Bedazzled and The Devil and Tom Walker by Zn9YQ5I



                Anticipation Guide for “The Devil and Tom Walker”

Instructions: Read each statement and check the column that represents your response.
Be ready to defend your answer.

Yes           No             Statement
                             1. There is a devil who tries to trick people.

                             2. Obtaining money is the number one goal for most people
                             in today’s society.
                             3. Integrity is more important than money.

                             4. When you marry, what is yours should become your
                             spouse’s and vice versa.
                             5. It is okay to lie to your spouse if the lie will not hurt

Excerpts from Bedazzled: Segment 1

Film makers have many tools at hand to develop ideas that writers develop with words.
As you watch the film, look for these items.

   1. Allusions Several items in modern culture quickly give the viewer the idea that
      the producer wants to get across quickly, without devoting time to develop the
      idea. Ex. McDonald’s is a quick and inexpensive meal rather than an expensive
      and difficult meal for Satan to produce. This implies that this is truly a “tricky”
      devil who will not do much to convert his victim. (What does it say about her

   2. Irony
3. Symbols and Archetypes

4. Tone (anything which develops the author’s attitude about the subject)

5. Setting

6. Music

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