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					Generating a Disposal Request
From time to time we all need to get rid of (dispose of) excess or surplus state
property. The disposal request procedure is now on line to help simplify the process.

First gather all relevant information regarding the item(s) you wish to dispose, such
as equipment type, manufacturer, model, serial number, etc. (Please see the screen
shot reproduced below.)

Fire up your computer and internet browser and go to and
near the bottom of the page select “On line SP-1 Disposal Request”. Answer Yes to
the question about displaying non-secure items. A security screen will pop up, here
you enter “” as the user name and “brent” as the password (don’t
enter the quotation marks). Then on the next screen select “Departments” from the
list on the left, and then select “Disposal Request” from the drop down menu. Then
follow the instructions following the picture below.

Disposal Requests – Add|Edit

To create a new Disposal Request, go directly to the Add|Edit Tab and click the
"New" button at the bottom of the page. The data entry form fields will be unlocked
and you will be able to enter the information required. Enter all the information you
have about the item in the appropriate item description fields, including the address
for pick up if you selected that item.

Many fields in the top part of the form will be filled in automatically: Department
Name, Date, SP1# (it will be generated when the record is saved), Status. You need
to Click on “Dept. Contact Person” and select “Brent Baum” as a Contact Person for
the current Disposal Request. Phone and Email for Brent will be filled in
automatically from the Individual Profile (located in the Department Profile page).

Select the Disposal Type, usually “Turn into Surplus”. There is only one “Account”
available for selection, so select it. Depending on which Disposal Type is selected,
the surrounding fields will change to reflect the information that is necessary for the
selected Disposal Request. Note that when you start entering the data into the
additional fields, or create the line items, the Disposal Type drop-down list will be
locked and SP1# will be auto-generated for the Disposal Request. You will no longer
be able to change the Disposal Type, unless you delete the Disposal Request and
create a new one.

Turn into Surplus

If you are creating a "Turn into Surplus" Disposal Request, in addition to the main
data entry fields you need to select the Pickup Type – Surplus Property Office or
Self-Delivery. If you select the Self-Delivery option, enter the estimated Date and
Time when the items will be delivered to the SPO.

Once all the data is entered click on “Save” and your request will be forwarded for

Editing a Previous Disposal Request
To edit a previously created Disposal Request, find the record in the Search Tab and
click it to load the details into the data entry form. If you go back to the Search
Tab, the currently selected record will be highlighted in the list. Click the "Edit"
button to unlock the fields for editing. Note that after authorization Disposal
Requests are submitted to the SPO and cannot be edited any more.