K0074   34326985   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Adj Hendry Rd
6500K0075   34326928   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Adj Cumbrae Ter
6500K0076   34326868   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Opp Cumbrae Ter
6500K0077   34326875   KIRKCALDY Fair Isle Rd Adj St Kilda Cres
6500K0078   34326845   KIRKCALDY Fair Isle Rd Opp Bowling Green
6500K0079   34326846   KIRKCALDY Fair Isle Rd Adj Bowling Green
6500K0080   34326572   KIRKCALDY Glamis Rd Adj Dallas Dr
6500K0081   34326563   KIRKCALDY Glamis Rd Adj No 19
6500K0082   34326579   KIRKCALDY Brodick Rd Opp Cul-de-sac
6500K0083   34326587   KIRKCALDY Brodick Rd Adj Appin Cres
6500K0084   34326594   KIRKCALDY Brodick Rd Opp Templehall Tavern
6500K0085   34326723   KIRKCALDY Brodick Rd Adj Templehall Tavern
6500K0086   34326548   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr Adj Brodick Rd
6500K0087   34326756   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Adj Fair Isle Rd
6500K0088   34326752   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Opp Fair Isle Rd
6500K0089   34326745   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Adj Sidlaw St
6500K0090   34326749   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Adj No 27
6500K0091   34326747   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Adj Cramond Gdns
6500K0092   34326736   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Adj No 20
6500K0093   34326732   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Adj Cheviot Rd
6500K0094   34326734   KIRKCALDY Templehall Ave Opp Cheviot Rd
6500K0095   34326725   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Opp Hayfield Rd
6500K0096   34326574   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Adj Hayfield Rd
6500K0097   34326589   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Adj Hendry Rd
6500K0098   34326593   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Adj Poplar Cres
6500K0099   34326726   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Adj Cemetery
6500K0100   34326724   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Opp Cemetery
6500K0101   34326568   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Adj Hayfield Rd
6500K0102   34326728   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Adj Dunnikier Rd
6500K0103   34326735   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Adj Whytemans Brae
6500K0104   34326867   KIRKCALDY Whytemans Brae Adj Sycamore Ave
6500K0110   34326754   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Adj Smeaton Ind Est
6500K0111   34326765   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Opp Smeaton IE
6500K0112   34326782   KIRKCALDY Cairns St Adj No 9
6500K0113   34326767   KIRKCALDY Cairns St Adj Christie Pl
6500K0114   34326757   KIRKCALDY Beatty Cres Adj Kilgour Ave
6500K0115   34326839   KIRKCALDY Beatty Cres Adj Macindoe Cres
6500K0116   34326783   KIRKCALDY Beatty Cres Opp Kilgour Ave
6500K0117   34326842   KIRKCALDY Macindoe Cres Adj Beatty Cres
6500K0118   34326878   KIRKCALDY Macindoe Cres Adj Overton Rd
6500K0119   34326534   KIRKCALDY Junction Rd Adj Strathearn Rd
6500K0120   34326536   KIRKCALDY Junction Rd Opp Strathearn Rd
6500K0122   34326936   KIRKCALDY Overton Rd Adj Tay Pl
6500K0124   34327246   KIRKCALDY Overton Rd Adj Earn Rd
6500K0125   34327269   KIRKCALDY Earn Rd Turning Circle
6500K0126   34326957   KIRKCALDY Spey Ave Adj 279-289 Overton Mains
6500K0127   34326959   KIRKCALDY Spey Ave Opp 279-289 Overton Mains
6500K0128   34326945   KIRKCALDY Napier St Adj Spey Ave
6500K0129   34326946   KIRKCALDY Napier St Adj Tweed Avenue
6500K0130   34326857   KIRKCALDY Lawson St Adj Lansbury St
6500K0131   34326856   KIRKCALDY Lawson St Adj Dunsire St
6500K0132   34326925   KIRKCALDY Lawson St Adj Park Rd
6500K0133   34326952   KIRKCALDY Napier St Opp Westwood Ave
6500K0134   34326954   KIRKCALDY Napier St Adj Westwood Ave
6500K0135   34325372   KIRKCALDY Park Rd Opp South Row
6500K0136   34327247   KIRKCALDY Park Rd Adj South Row
6500K0139   34326969   KIRKCALDY Park Rd Adj Westwood Ave
6500K0140   34326978   KIRKCALDY Park Rd Opp Westwood Ave
6500K0141   34326569   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Adj Rejects
6500K0142   34326595   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Opp McKenzie St
6500K0143   34326792   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Opp Texaco Garage
6500K0144   34326853   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Opp Viewforth St
6500K0146   34323926   BURNTISLAND A921 Aberdour Rd Adj Starley Hall
6500K0147   34325942   KIRKCALDY Massereene Rd Adj Gourlay St
6500K0148   34329582   KENNOWAY Kenmount Dr Adj No 40
6500K0149   34329585   KENNOWAY Kenmount Dr Adj No 29
6500K0150   34326932   KIRKCALDY Rosslyn St Adj Royal Bank
6500K0151   34326967   KIRKCALDY Rosslyn St Opp Pottery St
6500K0152   34327257   KIRKCALDY Rosslyn St Opp Windmill Rd(Doctors Row)
6500K0153   34326836   KIRKCALDY Viewforth St Opp Viewforth Ter
6500K0156   34329725   KENNOWAY Denhead Adj Manse Park
6500K0157   34324254   BURNTISLAND Aberdour Rd Adj No 43
6500K0159   34326838   KIRKCALDY The Fairway Adj The Hallows
6500K0160   34326849   KIRKCALDY The Fairway Adj Cemetery
6500K0161   34326852   KIRKCALDY The Fairway Adj Windmill Green
6500K0162   34326872   KIRKCALDY The Fairway Adj Tower Ter
6500K0163   34326863   KIRKCALDY The Fairway Opp Tower Ter
6500K0164   34326586   KIRKCALDY Loughborough Rd Adj Viewforth St
6500K0165   34326575   KIRKCALDY Loughborough Rd Opp Viewforth St
6500K0166   34326897   DYSART Normand Rd Adj Hill St
6500K0167   34326873   DYSART Normand Rd Adj Fraser Pl
6500K0168   34326926   DYSART Stewart St Adj Cook St
6500K0169   34326827   KIRKCALDY Windmill Rd Adj Bellfield Cres
6500K0170   34326837   KIRKCALDY Windmill Rd Opp Bellfield Cres
6500K0171   34326785   KIRKCALDY Loughborough Rd Adj Windmill Rd
6500K0172   34326738   DYSART Porte Adj Windmill Rd
6500K0173   34326739   DYSART Porte Opp Windmill Rd
6500K0174   34326567   DYSART Dysart Rd Adj West Port
6500K0175   34326538   DYSART Dysart Rd Opp West Quality St
6500K0176   34326487   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Broom Rd
6500K0177   34326478   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd adj Oriel Rd wbound
6500K0178   34326463   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Longbraes Gdns (W Acc)
6500K0179   34326458   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Opp Longbraes Gdns (W Acc)
6500K0180   34326352   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Adj Dunvegan Ave
6500K0181   34326354   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Opp Dunvegan Ave
6500K0184   34326263   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Opp Balmoral Dr
6500K0185   34326256   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Adj Balmoral Dr
6500K0186   34325976   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Opp Strathallan Dr
6500K0187   34325967   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Adj Strathallan Dr
6500K0190   34326384   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Opp Hillcrest Ave
6500K0191   34326379   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Hillcrest Ave
6500K0192   34326327   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Lomond Gdns
6500K0193   34326324   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Opp Lomond Gdns
6500K0194   34326268   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Lammermuir Pl
6500K0195   34326269   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Opp Lammermuir Pl
6500K0196   34325985   KIRKCALDY Massereene Rd Adj No 189/191
6500K0197   34325984   KIRKCALDY Massereene Rd Adj No 178
6500K0198   34325969   KIRKCALDY Massereene Rd Adj Strathkinnes Rd
6500K0199   34325956   KIRKCALDY Massereene Rd Opp Strathkinnes Rd
6500K0200   34326373   KIRKCALDY Lomond Gdns Adj Pentland Pl
6500K0204   34326476   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr Opp Linton Lane
6500K0205   34326489   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr adj Linton Lane
6500K0206   34326532   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr Adj Valley Gdns
6500K0207   34326436   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr Adj Cleish Gdns
6500K0208   34326432   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr Opp Cleish Gdns
6500K0209   34326396   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr Adj Playground
6500K0210   34326386   KIRKCALDY Dunearn Dr Adj No 12
6500K0211   34326525   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Opp Morven Grove
6500K0212   34326527   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Adj Morven Grove
6500K0213   34326523   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Opp Phone Box
6500K0214   34326524   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Adj No 152-162
6500K0215   34326493   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Adj Valley View
6500K0216   34326475   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Adj Valley Gdns South
6500K0217   34326483   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Adj Hendry Cres
6500K0218   34326473   KIRKCALDY Valley Gdns Adj Winifred Cres
6500K0219   34326427   KIRKCALDY Winifred Cres Adj No 65
6500K0220   34326423   KIRKCALDY Winifred Cres Adj No 98
6500K0221   34326356   KIRKCALDY Winifred Cres Adj Mormon Church
6500K0222   34326368   KIRKCALDY Winifred Cres Opp Mormon Church
6500K0223   34326343   KIRKCALDY Forth Park Dr Opp Winifred Cres
6500K0224   34326342   KIRKCALDY Forth Park Dr Adj Winifred Cres
6500K0225   34326383   KIRKCALDY Winifred St Adj No 84-90
6500K0226   34326382   KIRKCALDY Winifred St Adj No 93/95
6500K0227   34326257   KIRKCALDY Forth Park Dr Adj Bennochy Rd
6500K0228   34326267   KIRKCALDY Forth Park Dr Opp Forth Park Gdns
6500K0230   34326498   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Adj Laurel Cres
6500K0231   34326492   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Opp Laurel Cres
6500K0232   34326453   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Opp Kennedy Cres
6500K0233   34326439   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Adj Grieve St
6500K0234   34326394   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Opp Grieve St
6500K0235   34326345   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Adj King St
6500K0236   34326254   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Opp Bennochy Gdns
6500K0237   34326232   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Hendry Rd
6500K0238   34326496   KIRKCALDY Adamson Ave Adj Maple St
6500K0239   34326468   KIRKCALDY Wilson Ave Adj Denend Cres
6500K0240   34326482   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Adj Wilson Ave
6500K0241   34326479   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Adj Lauder Rd
6500K0242   34326438   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Opp King St
6500K0243   34326435   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Adj King St
6500K0244   34326585   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Opp Mariners St
6500K0245   34326292   KIRKCALDY Meldrum Rd Adj Hendry Rd
6500K0246   34326289   KIRKCALDY Meldrum Rd Opp Viceroy St
6500K0247   34326295   KIRKCALDY Meldrum Rd Adj Katherine St
6500K0250   34325979   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Rosebery Ter
6500K0251   34325978   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Alexandra St
6500K0252   34326329   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Adj Meldrum Rd
6500K0254   34326259   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Glebe Park
6500K0255   34326274   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Dunnikier Rd
6500K0256   34326265   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Opp Maria St
6500K0257   34325968   KIRKCALDY Mitchell St Adj Glebe Park
6500K0258   34325963   KIRKCALDY Mitchell St Opp Glebe Park
6500K0259   34326359   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Mitchell Pl
6500K0260   34326389   KIRKCALDY Nairn St Opp Mitchell Pl
6500K0261   34326428   KIRKCALDY Nairn St Adj Birrel Street Wynd
6500K0262   34326429   KIRKCALDY Nairn St Opp Birrell Street Wynd
6500K0263   34326454   KIRKCALDY Junction Rd Opp Overton Rd
6500K0264   34326528   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Opp Anderson St
6500K0265   34326497   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Adj Anderson St
6500K0266   34326358   KIRKCALDY Mitchell Pl Adj Commercial St
6500K0267   34326346   KIRKCALDY Mid St Adj West Wynd (both ways stop)
6500K0268   34326347   KIRKCALDY West Wynd Opp Commerical St
6500K0269   34326434   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Adj Commercial St
6500K0270   34326437   KIRKCALDY St Clair St Opp Commercial St
6500K0271   34325959   KIRKCALDY High St Adj Harbour
6500K0273   34326252   KIRKCALDY High St Adj The Path
6500K0274   34326284   KIRKCALDY The Path Adj Mid St
6500K0275   34326364   KIRKCALDY Nether St Adj Ravenscraig Flats
6500K0276   34326357   KIRKCALDY Nether St Opp Ravenscraig Flats
6500K0277   34326425   KIRKCALDY Dysart Rd Adj Ravenscraig St
6500K0278   34326424   KIRKCALDY Dysart Rd Opp Ravenscraig St
6500K0279   34326465   KIRKCALDY Dysart Rd Adj Briarcliffe St
6500K0280   34326467   KIRKCALDY Dysart Rd Opp Briarcliffe St
6500K0281   34326469   KIRKCALDY Dysart Rd Opp Wishart Pl
6500K0282   34326485   KIRKCALDY Dysart Rd Adj Wishart Pl
6500K0283   34325962   KIRKCALDY Strathkinnes Rd Adj Elm Pl
6500K0284   34325893   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Adj Dronachy Rd
6500K0285   34325926   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Opp Dronachy Rd
6500K0286   34325957   KIRKCALDY Strathkiness Rd Adj Clark Pl
6500K0287   34325949   KIRKCALDY Strathkiness Rd Opp Clark Pl
6500K0289   34325952   KIRKCALDY Strathkiness Rd Opp Duncan St
6500K0290   34325945   KIRKCALDY Strathkinnes Rd Adj Dean Rd
6500K0291   34325946   KIRKCALDY Strathkiness Rd Adj Masonic Hall
6500K0292   34325954   KIRKCALDY Strathkiness Rd Adj No 14
6500K0293   34342487   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Cemetery Gates
6500K0295   34325876   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Adj Oriel Cres
6500K0296   34325875   KIRKCALDY Oriel Rd Opp Oriel Cres
6500K0297   34325862   KIRKCALDY Whytemelville Rd Opp College of Nursing
6500K0298   34325854   KIRKCALDY Whytemelville Rd Adj College of Nursing
6500K0299   34325953   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Bennochy Rd
6500K0300   34326287   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Victoria Gdns
6500K0301   34325897   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Rail Station Stance A
6500K0302   34325932   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Rail Station Stance B
6500K0303   34325934   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Rail Station Stance C
6500K0304   34325898   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Rail Station Stance D
6500K0305   34325873   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Adam Smith Theatre
6500K0306   34325872   KIRKCALDY St Brycedale Ave Opp St Brycedale Rd
6500K0307   34325869   KIRKCALDY St Brycedale Ave Adj St Brycedale Rd
6500K0308   34325925   KIRKCALDY Townsend Pl Adj No 13
6500K0310   34325937   KIRKCALDY Townsend Pl Opp Townsend Cres
6500K0314   34329256   LESLIE Glenwood Rd adj Cabbagehall
6500K0315   34327967   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Adj Strathburn Dr
6500K0316   34325787   KIRKCALDY Boglily Rd Adj Southerton Rd
6500K0317   34325792   KIRKCALDY Boglily Rd Opp Southerton Rd
6500K0318   34325798   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd (North) Adj Boglily Rd
6500K0319   34325762   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd Adj Boglily Rd
6500K0320   34325763   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd (South) Adj No 59
6500K0321   34325797   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd (North) Adj Nicol St
6500K0322   34325852   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd (North) Adj East Fergus Pl
6500K0323   34325824   KIRKCALDY High St Adj Whytescauseway
6500K0324   34325764   KIRKCALDY High St Opp Penny Farthing
6500K0325   34325759   KIRKCALDY High St Adj Penny Farthing
6500K0326   34325758   KIRKCALDY Nicol St Adj Munro St
6500K0327   34325785   KIRKCALDY Nicol St Opp Ava St
6500K0328   34325732   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd (South) Adj Balwearie Rd
6500K0329   34325734   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd Opp Balwearie Rd
6500K0330   34325739   KIRKCALDY Milton Rd Adj Helen St
6500K0331   34325737   KIRKCALDY Milton Rd Adj Methven Rd
6500K0332   34325742   KIRKCALDY Links St Adj Gas Wynd
6500K0333   34325745   KIRKCALDY Links St Opp Gas Wynd
6500K0334   34325692   KIRKCALDY Links St Adj Methven Rd
6500K0335   34325693   KIRKCALDY Links St Adj Buchanan Ct
6500K0336   34325676   KIRKCALDY Links St Adj Heggies Wynd
6500K0337   34325674   KIRKCALDY Links St Adj Ramsay Rd
6500K0338   34325657   KIRKCALDY Links St Adj Bridge St
6500K0339   34325659   KIRKCALDY Links St Adj Pratt St
6500K0340   34325645   KIRKCALDY Invertiel Rd Adj Peebles St
6500K0341   34325647   KIRKCALDY Invertiel Rd Opp Peebles St
6500K0343   34325634   KIRKCALDY Kinghorn Rd Adj Peebles St
6500K0344   34325642   KIRKCALDY Kinghorn Rd Adj Invertiel Rd
6500K0345   34325639   KIRKCALDY Kinghorn Rd Adj Tyre & Exhaust Depot
6500K0346   34325637   KIRKCALDY Kinghorn Rd Opp Peebles St
6500K0347   34329874   BONNYBANK Cupar Rd A916 Opp Law View Gdns
6500K0348   34329875   BONNYBANK Cupar Rd A916 Adj Rural Hotel
6500K0349   34329895   BONNYBANK Cupar Rd A916 Turning Circle
6500K0350   34329768   KENNOWAY Cupar Rd Adj Halfield Gdns
6500K0351   34329769   KENNOWAY Cupar Rd Opp Halfield Gdns
6500K0352   34329824   KENNOWAY Hill Rd Turning Circle
6500K0353   34329694   KENNOWAY Cupar Rd Adj Cockburn House
6500K0354   34329738   KENNOWAY Cupar Rd Adj Bell View
6500K0355   34329757   KENNOWAY Langside Dr Adj No 34
6500K0356   34329756   KENNOWAY Langside Dr Adj Phone Box
6500K0357   34329682   KENNOWAY Denhead Adj Cupar Rd
6500K0358   34329656   KENNOWAY Leven Rd Adj No 10/12
6500K0359   34329658   KENNOWAY Leven Rd Opp No 33/36
6500K0360   34329642   KENNOWAY Leven Rd Adj Seton Ter
6500K0361   34329637   KENNOWAY Leven Rd Opp Seton Ter
6500K0362   34329632   KENNOWAY Bishops Court Shops
6500K0364   34329583   KENNOWAY New Rd Adj The Causeway
6500K0365   34329569   KENNOWAY Sandy Brae Adj New Rd
6500K0366   34329636   KENNOWAY Myreside Ave Adj Kenmount Place
6500K0367   34329638   KENNOWAY Myreside Ave Opp Kenmount Place
6500K0369   34329593   KENNOWAY Myreside Ave Adj Castle Ter
6500K0370   34329573   KENNOWAY Myreside Ave Adj No 65
6500K0371   34329572   KENNOWAY Myreside Ave Adj No 58
6500K0372   34329456   KENNOWAY Sandy Brae Opp Ind Est
6500K0373   34329436   KENNOWAY Sandy Brae Adj Ind Est
6500K0374   34329367   KENNOWAY Kennoway Rd South & Adj Burns Tavern
6500K0375   34329364   KENNOWAY Kennoway Rd South & Opp Burns Tavern
6500K0376   34329282   WINDYGATES Kennoway Rd Adj Housing (Wilbet)
6500K0377   34329276   WINDYGATES Kennoway Rd Opp Housing (Morven)
6500K0378   34328937   WINDYGATES Kennoway Rd Opp Works Depot
