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                      GAMING REGULATORS (IAGR)
                       IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA
                            MARCH 27, 2001

Representatives Attending
J. P. Suarez, IAGR Chair, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
Peter Dean, IAGR Vice Chair, Gaming Board of Great Britain
Trevor Garrett, New Zealand Casino Control Authority
Scott Scherer, Nevada Gaming Control Board, who has replaced Steve DuCharme
Claire Hepburn, Gaming Board for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Eric vanVondelen, Netherlands Gaming Control Board
Chris Fismer, National Gaming Commission, Republic of South Africa

Also in attendance were:
Susan Maven, New Jersey Casino Control Commission
Anthony Restuccia, Chief of Investigations, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
George Rover, Assistant Attorney General, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Meeting of Steering Committee

   1. IAGR Chair J. P. Suarez opened the meeting and distributed a copy of the IAGR history, Rules of
      Procedures, and minutes of the organization to those present. These materials had been
      prepared by Thomas N. Auriemma, IAGR Secretary, who was unable to attend the Steering
      Committee Meeting.

   2. The Chair introduced Scott Scherer of the Nevada Gaming Control Board as Steve DuCharme's
      replacement on the Steering Committee. Mr. DuCharme ceased being a gaming regulator in
      January 2001.

   3. The Chair noted that David Ford of Queensland, Australia and Keith Kunene of South Africa were
      unable to attend the meeting.

   4. The Chair reported on a meeting he had with Patricia Becker, President of the International
      Association of Gaming Attorneys (IAGA) regarding the Paris, France Conference which will be
      held from October 22 to October 26, 2001.

                               The tentative schedule is as follows:
                                      Monday, October 22, 2001
                         Registration and IAGR Steering Committee Meeting

                                     Tuesday, October 23, 2001
                                      Full Day - IAGR Session

                                    Wednesday, October 24, 2001
                                          IAGA Session

                                     Thursday, October 25, 2001
                                       IAGA Session - Morning
                                      IAGR Session – Afternoon
                                     Friday, October 26, 2001
                                          IAGA Session

                              Evening/IAGA/IAGR President's Dinner

5. The Chair discussed the arrangements for the IAGR Regulators' Dinner which could be held
   either at a land-based location or on a boat which would cruise the Seine River. The dinner could
   be either a sit-down or cocktail/buffet format. The Steering Committee determined that it preferred
   the cocktail/buffet format and that the Chair could determine the location when he visited Paris in
   May as part of a pre-conference planning trip.

6. The Chair indicated that three hotels would be used for accommodations in Paris. Two hotels
   have a per night cost of approximately $300 US (Grand Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel). The
   third hotel (Millennium Hotel) has an approximate cost of $180 US and will be the hotel
   designated as the regulators' hotel for the conference.

7. The Chair indicated that he would send a letter to the membership announcing the details of the

8. The Chair reviewed the tentative IAGA panels and their respective topics. The Steering
   Committee discussed topics for the IAGR session and concluded that the following should be
   listed as session items:

           Internet Gambling
           Public Relations and Managing the Press
           Performance Standards for Regulators
           Investigating Corporate Licensees
           Social and Economic Impacts of Gaming on Existing and Emerging Jurisdictions

9. A discussion was held on whether or not IAGR should recognize honorary members. The
   Steering Committee decided that it was appropriate to grant certain former members of IAGR
   honorary memberships. Steve DuCharme, the former Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control
   Board, and a long-time IAGR member was proposed as the first honorary member, and approved
   by the Steering Committee.

10. The Steering Committee reviewed the draft position paper on internet gambling that was
    prepared by Vice Chair Peter Dean. After a lengthy discussion regarding the inability of certain
    jurisdictions to vote to approve this position paper because of their respective jurisdictions' view
    of Internet gambling as an illegal activity, the Chair proposed that the Steering Committee should
    vote to permit the position paper on Internet gambling to be disseminated to the entire IAGR
    membership. The Steering Committee agreed with this proposal and determined that the paper
    would be discussed at the business meeting of IAGR in Paris. Each Steering Committee member
    will supply a summary of the status of Internet gambling in their jurisdiction and adjacent
    jurisdictions to the IAGR secretary who will summarize and distribute this information to the
    Steering Committee prior to the conference.

11. An effort will be made to have a French official welcome the regulators to Paris on Tuesday
    morning, October 23, 2001.

12. A motion to raise the dues from the present rate of $25 per year to the rate of $50 per year was
    approved by the Steering Committee.

13. A brief discussion about the Uniform Application was held and George Rover of the New Jersey
    Division of Gaming Enforcement was recognized for his significant efforts in working on the form.
    The Chair emphasized that changes to the body of the Uniform Application could not be made by
       an individual jurisdiction. Changes to the Uniform Application may only be made after
       recommendation of the Steering Committee and subject to IAGR membership approval at an
       annual meeting. Individual jurisdictions are free to make changes to their respective jurisdictional
       rider. The Uniform Application will be posted on the IAGR website.

   14. The Chair announced that the 2002 IAGA/IAGR conference may be held in San Diego, California.
       Eric vanVondelen of the Netherlands suggested that the midyear 2002 Steering Committee
       Meeting of IAGR should be held to coincide with the annual Gaming Regulators European Forum
       (GREF) meeting which is presently scheduled for the latter part of April 2002. The matter was
       agreed to by the Steering Committee.

Chair J. P. Suarez closed the Steering Committee meeting and said he looked forward to seeing
everyone in October 2001 in Paris.

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