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					Wooden houses

A house is the abode of the human kind. A house is a place where people
unwind after a hard day of work, relax and are just themselves. In a
house there is no stretch and deadlines to be met. Owning a house is
every man’s dream and a large part of one’s income is invested in buying
a house for the family and own self.

A house is a life time investment.

A house is built basically of bricks, stones, chips, cement and of wood
.yes there also exists wooden houses. Like the regular brick and cement
houses wooden houses are also built on a laid plan but are not as
concrete as the former one.

Wooden houses are generally found in the hills and in the cooler
climates. Tropical or rainy climate is not suitable for the construction
of wooden houses. In cold and dry weather countries wooden houses are
more common than in tropical countries where wooden houses will be a mere
waste of money.
Wooden houses are built with planks of wood joined together. Their plan
and layout is technically different from that of the brick houses. Their
floorings and walls are also done up of wood .The cost of maintenance
wooden houses is much higher than the maintenance of concrete houses.

Wooden houses are generally built in the area which are prone to earth
quakes and land slides. That is because wooden houses cause less damage
to life and property if a natural calamity strikes than the concrete
houses. Therefore one is more likely to find wooden houses in the earth
quake belts of the world.

In the cold countries we are more likely to find wooden houses. The
climate of such countries is suitable for building wooden houses. The dry
and cold climate does not weather wood much and thus the longitivity of
the house is maintained. Wooden houses are also warmer compared to the
brick houses. Thus in cold climates it keeps people warmer as wood does
not easily become cold and heat is trapped in the house.

Wooden houses are expensive and have become a possession of the rich and
famous who build wooden castles for them selves. People buy expensive
wooden houses and farm houses which become the symbol of their
aristocracy. No matter what the houses are made of when they are filled
with the laughter of people it becomes a heaven for the family.

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