6500K0379   34328936   WINDYGATES Kennoway Rd Opp Fernhill Dr
6500K0380   34328726   WINDYGATES Kennoway Rd Adj Milton Rd
6500K0381   34328684   WINDYGATES Milton Rd Opp Balcurvie Rd
6500K0382   34328729   WINDYGATES Milton Rd Opp Johnston Ter
6500K0383   34328747   WINDYGATES Milton Rd Adj Henderson Park
6500K0384   34328745   WINDYGATES Milton Rd Opp Henderson Park
6500K0385   34328696   WINDYGATES Leven Rd Adj Home Select Carpets
6500K0387   34328365   WINDYGATES Cameron Hospital Turning Circle
6500K0388   34328497   METHIL Broomfield Adj Donaldson Rd
6500K0389   34328526   METHIL Broomfield Opp Elmwood Rd
6500K0390   34328584   METHIL Poplar Rd Opp Willow Bank
6500K0391   34328586   METHIL Poplar Rd Adj Willow Bank
6500K0392   34328643   METHIL Poplar Rd Adj Kirkland Walk
6500K0393   34328646   METHIL Kirkland Walk Adj Poplar Rd
6500K0394   34328549   METHIL Sycamore Ave Adj Chestnut Ave
6500K0395   34328546   METHIL Sycamore Ave Opp Chestnut Ave
6500K0396   34328486   METHILHILL Page Rd Adj Queens Sq
6500K0397   34328475   METHILHILL Queens Sq Adj Page Rd
6500K0399   34328737   WINDYGATES Milton Rd Opp Greig Park
6500K0400   34328627   METHIL Kirkland Walk Adj Sycamore Ave
6500K0401   34328629   METHIL Kirkland Walk Opp Sycamore Ave
6500K0402   34329562   LEVEN Casan Adj Green Gates
6500K0403   34329534   LEVEN Casan Opp Grunnan Access
6500K0404   34329535   LEVEN Casan Adj Ardan Access
6500K0405   34329526   LEVEN Casan Opp Beurard Access
6500K0406   34329525   LEVEN Casan Adj Beurard
6500K0407   34329459   LEVEN Linnwood Dr Adj Balmaise
6500K0408   34329453   LEVEN Casan Adj Groban
6500K0409   34329439   LEVEN Kennoway Rd Opp Broom Entrance
6500K0410   34329427   LEVEN Kennoway Rd Adj Broom Entrance
6500K0411   34329458   LEVEN Linnwood Dr Opp Balmaise
6500K0412   34329465   LEVEN Linnwood Dr Adj Woodlands Cres
6500K0413   34329474   LEVEN Linnwood Dr Adj No 37
6500K0414   34329482   LEVEN Linnwood Dr Adj No 34/36
6500K0415   34329495   LEVEN Sillerhole Rd Adj Holly Rd
6500K0416   34329486   LEVEN Sillerhole Rd Opp Holly Rd
6500K0418   34329257   LEVEN Robertson Ave Adj Christie Ave
6500K0419   34329259   LEVEN Robertson Ave Opp Christie Ave
6500K0420   34329269   LEVEN Robertson Ave Adj Addison Cres
6500K0421   34329278   LEVEN Mountfleurie St Adj Lawrence Drive BW
6500K0422   34328956   LEVEN Montgomery Dr Opp Centenary Ct
6500K0424   34329275   LEVEN Glenlyon Rd Adj Midlaw Cres
6500K0425   34329296   LEVEN Glenlyon Rd Adj Montrave Cres
6500K0426   34329294   LEVEN Montrave Cres Adj Glenlyon Rd
6500K0427   34329285   LEVEN Montrave Cres Adj No 46
6500K0428   34329283   LEVEN Gilmour Ave Adj No 5
6500K0429   34329286   LEVEN Gilmour Ave No 2
6500K0430   34329343   LEVEN Gallacher Ave Adj Arnbeg
6500K0431   34329346   LEVEN Gallacher Ave Adj Aithernie Rd
6500K0432   34329348   LEVEN Mackie Ave Adj Aithernie Rd
6500K0433   34329457   LEVEN Sillerhole Rd Adj Glencairn Gdns
6500K0434   34329469   LEVEN Sillerhole Rd Opp Glencairn Gdns
6500K0435   34329358   LEVEN Waggon Rd Adj Mackie Ave
6500K0436   34329363   LEVEN Waggon Rd Adj Letham Ave
6500K0437   34329376   LEVEN Letham Ave Adj No 3/5
6500K0438   34329563   LEVEN Letham Ave Adj No 2/4
6500K0440   34329384   LEVEN Scoonie Rd Adj Scoonie Ter
6500K0441   34329564   LEVEN Scoonie Rd Adj Letham Ave
6500K0442   34329494   LEVEN Largo Rd Adj Cupar Rd
6500K0443   34329498   LEVEN Largo Rd Opp Cupar Rd
6500K0444   34329528   LEVEN Largo Rd Adj Golf Course
6500K0445   34329529   LEVEN Largo Rd Opp Golf Course
6500K0446   34329362   LEVEN Scoonie Rd Adj Haughgate Ave
6500K0447   34329353   LEVEN Scoonie Rd Opp Haughgate Ave
6500K0448   34329295   LEVEN Scoonie Rd Adj Hawthorn St
6500K0449   34329287   LEVEN Scoonie Rd Adj Maitland St
6500K0450   34329247   LEVEN Durie St Adj Church Rd
6500K0451   34329235   LEVEN Durie St Adj Victoria Rd
6500K0452   34328782   LEVEN School Lane Adj Mitchell St
6500K0453   34328768   LEVEN School Lane Adj Links Pl
6500K0458   34328673   ABERHILL Methilhaven Rd Adj Bawbee Bridge
6500K0459   34328638   ABERHILL Kinnarchie Brae Adj South St
6500K0460   34328543   ABERHILL Wellesley Rd Adj Patterson St
6500K0461   34328625   ABERHILL Wellesley Rd Opp Patterson St
6500K0462   34328474   ABERHILL Wellesley Rd Adj Whyterose Ter
6500K0463   34328468   ABERHILL Wellesley Rd Opp Whyterose Ter
6500K0464   34328645   ABERHILL Kinnarchie Brae Adj Service Station/South St
6500K0465   34328498   LOWER METHIL South St Adj Dubbieside
6500K0466   34328523   LOWER METHIL South St Opp Dubbieside
6500K0467   34328634   LOWER METHIL South St Adj Bawbee Bridge
6500K0468   34328573   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Adj Outside Bus Depot
6500K0469   34328626   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Opp Bus Depot
6500K0470   34328564   ABERHILL Methilhaven Rd Adj Kirkland Walk
6500K0471   34328542   ABERHILL Methilhaven Rd Opp Kirkland Walk
6500K0472   34328487   ABERHILL Methilhaven Rd Adj Kirkland Gdns
6500K0473   34328492   ABERHILL Methilhaven Rd Opp Kirkland Gdns
6500K0474   34328527   METHIL Den Walk Adj Heriot Cres
6500K0475   34328534   ABERHILL Den Walk Opp Heriot Cres
6500K0476   34328565   ABERHILL Kirkland Walk Adj Den Walk
6500K0477   34328562   ABERHILL Kirkland Walk Adj No 6-12
6500K0478   34328548   ABERHILL Kirkland Walk Adj No 38
6500K0479   34328563   ABERHILL Kirkland Walk Adj No 65
6500K0480   34328572   ABERHILL Kirkland Walk Adj No 102
6500K0481   34328568   ABERHILL Kirkland Walk Adj No 125
6500K0482   34328578   METHIL Kirkland Walk Adj Methil Brae
6500K0483   34328579   METHIL Kirkland Walk Opp Oakvale Rd
6500K0484   34328595   METHIL Kirkland Walk Adj Laburnum Rd
6500K0485   34328623   METHIL Kirkland Walk Opp Laburnum Rd
6500K0486   34328495   METHIL Laburnum Rd Adj No 21
6500K0487   34328482   METHIL Laburnum Rd Adj No 20
6500K0488   34328456   METHILHILL Chemiss Rd Adj School Rd
6500K0489   34328453   METHILHILL Chemiss Rd Adj Dunsire St
6500K0490   34328395   METHILHILL Chemiss Rd Adj Main St
6500K0491   34328384   METHILHILL Main St Adj Chemiss Rd
6500K0492   34328382   METHILHILL Main St Opp Chemiss Rd
6500K0493   34328376   METHILHILL Main St Adj Brown Cres
6500K0494   34328375   METHILHILL Main St Adj Herd Cres
6500K0495   34328386   METHILHILL Main St Adj Simon Cres
6500K0496   34328389   METHILHILL Main St Opp Simon Cres
6500K0497   34328353   WINDYGATES A915 Standing Stane Rd (Eastbound)
6500K0498   34328367   WINDYGATES A915 Standing Stane Rd (Westbound)
6500K0499   34328285   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Adj Buckhaven High School
6500K0500   34328283   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Opp Buckhaven High School
6500K0501   34328268   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Adj Sandwell St
6500K0502   34328264   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Opp Sandwell St
6500K0503   34328257   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj Cowley St
6500K0504   34328258   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj White Swan Brae
6500K0505   34328273   LOWER METHIL White Swan Brae Opp RGC
6500K0506   34328272   LOWER METHIL White Swan Brae Adj RGC
6500K0507   34328286   LOWER METHIL High St Adj Shepherds Park Flats
6500K0508   34328279   LOWER METHIL High St Opp Shepherds Park Flats
6500K0509   34328294   LOWER METHIL High St Opp Methil Brae
6500K0510   34328323   LOWER METHIL High St Adj Methil Brae
6500K0511   34328354   LOWER METHIL High St Opp Fisher St
6500K0512   34328358   LOWER METHIL High St Adj Fisher St
6500K0513   34328426   LOWER METHIL High St Adj Suttie St
6500K0514   34328398   LOWER METHIL High St Opp Rose St
6500K0515   34328459   LOWER METHIL High St Adj Toboggan Rd
6500K0517   34328282   METHIL Wellesley Rd Opp Memorial Rd
6500K0518   34328368   METHIL Wellesley Rd Adj Kirkland Rd
6500K0519   34328392   METHIL Wellesley Rd Adj Fisher St
6500K0520   34328324   METHIL Methil Brae Adj Argyll Bar
6500K0521   34328357   METHIL Methil Brae Opp Argyll Bar
6500K0522   34328427   METHIL Den Walk Adj No 152
6500K0523   34328428   METHIL Den Walk Adj No 153
6500K0524   34328469   METHIL Den Walk Adj Ossian Cres
6500K0525   34328463   METHIL Den Walk Opp Ossian Cres
6500K0526   34328397   METHIL Methil Brae Adj No 155/157
6500K0527   34328396   METHIL Methil Brae Adj No 146-152
6500K0528   34328464   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Opp Fire Station
6500K0529   34328457   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Adj Methil Brae (Westbound)
6500K0530   34328473   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Adj Methil Brae (Eastbound)
6500K0531   34328435   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Adj Kirkland Dr
6500K0532   34328437   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Adj Laburnum Rd
6500K0533   34328364   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Adj Sea Rd (Westbound)
6500K0534   34328372   METHIL Methilhaven Rd Adj Sea Rd (Eastbound)
6500K0535   34328373   METHILHILL Sea Rd Adj Grieve St
6500K0536   34328379   METHILHILL Sea Rd Adj Hawthorn St
6500K0537   34328436   METHIL Laburnum Rd Adj Hawthorn St
6500K0538   34328439   METHIL Laburnum Rd Adj Maple Cres
6500K0539   34327986   BUCKHAVEN Sandwell St Adj No 55
6500K0540   34327976   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk Adj Sandwell St
6500K0541   34327953   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk Opp Shakespeare Ave
6500K0542   34327954   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk Adj No 166
6500K0543   34328236   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Adj Falcon Rd
6500K0544   34327989   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Opp Falcon Rd
6500K0545   34327958   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Adj Merlin Cres
6500K0546   34327936   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk Adj Toll Park
6500K0547   34327935   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk Adj Wellesley Rd
6500K0548   34327927   BUCKHAVEN Toll Park Adj Den Walk
6500K0549   34327934   BUCKHAVEN Toll Park Opp Den Walk
6500K0550   34327895   BUCKHAVEN College St Adj Stuarts baker
6500K0551   34327898   BUCKHAVEN College St Adj Alison St
6500K0552   34327896   BUCKHAVEN Church St Adj Brown St
6500K0553   34327923   BUCKHAVEN Church St Adj Kinnear St
6500K0556   34327963   BUCKHAVEN Sandwell St Adj Barncraig St
6500K0557   34327959   BUCKHAVEN Sandwell St Opp Barncraig St
6500K0558   34327948   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj Sandwell St
6500K0559   34327943   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj College St
6500K0560   34327969   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj Wall St
6500K0561   34327979   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Opp Wall St
6500K0562   34328247   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj Ward St
6500K0563   34327987   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Opp Ward St
6500K0564   34327843   EAST WEMYSS High Rd Adj Rosie Cottage
6500K0565   34327847   EAST WEMYSS High Rd Adj Summer Rd
6500K0566   34327825   EAST WEMYSS High Rd Adj Main Ave
6500K0567   34327694   EAST WEMYSS High Rd Opp Main Ave
6500K0568   34327678   EAST WEMYSS High Rd Adj Glebe Park
6500K0569   34327679   EAST WEMYSS High Rd Opp Glebe Park
6500K0570   34327643   EAST WEMYSS Main Rd Adj School Wynd
6500K0571   34327642   EAST WEMYSS Main Rd Opp Primary School
6500K0572   34327639   EAST WEMYSS Main Rd Adj Royal Bank
6500K0573   34327592   EAST WEMYSS Main Rd Opp Royal Bank
6500K0574   34327549   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS Main St Opp South Row
6500K0575   34327548   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS Main St Adj South Row
6500K0576   34327543   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS Main St Adj Post Office
6500K0577   34327539   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS Main St Adj Bowling Green
6500K0578   34327532   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS Main St Opp Hugo Ave
6500K0579   34327535   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS Main St Adj Hugo Ave
6500K0580   34327439   WEST WEMYSS Main St Opp Post Office Adj Town Sq
6500K0581   34327874   THORNTON Main St Adj Burnbank Ter
6500K0582   34327872   THORNTON Main St Opp Burnbank Ter
6500K0583   34327852   THORNTON Main St Adj Station Rd
6500K0584   34327848   THORNTON Main St Adj Chewton Rd
6500K0585   34327697   THORNTON Main St Adj Orchard Rd
6500K0586   34327826   THORNTON Main St Opp Orchard Rd
6500K0587   34327674   THORNTON B9130 (Kirkcaldy Rd) Opp Rail Station
6500K0588   34327658   THORNTON B9130 (Kirkcaldy Rd) Opp Parks Depot
6500K0589   34328287   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE B9130 Thornton Rd by Balgonie Rndbt (South)
6500K0590   34328284   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE B9130 Thornton Rd by Balgonie Rndbt (North)
6500K0591   34328346   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Citroen Garage
6500K0592   34328325   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Rover Garage
6500K0593   34328348   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Housing (Bellevue)
6500K0594   34328356   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Post Office/Shop
6500K0595   34328383   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Main St Adj John Ross Pl
6500K0596   34328465   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Millburn Ave Adj No 25
6500K0597   34328467   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Millburn Ave Opp No 31
6500K0598   34328567   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Millburn Ave Adj Lady Nina Sq
6500K0599   34328547   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Millburn Ave Opp Lady Nina Sq
6500K0600   34328736   MILTON OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Bellfield Pl
6500K0601   34328735   MILTON OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Flax Mill Gdns
6500K0602   34328749   MILTON OF BALGONIE Main St Adj No 39
6500K0603   34328798   MILTON OF BALGONIE Milton Rd Adj A911 (Westbound)
6500K0604   34328789   MILTON OF BALGONIE Milton Rd Adj A911 (Eastbound)
6500K0605   34328752   MILTON OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Jubilee Gdns
6500K0606   34328762   MILTON OF BALGONIE Balfour Pl Adj Primary School
6500K0607   34328759   MILTON OF BALGONIE Balfour Pl Opp Primary School
6500K0608   34329854   STAR East End Opp Fernie Cottages
6500K0610   34329856   STAR Kennoway Rd Adj Rowan Cottage
6500K0611   34329862   STAR Kennoway Rd Opp Rowan Cottage
6500K0612   34329843   STAR Kennoway Rd Drum Ter (Eastbound)
6500K0613   34329837   STAR Kennoway Rd Drum Ter (Westbound)
6500K0614   34329838   STAR Markinch Rd Adj Primary School
6500K0615   34329825   STAR Markinch Rd adj Plunkie Farm Road End
6500K0616   34329796   STAR Markinch Rd Opp West End Dairy
6500K0617   34329798   STAR Markinch Rd Adj West End Dairy
6500K0618   34329579   MARKINCH Stobcross Rd Opp Hill Ter
6500K0619   34329578   MARKINCH Stobcross Rd Adj Hill Ter
6500K0620   34329497   MARKINCH Commercial St Adj Balbirnie St
6500K0621   34329467   MARKINCH Balbirnie St Adj Sweetbank Dr
6500K0622   34329473   MARKINCH Balbirnie St Opp Sweetbank Dr
6500K0623   34329485   MARKINCH Balbirnie St Adj Commercial St
6500K0624   34329483   MARKINCH Balbirnie St Adj Laurel Bank Dr
6500K0625   34329475   MARKINCH High St Adj Balbirnie St
6500K0626   34329438   MARKINCH High St Opp St Marthas Church (Brunton Ct)
6500K0628   34329369   MARKINCH Railway Station Turning Circle
6500K0630   34329393   MARKINCH Betson St Adj The Common Car Park
6500K0634   34328432   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Adj Woodgate Way
6500K0635   34328423   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Adj Newark Rd North
6500K0640   34328493   GLENROTHES Beaufort Dr Adj Inveraray Ave
6500K0641   34328494   GLENROTHES Beaufort Dr Opp Inveraray Ave
6500K0642   34328343   GLENROTHES Glamis Ave Adj Megginch Pl
6500K0643   34328349   GLENROTHES Glamis Ave Opp Megginch Pl
6500K0644   34329789   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Adj Cromdale Brae
6500K0645   34329783   GLENROTHES Torphins Ave Adj Banchory Green BW
6500K0646   34329747   GLENROTHES Collydean Way Opp Piper Dr
6500K0647   34329762   GLENROTHES Magnus Dr Opp Alwyn Green BW
6500K0648   34329765   GLENROTHES Magnus Dr Opp Heather Crt
6500K0649   34342324   GLENROTHES A92(T) Opp Gateside Cottages
6500K0650   34329734   GLENROTHES Collydean Way Adj Piper Dr
6500K0651   34329745   GLENROTHES Formonthills Rd Adj Balgeddie Way
6500K0652   34329724   GLENROTHES Formonthills Rd Adj Cardean Way
6500K0653   34329687   GLENROTHES Formonthills Rd Adj Ballingall Dr
6500K0654   34329695   GLENROTHES Formonthills Rd Opp Ballingall Dr
6500K0655   34329587   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Adj Cadham Rd (Eastbound)
6500K0656   34329586   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Adj Cadham Rd (Westbound)
6500K0657   34329297   AUCHMUIRBRIDGE A911 Opp bridge
6500K0658   34329597   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Adj Fordell Rd
6500K0659   34329624   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Adj Fire Station
6500K0660   34329629   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Opp Julian Rd
6500K0661   34329626   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Adj Julian Rd
6500K0662   34329763   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Opp Kilmichael Rd (Top)
6500K0663   34329767   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Adj Kilmichael Rd (North)
6500K0664   34329754   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Adj Kilmichael Rd (South)
6500K0665   34329598   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Adj Lodge Rise
6500K0666   34329625   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Opp Lodge Rise
6500K0667   34329546   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Adj Aitken Rd
6500K0668   34329543   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Opp Aitken Rd
6500K0669   34329539   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Adj Cadham Villas
6500K0670   34329538   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Opp Cadham Villas
6500K0671   34324282   BURNTISLAND Colinswell Rd Adj Stenhouse Dr
6500K0672   34329496   GLENROTHES B9130 (to Markinch) Adj A92(T) (Eastbound)
6500K0674   34329527   LESLIE High St Adj Greenside Hotel
6500K0675   34329523   LESLIE High St Opp Greenside Hotel
6500K0676   34329487   LESLIE High St Adj Bank of Scotland
6500K0677   34329484   LESLIE High St Adj No 144
6500K0678   34329462   LESLIE High St Adj Murray Pl
6500K0679   34329434   LESLIE High St Adj Norman Pl
6500K0680   34329387   LESLIE High St Adj Cabbagehall Rd
6500K0681   34329372   LESLIE Prinlaws Rd Adj Douglas Rd
6500K0682   34329385   LESLIE Douglas Rd Opp Allan St
6500K0683   34329389   LESLIE Douglas Rd Adj Allan St
6500K0684   34329472   LESLIE A911 Opp Bank Pl
6500K0685   34329468   LESLIE A911 Adj Bank Pl
6500K0686   34329382   LESLIE Anderson Dr Opp Rothes Park
6500K0687   34329267   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp Golf Course Rd
6500K0688   34329263   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Adj Golf Course Rd
