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									                         JUSTIFICATION AND APPROVAL FOR

1. Contracting Activity.

This justification is executed by the Naval Medical Logistics Command (NAVMEDLOGCOM), Fort
Detrick, Maryland on behalf of the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP), Virginia.

2. Description of the Action Being Approved.

The government intends to procure Interventional Radiologist services in support of NMCP under a sole
source contract to Medical Center Radiologists (MCR), Inc.

3. Description of Supplies/Services.

It is the intent of NAVMEDLOGCOM to issue a sole source contract to Medical Center Radiologists, Inc.
to provide Interventional Radiologist services at NMCP. The period of performance is anticipated to be 26
September 2011 through 31 December 2011 with an option period available to extend services through 30
April 2012. The request for Interventional Radiologist services may be fulfilled with one full-time
equivalent (FTE); however, up to three individuals will be credentialed in order to allow for job sharing and
coverage of these services. The statement of work will also include a provision for on-call services with
this requirement.

NMCP traditionally has two active duty members perform as Interventional Radiologists at NMCP. One of
the providers deployed overseas earlier in 2011 and does not return until April 2012. A request was made
by NMCP to backfill these services, which is further explained in paragraph 6, below. Within a few weeks
of the provider deploying overseas, the other Interventional Radiologist suffered a broken wrist and is not
able to perform services. NMCP went from an organic capability of two Interventional Radiologists in-
house, to none within a matter of weeks. As a result, the backfill request went from a standard one to an
urgent one and Naval Medical Logistics Command has pursued a number of contracting options in effort to
provide timely relief to NMCP. After researching the availability of Interventional Radiologist nationwide,
it was realized that only six uniformed U.S. Navy providers exist, two of which are assigned to NMCP (one
deployed, one injured). Requesting relief from the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) is not
possible and the contracting officer continued to pursue available contracting options.

FY11 Estimated Value: $189,000
FY12 Estimated Value: $229,500

4. Statutory Authority Permitting Other Than Full and Open Competition.

10 U.S.C. 2304(c) (1): Only one responsible source and no other source of supply or service will satisfy
agency requirements.

5. Rationale Justifying Use of Cited Statutory Authority.

NMCP has a critical need to provide Interventional Radiologist services. Recently, NMCP had two
uniformed providers performing Interventional Radiologist services. However, due to one provider being
deployed and the other breaking their wrist, the site went from having two capable Interventional
Radiologists to none in a matter of weeks. As detailed in paragraph 6 below, Naval Medical Logistics
Command attempted to obtain services through a competitive procurement with the National Locum
Tenens Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contractors as well as the two regional Multiple Award Task
Order (MATO) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracting vehicles. After not receiving
any qualified HCWs from any of these contracting vehicles, the contracting officer at Naval Medical
Logistics Command contacted the three local group practices that provide Interventional Radiology
services in the Portsmouth, VA area. MCR, Inc. was the only group practice with the availability to assist

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MCR has personnel ready to begin and are in the best position to meet the requirement start date of 26
September 2011. No other contractor would be able to recruit, obtain credentialing, and have a HCW in
place in sufficient time to provide the services for NMCP. This action is required to provide Interventional
Radiologist services to meet the existing mission of NMCP. MCR is the only known source that is able to
meet this short-fused, short-start-up requirement.

6. Description of Efforts Made to Solicit Offers from as Many Offerors as Practicable.

NAVMEDLOGCOM has attempted multiple options in order to solicit as many potential offerors as
possible for Interventional Radiologist services at NMCP. First, a competitive procurement was sent to all
National Locum Tenens BPA contractors, who are companies that specialize in providing short term,
locum tenens services. One contractor submitted two HCWs but both were determined to be technically
unacceptable and no other contractors were able to find qualified candidates. Requests for information
were sent to the MATO contractors in which one response was received but no interested candidates
resulted. NAVMEDLOGCOM then began calling local group practices and hospitals that NMCP
identified as having Interventional Radiology capabilities in the Portsmouth area. After all of these attempts
and almost 20 contractors solicited, only MCR stated there were able to perform these services.

An announcement has been published to Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) as of 08 September
2011 indicating the Government’s intent to negotiate on a sole source basic with MCR as the only
responsible source that can provide Interventional Radiologist services at NMCP beginning 26 September
2011. NAVMEDLOGCOM submitted requests to FedBizOpps for information and capability statements to
see if another potential company can provide these services. Should none arise, NAVMEDLOGCOM will
negotiate with MCR. Should any company come forward with their capability, NAVMEDLOGCOM will
make a determination to continue with the sole source or cancel the notice and issue a competitive

7. Determination of Fair and Reasonable Cost.

In order for an award to be made for these services, NAVMEDLOGCOM will negotiate a fair and
reasonable price with MCR for Interventional Radiologist services. NAVMEDLOGCOM will use market
research and an independent government cost estimate (IGCE) in determining a fair and reasonable price.
Should a fair and reasonable price not be negotiated, an award will not be made.

8. Actions to Remove Barriers to Future Competition.

NAVMEDLOGCOM will continue to explore ways to improve future competition in order to allow for as
many potential offerors as practicable. A long-term strategy for these services may include a local Blanket
Purchase Agreement with MCR in effort to purchase any excess capacity. Alternatively,
NAVMEDLOGCOM is currently processing a National Physician Locum Tenens IDIQ contracting vehicle
that will be ideal for soliciting a future requirement of this nature.

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