a guide to wedding planning software by EbereMissyJP



Let’s face it – a wedding is nothing short of a most complex thing to
plan. Planning for a wedding is not an easy thing to do – unless you
decide to just pay a visit to the register office or make a scheme to run
away with your chosen groom. But if you are game for a fairly big,
conservative wedding then you would need to keep track of all the
functions and ceremonies so that the wedding is done on time.

There are quite a few individuals that you will find now who have made it
their profession to plan weddings for people. That is how they earn their
bread and butter – every day. It is not always possible to hire a person
to help you out with your marriage plans, but it is one of the best
solutions ahead of a wedding. The rates of a professional planner of
weddings could be as high as 10% of the cumulative cost of the marriage.
Hence many couples would rather take the planning on themselves than
rather spend so much on a planner. The best thing is that today you will
get numerous softwares in the market that can help you out without the
necessity of a wedding planner.

The first thing you would need to see in the software that provides
guidelines for a wedding plan is a calendar. A calendar will not just be
a feature with which you can check the dates – it’s more than that. The
calendar that you will get with the software should help to notify you
about important functions. Generally the notification would be
accomplished with e-mail alarms.

Furthermore, if the cell phone that you carry delivers the service of
text-messages, then you can also receive your email notifications on your
cell phone itself. This is indeed a great boon of modern technology.

In a wedding planning software programme, you should also find a
procedure of how to arrange all the different tasks because at the time
of wedding there are so many important events happening together, that
you must learn how to coordinate them all. After distributing all the
invitations for the wedding, you should also be able to know without
difficulty who has replied and who is still left.

Then again there will be many other tasks to attend to than just the main
ceremony. The wedding reception would also demand many definite
arrangements to which you must look into. A wedding reception requires
proper arrangements for seating, and your software must give you the
necessary guidelines. Then there are the gifts. Your family and friends
would undoubtedly flourish you with many gifts and you would have to send
out thank you notes to all of them. The wedding planning software should
be able to accommodate your requirement.

Looking into the financial aspect, along with tracking and scheduling, is
one of the most important parts of a wedding. It is true that complex
stuff like Peach Tree or Quick Books would perhaps make things difficult
and on the other hand you should have a firm control over your budgets so
that you do not go overboard and after the wedding end up with empty
A further benefit that you can derive from such software is that it
features custom stationary that you can put to use at the time of your
wedding. This is an added advantage since it would save a lot of money
that you can put to use somewhere else. A software application that has
this element would generally carry templates for guidance for designing
invitations or any other item of stationary that you could perhaps need
for the wedding.

A search engine like Google is also one of the most intelligent methods
of finding out software for the planning of a wedding. Here you will come
across numerous choices from free to least expensive web based wedding
planning services to ready to use software like Smart Wedding that can
work on your personal computer. You must know the relative benefits of
each service – because free does not always translate into good, and also
you should know what you want exactly and how the software can fulfill
that need. There are so many of the wedding planning softwares that you
would absolutely hit on the right one for you, then your wedding would be
an enjoyable experience without much hassle, to look forward to.

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