6500K0689   34329243   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Adj Roxburgh Rd West Access
6500K0690   34329258   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Annandale Gdns
6500K0691   34329272   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Opp Annandale Gdns
6500K0692   34329342   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Garvald Way
6500K0693   34329379   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Opp Denholm Ct
6500K0694   34329374   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Denholm Ct
6500K0695   34329395   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Gifford Ct
6500K0696   34329373   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Ednam Dr
6500K0697   34329298   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Opp Langholm Cres
6500K0698   34329289   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Lauder Ct
6500K0699   34329273   GLENROTHES Queensway Adj Morrisons Supermarket
6500K0700   34329262   GLENROTHES Queensway Adj Auchmuty High School
6500K0701   34329265   GLENROTHES Queensway Opp Auchmuty High School
6500K0702   34329252   GLENROTHES Church St Opp Auchmuty Rd
6500K0703   34329268   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Opp Cameron Cres
6500K0704   34329253   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Adj Scott Rd
6500K0705   34329326   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Opp Willow Cres
6500K0706   34329329   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Adj Willow Cres
6500K0707   34329325   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Adj Stevenson Ave
6500K0708   34329328   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Adj Jubilee Grove
6500K0709   34329264   GLENROTHES Rothes Rd Opp Rothesay House
6500K0710   34328984   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Opp Sinclair Ave
6500K0711   34328957   GLENROTHES Napier Rd Adj Sinclair Ave
6500K0712   34328939   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp Caskieberran Rd
6500K0713   34328929   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp Roxburgh Rd East Access
6500K0714   34329238   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp Roxburgh Rd West Access
6500K0715   34328965   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp Glenwood Centre Access
6500K0716   34328769   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Rd Adj Dornoch Pl
6500K0717   34328787   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Rd Opp Dornoch Pl
6500K0718   34328746   GLENROTHES Tanshall Rd East Adj Alford Dr
6500K0719   34328753   GLENROTHES Tanshall Rd East Opp Alford Dr
6500K0720   34328695   GLENROTHES Tanshall Rd East Adj Huntly Dr
6500K0721   34328675   GLENROTHES Tanshall Rd East Opp Keith Dr
6500K0722   34328585   GLENROTHES Templehall Rd Adj St Ronans Ct
6500K0723   34328536   GLENROTHES Templehall Rd Adj Ivanhoe Dr
6500K0724   34328483   GLENROTHES Templehall Rd Opp Chewton Way
6500K0725   34327972   GLENROTHES Templehall Rd Adj Chewton Way
6500K0726   34328574   GLENROTHES Golf Course Rd Opp Tanshall Rd West
6500K0727   34328642   GLENROTHES Golf Course Rd Adj Tanshall Rd West
6500K0728   34328742   GLENROTHES Golf Course Rd Adj Forres Dr
6500K0729   34328785   GLENROTHES Golf Course Rd Adj Rosemount Rd
6500K0732   34328926   GLENROTHES Rosemount Rd Adj Ratho Close
6500K0733   34328797   GLENROTHES Rosemount Rd opp Ratho Close
6500K0734   34328728   GLENROTHES Rosemount Rd Turning Circle
6500K0735   34328654   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Rd Opp Broom Rd
6500K0736   34328636   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Rd Adj Broom Rd
6500K0737   34328597   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Rd Opp Aline Court
6500K0738   34328947   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp Bilsland Rd
6500K0739   34328942   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Adj Bilsland Rd
6500K0740   34328954   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Adj West of Innes Rd
6500K0741   34328949   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp & West of Innes Rd
6500K0742   34328935   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Adj Rimble Loan
6500K0743   34328943   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Adj Scott Rd
6500K0744   34328948   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Opp & East of Innes Rd
6500K0745   34328953   GLENROTHES South Parks Rd Adj & East of Innes Rd
6500K0746   34328657   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Dr Adj Rimbleton Ave
6500K0747   34328647   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Dr Opp Rimbleton Ave
6500K0748   34328628   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Dr Adj Caskieberran Rd
6500K0749   34328596   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Dr Opp Caskieberran Rd
6500K0750   34328763   GLENROTHES Rothes Rd Adj Adamson Pl
6500K0751   34328756   GLENROTHES Rothes Rd Opp Adamson Place
6500K0752   34329242   GLENROTHES Rothes Rd Adj Rothesay House
6500K0753   34328945   GLENROTHES Church St Adj St Columbas Church
6500K0754   34328932   GLENROTHES Church St Opp St Columbas Church
6500K0755   34328639   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Opp Pinkerton Rd
6500K0756   34328648   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Adj Pinkerton Rd
6500K0757   34328652   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Opp Warout Brae
6500K0758   34328658   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Adj Warout Brae
6500K0759   34328682   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Opp Taylor Dr
6500K0760   34328674   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Adj Taylor Dr
6500K0761   34327648   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Adj Thane Rd/MacDuff Rd
6500K0762   34327656   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Opp Thane Rd
6500K0763   34328525   GLENROTHES Pitteuchar Dr Adj Beaufort Dr (Northbound)
6500K0764   34328532   GLENROTHES Pitteuchar Dr Adj Beaufort Dr (Southbound)
6500K0765   34328672   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Adj Woodside Rd
6500K0766   34328679   GLENROTHES Warout Rd Opp Braid Dr
6500K0767   34328743   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Adj Falcon Dr
6500K0768   34328739   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Adj Queen Margaret Dr
6500K0769   34328589   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Adj Poplar Rd
6500K0770   34328593   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Opp Poplar Rd
6500K0771   34328583   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Opp Well Rd
6500K0772   34328575   GLENROTHES Woodside Rd Adj Well Rd (St Margarets)
6500K0773   34328764   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Adj Lomond View
6500K0774   34328925   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Opp Lomond Centre
6500K0775   34345658   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Opp Alburne Park
6500K0776   34328689   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Opp Carseggie Cres
6500K0777   34328738   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Adj Carseggie Cres
6500K0778   34342379   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Adj Woodside Rd
6500K0779   34328587   GLENROTHES Woodside Way Opp Woodside Rd
6500K0780   34327486   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Adj No 30
6500K0781   34328362   GLENROTHES Golf Course Rd Whitehill Turning Circle
6500K0782   34328434   GLENROTHES Stenton Rd Adj Golf Driving Range
6500K0783   34328425   GLENROTHES Stenton Rd Opp Golf Driving Range
6500K0784   34328347   GLENROTHES Viewfield Adj Fife Institute
6500K0785   34328352   GLENROTHES Viewfield Opp Fife Institute
6500K0786   34328342   GLENROTHES Glamis Ave Opp Wee Cooper
6500K0787   34328298   GLENROTHES Glamis Ave Adj Wee Cooper
6500K0788   34328345   GLENROTHES Glamis Ave Adj Cluny Pl
6500K0789   34328327   GLENROTHES Glamis Ave Opp Cluny Pl
6500K0790   34328235   GLENROTHES Mar Dr Opp Balmoral Rd
6500K0791   34328238   GLENROTHES Mar Dr Adj Balmoral Rd
6500K0792   34328237   GLENROTHES Mar Dr Opp Sorn Green
6500K0793   34328245   GLENROTHES Mar Dr Turning Circle
6500K0794   34325689   AUCHTERTOOL Main St Adj Kiwi Tavern
6500K0795   34325694   AUCHTERTOOL Main St Opp Kiwi Tavern
6500K0796   34325697   AUCHTERTOOL Main St Adj garage
6500K0797   34325698   AUCHTERTOOL Main St Adj The Maltings
6500K0798   34325695   AUCHTERTOOL Main St Adj Newbigging
6500K0799   34325724   AUCHTERTOOL Main St Opp Newbigging
6500K0800   34324973   KINGHORN A921 Opp Linton Ct
6500K0801   34324969   KINGHORN A921 Adj Linton Ct
6500K0802   34324846   KINGHORN Kirkcaldy Rd Adj Croft-an-Righ
6500K0803   34324838   KINGHORN Kirkcaldy Rd Opp Croft-an-Righ
6500K0804   34324765   KINGHORN Bruce St Adj North Overgate
6500K0805   34324759   KINGHORN Bruce St Opp North Overgate
6500K0806   34324678   KINGHORN High St Adj Rossland Pl
6500K0807   34324674   KINGHORN High St Adj Baliol St
6500K0808   34324586   KINGHORN Viewforth Pl Adj Macduff Cres
6500K0809   34324587   KINGHORN Viewforth Pl Opp Macduff Cres
6500K0810   34324345   KINGHORN A921 Opp Sandhills Caravan Park
6500K0811   34324323   KINGHORN A921 Adj Sandhills Caravan Park
6500K0812   34324285   KINGHORN A921 Adj Pettycur Bay Caravan Park
6500K0813   34324272   KINGHORN A921 Opp Pettycur Bay Caravan Park
6500K0814   34324356   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Adj Cemetery
6500K0815   34324349   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Opp Cemetery
6500K0816   34324348   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Adj No 152
6500K0817   34324352   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Adj No 19
6500K0818   34324286   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Adj Greenmount Rd South
6500K0819   34324267   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Opp Greenmount Rd South
6500K0822   34324567   BURNTISLAND Kirkcaldy Rd Adj Leith Ave
6500K0823   34323983   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Opp Kirkbank Rd
6500K0824   34323982   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Adj Kirkbank Rd
6500K0825   34323893   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Adj Cromwell Rd
6500K0826   34323874   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Opp Cromwell Rd/War Memorial
6500K0827   34323925   BURNTISLAND Cromwell Rd Adj Thistle St
6500K0828   34324234   BURNTISLAND Cromwell Rd Adj Broomhill Ave
6500K0829   34323984   BURNTISLAND Cromwell Rd Opp Broomhill Ave
6500K0830   34324325   BURNTISLAND Aberdour Rd Opp Kirkton Motors
6500K0831   34324289   BURNTISLAND Aberdour Rd Adj Shell Garage
6500K0832   34323928   BURNTISLAND Kirkton Rd Adj Haugh Rd
6500K0833   34323953   BURNTISLAND Kirkton Rd Adj Broomhill Ave
6500K0834   34323968   BURNTISLAND Kirkton Rd Opp Broomhill Ave
6500K0836   34324297   BURNTISLAND Church St Opp Graveyard
6500K0837   34324369   BURNTISLAND Cowdenbeath Rd Opp St Josephs Church
6500K0838   34324526   BURNTISLAND Cowdenbeath Rd Adj Fleming Way
6500K0839   34324537   BURNTISLAND Piper Cres Adj No 30
6500K0840   34324536   BURNTISLAND Piper Cres Adj No 60 BW
6500K0841   34324398   BURNTISLAND Piper Cres Adj Grange Rd BW
6500K0842   34324393   BURNTISLAND Kilmundy Dr Adj No 46 BW
6500K0843   34324362   BURNTISLAND Bendameer Rd Opp Housing BW
6500K0844   34324232   BURNTISLAND Aberdour Rd Adj Bendameer Rd
6500K0845   34324248   BURNTISLAND Aberdour Rd Opp Bendameer Rd
6500K0846   34324295   BURNTISLAND Colinswell Rd Opp Dunearn Bank
6500K0847   34324327   BURNTISLAND Colinswell Rd Opp Stenhouse Dr
6500K0848   34323849   BURNTISLAND High St Adj Kirkgate
6500K0850   34323837   BURNTISLAND Harbour Place Turning Circle
6500K0854   34323858   BURNTISLAND High St Adj Allan Ct
6500K0855   34327582   WOODEND Woodend Rd Adj Muirtonhill Rd
6500K0856   34327579   WOODEND Woodend Rd Opp Muirtonhill Rd
6500K0857   34327567   AUCHTERDERRAN Woodend Rd Adj Teachers Centre
6500K0858   34327569   AUCHTERDERRAN Woodend Rd Opp Teachers Centre
6500K0859   34327537   CARDENDEN Jamphlars Rd Adj Golf View
6500K0860   34327536   CARDENDEN Jamphlars Rd Opp Golf View
6500K0862   34327542   CARDENDEN Jamphlars Ter Opp Entrance
6500K0863   34327538   CARDENDEN Jamphlars Rd Adj Pit Entrance
6500K0864   34327545   CARDENDEN Main St Opp Thomson Ct/Auld Hoose
6500K0865   34327547   CARDENDEN Main St Adj Thomson Ct/Auld Hoose
6500K0866   34327526   CARDENDEN Main St Opp Kirkburn Dr
6500K0867   34327527   CARDENDEN Main St Adj Kirkburn Dr
6500K0868   34327523   CARDENDEN Station Rd Opp Orebank Rd
6500K0869   34327524   CARDENDEN Station Rd Adj Orebank Rd
6500K0870   34327492   CARDENDEN Station Rd Opp Gammie Pl
6500K0871   34327479   CARDENDEN Station Rd Opp War Memorial Club
6500K0872   34327474   CARDENDEN Station Rd Adj School Lane
6500K0873   34327487   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Adj Ore Valley Sheltered Housing
6500K0874   34327482   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Opp Carden Cres
6500K0875   34327484   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Adj Carden Cres
6500K0876   34327483   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Adj Sunnyside Rd
6500K0877   34327485   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Opp Sunnyside Rd
6500K0878   34327476   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Adj Carden Ave
6500K0879   34327478   CARDENDEN Cardenden Rd Opp Carden Ave
6500K0880   34327525   CLUNY B981 Eastbound Cardenden towards Kirkcaldy
6500K0881   34327498   CLUNY B981 Adj Kinglassie Rd
6500K0882   34327497   CLUNY B981 Opp Kinglassie Rd
6500K0884   34327464   DUNDONALD Main Rd Opp Railway Station
6500K0885   34327438   DUNDONALD Main Rd Opp Dundonald Park
6500K0886   34327389   DUNDONALD Main Rd Opp Dundonald Cres
6500K0887   34327374   DUNDONALD Main Rd Adj Dundonald Cres
6500K0888   34327429   DUNDONALD Turning Circle
6500K0889   34327427   DUNDONALD Dundonald Park Adj Denfield Ave
6500K0890   34327469   CARDENDEN Carden Ave Adj No 40
6500K0891   34327978   KINGLASSIE Laurence Park Adj Lochty Rd
6500K0892   34327984   KINGLASSIE Laurence Park Opp Lochty Rd
6500K0893   34327974   KINGLASSIE Main St Adj Bowling Green
6500K0894   34327968   KINGLASSIE Main St Opp Bowling Green
6500K0895   34327957   KINGLASSIE Main St Opp Lochty Ave
6500K0896   34327949   KINGLASSIE Main St Adj Lochty Ave
6500K0897   34327926   KINGLASSIE West End Adj No 27
6500K0898   34327932   KINGLASSIE West End Adj No 28
6500K0899   34327493   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS A955 Kirkcaldy Rd Adj West Wemyss Toll
6500K0900   34327494   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS A955 Kirkcaldy Rd Opp West Wemyss Toll
6500K0902   34329735   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd Adj Affric Rd
6500K0903   34329758   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd Adj Tummel Rd
6500K0904   34329323   AUCHMUIRBRIDGE A911 adj bridge
6500K0905   34329826   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd Adj Strathyre Pl
6500K0909   34329827   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd Opp Glengarry Crt
6500K0910   34326972   KIRKCALDY Overton Rd Opp Earn Rd
6500K0911   34328374   GLENROTHES Beaufort Dr Adj Altyre Ave
6500K0912   34328393   GLENROTHES Beaufort Dr Adj Dunbeath Dr
6500K0913   34328537   GLENROTHES Lammermoor Court Adj House No 12
6500K0914   34328569   GLENROTHES Kenilworth Dr Adj Marmion Dr
6500K0916   34326894   KIRKCALDY Whytemans Brae Opp Sycamore Ave
6500K0917   34324342   BURNTISLAND Church St Adj Graveyard
6500K0919   34328329   METHIL Wellesley Rd Adj Barrie St
6500K0920   34328326   METHIL Wellesley Rd Opp Barrie St
6500K0921   34329576   GLENROTHES Whinneyknowe Adj Granton Ct
6500K0922   34329643   GLENROTHES Ballingall Dr Adj f/path towards Ardoch Park
6500K0923   34329639   GLENROTHES Ballingall Dr Opp f/path towards Ardoch Park
6500K0924   34329732   GLENROTHES Huntsmans Rd Opp Kilmichael Rd (Bottom)
6500K0927   34329595   GLENROTHES Whinneyknowe Adj Liberton Dr
6500K0928   34329623   GLENROTHES Whinneyknowe Opp Bradgate Gardens
6500K0929   34329645   GLENROTHES Whinneyknowe Adj Greenmantle Pl
6500K0930   34329649   GLENROTHES Whinnyknowe Opp Greenmantle Pl
6500K0931   34329657   GLENROTHES Ballingall Dr Opp Cowal Cres
6500K0932   34329652   GLENROTHES Ballingall Dr Adj Cowal Cres
6500K0934   34328452   GLENROTHES Beaufort Dr Adj Skibo Ave
6500K0936   34329365   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Carfrae Dr
6500K0938   34328539   GLENROTHES Golf Course Rd Adj Golf Course Access
6500K0939   34328538   GLENROTHES Golf Course Rd Opp Golf Course Access
6500K0940   34328243   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Opp Mar Dr
6500K0941   34327965   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Opp Strathburn Dr
6500K0942   34328248   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Adj Mar Dr
6500K0944   34342359   GLENROTHES Kirkforthar Feus on A92
6500K0948   34328454   WINDYGATES Cameron Rd Adj Cameron Hospital
6500K0951   34328369   COALTOWN OF BALGONIE Main St Adj Memorial Hall
6500K0952   34327867   CARDENDEN Carden Castle Avenue Opp Corrie Centre
6500K0954   34326764   KIRKCALDY Loughborough Rd Opp Cemetrey
6500K0955   34326727   KIRKCALDY Loughborough Rd Adj Biggins Wa'
6500K0956   34326564   KIRKCALDY Loughborough Rd Adj Aitken St
6500K0957   34326546   KIRKCALDY Loughborough Rd Opp Aitken St
6500K0958   34326484   KIRKCALDY Adamson Ave Adj Wilson Ave
6500K0959   34325929   KIRKCALDY Massereene Rd Adj No 74-76
6500K0960   34325757   KIRKCALDY Nicol St Adj Novar Bar
6500K0962   34327292   KIRKCALDY Oswald Rd Adj No 73
6500K0963   34327289   KIRKCALDY Oswald Rd Adj House No 50
6500K0965   34326296   KIRKCALDY Hendry Rd Adj Loanhead Pl
6500K0966   34329357   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Opp Carfrae Dr
6500K0968   34327652   METHIL Den Walk Adj Byron St
6500K0969   34327653   METHIL Den Walk Adj Keir Hardie St
6500K0970   34327654   METHIL Den Walk Adj Memorial Rd
6500K0971   34328359   METHIL Sea Rd Adj No 137
6500K0972   34329845   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Adj Wilmington Dr
6500K0973   34329849   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Opp Wilmington Dr
6500K0974   34328242   BUCKHAVEN Eagle Rd Opp Falcon Rd
6500K0978   34329852   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Adj Tanna Dr (East)
6500K0979   34329847   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Adj Tanna Dr (West)
6500K0980   34329848   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Adj Peploe Dr (East)
6500K0981   34329846   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Adj Peploe Dr (West)
6500K0982   34329823   GLENROTHES Magnus Dr Adj Wilmington Dr
6500K0983   34329795   GLENROTHES Magnus Dr Adj Rockfield Gdns
6500K0984   34329237   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Opp Minto Cres
6500K0985   34328246   GLENROTHES Bankhead Blackwood Rd Opp Blackwood Way
6500K0986   34328252   GLENROTHES Bankhead Blackwood Rd Adj Blackwood Way
6500K0987   34329547   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Adj Cadham Sq
6500K0988   34329542   GLENROTHES Cadham Rd Opp Cadham Sq (at BP Garage)
6500K0989   34329232   GLENROTHES Roxburgh Rd Adj Glenwood Ct
