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									SUNY Cobleskill
2011-12 IFR Budget Projection
                                                                                           IFR Account No.:
                                                                                         IFR Account Name:
                                                                                         IFR Budget Holder:

IFR Service or Activity
Please describe the primary service or activity supported by this IFR (Business Plan).

Do you anticipate any changes to revenue in the next year (i.e., fee or rate changes, contractual agreements, service changes)? Please describe.

If you anticipate a budget surplus from net income please describe whether surplus is reserved for a long term capital expenditure.

Projected Revenue:                                                                                                           Estimated Amount
Please list the expected source(s) of revenue for this account.

  Total Projected Revenue                                                                                                                          $0

Adjustments for Overheads
  Administrative Overhead 5.6% (automatically calculated)                                                                                           $0
  Maintenance Overhead 8.7% (automatically calculated)                                                                                              $0
  Net Revenue:                                                                                                                                     $0
Projected Expenses:                                                            Estimated Amount
Please list the anticipated expenses for this account.

  PSR (Please contact Business Office)
  Temporary Service-Student
  Temporary Service-Regular
  Extra Service
  Fringes 48.43 % (automatically calculated)                                                       $0
  Total Payroll:                                                                                   $0

  OTPS-Supplies, Travel, and Materials (insert additional lines if needed ):

  Total Supplies,Travel and Materials:                                                             $0

  Contractual Services (please list)

  Total Contractual Services:                                                                      $0


  Total Equipment:                                                                                $0

Net Expenses:                                                                                     $0

NET INCOME (LOSS) Revenue - Expenses:                                                             $0

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