Psychomotor skills

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					              Psychomotor Skills
Psychomotor skills are the mental and
physical skills needed to perform a task. It is
simply the ability to plan and control

Reaction Time
•They say ‘TIME IS MONEY’!!

•Human factors specialists help the human
operator respond more rapidly to system

•Question: Why people are slow in some
situations and fast or too fast in others?

•Donders (a Dutch physiologist) established
three different reaction times (A,B, and C):

1. A Reaction time: only one stimulus and
one response. It is called a simple reaction.
The time between the onset of the stimulus
and the response is called simple reaction
time. It only require nervous system
conduction time.
2. B Reaction time: More than one stimulus
  and each stimulus has its own unique
  response. It is called a choice reaction
  situation because it requires identifying one
  of several possible stimuli and choosing the
  correct response.
3. C Reaction time: Several stimuli but only a
  single response. It requires identification of
  stimuli but no response selection. Based on
  information theory; there is no information
  present with only a single alternative. There
  is no response information but there is a
  stimulus information.

If A is subtracted from C; the result is an
   estimate of the time needed for mental
   identification (stimulus identification time).
If C is subtracted from B ; the result is an
   estimate of the time needed for mental
   selection (response selection time).
B requires both stimulus identification and
   response selection, C requires stimulus
   identification, and A does not require any
   response selection or stimulus
                A RT < C RT< B RT

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