6500K0990   34327938   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Opp Brodie Ct
6500K0991   34327945   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Adj Brodie Ct
6500K0992   34323943   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Adj No 34
6500K0993   34323954   BURNTISLAND Kinghorn Rd Opp No 53
6500K0994   34329787   GLENROTHES Rhynie Rd Adj Magnus Dr BW
6500K0995   34329424   LESLIE High St West Adj Fish & Chip Shop
6500K0996   34324353   BURNTISLAND A92 Kinghorn Rd Opp Linwell Ct/Cemetery
6500K0997   34328232   BUCKHAVEN Falcon Rd Adj Mavisbank
6500K0998   34328249   BUCKHAVEN Mallard Rd Opp Robin Cres
6500K0999   34327925   BUCKHAVEN A955 Adj B930
6500K1000   34327929   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj Carlyle Cres
6500K1001   34327928   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd Adj Omar Cres
6500K1002   34327682   THORNTON B9130 Adj Rail Station Car Park
6500K1003   34327646   THORNTON B9130 Adj Parks Depot
6500K1006   34326235   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Rd Adj Berwick Pl
6500K1007   34326758   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Adj Denfield Place
6500K1008   34326743   KIRKCALDY Hayfield Rd Opp Denfield Place
6500K1009   34327284   KIRKCALDY Park Rd Adj Oswald Rd
6500K1010   34328296   METHIL Sea Rd Adj Brady Cres
6500K1011   34327649   LEVEN Durie St Opp Waggon Rd
6500K1012   34324794   KINGHORN Eastgate Adj North Overgate BW
6500K1013   34324784   KINGHORN Townhead Opp Barclay Rd
6500K1014   34324769   KINGHORN Townhead Adj Barclay Rd
6500K1015   34324796   KINGHORN Kilcruik Rd Opp Glebe Place BW
6500K1016   34324858   KINGHORN Orchard Road Opp Croft An Righ
6500K1017   34324873   KINGHORN Orchard Road Adj Croft-an-Righ
6500K1018   34328292   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Opp Toll Ave
6500K1019   34327647   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Adj Toll Ave
6500K1020   34328698   WINDYGATES Leven Rd Opp No 4
6500K1023   34326393   KIRKCALDY Prime Gilt Box St (Northbound)
6500K1024   34326397   KIRKCALDY Prime Gilt Box St (Southbound)
6500K1025   34328269   GLENROTHES Dunrobin Rd Adj Jubilee Centre
6500K1026   34326973   KIRKCALDY Harris Dr Adj Inchgarvie Rd
6500K1029   34328472   LOWER METHIL High St Opp Toboggan Rd
6500K1030   34328363   LOWER METHIL Fisher St Adj Community Centre
6500K1031   34327982   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Opp Charleston Dr
6500K1032   34327975   GLENROTHES Foxton Dr Adj Charleston Drive
6500K1033   34327276   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Opp Chapel Roundabout
6500K1034   34327282   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Adj Chapel Roundabout
6500K1035   34326283   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Adj Priory Lodge
6500K1036   34326328   KIRKCALDY Victoria Rd Opp Priory Lodge
6500K1038   34327286   KIRKCALDY Oswald Rd Opp Falkland View
6500K1039   34328783   LEVEN Riverside Rd Opp Co-op
6500K1040   34326876   KIRKCALDY Lawson St Adj Westwood Ave
6500K1042   34328278   METHIL Wellesley Rd Adj Memorial Rd
6500K1043   34327946   BUCKHAVEN Methilhaven Rd Adj Carlyle Cres
6500K1044   34329284   LEVEN Lawrence Dr Opp Graham Ave
6500K1045   34326937   DYSART Stewart St Opp Edington Place BW
6500K1047   34329746   GLENROTHES Tofthill Dr Road End
6500K1049   34329647   KENNOWAY New Rd Adj Leven Rd
6500K1050   34329648   KENNOWAY New Rd Opp Leven Rd
6500K1053   34329759   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd Opp Tummel Rd
6500K1054   34328982   LEVEN Victoria Rd Opp Health Centre
6500K1055   34328986   LEVEN Victoria Rd Adj Health Centre
6500K1056   34326293   KIRKCALDY Meldrum Rd Opp Katherine St
6500K1057   34329397   MARKINCH High St Adj Howiegate Gdns
6500K1058   34328653   ABERHILL Methilhaven Rd Adj Shell Petrol Station
6500K1059   34327343   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Way Adj Mitchelston Dr
6500K1060   34327298   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Way Adj Park Rd
6500K1061   34328732   LEVEN Riverside Rd Adj Sainsbury's
6500K1062   34329292   LEVEN Hawkslaw Rd Adj Glenlyon Rd
6500K1063   34328952   LEVEN Hawkslaw Rd Opp Glenlyon Rd
6500K1064   34329836   STAR Markinch Rd adj Braeview Cres
6500K1065   34326325   KIRKCALDY Nether St Opp Flesh Wynd
6500K1066   34325649   KIRKCALDY Esplanade Opp Bus Depot
6500K1067   34325656   KIRKCALDY Esplanade Adj Bus Depot
6500K1069   34327272   KIRKCALDY Chapel Level Opp Sainsburys
6500K1072   34329835   STAR Kennoway Rd Adj Smithy House
6500K1073   34328293   LOWER METHIL Station Rd Opp South Grove
6500K1074   34328274   METHIL Sea Rd adj Police Station
6500K1075   34328275   METHIL Sea Rd opp Police Station
6500K1076   34327962   GLENROTHES Strathburn Dr adj Wellbank Gdns
6500K1077   34327983   GLENROTHES Strathburn Dr adj Nursing Home
6500K1078   34328254   GLENROTHES Parbroath Rd opp Drumlie Gdns
6500K1079   34327937   KINGLASSIE Lochty Ave adj Parliament Pl
6500K1080   34329829   STAR Kennoway Rd Opp Smithy House
6500K1081   34328496   GLENROTHES Beaufort Dr adj Kinkell Ave
6500K1082   34329249   LEVEN Turpie Rd adj Windygates Rd
6500K1083   34342373   BUCKHAVEN Wellesley Rd opp College St
6500K1084   34329549   GLENROTHES Leslie Rd adj Whinnyknowe
6500K1085   34329548   GLENROTHES Leslie Rd opp Whinnyknowe
6500K1087   34326753   KIRKCALDY Dallas Dr adj Atholl Terrace
6500K1088   34326832   KIRKCALDY Dallas Dr opp Dollar Cres
6500K1089   34326893   KIRKCALDY Dallas Dr adj Birnam Road BW
6500K1090   34326746   KIRKCALDY Cullen Cres adj Appin Crescent BW
6500K1091   34326826   KIRKCALDY Lismore Ave adj Lismore Pl
6500K1092   34326829   KIRKCALDY Lismore Ave opp Lismore Pl
6500K1093   34326859   KIRKCALDY Lismore Ave adj Cramond Gdns
6500K1094   34326949   KIRKCALDY Harris Dr adj Ailsa Grove
6500K1095   34327232   KIRKCALDY Harris Dr opp Tiree Pl
6500K1096   34327238   KIRKCALDY Harris Dr adj Davaar Dr
6500K1201   34328976   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 1)
6500K1202   34328978   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 2)
6500K1203   34328979   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 3)
6500K1204   34328974   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 4)
6500K1205   34328975   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 5)
6500K1206   34328967   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 6)
6500K1207   34328987   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 7)
6500K1208   34328989   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 8)
6500K1209   34328968   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 9)
6500K1210   34328969   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 10)
6500K1211   34328972   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 11)
6500K1212   34328973   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 12)
6500K1213   34328963   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 13)
6500K1214   34328964   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 14)
6500K1215   34328962   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 15)
6500K1216   34328985   GLENROTHES Bus Station (Stance 16)
6500K1221   34345263   KILRIE Opp Cottage HR
6500K1301   34325845   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 1)
6500K1302   34325843   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 2)
6500K1303   34325849   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 3)
6500K1304   34325848   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 4)
6500K1305   34325846   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 5)
6500K1306   34325847   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 6)
6500K1307   34325832   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 7)
6500K1308   34325838   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 8)
6500K1309   34325839   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 9)
6500K1310   34325835   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 10)
6500K1311   34325836   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 11)
6500K1312   34325834   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 12)
6500K1313   34325837   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 13)
6500K1314   34345383   KIRKCALDY Bus Station (Stance 14)
6500K1401   34328592   METHIL Kirkland Walk Adj No 164 Adj Laburnum Rd
6500K1402   34328598   METHIL Kirkland Walk Opp No 164 Opp Laburnum Rd
6500K1403   34329727   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd opp Affric Rd
6500K1405   34328253   GLENROTHES Parbroath Rd Adj Drumlie Gdns
6500K1406   34327985   GLENROTHES Strathburn Dr Opp Nursing Home
6500K1407   34327964   GLENROTHES Strathburn Dr adj Ashbank Ct
6500K1409   34326843   KIRKCALDY Huntly Cres adj No 21
6500K1410   34326864   KIRKCALDY Ellon Rd adj No 252
6500K1411   34326824   KIRKCALDY Ellon Rd adj No 164
6500K1412   34326592   KIRKCALDY Forres Dr opp Ellon Road
6500K1413   34325857   KIRKCALDY Abbotshall Rd (North) opp East Fergus Pl
6500K1414   34327952   KINGLASSIE Lochty Ave Opp Parlaiment Pl
6500K1415   34325928   KIRKCALDY Massereene Rd opp Gourlay St
6500K1416   34328394   GLENROTHES Newark Rd S opp Newark Pl
6500K1417   34328385   GLENROTHES Newark Rd S adj Newark Pl
6500K1418   34328387   GLENROTHES Blackwood Rd adj Newark Rd S
6500K1419   34328424   GLENROTHES Blackwood Road opp Newark Rd S
6500K1420   34328297   GLENROTHES ADC Building (opp) (Bankhead Roundabout)
6500K1421   34328295   GLENROTHES ADC Building (adj) (Bankhead Roundabout)
6500K1422   34386796   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd Opp Strathyre Pl
6500K1423   34345259   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd Adj Glengarry Crt
6500K1424   34328234   BUCKHAVEN Sandwell St adj Football Park
6500K1425   34326879   KIRKCALDY Huntly Crescent Adj No 301
6500K1426   34328793   LEVEN Riverside Rd adj Hawkslaw Rd
6500K1427   34327585   EAST WEMYSS Michael Place Adj Approach Terr
6500K1430   34326363   KIRKCALDY Pentland Place opp Shops
6500K1431   34326378   KIRKCALDY Pentland Pl adj Lomond Gdns
6500K1432   34326529   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd (south end) southbound
6500K1433   34326535   KIRKCALDY Broom Rd (south end) northbound
6500K1434   34324298   BURNTISLAND Colinswell Rd adj Silverbarton Terr
6500K1435   34329753   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd adj Blairadam Ct
6500K1436   34329737   GLENROTHES Kilmichael Rd opp Blairadam Ct
6500K1437   34328635   METHILHILL Oakvale Rd opp No 121 BW
6500K1438   34328637   METHILHILL Oakvale Road opp Bourtee Bank BW
6500K1439   34326353   KIRKCALDY Pentland Pl adj Benarty St
6500K1440   34327939   KINGLASSIE Sauchie St Adj Hillside Terr
6500K1441   34327274   KIRKCALDY Glen Albyn Dr opp Glen Roy Pl
6500K1442   34327265   KIRKCALDY Glen Albyn Dr adj Glen Lyon Rd
6500K1443   34328328   LOWER METHIL Station Rd Adj South Grove
6500K1444   34329274   LESLIE Glenwood Rd opp Cabbagehall
6500K1445   34327245   KIRKCALDY Glen Albyn Dr Terminus
6500K1446   34327263   KIRKCALDY Glen Albyn Dr adj Glen Bruar Pl
6500K1447   34324367   BURNTISLAND Cowdenbeath Rd adj St Josephs Church
6500K1448   34327973   KINGLASSIE Lochty Rd Opp Mina Cres
6500K1449   34327956   KINGLASSIE Lochty Rd Adj Mina Cres
6500K1450   34327947   KINGLASSIE Sauchie Street (east end)
6500K1451   34327942   KINGLASSIE Sauchie St Opp Hillside Terr
6500K1452   34329254   LEVEN Turpie Road Turning Circle
6500K1453   34329236   LEVEN Turpie Road Opp Gardiner Crescent
6500K1454   34345287   KIRKCALDY MacIndoe Ces adj Haig Ave
6500K1455   34326964   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Way Opp Veronica Community Centre
6500K1456   34326963   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Way Adj Veronica Community Centre
6500K1457   34329842   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Avenue Adj Pitcairn Park
6500K1458   34326583   KIRKCALDY Beatty Crescent Adj Kidd Street
6500K1459   34326578   KIRKCALDY Beatty Crescent Opp Kidd Street
6500K1460   34323234   KIRKCALDY Kinghorn Road Opp Ballantyne Cottage
6500K1461   34325483   KIRKCALDY Kinghorn Road Adj Ballantyne Cottage
6500K1462   34328938   GLENROTHES Rosemount Road Adj Rosemount Crescent
6500K1463   34328934   GLENROTHES Rosemount Road Opp Rosemount Crescent
6500K1464   34345676   GLENROTHES B9130 (to Glenrothes) Adj A92(T) (Westbound)
6500K1465   34357623   KIRKCALDY Pentland Place opp Lomond Gardens
6500K1466   34357575   KIRKCALDY Pentland Place adj House No 89
6500K1467   34394262   KIRKCALDY Pentland Place adj House No 82
6500K1468   34358579   GLENROTHES Flemington Rd adj Morrisons
6500K1469   34358643   GLENROTHES Flemington Rd opp Morrisons
6500K1470   34386439   GLENROTHES Parbroath Rd adj Cornhill Rd
6500K1471   34386839   GLENROTHES Parbroath Rd opp Cornhill Rd
6500K1472   34345257   EAST WEMYSS Main Road, A955 adj Rosie Cottages
6500K1473   34345324   EAST WEMYSS Main Road, A955 opp Rosie Cottages
6500K1474   34345342   GLENROTHES Magnus Dr Adj Heather Court
6500K1475   34386828   KIRKCALDY Overton Rd opp Tay Pl
6500K1476   34386827   BURNTISLAND Piper Cres opp House No 30
6500K1477   34346579   WEST WEMYSS Main Street Opp House No 2 BW
6500K1478   34345326   LEVEN Casan opp Green Gates
6500K1479   34345428   GLENROTHES Beaufort Drive Opp Ardross Place
6500K1480   34345478   GLENROTHES Beaufort Drive Adj Ardross Place
6500K1481   34345439   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Avenue Adj Magnus Drive
6500K1482   34346574   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Avenue Opp Magnus Drive
6500K1483   34345635   BURNTISLAND Cowdenbeath Road Opp Fleming Way
6500K1484   34345623   BUCKHAVEN Sandwell Street Adj Stark Street
6500K1485   34345643   GLENROTHES B9130 Adj Prestonhall Drive
6500K1486   34345724   GLENROTHES B9130 Opp Prestonhall Drive
6500K1487   34345647   EAST WEMYSS Alexander Street Opp Wemysshaven Gardens
6500K1488   34345685   EAST WEMYSS Alexander Street Adj Wemysshaven Gardens
6500K1489   34345453   BURNTISLAND Dollar Road Adj Piper Crescent
6500K1490   34345646   BURNTISLAND Dollar Road Opp Piper Crescent
6500K1491   34345856   STAR East End adj Fernie Cottage
6500K1492   34345364   GLENROTHES Warout Rd adj Lindsay Place
6500K1493   34345624   GLENROTHES Warout Rd opp Lindsay Place
6500K1494   34345485   GLENROTHES Foxton Opp Stenton Pond
6500K1495   34345387   LEVEN Graham Ave Adj Graham Crescent
6500K1496   34345683   KENNOWAY Leven Rd opp Myreside Avenue
6500K1497   34345684   KIRKCALDY Dallas Dr opp Kenmore Terr
6500K1498   34345472   WINDYGATES Milton Road adj Johnston Terrace
6500K1499   34345648   KIRKCALDY Nicol St adj Cloanden Pl
6500K1500   34345735   KIRKCALDY Nicol St opp Cloanden Pl
6500K1501   34328723   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 1)
6500K1502   34328725   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 2)
6500K1503   34328697   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 3)
6500K1504   34328693   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 4)
6500K1505   34328694   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 5)
6500K1506   34328692   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 6)
6500K1507   34328687   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 7)
6500K1508   34328686   LEVEN Bus Station (Stance 8)
6500K1515   34345725   GLENROTHES Lodge Rise opp Aspen Ave
6500K1516   34345723   LEVEN Aitken St adj Parkhill Primary School
6500K1517   34345737   LOWER METHIL South St opp Bawbee Bridge
6500K1518   34345728   METHIL Methilhaven Rd adj Bus Depot
6500K1519   34345758   GLENROTHES Leslie Rd adj Riverside Park
6500K1520   34345789   GLENROTHES Leslie Rd opp Riverside Park (Car Park)
6500K1521   34345765   KIRKCALDY Wilson Ave adj Hazel Ave
6500K1522   34345762   KIRKCALDY Fair Isle Rd adj Davaar Dr
6500K1523   34345849   KIRKCALDY Boglily Rd adj Raith Dr
6500K1524   34345965   KIRKCALDY Robert Adam Drive Adj Michael Nairn Parade
6500K1525   34345964   KIRKCALDY Robert Adam Drive Opp Michael Nairn Parade
6500K1526   34345957   KIRKCALDY Robert Adam Drive Opp Sir Thomas Elder Way
6500K1527   34345958   KIRKCALDY Robert Adam Drive Adj Sir Thomas Elder Way
6500K1528   34345963   KIRKCALDY Robert Adam Drive Opp Rev Shirra St
6500K1529   34345962   KIRKCALDY Robert Adam Drive Adj Rev Shirra St
6500K1530   34345989   GLENROTHES Pitcairn Ave Opp Cromdale Brae
6500K1531   34346245   KIRKCALDY Boglily Rd opp Raith Dr
6500K1532   34346284   LEVEN Windygates Rd opp Levenbank Dr
6500K1533   34346274   LEVEN Windygates Rd adj Levenbank Dr
6500K1534   34346498   KIRKCALDY Esplanade opp School Wynd
6500K1535   34346523   KIRKCALDY Esplanade adj School Wynd
6500K1536   34346527   KIRKCALDY Esplanade opp Hendrys Wynd
6500K1537   34346528   KIRKCALDY Esplanade adj Hendrys Wynd
6500K1538   34346529   KIRKCALDY Esplanade opp Heggies Wynd
6500K1539   34346727   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk adj Ward St
6500K1540   34346728   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk opp Ward St
6500K1541   34346729   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk opp Ruskin Cres
6500K1542   34346732   BUCKHAVEN Den Walk adj Ruskin Cres
6500K1543   34346734   BUCKHAVEN Ward St adj Barncraig St
6500K1544   34347262   KIRKCALDY John Smith Business Park adj MGT
6500K1545   34347263   KIRKCALDY John Smith Business Park Opp MGT
6500K1546   34347264   KIRKCALDY Ostlers Way (West) E-Bound
6500K1547   34347265   KIRKCALDY Ostlers Way (West) W-Bound
6500K1548   34347267   KIRKCALDY Ostlers Way (East) W-Bound
6500K1549   34347268   KIRKCALDY Ostlers Way (East) E-Bound
6500K1550   34346764   KIRKCALDY Ferrard Rd adj Ostlere Rd
6500K1551   34346767   KIRKCALDY Ferrard Rd opp Ostlere Rd
6500K1552   34346769   GLENROTHES Blackwood Rd adj Lochtyview Way
6500K1553   34346782   GLENROTHES Blackwood Rd opp Lochtyview Way
6500K1554   34347235   KIRKCALDY McKenzie Street opp East March Street
6500K1555   34347236   KIRKCALDY McKenzie Street adj East March Street
6500K1556   34347237   GLENROTHES Queensgate Asda Turning Circle
6500K1557   34347246   BURNTISLAND A921 Kinghorn Rd adj Kingswood Hotel
6500K1558   34347247   BURNTISLAND A921 Kinghorn Rd opp Kingswood
6500K1559   34347249   LEVEN Graham Ave opp Graham Crescent
6500K1560   34347253   CLUNY B981 Westbound, Kirkcaldy towards Cardenden
6500K1561   34347257   KIRKCALDY Victoria Road opp Glebe Park
6500K1562   34347269   KIRKCALDY Fife Central Retail Park adj B&Q Superstore
6500K1563   34347272   KIRKCALDY Fife Central Retail Park Adj Boots
6500K1564   34347273   KIRKCALDY Fife Central Retail Park Adj Next
6500K1565   34347287   KIRKCALDY Nicol Street Adj Halleys Court
6500K1566   34347327   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Road Adj Cromarty Court
6500K1567   34347328   GLENROTHES Caskieberran Road opp Cromarty Court
6500K9005   34329628   GLENROTHES Cowal Cres Adj Athol Way HR
6500K9006   34328289   BUCKHAVEN High School Bus Bay HR
6500K9007   34329627   GLENROTHES Cowal Cres Opp Athol Way HR
6500K9030   34328239   GLENROTHES Southfield Ind Est (Crompton Rd Adj Cavendish Way) HR
6500K9034   34328259   GLENROTHES Southfield Ind Est (Crompton Rd Adj Nasmyth Rd) HR
6500K9036   34328256   GLENROTHES Southfield Ind Est (Rutherford Rd Adj Crompton Rd) HR
