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					                                    BASINGSTOKE – OLD BASING U3A
                               Monthly meeting Chair and Tea Rota 2011/2012
         Date        Group doing Chairs & Tea                        Contact
                                                          Name                     Tel
14 September 2011    2-3pm Bridge                 Alan Robson                  01256 701970

                     3-4pm Family History 2       Richard Risby                01256 334142

12th October 2011    French                       Rose Holstein                01256 781780
                                                  Peter May-Miller             01256 473496
                                                  Caroline Simson              01256 411016

9th November 2011    Scrabble and Coach Outings   Heather Quilter              01256 474089

14th December 2011   Line Dancing                 Vee Holliday                 01256 468628
                                                  Sue Pearson                  01256 326372

11th January 2012    Garden Appreciation          Lynette East                 01256 389371
                                                  Joan Bleasdale               01256 466948

8th February 2012    Meditation and               Pam Gentry                   01256 462365
                     Singles Dining               Angela Powell                01256 843389

14th March 2012      Cooking for Men              Alan Gibberd                 01256 322515

11th April 2012      Tennis and                   Valerie Wills                01256 782057
                     Play Reading
9th May 2012         Croquet                      Alex Ball                    01256 325258

13th June 2012       Art and Craft and            Ann Down                     01256 411486
                     Folk Dancing                 Frances Atkins               01256 359505
                                                  Marjorie Wilson              01189 332812

11th July 2012 AGM   History                      Graham Fleuty                01256 665611
                                                  Diana Werry Thomas           01256 353969
Group leaders are responsible for providing at least 4 members of their Group to put out chairs and at least 4 members of their Group
to do the tea at the Monthly Meeting.

1.    Ensure that the tea box is taken at the end of the previous meeting.
2.    Make sure that volunteers are identified.

3.    Replenish any items as necessary before the meeting.

4.    Volunteers to put out chairs should arrive at the hall at 1.00pm

5.    Members of the committee will be present to help your volunteers put out chairs and tables.
6.    Volunteers to serve tea should arrive at 1.15pm to set out the tea things before the meeting starts.
7.    Serve the tea.
8.    Clear up.

9.    The float (£3) stays in the money box. All receipts stay in the money box until collected by the Treasurer. Any expenditure taken from
      the money box is to be supported by documentation which stays in the money box with the money until collected by the Treasurer.

10.    After the meeting, put chairs and tables away

11.   Pass the tea box to the group doing tea next month.