Member Tribute Dr Carl Hoelle by I5bF59


									                                          Member Tribute
                                              February 2010

                                             Dr. Carl Hoelle

Carl Hoelle (his name is pronounced like holly), is a retired psychologist. He has been oil painting a little
over 5 years. He and his wife Pat have lived in Phoenix for the past 40 years, having moved from White
Plains, New York. They both have always loved the outdoors and open spaces in Arizona, so they have
begun to learn painting en plein air. Prior to his psychological work he spent a number of years as a
musician and composer. In his painting efforts he has come to experience the moods and subtleties of
light and color as strongly related to the moods and colors of musical sounds. This relationship brings
great pleasure and motivation to both improve painting skills and to capture the visual moods, subtleties
and great beauty of nature. Dr. Carl and Pat are great lovers of hiking, especially at sunset. They have
hiked Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, among many other scenic places. He is a much
appreciated helping hand in Phoenix Artist Guild and is our Representative for the Arizona Art
Alliance. He also plays a mean piano! We thank him for his piano talent at the Christmas Party. We
appreciate all you do for us, Dr. Hoelle.

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