6500K9037   34328263   GLENROTHES Southfield Ind Est (Rutherford Rd Opp Crompton Rd) HR
6500K9038   34328267   GLENROTHES Southfield Ind Est (Whitworth Rd Adj Faraday Rd) HR
6500K9045   34346725   KIRKCALDY Dunbar Pl Adj Craigievar Gdns
6500K9046   34325982   KIRKCALDY Dunbar Pl Opp Craigievar Gdns
6500K9047   34353289   KIRKCALDY Dunvegan Ave Opp Floors Pl HR
6500K9048   34326297   KIRKCALDY Dunvegan Ave Adj Floors Pl HR
6500K9049   34326262   KIRKCALDY Balmoral Dr Opp Melville Pl HR
6500K9050   34326258   KIRKCALDY Balmoral Dr Adj Melville Pl HR
6500K9055   34326742   KIRKCALDY Appin Cres Opp Cullen Cres HR
6500K9056   34326748   KIRKCALDY Appin Cres Adj Cullen Cres HR
6500K9059   34353287   KIRKCALDY Midfield Rd Opp Muirhead Business Park HR
6500K9060   34327396   KIRKCALDY Mitchelston Dr Adj Merchant Pl HR
6500K9063   34325973   KIRKCALDY Strathallan Dr Adj Dunrobin Rd HR
6500K9064   34325975   KIRKCALDY Strathallan Dr Opp Dunrobin Rd HR
6500K9065   34326542   KIRKCALDY Newliston Dr Opp Wedderburn RdHR
6500K9069   34325683   KIRKCALDY Ramsay Rd adj Barnet Cres
6500K9070   34325896   KIRKCALDY Fife College St Brycedale Campus
6500K9071   34327369   KIRKCALDY Dalmahoy Cres Adj Muirfield St HR
6500K9073   34323232   KIRKCALDY Cowan St Behind Jackie 'O' HR
6500K9078   34326294   KIRKCALDY Ben Alder Pl Adj Ben Nevis Pl HR
6500K9079   34326323   KIRKCALDY Ben Alder Pl Opp Ben Nevis Pl HR
6500K9082   34326236   KIRKCALDY Sauchenbush Rd Adj Ochil Ave HR
6500K9083   34325987   KIRKCALDY Sauchenbush Rd Opp Ochil Ave HR
6500K9084   34345463   KIRKCALDY St Andrews High School
6500K9087   34329797   GLENROTHES Peploe Drive adj Guthrie Court HR
6500K9097   34329293   LEVEN Diageo HR
6500K9098   34329239   LEVEN Post Office Victoria Rd HR
6500K9101   34328265   GLENROTHES Southfield Ind Est (Whitworth Rd Opp Faraday Rd) H&R
6500K9102   34327393   KIRKCALDY Mitchelston Dr Opp Merchant Pl HR
6500K9105   34324549   BURNTISLAND Greenmount Rd North Opp Spence Ave HR
6500K9108   34329452   GLENROTHES Prestonhall Dr Adj Prestonhall Rd HR
6500K9109   34329464   MARKINCH Balbirnie Ave Opp Dunedin Prk HR
6500K9110   34329426   MARKINCH Park Terrace Opp Dunedin Pl HR
6500K9111   34329428   MARKINCH Sweetbank Dr Opp House No 9 HR
6500K9112   34329359   MARKINCH Queens Cres Opp House No 27 HR
6500K9113   34329345   MARKINCH King Edward St Opp Queens Cres HR
6500K9114   34323827   BURNTISLAND Harbour Pl Opp South Hill HR
6500K9115   34324354   BURNTISLAND Greenmount Rd South Opp Ramsay Cres HR
6500K9116   34328946   GLENROTHES Westwood Rd Opp Leven Place HR
6500K9117   34327568   LOCHHEAD FARM (Coaltown of Wemyss) HR
6500K9118   34346362   WOODEND B921 Woodend Park
6500K9123   34346369   MUIRHEAD C48 adj Muirhead West Cottage
6500K9124   34345786   ABERHILL Wellesley Rd Adj Aberhill Primary School
6500K9127   34345787   METHILHILL Lime Grove Adj Laurel Avenue
6500K9135   34346785   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Rd Adj Bennochy View
6500K9136   34346786   KIRKCALDY Bennochy Road Opp Bennochy View
6500K9140   34346938   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 1)
6500K9141   34346939   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 2)
6500K9142   34346942   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 3)
6500K9144   34346943   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 4)
6500K9145   34346945   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 5)
6500K9146   34346946   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 6)
6500K9147   34346947   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 7)
6500K9148   34346948   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 8)
6500K9149   34346949   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 9)
6500K9150   34346835   BUCKHAVEN Erskine St adj Buckhaven Primary School
6500K9151   34346836   BUCKHAVEN Mavis Bank opp Wren St HR
6500K9152   34346952   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School (Stance 10)
6500K9173   34346352   KIRKCALDY Balwearie High School Arrival Bay
6500K9199   34347326   GLENROTHES Lodge Rise Turning Circle
6500K9200   34345483   BANKHEAD OF PITEADIE Opp Farm Cottage HR
6500K9201   34345476   INVERTIEL Opp Farm HR
6500K9202   34346578   MEADOWFIELD Opp West bank Cottage HR
6500K9203   34345467   STENHOUSE Opp West Lodge HR
6500K9204   34345492   CARDENDEN Adj Murrayknowe Farm
6500K9205   34345495   BOWHILL Derran Drive Adj Kirkshotts Terrace HR
6500K9206   34345496   BOWHILL Derran Drive Opp Kirkshots Terrrace HR
6500K9207   34345468   DYSART Stewart Street Adj Edington Place HR
6500K9208   34345682   KINGHORN Eastgate Opp North Overgate HR
6500K9209   34345482   KINGHORN Kilcruik Rd Adj Glebe Place HR
6500K9210   34345489   KIRKCALDY Cullen Crescent Opp Appin Crescent HR
6500K9211   34346575   KIRKCALDY Dallas Drive opp Birnam Road HR
6500K9212   34345426   LEVEN Mountfleurie St Opp Lawrence Drive HR
6500K9213   34345497   METHILHILL Oakvale Road Adj Cedar Avenue HR
6500K9214   34345432   METHILHILL Oakvale Road Adj Bourtree Bank HR
6500K9218   34346856   LOCHHEAD FARM (Coaltown of Wemyss) HR
6500K9222   34346524   GLENROTHES Osprey Rd adj Airport
6500K9223   34346783   GLENROTHES Osprey Rd opp Airport
6500K9234   34346367   Auchterderran Craigside Rd Adj Westfield Terrace
6500K9235   34346368   Auchterderran Craigmead Terrace Adj Derran Drive
6500K9246   34346375   DYSART Normand Rd adj Primary School HR
6500K9250   34346472   COALTOWN OF WEMYSS Primary School
6500K9256   34346292   KIRKCALDY Strathallan Primary School
6500K9258   34345978   METHIL Methil Brae opp Kirkland High School
6500K9259   34345956   METHIL Methil Brae adj Kirkland High School
6500K9285   34345967   GLENROTHES Flemington Rd at Gala Bingo
6500K9286   34346474   KIRKCALDY St Marie's Primary School
6500K9295   34346473   KIRKCALDY East Vows Walk adj Inchview
6500K9296   34346587   KIRKCALDY West Vows Walk Opp Sandwell Cres
6500K9301   34346479   KIRKCALDY Bus Station Arrival Bay
6500K9310   34346379   KIRKCALDY Dunnikier Primary School
6500K9330   34346252   LEVEN Cupar Road adj Coldstream Road End
6500K9331   34346253   LEVEN Cupar Road opp Coldstream Road End
6500K9335   34346249   GLENROTHES Viewfield Road opp Fife Constabulary HQ HR
6500K9336   34346248   GLENROTHES Southfield Ind Es (Crompton Rd Opp Cavendish Way) HR
6500K9337   34346238   KIRKCALDY Hovercraft Terminal
6500K9348   34347325   KENNOWAY Myreside Ave opp Castle Terrace
6500K9351   34346795   Auchterderran Craigside Rd opp Derran Dr
6500K9368   34345984   BUCKHAVEN Victoria Road Opp Lawrence Street HR
6500K9369   34346239   BUCKHAVEN West High Street Adj Harbour HR
6500K9370   34345985   BUCKHAVEN Kinnear Street Adj Station Place
6500K9371   34345953   BUCKHAVEN West Wynd Opp Church of God HR
6500K9448   34346387   BURNTISLAND Lonsdale Cres Adj Neilson Grove
6500K9449   34346796   LEVEN Kennoway Rd opp Wester Durie Cottages
6500K9466   34346854   LEVEN Kennoway Rd adj Wester Durie Cottages
6500K9488   34346848   LEVEN Park Avenue adj Linnwood Gardens
6500K9497   34346378   BURNTISLAND Manse Lane Opp Lonsdale Cres
6500K9500   34347474   KIRKCALDY Newliston Dr Adj Wedderburn Rd HR
6500K9501   34347564   GLENROTHES Flemington Road Adj Bus Depot HR
6500K9503   34348682   GLENROTHES Flemington Rd Opp Bus Depot HR
6500K9504   34348474   BURNTISLAND Piper Cres Opp House No 30 HR
6500K9505   34348626   BURNTISLAND Piper Cres Opp House No 60 HR
6500K9506   34348972   BURNTISLAND Piper Cres Opp Grange Rd HR
6500K9507   34349529   BURNTISLAND Kilmundy Dr Opp House No 46 HR
6500K9508   34349863   BURNTISLAND Bendameer Rd Adj Housing BW HR
6500K9509   34352456   GLENROTHES Lodge Rise adj Aspen Ave
6500K9510   34352656   KIRKCALDY Midfield Rd Adj Muirhead Business Park HR
6500K9511   34353653   KIRKCALDY Mid St Opp West Wynd BW HR
6500K9512   34354645   GLENROTHES Rhynie Rd Opp Magnus Dr HR
6500K9513   34356247   GLENROTHES Magnus Dr Adj Alwyn Green HR
6500K9514   34354254   GLENROTHES Torphins Ave Opp Banchory Green HR
6500K9518   34393892   GLENROTHES Carseggie Cres Opp House No 44 HR
6500K9519   34393678   GLENROTHES Carseggie Cres Adj House No 44 HR
6500K9520   34327434   WEST WEMYSS Main St Adj No 2 HR
6500K9521   34345392   GLENROTHES Scott Road Opp Stevenson Avenue HR
6500K9523   34345357   GLENROTHES Glenwood High School HR
6500K9544   34346735   BUCKHAVEN Ward St opp Barncraig St
6500K9552   34346328   KINGLASSIE B921 Adj Strathruddie Farm
6500K9553   34346329   KINGLASSIE B921 Opp Strathruddie Farm
6500K9566   34345757   EAST WEMYSS Wemysshaven Gardens opp Main Rd
6500K9570   34346858   GLENROTHES Peploe Drive opp Guthrie Court HR
6500K9611   34329478   LESLIE Murray Place opp Church HR
6500K9612   34329479   LESLIE Murray Place Adj Church HR
6500K9613   34329492   LESLIE Mansfield Opp Croft Road HR
6500K9614   34329493   LESLIE Mansfield Adj Croft Road HR
6500K9620   34346543   GLENROTHES Bighty Cres opp Carleton Ave
6500K9621   34346536   GLENROTHES Bighty Cres adj Carleton Ave
6500K9622   34346532   GLENROTHES Carleton Ave adj Carleton Cres
6500K9623   34346537   GLENROTHES Carleton Ave opp Carleton Cres
6500K9624   34346546   GLENROTHES Happer Cres adj Primary School
6500K9625   34346539   GLENROTHES Happer Cres opp Primary School
6500K9626   34346545   GLENROTHES Balbirnie Rd adj Alan McLure House
6500K9627   34346564   KIRKCALDY Ramsay Rd Opp Barnet Cres
6500K9632   34347274   MARKINCH Commercial St Opp Balbirnie St
6500K9647   34346829   WINDYGATES B930 adj Cameron Farm
6500K9648   34346832   WINDYGATES B930 opp Cameron Farm
6500K9666   34346324   KIRKCALDY West Primary School
6500K9685   34346343   KIRKCALDY High School Bus Bay HR
6500K9687   34346294   PUDDLEDUB adj Templehall Cottage
6500K9698   34346297   PUDDLEDUB opp Templehall Cottage
6500K9702   34329356   MARKINCH Selkirk St Adj Haig Business Park HR
6500K9703   34324546   BURNTISLAND Greenmount Rd North Adj Spence Ave HR
6500K9707   34329429   GLENROTHES Prestonhall Dr Opp Prestonhall Rd HR
6500K9708   34328795   GLENROTHES Queen Margaret Dr Adj David Rd HR
6500K9710   34328724   GLENROTHES Alexander Rd Adj Bruce Rd HR
6500K9711   34328784   GLENROTHES Rimbleton Ave Adj Adamson Pl HR
6500K9712   34329246   GLENROTHES Scott Rd Adj Stevenson Ave HR
6500K9713   34329463   MARKINCH Balbirnie Ave Adj Dunedin Prk HR
6500K9715   34329432   MARKINCH Park Terrace Adj Dunedin Pl HR
6500K9717   34329375   MARKINCH Sweetbank Dr Adj House No 9 HR
6500K9718   34329349   MARKINCH McInnes Rd Opp Mackie Cres HR
6500K9719   34329354   MARKINCH Mackie Cres Adj Mackie Gardens HR
6500K9721   34329352   MARKINCH Queens Cres Adj House No 27 HR
6500K9722   34329347   MARKINCH King Edward St Adj Queens Cres HR
6500K9723   34329575   MARKINCH Hill Terrace Opp Hill Pl HR
6500K9724   34329567   MARKINCH Croft Crescent Adj House No 71 HR
6500K9725   34329524   MARKINCH Croft Rd Adj Croft House HR
6500K9727   34324562   BURNTISLAND Fleming Way Opp Bolam Dr HR
6500K9728   34324594   BURNTISLAND Orrock Dr Adj House No 17 HR
6500K9729   34324548   BURNTISLAND Aytoun Cres Adj Landale Pl HR
6500K9731   34323845   BURNTISLAND Somerville St Opp Union St HR
6500K9732   34323839   BURNTISLAND Kirkgate Adj House No 22 HR
6500K9733   34323829   BURNTISLAND Harbour Pl Adj South Hill HR
6500K9734   34323826   BURNTISLAND Forth Pl at Railway Stn HR
6500K9735   34324528   BURNTISLAND Ramsay Cres Adj Macdonald Pl HR
6500K9736   34324379   BURNTISLAND Duncanson Dr Adj House No 16 HR
6500K9737   34324358   BURNTISLAND Greenmount Rd South Adj Ramsay Cres HR
6500K9738   34323989   BURNTISLAND Dick Cres Adj House No 92 HR
6500K9739   34328794   GLENROTHES Eden Cres Adj House No 11 HR
6500K9740   34328958   GLENROTHES Westwood Rd Adj Leven Place HR
6500K9741   34328923   GLENROTHES Bighty Road Adj Tyrie Crescent HR
6500K9742   34328928   GLENROTHES Balgonie Avenue Adj Woodside Way HR
6500K9743   34329234   GLENROTHES Dura Crescent Adj Dura Park HR
6500K9745   34328757   GLENROTHES Bighty Avenue Adj House No 36 HR
6500K9746   34328656   GLENROTHES Carleton Avenue Adj Sythrum Crescent HR
6500K9748   34328685   GLENROTHES The Beeches opp Woodside Walk
6500K9750   34329423   LESLIE Wester Lea Adj House No 10 HR
6500K9751   34329392   LESLIE Spence Drive Adj House No 8 HR
6500K9752   34329437   LESLIE Lomond View Adj House No 24 HR
6500K9753   34329386   LESLIE Kirk Drive Adj House No 9 HR
6500K9754   34329378   LESLIE Hazel Place Adj House No 31 HR
6500K9755   34329383   LESLIE Rothes Park Adj House No 11 HR
6500K9756   34328765   GLENROTHES Bilsland Road Adj Moray Place HR
6500K9757   34328678   GLENROTHES Broom Road Adj Pentland Road HR
6500K9758   34328582   GLENROTHES Ivanhoe Drive Adj House No 107 HR
6500K9759   34328535   GLENROTHES Marmion Drive Adj House No 34 HR
6500K9760   34328524   GLENROTHES Chewton Way Adj Millwood Court HR
6500K9762   34326869   DYSART Edington Place Adj Stewart St HR
6500K9763   34326598   DYSART High Street Adj Victoria Street HR
6500K9764   34326539   DYSART Rectory Lane Adj Monastery HR
6500K9765   34326562   DYSART West Quality Street Adj Hot Pot Wynd HR
6500K9766   34327875   BUCKHAVEN East High Street Adj Lady Wynd HR
6500K9767   34327879   BUCKHAVEN Lady Wynd Adj Rising Sun HR
6500K9768   34327878   BUCKHAVEN Shore Street Adj Lawson Lane HR
6500K9774   34327824   EAST WEMYSS Main Avenue Adj House No 87 HR
6500K9775   34327698   EAST WEMYSS The Barony Adj William Street HR
6500K9776   34327693   EAST WEMYSS William Street Adj Rolland Avenue HR
6500K9777   34327637   EAST WEMYSS East Brae Adj Brackley House HR
6500K9778   34327627   EAST WEMYSS Main Street Adj Back Dykes HR
6500K9779   34327626   EAST WEMYSS West Brae Adj Approach Row HR
6500K9780   34327586   EAST WEMYSS Michael Pl Opp Approach Terr
6500K9781   34323846   BURNTISLAND Beacon Leisure Centre HR
6500K9782   34325648   MOSSMORRAN Adj Chemical Works HR
6500K9783   34323962   BURNTISLAND Broomhill Avenue Adj Lonsdale Crescent HR
6500K9786   34324624   BURNTISLAND Cotburn Cres Opp Shop HR
6500K9789   34328734   GLENROTHES Laxford Road Opp Primary School HR
6500K9791   34327845   EAST WEMYSS McDuff Street Adj House No 22 HR
6500K9792   34328276   GLENROTHES Viewfield Road Adj Fife Constabulary HQ HR
6500K9793   34329279   GLENROTHES Alburne Park Adj Alburne Crescent HR
6500K9795   34329574   GLENROTHES Glenrothes Hospital
6500K9796   34328927   GLENROTHES Auchmuty High School HR
6500K9797   34324976   BERNARDS SMITHY B9157 (westbound) Adj A909 HR
6500K9800   34329678   GLENROTHES Balbirnie Mains HR
6500K9811   34346597   LEVEN Promenade opp Bus Station
6500K9812   34346596   LEVEN Promenade adj Bus Station
6500K9813   34346595   KIRKCALDY Esplanade adj Swimming Pool
6500K9814   34346594   KIRKCALDY Esplanade opp Swimming Pool
6500K9825   34345832   KIRKCALDY A910 adj Hungry Horse Restaurant
6500K9831   34346296   KIRKCALDY Peebles St opp Seafield View
6500K9848   34346846   LEVEN Coldstream Park opp Coldstream Avenue
6500K9849   34346869   LEVEN Coldstream Park adj Coldstream Avenue
6500K9850   34328924   GLENROTHES Bighty Road Opp Tyrie Crescent HR
6500K9851   34328796   GLENROTHES Balgonie Avenue Opp Woodside Way HR
6500K9852   34328959   GLENROTHES Dura Crescent Opp Dura Park HR
6500K9854   34328758   GLENROTHES Bighty Avenue Opp House No 36 HR
6500K9855   34328649   GLENROTHES Carleton Avenue Opp Sythum Crescent HR
6500K9857   34328683   GLENROTHES The Beeches adj Woodside Walk
6500K9858   34328659   GLENROTHES Balbirnie Road Opp Alan McLure House
6500K9859   34328767   GLENROTHES Bilsland Road Opp Moray Place HR
6500K9860   34328676   GLENROTHES Broom Road Opp Pentland Road HR
6500K9861   34328576   GLENROTHES Ivanhoe Drive Opp House No 107 HR
6500K9862   34328528   GLENROTHES Marmion Drive Opp House No 34 HR
6500K9863   34328476   GLENROTHES Chewton Way Opp Millwood Court HR
6500K9864   34328748   GLENROTHES Laxford Road Adj Primary School HR
6500K9865   34326795   DYSART Edington Place Opp Stewart St HR
6500K9866   34326547   DYSART West Qulaity Street Opp Hot Pot Wynd HR
6500K9867   34326545   DYSART Rectory Lane Opp Monastery HR
6500K9868   34326596   DYSART High Street Opp Victoria Street HR
6500K9869   34327894   BUCKHAVEN East High Street Opp Lady Wynd Hr
6500K9870   34327892   BUCKHAVEN Lady Wynd Opp Rising Sun HR
6500K9871   34327863   BUCKHAVEN Shore Street Opp Lawson Lane HR
6500K9872   34327857   BUCKHAVEN West High Street Opp Harbour HR
6500K9873   34327862   BUCKHAVEN West Wynd Adj Church of God HR
6500K9874   34327864   BUCKHAVEN Randolph Street Opp Factory Road HR
6500K9875   34327873   BUCKHAVEN Victoria Road Adj Lawrence Street HR
6500K9876   34327897   BUCKHAVEN Kinnear Street Opp Station Place
6500K9877   34327827   EAST WEMYSS Main Avenue Opp House No 87 HR
6500K9878   34327685   EAST WEMYSS The Barony Opp William Street HR
6500K9879   34327692   EAST WEMYSS William Street Opp Rolland Avenue HR
6500K9880   34327636   EAST WEMYSS East Brae Opp Brackley House HR
6500K9881   34327624   EAST WEMYSS Main Street Opp Back Dykes HR
6500K9882   34327597   EAST WEMYSS West Brae Opp Approach Row HR
6500K9883   34327834   EAST WEMYSS McDuff Street Opp House No 22/24 HR
6500K9892   34323857   BURNTISLAND Melville Gdns Adj Shepherd Cres HR
6500K9893   34323862   BURNTISLAND Rossend Ter Opp Durie Park HR
6500K9894   34323843   BURNTISLAND Rossend Ter Adj Durie Park HR
6500K9895   34324582   BURNTISLAND Nicol Dr Opp Spence Dr HR
6500K9899   34345486   BURNTISLAND East Leven St adj Parish Church
6500K9900   34345457   INVERTIEL Adj Farm Road End HR
6500K9901   34345424   BANKHEAD OF PITEADIE Adj Farm Cottages HR
6500K9902   34345269   KILRIE Adj Cottage HR
6500K9903   34345435   Meadowfield Opp West Bank Cottage HR
6500K9904   34345369   STENHOUSE Farm Adj West Lodge HR
6500K9905   34345292   GLENROTHES Tofthill Drive Opp Road End HR
6500K9921   34346487   GLENROTHES Bus Station Arrival Bay
6500K9922   34346478   GLENROTHES Bus Station Arrival Bay (Stance 9 - 16)
6500K9951   34346475   LEVEN Bus Station Arrival Bay
6500K9952   34346598   LESLIE Wester Lea opp House No 10 HR
6500K9954   34346485   LEVEN St Agathas Primary School
6500K9970   34346383   KIRKCALDY Hunter St Adj Bus Station
6500K9991   34346342   DUNDONALD Main Road Adj Lady Helen Cottages
6500N0001   34343634   NEWBURGH High St Adj West Port Rd
6500N0003   34343637   NEWBURGH High St Adj No 143/145
6500N0004   34343643   NEWBURGH High St Opp Hill Road
6500N0005   34343638   NEWBURGH High St Adj Royal Bank of Scotland
6500N0006   34343645   NEWBURGH Cupar Rd Opp Tay St
6500N0007   34343649   NEWBURGH Cupar Rd Adj Tay St
6500N0008   34343642   NEWBURGH Cupar Rd Opp Melville Pl
6500N0009   34343636   NEWBURGH Cupar Rd Adj Abbey Garage
6500N0010   34343589   DEN OF LINDORES A913 Adj B936
6500N0011   34343593   DEN OF LINDORES A913 Opp B936
6500N0012   34343586   LINDORES A913 Adj B937
6500N0013   34343587   LINDORES A913 Opp B937
6500N0014   34343536   GRANGE OF LINDORES Opp Road End (B936)
6500N0015   34343625   GRANGE OF LINDORES Road End (B936)
6500N0016   34342539   GATESIDE A91(T) Opp Primary School
6500N0017   34342538   GATESIDE A91(T) Adj Primary School
6500N0018   34342547   GATESIDE A91(T) Opp A912 (Perth Rd)
6500N0019   34342545   GATESIDE A91(T) Adj A912 (Perth Rd)
6500N0020   34342549   GATESIDE A91(T) Opp Gateside House
6500N0021   34342546   GATESIDE A91(T) Adj Gateside House
6500N0022   34342625   STRATHMIGLO High St Adj Sandygates
6500N0023   34342598   STRATHMIGLO High St Opp West Rd
6500N0024   34342597   STRATHMIGLO High St Adj West Rd
6500N0025   34342596   STRATHMIGLO High St Opp Station Rd
6500N0026   34342587   STRATHMIGLO High St Adj Station Rd
6500N0027   34342746   AUCHTERMUCHTY Newburgh Rd Opp No 7
6500N0028   34342738   AUCHTERMUCHTY Newburgh Rd Opp Mournipea
6500N0029   34342725   AUCHTERMUCHTY Newburgh Rd Adj Mournipea
6500N0030   34342723   AUCHTERMUCHTY Burnside Adj Bondgate
6500N0031   34342724   AUCHTERMUCHTY Burnside Opp Bondgate
6500N0032   34342695   AUCHTERMUCHTY Burnside Adj Bank of Scotland
6500N0033   34342693   AUCHTERMUCHTY Burnside Opp Bank of Scotland
6500N0034   34342687   AUCHTERMUCHTY Low Rd Adj High St
6500N0035   34342685   AUCHTERMUCHTY Low Rd Opp High St
6500N0036   34342682   AUCHTERMUCHTY Low Rd Adj Stratheden Pl
6500N0037   34342679   AUCHTERMUCHTY Low Rd adj Crosshills
6500N0038   34342678   AUCHTERMUCHTY Station Rd Adj Calsay Gdns
6500N0039   34342694   AUCHTERMUCHTY Cupar Rd Adj Bow Rd
6500N0040   34342697   AUCHTERMUCHTY Cupar Rd Adj No 5
6500N0041   34342647   DUNSHALT Auchtermuchty Road Opp No 1-7
6500N0042   34342646   DUNSHALT Auchtermuchty Road Adj No 1-7
6500N0043   34342643   DUNSHALT Ladybank Rd Opp The Wynd
6500N0044   34342642   DUNSHALT Ladybank Rd Adj The Wynd
6500N0045   34342634   DUNSHALT Main Street Adj The Wynd
6500N0046   34342628   DUNSHALT Main Street Opp Chapel Rd
6500N0047   34343726   LUTHRIE Q47 Adj Playing Fields
6500N0048   34343725   LUTHRIE Q47 Opp Playing Field
6500N0049   34343828   GAULDRY Main Rd Adj Bridieswell Gdns
6500N0050   34343827   GAULDRY Main Road Adj Maryknowe
6500N0051   34343832   GAULDRY Main Rd Adj Windmill Rd
6500N0052   34343845   WORMIT Kilmany Rd Adj No 47
6500N0053   34343846   WORMIT Kilmany Rd Opp No 45
6500N0054   34343852   WORMIT Naughton Rd Adj No 20
6500N0055   34343853   WORMIT Naughton Rd Opp No 16
6500N0056   34343856   WORMIT Naughton Rd Opp Mount Stewart Rd
6500N0057   34343857   WORMIT Naughton Rd Adj Mount Stewart Rd
6500N0058   34343863   WORMIT Riverside Rd Adj No 7
6500N0059   34343864   WORMIT Riverside Rd Adj No 12
6500N0060   34343867   WORMIT Riverside Rd Opp Birkhill Avenue
6500N0061   34343868   WORMIT Riverside Rd Adj Birkhill Ave
6500N0062   34343873   WORMIT Riverside Rd Opp Primary School
6500N0063   34343869   WORMIT Riverside Rd Adj Flass Rd
6500N0064   34343878   NEWPORT St Fort Rd Opp No 2/4
6500N0065   34343876   NEWPORT St Fort Rd Adj No 2/4
6500N0066   34343923   NEWPORT Kinbrae Park Turning Circle
6500N0067   34343895   NEWPORT West Rd Adj Cuthberts Rd
6500N0068   34343896   NEWPORT West Rd Opp Cuthberts Rd
6500N0069   34343924   NEWPORT Boat Brae near West Rd
6500N0070   34343928   NEWPORT Boat Rd Adj Boat Brae
6500N0071   34343935   NEWPORT Tay St Opp Robert St
6500N0072   34343934   NEWPORT Tay St Adj Robert St
6500N0073   34343937   NEWPORT High St Adj Cupar Rd
6500N0074   34343983   NEWPORT Tay Street Opp Bank Street
6500N0075   34343952   NEWPORT Tay Street Adj Bank Street
6500N0076   34343986   TAY ROAD BRIDGE Access Road Opp Car Park
6500N0077   34343989   TAY ROAD BRIDGE Access Road Adj Car Park
6500N0078   34343929   NEWPORT Cupar Rd Adj Station Brae
6500N0079   34343936   NEWPORT Cupar Rd Opp Station Brae
6500N0080   34345245   TAYPORT Newport Rd Adj Cemetery
6500N0081   34345243   TAYPORT Newport Rd Opp Cemetery
6500N0082   34345247   TAYPORT Newport Rd Opp Scotscraig Drive
6500N0083   34345246   TAYPORT Newport Rd Adj Scotscraig Drive
6500N0084   34345248   TAYPORT Albert St Adj Quarry Rd Track
6500N0085   34345252   TAYPORT Albert St Opp Quarry Rd (Track)
6500N0086   34345253   TAYPORT Albert St Opp Braid Rd
6500N0087   34345249   TAYPORT Albert St Adj Braid Rd
6500N0088   34345235   TAYPORT William St Adj Victoria Road
6500N0089   34345234   TAYPORT William St Opp Victoria Road
6500N0090   34343978   TAYPORT Queen St Opp Maitland Street
6500N0091   34343979   TAYPORT Queen St Adj Maitland Street
6500N0092   34343962   TAYPORT Queen St Adj Banknowe Drive
6500N0093   34343956   TAYPORT Queen St Opp Banknowe Drive
6500N0094   34343976   TAYPORT Maitland Street Opp Nelson Street
6500N0095   34343967   TAYPORT Elizabeth St Adj Queen St
6500N0096   34343972   TAYPORT Nelson St Adj No 22/24
6500N0097   34343954   TAYPORT Shanwell Rd Adj Golf Cres
6500N0098   34343957   TAYPORT Shanwell Rd Opp Golf Cres
6500N0099   34343953   TAYPORT Elizabeth St Opp Ogilvy Pl
6500N0100   34343785   KILMANY A914 (Northbound)
6500N0101   34343759   BALMULLO Hayston Park Adj Smithy Rd
6500N0102   34343753   BALMULLO School Rd Adj Dunedin Park
6500N0104   34343746   BALMULLO Main Rd Adj Lucklaw Rd
6500N0105   34343745   BALMULLO Main Rd Opp Lucklaw Rd
6500N0106   34343754   BALMULLO Main Rd Opp Murray Row
6500N0107   34343756   BALMULLO Main Rd Adj Murray Row
6500N0108   34343762   LEUCHARS Main St Turning Circle
6500N0109   34343769   LEUCHARS Main St Adj School Hill
6500N0110   34343783   LEUCHARS Main St Adj Fern Pl
6500N0111   34343782   LEUCHARS Main St Opp Fern Pl
6500N0112   34343767   LEUCHARS Station Rd Adj St Bunyan's Place
6500N0113   34343768   LEUCHARS Station Rd Opp St Bunyans Pl
6500N0114   34343752   LEUCHARS Station Road Adj Rail Station
6500N0115   34343747   LEUCHARS Station Road Opp Rail Station
6500N0118   34343729   GUARDBRIDGE Main St Adj Toll Rd
6500N0119   34343732   GUARDBRIDGE Main St Opp Toll Rd
6500N0120   34343727   GUARDBRIDGE Main St Opp Innerbridge St
6500N0121   34343728   GUARDBRIDGE Main St Adj Innerbridge St
6500N0122   34343697   GUARDBRIDGE Main Street Adj Ashgrove Buildings
6500N0123   34343698   GUARDBRIDGE Main St Opp Ashgrove Buildings
6500N0124   34343694   GUARDBRIDGE Main St Opp Post Office
6500N0125   34343693   GUARDBRIDGE Main St Adj A91(T)
6500N0126   34343689   GUARDBRIDGE Cupar Rd Opp Main St
6500N0127   34343692   GUARDBRIDGE Cupar Rd Adj Main St
6500N0128   34343624   DAIRSIE Main St Adj Park
6500N0129   34343623   DAIRSIE Main St Opp Park
6500N0130   34343594   DAIRSIE Main St Adj Primary School
6500N0131   34343592   DAIRSIE Main St Opp Primary School
6500N0132   34342852   LETHAM A914 Adj Village Access
6500N0133   34342873   LETHAM The Row Adj Village Centre
6500N0134   34342949   CUPAR Burnside North Adj Back Lebanon
6500N0135   34342935   CUPAR Balgarvie Rd Opp Balgarvie Cres
6500N0136   34342937   CUPAR Balgarvie Rd Adj Balgarvie Cres
6500N0137   34342879   CUPAR Carslogie Rd Adj Elmwood College
6500N0138   34342876   CUPAR Carslogie Rd Opp Elmwood College
6500N0139   34342895   CUPAR Carslogie Rd Adj Police Station
6500N0140   34342893   CUPAR Carslogie Rd Adj West Park Rd
6500N0141   34342865   CUPAR Westpark Rd Adj Bell Baxter High School
6500N0142   34342869   CUPAR Westfield Ave Adj No 49
6500N0143   34342862   CUPAR Westfield Rd Adj School Playfields
6500N0144   34342856   CUPAR Maitland Dr Adj Westfield Rd
6500N0145   34342924   CUPAR West Port Adj Balgarvie Road
6500N0146   34342897   CUPAR West Port Opp Balgarvie Road
6500N0147   34342925   CUPAR Bonnygate Opp Provost Wynd
6500N0148   34342926   CUPAR Bonnygate Adj Provost Wynd
6500N0151   34342923   CUPAR Crossgate (Stance A)
6500N0152   34342892   CUPAR Crossgate (Stance C)
6500N0153   34342973   CUPAR A91 adj Trading Estate (westbound)
6500N0154   34342857   CUPAR South Rd Adj Riggs Pl
6500N0155   34342853   CUPAR South Rd Opp Riggs Pl
6500N0156   34342936   CUPAR East Rd Adj Bowling Green Rd
6500N0157   34342939   CUPAR East Rd Opp Bowling Green Rd
6500N0158   34342948   CUPAR East Rd Adj Thomastoun Dr
6500N0159   34342947   CUPAR East Rd Opp Thomastoun Dr
6500N0160   34342835   CUPAR South Rd Adj Cow Brae
6500N0161   34342838   CUPAR South Rd Adj Ceres Rd
6500N0162   34342832   CUPAR Ceres Rd Adj Primary School
6500N0163   34342828   CUPAR Ceres Rd Opp Primary School
6500N0164   34342796   CUPAR MUIR Cupar Rd Adj No 1-4
6500N0165   34342793   CUPAR MUIR Cupar Rd Opp Housing (Kyleakin)
6500N0166   34342829   STRATHEDEN A91(T) Opp Stratheden Access
6500N0167   34342825   STRATHEDEN A91(T) Adj Stratheden Access
6500N0168   34342787   STRATHEDEN Stratheden Park Adj No 7
6500N0169   34342786   STRATHEDEN Stratheden Park Opp No 7
6500N0170   34342794   STRATHEDEN Stratheden Park Adj No 25
6500N0171   34342795   STRATHEDEN Stratheden Park Opp No 27
6500N0172   34342756   BOW OF FIFE Westbound East of junction
6500N0173   34342753   BOW OF FIFE Eastbound West of junction
6500N0174   34342749   STRATHEDEN C31 Adj Hospital Access
6500N0175   34342748   STRATHEDEN C31 Opp Hospital Access
6500N0176   34342686   SPRINGFIELD A914 (Cupar Rd) Opp Village Access
6500N0177   34342734   SPRINGFIELD Main St Adj Primary School
6500N0178   34342732   SPRINGFIELD Main St Opp Primary School
6500N0179   34342728   SPRINGFIELD Station Rd Adj War Memorial
6500N0180   34342726   SPRINGFIELD Station Road Opp War Memorial
6500N0181   34342698   SPRINGFIELD Station Road Adj Police Station
6500N0182   34342696   SPRINGFIELD Station Road Opp Police Station
6500N0183   34342645   CRAIGROTHIE Ceres Rd Adj Westlea
6500N0184   34342639   CRAIGROTHIE Ceres Rd Adj Cupar Rd
6500N0186   34342627   CRAIGROTHIE A916 Opp Chance Inn Access
6500N0187   34342626   CRAIGROTHIE A916 Adj Chance Inn Access
6500N0188   34342736   CERES Cupar Road Opp Gladney
6500N0189   34342727   CERES Cupar Rd Adj Wemysshall Rd
6500N0190   34342692   CERES Main St Adj Meldrums Hotel
6500N0191   34342689   CERES Main St Opp Meldrums Hotel
6500N0192   34342683   CERES St Andrews Rd Adj Main St
6500N0193   34342684   CERES St Andrews Rd Opp Main St
6500N0194   34343489   STRATHKINNESS High Rd Adj Main St
6500N0195   34343478   STRATHKINNESS Main St Adj Church Road
6500N0196   34343476   STRATHKINNESS Main St Opp Church Road
6500N0197   34343437   STRATHKINNESS Main St Opp Sunnyside
6500N0198   34343435   STRATHKINNESS Main St Adj Sunnyside
6500N0199   34343487   STRATHKINNESS High Rd Adj Church Rd
6500N0200   34343482   STRATHKINNESS Sunnyside Adj Church Rd
6500N0201   34343464   ST ANDREWS Buchanan Gdns Adj Middleshade Rd
6500N0202   34343457   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns Adj No 49
6500N0203   34343456   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns Adj No 96
6500N0204   34343475   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns Adj Donaldson Gdns
6500N0205   34343485   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns Opp Donaldson Gardens
6500N0206   34343494   ST ANDREWS Argyle St Adj Argyle Ct
6500N0207   34343495   ST ANDREWS Argyle St Opp Argyle Ct
6500N0208   34343573   ST ANDREWS City Road near Bus Station
6500N0209   34343582   ST ANDREWS Pilmour Links Adj Gibson Pl
6500N0210   34343583   ST ANDREWS Pilmour Links Opp Gibson Pl
6500N0211   34343578   ST ANDREWS A91 Cupar Rd Adj Golf Course Access
6500N0212   34343575   ST ANDREWS A91 Cupar Rd Opp Golf Course Access
6500N0215   34343567   ST ANDREWS South St Opp Abbey St
6500N0216   34343497   ST ANDREWS Abbey St Opp Byre Theatre
6500N0217   34343524   ST ANDREWS Abbey St Adj Byre Theatre
6500N0218   34343486   ST ANDREWS Abbey Walk Adj Cosmos Centre
6500N0219   34343484   ST ANDREWS Abbey Walk adj The Shore
6500N0220   34343479   ST ANDREWS Abbey Walk opp The Shore
6500N0221   34343474   ST ANDREWS St Mary St Adj Albany Park
6500N0222   34343472   ST ANDREWS Langlands Rd Opp No 9-15
6500N0223   34343458   ST ANDREWS Langlands Rd Opp Watson Ave
6500N0224   34343438   ST ANDREWS Langlands Rd Adj Watson Ave
6500N0225   34343459   ST ANDREWS Nelson St Adj No 12
6500N0226   34343468   ST ANDREWS Bridge St Adj Nelson St
6500N0227   34343483   ST ANDREWS Bridge St Opp Kinnessburn Rd
6500N0229   34343436   ST ANDREWS Largo Rd Adj Claybraes
6500N0230   34343286   ST ANDREWS The Canongate Adj Learmonth Pl
6500N0231   34343252   ST ANDREWS The Cannongate Adj John Knox Rd
6500N0232   34343247   ST ANDREWS Bogward Rd Opp John Knox Rd
6500N0233   34342984   ST ANDREWS John Knox Rd Adj Winram Pl
6500N0234   34342983   ST ANDREWS John Knox Rd Opp Winram Pl
6500N0235   34342986   ST ANDREWS Bogward Rd Opp Leonard Gdns
6500N0236   34343245   ST ANDREWS Bogward Rd Opp Windsor Gdns
6500N0237   34343253   ST ANDREWS Bogward Rd Adj Radernie Pl
6500N0238   34343258   ST ANDREWS Bogward Rd Opp Radernie Pl
6500N0239   34343278   ST ANDREWS Lawmill Gdns Adj No 52 (Bogward)
6500N0241   34343279   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns Adj Bogward Rd
6500N0242   34343425   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns Opp Balnacarron House
6500N0243   34343295   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns Adj Balnacarron House
6500N0244   34342523   KINGSKETTLE B9129 Adj Shorehead
6500N0246   34343283   ST ANDREWS Broomfaulds Ave Adj Horseleys Park
6500N0247   34343284   ST ANDREWS Broomfaulds Ave Opp Horseleys Park
6500N0248   34342987   ST ANDREWS John Knox Rd Opp Crawford Gdns
6500N0249   34343236   ST ANDREWS John Knox Rd Adj Crawford Gdns
6500N0250   34343434   ST ANDREWS Largo Rd Opp Claybraes
6500N0251   34343262   ST ANDREWS Largo Rd Adj Broomfaulds Ave
6500N0252   34343256   ST ANDREWS Largo Rd Opp Broomfaulds Ave
6500N0253   34343424   ST ANDREWS Pipeland Rd Adj Lamond Dr
6500N0254   34343276   ST ANDREWS Pipeland Rd Opp Health Centre
6500N0255   34343296   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Adj No 158-164
6500N0256   34343293   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Adj No 197/199
6500N0257   34343427   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Adj Langlands Rd
6500N0258   34343298   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Opp Langlands Rd
6500N0259   34343429   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Adj Dunolly Pl
6500N0260   34343426   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Adj Warrack St
6500N0261   34343432   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Adj Woodburn Ter
6500N0262   34343428   ST ANDREWS Lamond Dr Opp Woodburn Ter
6500N0263   34343287   ST ANDREWS Sandyhill Rd Adj Lamond Dr
6500N0264   34343248   ST ANDREWS Roundhill Rd Adj Allen Place
6500N0265   34343237   ST ANDREWS Scooniehill Rd Adj Wishart Gdns
6500N0266   34342989   ST ANDREWS Scooniehill Rd Opp Wishart Gdns
6500N0267   34343242   ST ANDREWS Scooniehill Rd Adj Fordyce Court BW
6500N0268   34343238   ST ANDREWS Scooniehill Rd Opp Fordyce Ct
6500N0269   34343267   ST ANDREWS Tom Morris Dr Adj Sandyhill Rd
6500N0270   34343269   ST ANDREWS Tom Morris Dr Opp Hamilton Ave
6500N0271   34343265   ST ANDREWS Tom Morris Dr Adj Hamilton Ave
6500N0272   34343273   ST ANDREWS Tom Morris Dr Adj Pipeland Rd
6500N0273   34343268   ST ANDREWS Tom Morris Dr Opp Pipeland Rd
6500N0274   34342737   KINGSBARNS Main St Adj The Square
6500N0275   34342735   KINGSBARNS Main St Opp The Square
6500N0276   34342432   LARGOWARD B941 (Cupar Rd) Opp Durham Pl
6500N0277   34342435   LARGOWARD B941 Cupar Rd Adj Durham Pl
6500N0278   34342436   LARGOWARD A915 St Andrews Rd Adj Police Station
6500N0279   34342434   LARGOWARD A915 (St Andrews Rd) Opp Police Station
6500N0280   34342565   PITLESSIE A914 (Cupar Rd) Adj The Wynd
6500N0281   34342564   PITLESSIE A914 (Cupar Rd) Opp The Wynd
6500N0282   34342524   KINGSKETTLE Main St Adj South St
6500N0283   34342527   KINGSKETTLE Ladybank Road Adj No 2
6500N0284   34342528   KINGSKETTLE Ladybank Road Opp No 2
6500N0285   34342495   KINGSKETTLE South St Adj Main St
6500N0286   34342496   KINGSKETTLE South St Opp Main St
6500N0287   34342475   KINGSKETTLE Rumdewan Ter Adj Haughfield Ter
6500N0288   34342469   KINGSKETTLE Rumdewan Ter Opp Haughfield Ter
6500N0289   34342437   KETTLEBRIDGE Back Park Adj A92 (Cupar Rd)
6500N0290   34342439   KETTLEBRIDGE Back Park Adj Housing (Glenvue)
6500N0291   34342463   KETTLEBRIDGE Cupar Rd Adj Mid St
6500N0292   34342462   KETTLEBRIDGE Cupar Rd Opp Mid St
6500N0293   34342486   KETTLEBRIDGE A92 (Cupar Rd) Opp Q68 junction
6500N0294   34342624   LADYBANK Melville Rd Adj Beech Avenue
6500N0295   34342623   LADYBANK Melville Rd Opp Beech Avenue
6500N0296   34342589   LADYBANK Melville Rd Adj Hill St
6500N0297   34342593   LADYBANK Melville Rd Adj Lorne St
6500N0298   34342595   LADYBANK Church St Adj Church
6500N0299   34342594   LADYBANK Church St Adj Lomond Loan
6500N0302   34342578   LADYBANK Church St Opp Primary School
6500N0303   34342579   LADYBANK Church St Adj Primary School
6500N0304   34342575   LADYBANK Victoria Rd Adj Rail Station
6500N0305   34342576   LADYBANK Victoria Rd Opp Rail Station
6500N0306   34342567   LADYBANK Commercial Rd Adj Church St
6500N0307   34342569   LADYBANK Commercial Rd Opp Church St
6500N0308   34342427   FALKLAND Newton Rd Opp Lomond Cres
6500N0309   34342428   FALKLAND Pleasance Adj Primary School
6500N0310   34342453   FALKLAND New Road Opp East Port (for Palace)
6500N0311   34342468   FALKLAND New Road Adj East Port (Palace)
6500N0312   34342423   FREUCHIE High St Adj Dyke Side
6500N0313   34342393   FREUCHIE High St Adj Lomond Rd
6500N0314   34342394   FREUCHIE High St Opp Muir Road
6500N0315   34342392   FREUCHIE Road End (A92 Adj Road End)
6500N0316   34342387   FREUCHIE Road End (A92 Opp Road End)
6500N0317   34342482   CRAIL St Andrews Rd Adj Bow Butts
6500N0318   34342474   CRAIL St Andrews Rd Opp Bow Butts
6500N0319   34342478   CRAIL St Andrews Rd Adj Garage
6500N0320   34342472   CRAIL St Andrews Rd Opp Garage
6500N0321   34342467   CRAIL High St Opp Post Office
6500N0322   34342459   CRAIL High St Opp Shoregate
6500N0323   34342473   CRAIL Anstruther Rd Adj Temple Cres
6500N0324   34342429   CRAIL Anstruther Rd Opp Temple Cres
6500N0325   34342368   KILRENNY A917 (Crail Rd) Opp Main St
6500N0326   34342367   KILRENNY A917 (Crail Rd) Adj Main St
6500N0327   34342362   CELLARDYKE Crail Rd Opp Windmill Rd
6500N0328   34342363   CELLARDYKE Crail Rd Adj Windmill Rd
6500N0329   34342349   CELLARDYKE Toll Road Opp Holiday Village
6500N0330   34342348   CELLARDYKE Toll Road Adj Holiday Village
6500N0331   34342347   CELLARDYKE Fowler Pl Adj March Cres
6500N0332   34342346   CELLARDYKE Fowler Pl Opp March Cres
6500N0333   34329896   ANSTRUTHER Burnside Ter Opp School Rd
6500N0334   34329894   CELLARDYKE Burnside Ter Adj School Rd
6500N0335   34329868   ANSTRUTHER East Shore Adj Fisheries Museum
6500N0336   34329863   ANSTRUTHER East Shore Opp Fisheries Museum
6500N0337   34329892   ANSTRUTHER Shore Street Adj Cunzie St
6500N0338   34329893   ANSTRUTHER Shore Street Opp Cunzie Street
6500N0339   34329898   ANSTRUTHER High St Adj St Andrews Rd
6500N0340   34342328   ANSTRUTHER St Andrews Rd Adj Waid Academy
6500N0341   34329865   ANSTRUTHER Pittenweem Rd Adj Crichton St
6500N0342   34329864   ANSTRUTHER Pittenweem Rd Opp Crichton St
6500N0343   34329839   ANSTRUTHER Pittenweem Rd Adj Bankwell Rd
6500N0344   34329832   ANSTRUTHER Pittenweem Rd Opp Bankwell Rd
6500N0345   34329742   PITTENWEEM Milton Pl Adj Milton Rd
6500N0346   34329739   PITTENWEEM Milton Pl Opp Milton Rd
6500N0347   34329679   PITTENWEEM Tollcross Adj University Ave
6500N0348   34329689   PITTENWEEM Tollcross Adj Charles St
6500N0349   34329537   ST MONANS Elm Grove Adj Caravan Park
6500N0350   34329545   ST MONANS Elm Grove Opp Caravan Park
6500N0351   34329536   ST MONANS Elm Grove Opp Station Rd
6500N0352   34329532   ST MONANS Elm Grove Adj Station Rd
6500N0353   34328529   ELIE High St Adj Wadeslea
6500N0354   34328545   ELIE High St Opp Wadeslea
6500N0355   34328484   ELIE High St Adj Church
6500N0356   34328479   ELIE High St Adj Rankeillor St
6500N0357   34328594   ELIE Park Pl Adj Woodside Rd
6500N0358   34328624   ELIE Park Pl Opp Woodside Rd
6500N0359   34328458   EARLSFERRY Williamsburgh Adj Ferry Rd
6500N0360   34328462   EARLSFERRY Williamsburgh Opp Ferry Rd
6500N0361   34329584   KILCONQUHAR Main St Adj Balbuthie Road
6500N0362   34329594   KILCONQUHAR Main St Opp Balbuthie Road
6500N0363   34329565   KILCONQUHAR Main St Adj Church
6500N0364   34329568   KILCONQUHAR Main St Opp War Memorial
6500N0365   34329869   COLINSBURGH Main St Adj Fairfield Rd
6500N0366   34329873   COLINSBURGH Main St Opp Fairfield Rd
6500N0367   34329859   COLINSBURGH Main St Adj North Wynd
6500N0368   34329858   COLINSBURGH Main St Opp North Wynd
6500N0369   34329785   LUNDIN LINKS Largo Rd Adj Durham Wynd
6500N0370   34329786   LUNDIN LINKS Largo Rd Opp Durham Wynd
6500N0371   34329792   LUNDIN LINKS Largo Rd Adj Harbour Wynd
6500N0372   34329794   LUNDIN LINKS Largo Rd Opp Harbour Wynd
6500N0373   34329793   LUNDIN LINKS Largo Rd Adj Police Station
6500N0374   34329784   LUNDIN LINKS Largo Rd Opp Police Station
6500N0375   34329749   LOWER LARGO Harbour Wynd Adj Station Park
6500N0376   34329748   LOWER LARGO Harbour Wynd Opp Station Park
6500N0377   34329676   LOWER LARGO Harbour Wynd Adj Station Wynd
6500N0378   34329685   LOWER LARGO Harbour Wynd Opp Station Wynd
6500N0379   34329659   LOWER LARGO Drummochy Rd Adj Drum Lodge
6500N0380   34329726   LUNDIN LINKS Emsdorf Rd Adj Woodlands Rd
6500N0381   34329686   LUNDIN LINKS Emsdorf Rd Opp Woodlands Rd
6500N0382   34329743   LUNDIN LINKS Leven Rd Adj Crescent Rd
6500N0383   34329752   LUNDIN LINKS Leven Rd Opp Crescent Rd
6500N0384   34329736   LUNDIN LINKS Leven Rd Adj Bowling Green
6500N0385   34329696   LUNDIN LINKS Leven Rd Adj No 60
6500N0386   34329693   LUNDIN LINKS Leven Rd Adj Old Manor
6500N0387   34329876   UPPER LARGO Main St Adj Simpson Institute
6500N0388   34329872   UPPER LARGO Main St Opp Simpson Institute
6500N0389   34329867   UPPER LARGO Main St Adj St Andrews Rd (opp Newsagents)
6500N0390   34329857   UPPER LARGO Main St Opp St Andrews Rd (adj Newsagents)
6500N0391   34342484   BURNSIDE A91(T) Eastbound
6500N0392   34342483   BURNSIDE A91(T) Westbound
6500N0393   34342826   BOARHILLS A917 Adj Village Access
6500N0394   34342827   BOARHILLS A917 Opp Village Access
6500N0395   34343659   CLAYTON Caravan Park (A91 near Dairsie)
6500N0396   34345493   LADYBANK A914(T) Opp Annsmuir Caravan Park
6500N0397   34342767   BOW OF FIFE Scottish Deer Centre (A91 Eastbound)
6500N0398   34343493   CUPAR A913 (Newburgh) Adj C24
6500N0399   34343492   CUPAR A913 (Newburgh) Opp C24
6500N0400   34342426   NEWTON OF FALKLAND Main St Adj Phone Box
6500N0401   34342425   NEWTON OF FALKLAND Main St Adj Malt Bar Inn
6500N0402   34343849   FORGAN SMITHY A92 Adj Forgan (Smithy) Garage Opp junction Q3
6500N0403   34342583   PEAT INN B940 North Adj The Peat Inn junction
6500N0404   34342582   PEAT INN B940 South The Peat Inn junction
6500N0405   34342574   PEAT INN Main St Adj The Cats Whiskers
6500N0406   34342572   PEAT INN Main St Opp The Cats Whiskers
6500N0407   34343848   WORMIT Kilmany Rd Adj Beehive Works
6500N0408   34343847   WORMIT Kilmany Rd opp Beehive Works
6500N0409   34343835   BALMERINO C64 Adj Balmernio/Gauldry junction
6500N0410   34342863   BLEBO CRAIGS Road End B939 Westbound
6500N0411   34342783   PITSCOTTIE B939 (St Andrews Rd) Opp Phone Box
6500N0412   34342752   MELVILLE LODGE A91(T) (Roundabout) Adj Roundabout
6500N0413   34342759   COLLESSIE A91 Adj B937
6500N0414   34342934   ST ANDREWS Craigtoun Park Road End
6500N0415   34342978   ST ANDREWS C65 Opp Craigtoun Caravan Park BW
6500N0417   34343249   ST ANDREWS Shoolbraids Adj Freddie Tait St
6500N0418   34343285   ST ANDREWS Pipeland Rd Adj Health Centre
6500N0421   34342762   COLLESSIE A91 Opp B937
6500N0422   34342864   BLEBO CRAIGS Road End B939 Eastbound
6500N0424   34342563   LATHONES Adj B940/A915 junction
6500N0425   34342389   FREUCHIE High St Adj Thine Croft
6500N0426   34342424   FREUCHIE High St Adj Knowehead
6500N0427   34342742   SPRINGFIELD Main St Adj No 42
6500N0428   34342739   SPRINGFIELD Main St Adj No 33
6500N0430   34343576   ST ANDREWS North St Adj Murray Park Adj Imperial Hotel
6500N0431   34342763   LETHAM Opp Letham Village Access
6500N0432   34342747   ROSSIE (near) A91(T) Rosslem Cottages
6500N0433   34343562   ST ANDREWS North St Adj North Castle St
6500N0434   34343532   ST ANDREWS Church St Adj Market St (P&R)
6500N0435   34343439   ST ANDREWS St Mary St Opp Albany Park
6500N0436   34343452   ST ANDREWS Pipeland Rd Opp Nelson St
6500N0437   34343749   LEUCHARS Railway Station Turning Circle
6500N0438   34343626   PARBROATH A913 Adj A92
6500N0439   34329782   LOWER LARGO Harbour Wynd Adj Keilburn
6500N0440   34329672   LOWER LARGO Drummochy Rd Opp Drum Lodge
6500N0441   34342784   PITSCOTTIE B939 St Andrews Rd Adj Phone Box
6500N0442   34342823   CUPAR South Rd Adj Glenbeg
6500N0443   34342798   CUPAR South Rd Opp Sandilands
6500N0444   34343539   ST ANDREWS St Marys Pl Adj Students Union (P&R)
6500N0445   34342375   ARNCROACH C61 Main Rd Adj playground
6500N0446   34342374   ARNCROACH C61 Main Rd Opp Blinkbonny Rd
6500N0447   34343875   NEWPORT St Fort Rd opp No 6
6500N0448   34343874   NEWPORT St Fort Rd adj No 2
6500N0449   34343656   DUNBOG Adj Road End
6500N0450   34343653   DUNBOG Opp Road End
6500N0451   34343537   ST ANDREWS St Marys Pl Opp Student Union
6500N0452   34342345   ANSTRUTHER St Andrews Rd Adj Co-op
6500N0453   34379765   ST ANDREWS Roundhill Rd Adj Tom Morris drive
6500N0454   34343635   NEWBURGH High St Opp West Port Rd
6500N0455   34342357   CELLARDYKE Windmill Rd Opp Windmill Ct
6500N0456   34342358   CELLARDYKE Windmill Rd Adj Windmill Ct
6500N0457   34343687   GUARDBRIDGE A91 Adj Guardbridge Hotel
6500N0458   34343686   GUARDBRIDGE A91 Opp Guardbridge Hotel
6500N0459   34342382   MUIRHEAD A914 Welltree Junction (eastbound)
6500N0461   34343898   NEWPORT West Rd adj Shepherd's Rd
6500N0462   34343897   NEWPORT West Rd opp Shepherd's Rd
6500N0463   34343862   WORMIT Naughton Rd opp Post Office
6500N0464   34342782   PITSCOTTIE Elie Rd adj Ceres Rd
6500N0465   34342769   PITSCOTTIE Elie Rd adj St Andrews Rd
6500N0466   34342352   CELLARDYKE Crail Rd Adj Police Station
6500N0467   34343528   ST ANDREWS South St Opp Church Street
6500N0468   34343496   ST ANDREWS South St Opp Bell St
6500N0469   34342638   CAMBO Adj Cambo Lodge
6500N0470   34342635   CAMBO Opp Cambo Lodge
6500N0471   34343543   ST ANDREWS North St Opp North Castle St (P&R)
6500N0472   34343294   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gdns adj Carron Bridge
6500N0473   34343467   ST ANDREWS Buchanan Gdns Adj David Russell Apts
6500N0475   34329834   DRUMELDRIE A921 Opp Hollybank Cottage BW
6500N0476   34342874   CUPAR Station Rd Opp Railway Station
6500N0477   34342872   CUPAR Station Rd Adj Railway Station
6500N0479   34343843   DRUMOIG A914 adj Forgan Drive
6500N0480   34343842   DRUMOIG A914 opp Forgan Drive
6500N0481   34343529   ST ANDREWS City Rd adj Alexandra Pl
6500N0482   34343469   ST ANDREWS Buchanan Gdns opp Middleshade Rd
6500N0483   34343462   ST ANDREWS Strathkinness Low Rd adj Primary School
6500N0484   34343465   ST ANDREWS Strathkinness Low Rd opp Primary School
6500N0485   34343463   ST ANDREWS Buchanan Gdns opp David Russell Apts
6500N0488   34342525   BALMALCOLM Cupar Rd Adj Annfield Cottage
6500N0489   34342526   BALMALCOLM Cupar Rd opp Annfield Cottage
6500N0490   34343758   RATHILLET A92 adj Grayson House
6500N0491   34343757   RATHILLET A92 opp Grayson House
6500N0492   34342354   CELLARDYKE Crail Rd Adj Health Centre
6500N0494   34343292   ST ANDREWS Canongate opp Maynard Road
6500N0495   34342378   MUIRHEAD A914 eastbound
6500N0496   34342376   MUIRHEAD A914 westbound
6500N0497   34343563   ST ANDREWS Union St opp Buchanan Buildings
6500N0498   34343872   WORMIT Flass Road adj Mars Gardens
6500N0499   34342729   SPRINGFIELD Cupar Muir Rd at Station BW
6500N0500   34342356   CELLARDYKE Crail Rd opp Health Centre
6500N0501   34328378   EARLSFERRY High St Adj Glovers Wynd
6500N0502   34343764   LEUCHARS Main St Opp Doctors Surgery
6500N0503   34342395   FREUCHIE High St Opp King St
6500N0504   34342396   FREUCHIE High St Adj King St
6500N0505   34343243   ST ANDREWS The Canongate Opp Moir Crescent
6500N0508   34343239   ST ANDREWS Shoolbraids Adj Allan Robertson Drive BW
6500N0509   34343235   ST ANDREWS Scooniehill Road Adj House No 22 BW
6500N0510   34343234   ST ANDREWS Madras College (Kilrymont) Bus Bay BW
6500N0511   34343263   ST ANDREWS Kilrymont Place Adj House No 4 BW
6500N0512   34343423   ST ANDREWS Warrack St Adj Lamond Drive
6500N0513   34328429   EARLSFERRY High Street Opp Allen Place
6500N0514   34343548   ST ANDREWS Union Street Adj Buchanan Buildings
6500N0515   34393963   ELIE Bank Street Adj Isaac Mackie House
6500N0516   34393642   ELIE Bank Street Opp Isaac Mackie House
6500N0517   34343542   ST ANDREWS Market Street Adj Guthrie Place
6500N0518   34343939   NEWPORT High Street Adj Post Office
6500N0519   34343794   ST MICHAELS Opp Lomericht
6500N0520   34343792   ST MICHAELS Opp St Michaels Inn
6500N0521   34343789   ST MICHAELS Adj By-Dand Cottage
6500N0522   34343793   ST MICHAELS Adj The Bungalow
6500N0523   34358293   STRATHMIGLO Sandygates Opp Glebe Park
6500N0551   34382729   STRATHMIGLO Sandygates Adj Glebe Park
6500N0552   34358584   NEWPORT Cupar Rd Adj Blyth Street
6500N0553   34382376   ST ANDREWS Anstruther Rd Adj Kinkell Braes Caravan Park
6500N0554   34382497   ST ANDREWS Anstruther Rd Opp Kinkell Braes Caravan Park
6500N0555   34345289   AUCHTERMUCHTY Station Rd opp Calsay Gardens
6500N0556   34345325   AUCHTERMUCHTY Low Road adj High Road
6500N0557   34345264   AUCHTERMUCHTY Low Road opp High Road
6500N0558   34345273   KINGASK Bay Road End Adj Hotel
6500N0559   34345459   KINGASK Bay Road End Opp Hotel
6500N0560   34345323   CERES St Andrews Rd adj Memorial
6500N0561   34345296   CERES St Andrews Rd opp Memorial
6500N0562   34345285   CERES Cupar Rd opp Moor Rd
6500N0563   34345347   CERES Cupar Road adj Moor Road
6500N0564   34345352   COLINSBURGH B941 Cairnie Crossroads adj Pitcorthie Mains
6500N0565   34345267   COLINSBURGH B941 Cairnie Crossroads opp Pitcorthie Mains
6500N0566   34345367   ST ANDREWS Buchanan Gardens Opp Hepburn Gardens
6500N0567   34346583   ST ANDREWS Buchanan Gardens Adj Hepburn Gardens
6500N0568   34345329   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gardens Adj St Leonards Road
6500N0569   34345365   ST ANDREWS Hepburn Gardens Opp St Leonards Road
6500N0570   34345363   ST ANDREWS City Road Opp Alexandra Place
6500N0571   34345458   NEWBURGH Lyall Pl Adj Robertson Cres
6500N0572   34345386   NEWBURGH Robertson Cres Opp Melville Pl
6500N0573   34345295   CUPAR Crossgate (Stance B)
6500N0574   34345343   LOWER LARGO Harbour Wynd opp Keilburn
6500N0576   34345423   ST ANDREWS Doocot Rd opp No 44
6500N0577   34345693   KEDLOCK FEUS C29 opp Clubston Road End
6500N0578   34345695   KEDLOCK FEUS C29 adj Clubston Road End
6500N0579   34345698   PARBROATH A913 opposite A92
6500N0580   34345729   PITTENWEEM Viewforth Pl adj No 51
6500N0581   34345734   PITTENWEEN Viewforth Pl adj No 46
6500N0582   34345736   CUPAR Carslogie Rd opp The Drum
6500N0583   34345738   CUPAR Carslogie Rd adj The Drum
6500N0584   34345739   MUIRHEAD A914 Welltree Junction (Westbound)
6500N0585   34345742   GIFFORDTOWN Main St
6500N0586   34345743   CLAYTON Caravan Park (A91 near Dairsie)
6500N0587   34345745   FALKLAND Pillars of Hercules opp Farm Shop Entrance
6500N0588   34345746   FALKLAND Pillars of Hercules adj Farm Shop Entrance
6500N0589   34345747   AUCHTERMUCHTY Cupar Rd Opp No 5
6500N0590   34345748   GATESIDE A91 opp Mini Mart
6500N0591   34345749   CRAIGROTHIE A916 adj Kame Steadings
6500N0592   34345752   DUNBOG A913 adj Ayton Smiddy
6500N0593   34345753   DUNBOG A913 opp Ayton Smiddy
6500N0594   34345769   PITTENWEEM Charles St adj Session St
6500N0595   34345763   PITTENWEEM Charles St opp Session St
6500N0596   34345759   KILCONQUHAR MAINS B941 opp Mains Cottages B/W
6500N0597   34345784   STRATHMIGLO A912 adj junction Cash Feus
6500N0598   34345764   STRATHMIGLO A912 opp junction Cash Feus
6500N0599   34345828   FREUCHIE A92 opp Channelhall
6500N0600   34345794   BALMULLO Pitcairn Dr adj Surgery
6500N0601   34345792   BALMULLO Cynicus Pl adj Burnside
6500N0602   34345797   BALMULLO Pitcairn Dr opp Surgery
6500N0603   34345834   BALMULLO Cynicus Pl opp Burnside
6500N0604   34345839   BALMULLO School Rd opp Dunedin Park
6500N0605   34345829   BALMULLO Hayston Park opp Smithy Rd
6500N0606   34346264   TAYPORT B945 adj Sandyhill Road
6500N0607   34345927   TAYPORT B945 opp Sandyhill Road
6500N0608   34345865   CUPAR Adamson Hospital Car Park
6500N0609   34345858   KETTLEBRIDGE A92 (Cupar Rd) Adj Q68 junction
6500N0611   34345943   CUPAR A91 opp Trading Estate (eastbound)
6500N0612   34345936   MELVILLE LODGE A91(T) adj Roundabout Westbound
6500N0613   34345974   CUPAR Sandylands Rd adj Cemetery
6500N0614   34346562   AUCHTERMUCHTY Newburgh Rd adj House No 7
6500N0615   34345968   ST ANDREWS Langlands Rd Adj No 9-15
6500N0616   34345969   CRAIGROTHIE A916 Main St Adj Kingarroch Inn
6500N0617   34345972   Craigrothie A916 Main St Opp Kingarroch Inn
6500N0618   34345973   CRAIGROTHIE A916 Main St Adj Whinnieknowe Cottage
6500N0619   34345975   CRAIGROTHIE A916 Main St Opp Whinnieknowe Cottage
6500N0620   34345987   BOW OF FIFE C28 opposite The Cottage
6500N0621   34345954   LEUCHARS A919 adjacent to Leuchars Cemetery
6500N0622   34346235   LEUCHARS A919 opposite Leuchars Cemetery
6500N0623   34346254   GAULDRY Main Rd opp Cherry Lane
6500N0624   34346243   GAULDRY Main Rd opp Post Office
6500N0625   34346262   LARGOWARD A915 opp Parish Church
6500N0626   34345949   LARGOWARD A915 adj Parish Church
6500N0627   34346276   ST ANDREWS A915 Largo Rd adj Hospital
6500N0628   34346283   ST ANDREWS A915 Largo Rd opp Hospital
6500N0629   34346374   NEWPORT Craighead Cres Adj Elizabeth Cres
6500N0630   34346436   NEWPORT Craighead Cres Opp Elizabeth Cres
6500N0631   34346526   GIFFORDTOWN B937 Main St adj Ingledene
6500N0632   34346494   CUPAR A914 adjacent to Tarvit Mill
6500N0633   34346495   CUPAR A914 opposite Tarvit Mill
6500N0634   34346534   St Andrews, Canongate opposite Viaduct Walk
6500N0635   34346548   STRATHEDEN A91 adjacent to Uthrogle Mills
6500N0636   34346549   STRATHEDEN, A91 opposite Uthrogle Mills
6500N0637   34346538   FALKLAND A912 adjacent to Liquorstane
6500N0638   34346382   NEWPORT Victoria St opp Albert Cres
6500N0639   34346385   NEWPORT Victoria St adj Youngsdale Pl
6500N0640   34346386   KINCAPLE C4 adjacent to Kincaple
6500N0641   34346389   KINCAPLE C4 opp Kincaple
6500N0643   34346592   CUPAR Railway Station Car Park
6500N0644   34346768   ST ANDREWS Community Hospital Grounds
6500N0645   34346959   GRANGE OF LINDORES Abdie Hall
6500N0646   34346963   BOTTOMCRAIG Adj Church
6500N0647   34346964   KINGASK A917 Adj Castle Course Entrance
6500N0648   34346965   KINGASK A917 Opp Castle Course Entrance
6500N0649   34346985   ST ANDREWS Craigtoun Park Grounds
6500N0650   34347243   FORGAN A914 adjacent to A92 at Forgan Roundabout (North Side)
6500N0651   34347245   FORGAN A914 adjacent A92 at Forgan Roundabout (South Side)
6500N0652   34347248   ST ANDREWS Melville Road adjacent to Younger Gardens
6500N0653   34347289   ST ANDREWS John Knox Rd adj Cairnsden Gardens
6500N0654   34347298   ST ANDREWS Bus Station (Stance 5)
6500N9001   34342636   GREIGSTON adj Farm Road End (near Peat Inn) HR
6500N9002   34343672   NEWBURGH Shorehead Adj Tay St HR
6500N9003   34343678   NEWBURGH West Shore Rd Opp York Pl HR
6500N9004   34342342   CELLARDYKE George St Opp Toft Terrace
6500N9006   34343632   NEWBURGH Woodriffe Rd Opp Banklands HR
6500N9007   34343647   NEWBURGH Melville Pl Adj House No 2 HR
6500N9008   34343657   NEWBURGH Robertson Cres Adj Melville Pl HR
6500N9009   34343675   NEWBURGH Scotland Ter Opp Robertson Cres HR
6500N9010   34343646   NEWBURGH Melville Pl Adj House No 1 HR
6500N9012   34343648   NEWBURGH Shorehead Opp Tay St HR
6500N9013   34343682   NEWBURGH York Pl Adj House No 4 HR
6500N9014   34343673   NEWBURGH Mid Shore Rd Opp York Pl HR
6500N9015   34343674   NEWBURGH Scotland Ter Adj Robertson Cres HR
6500N9016   34343654   NEWBURGH Abbey Rd Opp Scotland Ter HR
6500N9017   34343652   NEWBURGH Abbey Rd Adj Scotland Ter HR
6500N9019   34342585   CHARLOTTETOWN Opp Houses HR
6500N9020   34342672   GIFFORDTOWN Adj Shops HR
6500N9022   34345785   FORGAN SMITHY A92 Opp Forgan (Smithy) Garage
6500N9023   34343564   ST ANDREWS North St Opp St Salvators College (P&R)
6500N9054   34345938   ST ANDREWS Bus Station (Stance 4)
6500N9056   34345823   GRANGE OF LINDORES Opp Village Hall
6500N9080   34343254   ST ANDREWS Madras College (Kilrymont) East Gate
6500N9093   34342768   BOW OF FIFE Scottish Deer Centre (A91 Westbound)
6500N9098   34342476   CRAIL Marketgate Adj Kirkwynd HR
6500N9099   34343748   BALMULLO Lucklaw Rd Adj Main Street HR
6500N9100   34345632   ST ANDREWS Craigtoun Park Road End
6500N9101   34345649   ST ANDREWS C65 Adj Craigtoun Caravan Park HR
6500N9111   34343839   PICKLETILLEM A914 (northbound)
6500N9112   34343838   PICKLETILLEM A914 (southbound)
6500N9118   34346862   CUPAR Upper Dalgairn Adj House No 118 HR
6500N9119   34346863   CUPAR Upper Dalgairn Opp House No 118 HR
6500N9123   34345768   KILCONQUHAR MAINS B941 adj Mains Cottages
6500N9126   34346864   Cupar Fluthers Car Park
6500N9128   34346967   TAYPORT B945 opp Garpit Farm Road End
6500N9130   34346969   TAYPORT B945 opp Morton Farm Road End
6500N9131   34346972   TAYPORT B945 adj Morton Farm Road End
6500N9132   34346973   TAYPORT B945 Opp Vicarsford Farm
6500N9133   34346974   TAYPORT B945 Adj Vicarsford Farm
6500N9134   34346975   TAYPORT B945 Opp Craigie Farm Road End
6500N9135   34346976   TAYPORT B945 Adj Craigie Farm Road End
6500N9138   34346968   TAYPORT Adj Garpit Farm Road End
6500N9162   34346356   KILRENNY A917 Adj Cornceres Farm
6500N9167   34346563   KINCAPLE A91 adj Easter Kincaple Farm
6500N9168   34346982   KINCAPLE A91 Opp Easter Kincaple Farm
6500N9198   34346757   RADERNIE A915 opp Northbank Farm
6500N9199   34346758   RADERNIE A915 adj Northbank Farm
6500N9200   34345272   NEWBURGH Gardens Rd Turning Circle
6500N9201   34345434   CUPAR Millbank Opp House No 10 HR
6500N9202   34345297   CUPAR Brighton Road Opp Loans Cottage HR
6500N9203   34345436   SPRINGFIELD Cupar Muir Road Opp Station BW HR
6500N9204   34345279   ST ANDREWS Middleshade Road Adj House 10 HR
6500N9205   34345625   ST ANDREWS Middleshade Road Opp House 10 HR
6500N9206   34345438   ST ANDREWS Younger Gardens Turning Circle HR
6500N9207   34345374   DEWARS MILL Adj Newton Bank HR
6500N9208   34346586   DEWARS MILL Opp Newton Bank HR
6500N9211   34345379   CELLARDYKE West Forth Street Adj The Wee Wyndie HR
6500N9212   34345456   CELLARDYKE West Forth Street Opp The Wee Wyndie HR
6500N9213   34345359   BALMERINO Opp Balmerino & Gauldry Junction HR
6500N9216   34346585   GRANGEMUIR Opp Woodland Caravan Park HR
6500N9217   34345372   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School Arrival Bay
6500N9220   34345368   KINNAIRD FARM Adj Farm Entrance
6500N9221   34345454   NEWBURGH Abernethy Road Car Park
6500N9254   34345935   ERBETSHALL Adj Road End HR
6500N9255   34345948   ERBETSHALL Opp Road End HR
6500N9256   34345847   LOCHTON Adj Road End HR
6500N9257   34345848   LOCHTON Opp Road End HR
6500N9258   34345852   RAGFIELD Adj Road End HR
6500N9260   34345862   CRAIL Bow Butts Opp No 50 HR
6500N9261   34345863   TROUSTIE Adj Road End HR
6500N9262   34345868   PITKIERIE Opp Road End HR
6500N9263   34345873   PITKIERIE Adj Road End HR
6500N9264   34345874   SPALEFIELD Crossroads (Westbound) HR
6500N9265   34345875   SPALEFIELD Crossroads (Eastbound) HR
6500N9266   34345876   CARVENOM Opp Farm HR
6500N9267   34345878   CARVENOM Adj Farm HR
6500N9268   34345879   CELLARDYKE Pickford Cres HR
6500N9269   34345894   TROUSTIE Opp Road End HR
6500N9270   34345892   LADEDDIE Opp Farm
6500N9271   34345893   LADEDDIE Adj Farm
6500N9272   34345896   ST ANDREWS Hay Fleming Ave Turning Circle HR
6500N9273   34345897   BALONE Road End HR
6500N9274   34345898   DENBRAE Opp Road End
6500N9275   34345923   DENBRAE Adj Road End
6500N9276   34345926   DENHEAD Q14 adj Denhead Farm East Entrance
6500N9277   34345928   DENHEAD Adj Denhead Farm West Entrance
6500N9278   34345924   DRUMCARRO Adj Farm
6500N9279   34345925   DRUMCARRO Opp Farm
6500N9280   34345939   BALHOUFFIE Opp Farm HR
6500N9281   34345937   BALHOUFFIE Adj Farm HR
6500N9282   34345929   BALMONTH Opp Road End HR
6500N9283   34345934   BALMONTH Adj Road End HR
6500N9284   34345945   ST ANDREWS Forbes Pl Turning Circle HR
6500N9285   34345946   CERES Schoolhill HR
6500N9286   34345947   LARGOWARD Blakely Hill Court Layby Adj Primary School
6500N9289   34346496   DRUMRACK Adj Bonerbo Farm
6500N9290   34346497   DRUMRACK opp Bonerbo Farm
6500N9295   34346393   Denhead Q14 Adj Denhead Old Farm
6500N9320   34346896   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 1)
6500N9321   34346897   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 2)
6500N9322   34346898   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 3)
6500N9323   34346923   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 4)
6500N9324   34346353   KINALDY A915 Adj Kinaldy Meadows
6500N9325   34346354   KINALDY A915 opp Kinaldy Meadows
6500N9326   34346924   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 5)
6500N9327   34346925   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 6)
6500N9328   34346926   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 7)
6500N9329   34346927   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 8)
6500N9330   34346928   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 9)
6500N9331   34346929   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 10)
6500N9332   34346568   ST ANDREWS Roundhill Road Greyfriars Primary School
6500N9333   34346932   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 11)
6500N9334   34346934   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 12)
6500N9335   34346936   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 13)
6500N9336   34346935   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 14)
6500N9337   34346937   CUPAR Bell Baxter High School (Stance 15)
6500N9345   34346759   RADERNIE A915 adj Brewsterwells
6500N9346   34346762   RADERNIE A915 opp Brewsterwells
6500N9347   34346763   PEAT INN B941 adj South Bowhills Farm
6500N9362   34346797   ARNCROACH Q28 adj Balmakin Farm
6500N9363   34346798   ARNCROACH Q28 opp Balmakin Farm
6500N9364   34346823   ARNCROACH Q27 opp Wester Kellie Farm
6500N9365   34346824   ARNCROACH Q27 adj Wester Kellie Farm
6500N9366   34346825   CARNBEE C62 opp Carnbee Farm
6500N9367   34346826   CARNBEE C62 adj Carnbee Farm
6500N9368   34346827   ARNCROACH B9171 opp Ovenstone Farm
6500N9369   34346828   ARNCROACH B9171 adj Ovenstone Farm
6500N9442   34346983   CLAYTON A91 Opp Bruckley Farm
6500N9443   34346984   CLAYTON A91 Adj Bruckley Farm
6500N9456   34347292   CUPAR Blalowan Park opp House No 28
6500N9464   34346464   Dairsie Bridge Cottages adj Cottages
6500N9497   34342457   SOUTH FALFIELD Opp Farm Cottage HR
6500N9498   34342498   NEW GILSTON Opp Beech Tree Cottage HR
6500N9499   34342536   FALFIELD Adj Trough HR
6500N9501   34343565   ST ANDREWS Bus Station (Stance 1)
6500N9502   34343547   ST ANDREWS Bus Station (Stance 2)
6500N9503   34343546   ST ANDREWS Bus Station (Stance 3)
6500N9504   34342673   BALDINNIE Opp Baldinnie Farm HR
6500N9506   34342979   BLEBO CRAIGS Adj Loanhead HR
6500N9508   34343453   ST ANDREWS Lawhead Road West HR
6500N9509   34343454   ST ANDREWS Lawhead Road East HR
6500N9512   34342573   HIGHAM TOLL Adj Rose Cottage HR
6500N9513   34342535   LATHONES Adj Lathones Hotel HR
6500N9518   34342465   KETTLEHILL Adj Bracken Cottage HR
6500N9522   34343282   ST ANDREWS Priestden Road adj House 17
6500N9544   34343946   TAYPORT Links Rd Adj House 24 HR
6500N9545   34343945   TAYPORT Lundin Crescent Adj House 7 HR
6500N9546   34343947   TAYPORT Shanwell Rd South Opp House 3
6500N9547   34343892   NEWPORT Adj Primary School
6500N9548   34342676   HILL OF TARVIT (A916 Near Cupar) Adj Road End HR
6500N9551   34343685   HILLCAIRNIE Opp Hillcairnie Farm HR
6500N9552   34343738   RATHILLET Village Adj War Memorial HR
6500N9554   34342938   CUPAR Edenbank Road Adj House No 2 HR
6500N9555   34342859   CUPAR Millgate Adj Belfield House HR
6500N9556   34342839   CUPAR Lorraine Dr Adj Cupar Mills HR
6500N9557   34342834   CUPAR Millfield Adj Scotstarvit View HR
6500N9558   34342842   CUPAR Ferryfield Adj House No 22 HR
6500N9559   34342843   CUPAR Brighton Rd Adj Loans Cottage HR
6500N9560   34342845   CUPAR Millbank Adj House No 10 HR
6500N9562   34342858   CUPAR Maitland Dr Adj House No 1 HR
6500N9563   34342849   CUPAR Blalowan Park Adj House No 28
6500N9564   34342927   CUPAR Lady Wynd Adj House No 7 HR
6500N9565   34342946   CUPAR Bishopgate Adj Well Street HR
6500N9566   34342957   CUPAR Upper Dalgairn Opp House No 63 HR
6500N9568   34342969   CUPAR Bank St Adj Upper Dalgairn HR
6500N9569   34342942   CUPAR North Burnside adj Lebanon Terrace HR
6500N9570   34342932   CUPAR East Burnside opp Castlehill HR
6500N9571   34342945   CUPAR Castlebank Rd Adj House No 34 HR
6500N9572   34342943   CUPAR Braehead Adj House 57 HR
6500N9573   34342928   CUPAR Pitscottie Rd Adj House 2 HR
6500N9574   34342868   CUPAR Tarvit Avenue Adj House No 22 HR
6500N9575   34342846   CUPAR St Michaels Drive Opp Meadowside Road HR
6500N9576   34342797   CUPAR Sandylands Road Adj House No 28 HR
6500N9579   34342956   CUPAR Kirklands Park Adj House No 23 HR
6500N9580   34342968   CUPAR Kirklands Park Adj House No 20 HR
6500N9581   34342967   CUPAR Kinloss Drive Adj House No 2 HR
6500N9582   34342952   CUPAR Back Lebanon Opp Ambulance Depot HR
6500N9583   34343498   FOODIEASH Main Road opp Longlea Cottage
6500N9584   34343696   KEDLOCK Main Road opp Beech Cottage HR
6500N9585   34343784   KILMANY Adj Tel Ex
6500N9586   34343796   FINCRAIGS Adj Farm Buildings HR
6500N9587   34343798   PRIORWELL Adj Priorwell House HR
6500N9589   34343824   GAULDRY Maryknowe Adj House No 45 HR
6500N9590   34343826   GAULDRY Balgove Road Adj Balgove Avenue HR
6500N9592   34343932   NEWPORT Albert Crescent Adj House 34 HR
6500N9593   34343938   NEWPORT Station Brae Adj Kilgask Street HR
6500N9594   34343949   NEWPORT Norwood Adj House 11 HR
6500N9596   34343965   NEWPORT East Queen St Adj House 14 HR
6500N9597   34343958   NEWPORT James Street Adj King Street HR
6500N9598   34343596   PITBLADDO Adj Pitbladdo Road End HR
6500N9599   34343737   BRUNTON Adj Road End HR
6500N9600   34343763   CREICH adj Dovecot Farm HR
6500N9601   34343787   HAZELTON Crossroads adj Farm Buildings HR
6500N9602   34345239   TAYPORT Scotscraig Dr Adj Scott Crescent HR
6500N9603   34345236   TAYPORT Scott Crescent Adj House 21 HR
6500N9604   34345232   TAYPORT Castle Street Adj House 17 HR
6500N9605   34345238   TAYPORT Broad Street Adj House 1 HR
6500N9606   34345237   TAYPORT Tay Street adj House 20 HR
6500N9607   34343987   TAYPORT School Wynd Adj House 8 HR
6500N9608   34343985   TAYPORT Eastgait Adj House 2 HR
6500N9609   34343984   TAYPORT Mill Lane Opp Mill Court HR
6500N9610   34343975   TAYPORT King St Adj House 5 HR
6500N9611   34343982   TAYPORT Craig Rd Adj House 35 HR
6500N9612   34343974   TAYPORT Banknowe Rd Adj Banknowe Grove HR
6500N9613   34343973   TAYPORT Banknowe Avenue Adj House 13 HR
6500N9614   34343969   TAYPORT Banknowe Drive Opp House 24 HR
6500N9615   34329596   MUIRCAMBUS Adj Farm Cottage HR
6500N9616   34329394   SHELL BAY Adj Road End HR
6500N9617   34343858   WORMIT Bay Road Adj Glenleven Avenue HR
6500N9618   34347278   CUPAR Maitland Dr opp Hackston Pl
6500N9619   34343865   WORMIT Crosshill Terrace Opp Highfield Avenue HR
6500N9620   34343859   WORMIT Hillpark Road Adj House No 2 HR
6500N9621   34343894   NEWPORT Kirk Rd Adj Forgan Way
6500N9625   34342963   CAIRNSMILL Opp Caravan Park HR
6500N9626   34343595   TORR OF MOONZIE adj Farm Cottages HR
6500N9627   34342898   DURA DEN Opp The Laurels HR
6500N9628   34342652   CRAIGROTHIE Cupar Road Adj Craigrothie Primary HR
6500N9633   34343297   CHURCH BRIDGE Adj Castle HR
6500N9636   34343829   GAULDRY Crawford Avenue Adj Kilmany Road HR
6500N9641   34342836   CUPAR Robertson Road Adj Lunardi Court HR
6500N9642   34342824   CUPAR Hogarth Drive Adj Robertson Road HR
6500N9655   34346236   KILRENNY Main St Opp Church HR
6500N9656   34346265   KILRENNY Main St Adj Church HR
6500N9657   34346234   ABERCROMBIE C17 adj Abercrombie Farm
6500N9658   34346247   ABERCROMBIE C17 opp Abercrombie Farm
6500N9659   34345952   COLINSBURGH B942 opp Carnie House
6500N9660   34346272   COLINSBURGH B942 adj Carnie House
6500N9662   34345756   ANSTRUTHER Waid Academy Bus Bay
6500N9663   34343786   HAZELTON Crossroads opp Farm Buildings HR
6500N9665   34345782   ANSTRUTHER Primary School Bus Bay
6500N9675   34346987   ST ANDREWS Priestden Place adj Priestden Park
6500N9676   34346986   ST ANDREWS Kilrymont Rd adj Greyfriars Primary School
6500N9691   34346857   KINGASK St Andrews Bay Hotel
6500N9695   34346849   ST ANDREWS West Sands Road Car Park
6500N9696   34342327   CELLARDYKE East Forth Street Adj Urquhart Wynd HR
6500N9703   34328478   ELIE Liberty Adj Siward Lane HR
6500N9705   34328438   EARLSFERRY Links Road opp Allan Place HR
6500N9707   34329489   ST MONANS Station Road Adj Gospel Hall HR
6500N9708   34329454   ST MONANS Inverie Street Turning Circle HR
6500N9709   34329398   ST MONANS Mid Shore Adj Duck Wynd HR
6500N9710   34329435   ST MONANS Forth Street opp George Terrace HR
6500N9711   34329476   ST MONANS Hope Place Opp Bowling Green HR
6500N9713   34329698   PITTENWEEM Lady Wynd Adj House No 3 HR
6500N9715   34329878   CELLARDYKE James Street Adj Murray Place HR
6500N9716   34342385   SPALEFIELD Adj Smith Cottage HR
6500N9717   34342532   DRUMRACK Adj Crossroads HR
6500N9718   34342656   DUNINO Adj Primary School HR
6500N9720   34342372   NEWTON OF BALCORMO Adj Byways Cottage HR
6500N9722   34342658   KINALDY Adj Spiershill HR
6500N9723   34345384   GRANGEMUIR Adj Woodland Caravan Park HR
6500N9727   34342438   TEUCHATS TOLL Adj Teasses Toll HR
6500N9728   34343724   WOODSIDE Opp Tigh Ban Cottage HR
6500N9729   34342384   MONTRAVE adj Home Farm HR
6500N9730   34329634   PITTENWEEM Mid Shore Harbour Adj Pier HR
6500N9732   34342492   CRAIL Sauchope Crescent Adj Pinkerton Road HR
6500N9751   34342764   WOODLANDS Adj Farm HR
6500N9752   34342648   CRAIGHALL Adj Thornbank Cottage HR
6500N9753   34342542   BANKHEAD Adj Farm HR
6500N9754   34342975   KEMBACK Opp Road End
6500N9755   34342743   NORTH CALLANGE Adj Farm HR
6500N9756   34342875   RUMGALLY MAINS Adj Farm Entrance
6500N9766   34342397   GREENSIDE Adj Farm Cottage HR
6500N9780   34346275   RUMGALLY MAINS opp Farm Entrance
6500N9785   34346978   KINCAPLE C4 Opp Monksholm Farm
6500N9786   34346979   KINCAPLE C4 Adj Monksholm Farm
6500N9789   34346852   ST ANDREWS The Scores adj Golf Museum
6500N9790   34346853   ST ANDREWS Canongate opp Drumcarrow Road
6500N9794   34342329   ANSTRUTHER St Andrews Road Co-op Supermarket HR
6500N9795   34342789   PITSCOTTIE B940 Opp Rockmount Cottage HR
6500N9800   34343676   NEWBURGH West Shore Rd Adj York Pl HR
6500N9801   34342343   CELLARDYKE George St Adj Toft Terrace
6500N9802   34343629   NEWBURGH Woodriffe Road Adj Banklands HR
6500N9803   34343679   NEWBURGH York Place Opp House 4 HR
6500N9804   34343683   NEWBURGH Mid Shore Rd Adj York Pl HR
6500N9806   34342592   CHARLOTTETOWN Adj Houses HR
6500N9811   34342479   CRAIL Marketgate Opp Kirkwynd HR
6500N9812   34342458   SOUTH FALFIELD Adj Farm Cottage HR
6500N9813   34342497   NEW GILSTON Adj Beech Tree Cottage HR
6500N9814   34342537   FALFIELD Opp Trough HR
6500N9815   34342674   BALDINNIE Adj Baldinnie Farm HR
6500N9817   34342534   LATHONES Opp Lathones Hotel HR
6500N9820   34342464   KETTLEHILL Opp Bracken Cottage HR
6500N9822   34343943   TAYPORT Links Road Opp House 4 HR
6500N9823   34345242   TAYPORT Scotscraig Dr Opp Scott Cres HR
6500N9824   34343925   NEWPORT Victoria Street Opp House 7
6500N9825   34343927   NEWPORT Albert Crescent Opp House 34
6500N9826   34343942   NEWPORT Station Brae Opp Kilgask Street HR
6500N9827   34343948   NEWPORT Norwood Opp House 11
6500N9829   34343963   NEWPORT East Queen Street Opp House 14
6500N9830   34343959   NEWPORT James Street Opp King Street
6500N9831   34343879   NEWPORT Opp Primary School
6500N9832   34343893   NEWPORT Kirk Rd Opp Forgan Way
6500N9835   34343274   ST ANDREWS Priestden Road opp House 17
6500N9837   34343527   ST ANDREWS Doubledykes Road Opp Kinburn Park (P&R)
6500N9838   34342854   CUPAR Millgate Opp Belfield House HR
6500N9839   34342958   CUPAR Upper Dalgairn Adj House No 63 HR
6500N9840   34342954   CUPAR Bank Street Opp Upper Dalgairn HR
6500N9841   34342959   CUPAR Kirklands Park Park Opp House No 23 HR
6500N9842   34342965   CUPAR Kirklands Park Opp House No 20 HR
6500N9843   34342962   CUPAR Kinloss Drive Opp House No 2 HR
6500N9844   34342953   CUPAR Back Lebanon Adj Ambulance Depot HR
6500N9846   34343854   WORMIT Bay Road Opp Glenleven Avenue HR
6500N9847   34342964   CAIRNSMILL Adj Caravan Park HR
6500N9849   34342326   CELLARDYKE East Forth Street Opp Urquhart Wynd HR
6500N9850   34343823   GAULDRY Maryknowe Opp House No 45 HR
6500N9851   34343825   GAULDRY Balgove Road Opp Balgove Avenue HR
6500N9855   34329697   PITTENWEEM Lady Wynd Opp House No 3 HR
6500N9857   34329635   PITTENWEEM Mid Shore Harbour Opp Pier HR
6500N9862   34342493   CRAIL Pinkerton Road Adj Langhouse Green HR
6500N9863   34342489   CRAIL Balcomie Road Adj Roome Bay Avenue HR
6500N9864   34329879   CELLARDYKE James Street Opp Murray Place HR
6500N9865   34329897   CELLARDYKE John Street Adj Urquhart Wynd HR
6500N9866   34342323   CELLARYDKE John Street Opp Urquhart Wynd HR
6500N9868   34342568   HIGHAM TOLL Opp Rose Cottage HR
6500N9869   34343684   HILLCAIRNIE Adj Hillcairnie Farm HR
6500N9870   34343597   PITBLADDO Opp Pitbladdo Road End HR
6500N9871   34343523   FOODIEASH Main Road adj Longlea Cottage
6500N9872   34342654   DUNINO Opp Primary School HR
6500N9873   34342896   DURA DEN Adj The Laurels HR
6500N9879   34343723   WOODSIDE Adj Tigh Ban Cottage HR
6500N9880   34343628   MYRECAIRNIE Opp Farm Road End HR
6500N9881   34342976   KEMBACK Adj Road End
6500N9882   34342974   BROWNHILLS Opp Farm HR
6500N9883   34342452   TEUCHATS TOLL Opp Teasses Toll HR
6500N9884   34342675   HILL OF TARVIT (A916 Near Cupar) Opp Road End HR
6500N9885   34342757   WOODLANDS Opp Farm HR
6500N9886   34342649   CRAIGHALL Opp Thornbank Cottage HR
6500N9887   34342543   BANKHEAD Opp Farm HR
6500N9889   34342398   GREENSIDE Opp Farm Cottage HR
6500N9890   34343695   KEDLOCK Main Road adj Beech Cottage HR
6500N9891   34343795   FINCRAIGS Opp Farm Buildings HR
6500N9892   34343797   PRIORWELL Opp Priorwell House HR
6500N9893   34343736   BRUNTON Opp Road End HR
6500N9894   34342386   SPALEFIELD Opp Smith Cottage HR
6500N9895   34342529   DRUMRACK Opp Crossroads HR
6500N9896   34329589   MUIRCAMBUS Opp Farm Cottage HR
6500N9897   34329396   SHELL BAY Opp Road End HR
6500N9898   34343272   CHURCH BRIDGE Opp Castle HR
6500N9899   34342365   NEWTON OF BALCORMO Opp Byways Cottage HR
6500N9900   34342657   KINALDY Opp Spiershill HR
6500N9901   34343834   TAYPORT Harbour Adj Car Park
6500N9905   34346469   ST ANDREWS Bus Station Arrival Bay
6500N9906   34345754   ST ANDREWS North St adj Cinema
6500N9908   34347284   ST ANDREWS Old Guardbridge Road Golflink Stance
6500N9909   34347283   LEUCHARS Railway Station Golflink Stance
6500N9910   34328485   ELIE Links Place Adj Telfer Wynd HR
6500N9920   34345727   CUPAR Trading Estate adj Fishers Laundry Depot
6500N9921   34345867   St Fort adj St Fort Home Farm
6500N9923   34346376   NEWPORT Waterstone Crook Car Park
6500N9925   34345872   KILMANY A914 (Southbound)
6500N9937   34347296   ST ANDREWS Old Guardbridge Rd Park & Ride
6500N9946   34342972   BROWNHILLS Adj Farm HR
6500N9947   34329828   DRUMELDRIE A921 Adj Hollybank Cottage HR
6500N9948   34343627   MYRECAIRNIE Adj Farm Road End HR
6500N9951   34343743   PUSK adj Farm (near Leuchars)
6500N9953   34342485   CRAIL Balcomie Road Opp Roome Bay Avenue HR
6500N9954   34342494   CRAIL Pinkerton Road Opp Langhouse Green HR
6500N9955   34343473   ST ANDREWS David Russell Apts HR
6500N9956   34342929   CUPAR East Burnside adj Castlehill HR
6500N9960   34343598   TORR OF MOONZIE opp Farm Cottages HR
6500N9961   34343742   PUSK opp Farm (near Leuchars)
6500N9962   34343739   RATHILLET Village opp War Memorial HR
6500N9963   34343765   CREICH opp Dovecot Farm HR
6500N9964   34343836   BOTTOMCRAIG opp Church HR
6500N9965   34342383   MONTRAVE opp Home Farm HR
6500N9966   34342637   GREIGSTON opp Farm Road End (near Peat Inn) HR
6500N9967   34342848   LETHAM Road End (Bow of Fife Road End) Northbound HR
6500N9968   34342847   LETHAM Road End (Bow of Fife Road End) Southbound HR
6500N9969   34342765   ROSSIE (near) A91(T) Opp Rosslem Cottages HR
6500N9970   34343257   ST ANDREWS Shoolbraids Adj Auchterlonie Court HR
6500N9973   34343232   ST ANDREWS Madras College (Kilrymont) Opp Bus Bay HR
6500N9975   34345286   CUPAR Bishopgate opp Well Street HR
6500N9976   34345375   CUPAR Castlebank Rd opp House No 34 HR
6500N9977   34345362   CUPAR Thomastoun Drive adj Landale Gardens HR
6500N9978   34345382   CUPAR Garliebank Cres Adj House 7 HR
6500N9979   34345356   CUPAR Sandylands Rd Adj House 53 HR
6500N9980   34345378   GAULDRY Crawford Ave Opp Kilmany Rd HR
6500N9981   34345473   EASTER PITSCOTTIE Adj Farm HR
6500N9982   34345694   EASTER PITSCOTTIE Adj Dura View HR
6500N9983   34346582   OVER BALDINNIE Adj Farm HR
6500N9984   34346576   GATHERCAULD Opp Farm HR
6500N9985   34345452   HARLESWYND Adj Farm HR
6500N9986   34345479   LADYBANK A92(T) Adj Annsmuir Caravan Park HR
6500N9987   34345498   LADYBANK B9129 Opp Pine Lodge HR
6500N9988   34345689   LADYBANK B9129 Adj Pine Lodge HR
6500N9991   34345474   FALKLAND East Port Adj Square HR
6500N9992   34345626   NEW INN Adj Pittillock Farm HR
6500N9993   34323272   NEW INN Opp Pittillock Farm HR
6500N9994   34345484   FALKLAND Newton Rd Adj Lomond Cres HR
6500N9995   34345636   Springfield Opp Edenwood Farm HR
6500N9996   34345376   SPRINGFIELD Adj Edenwood Farm HR
e Rndbt (South)
e Rndbt (North)
ish Way) HR