ow do I round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand

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					ow do I round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand?

               3rd Grade Classroom Times
*What are the four steps to solving a story problem?

                                    November 9, 2009
             Language Arts                                    Math:        Multiplication
      How do you edit capital letters and           *How do you multiply?
       punctuation marks?                            *How do you use skip counting & addition
      How do I make nouns plural?                   to multiply?
      How do I make possessive nouns                *What are arrays & how do you make them?
       properly?                                     *How do you multiply by 2, 3, & 5?
      What is a strong idea for writing?            Vocabulary: multiply, factor, product,
                                                     array, Commutative Property of
      What is persuasive writing?                   Multiplication

                  Reading                                                Science
                Loved Best                                  Changes to Earth’s Land
                                                     *How can water and wind change the
      How do problems and solutions                  land?
                                                     *What are two causes of erosion?
            develop the plot?
                                                     *What are fossils?
                                                     *How do you identify the different types
      Building Robust Vocabulary:                    of soils?
                                                     Vocabulary: bedrock, delta, deposition, erosion,
                                                     fossil, glacier, humus, paleontologist, soil, subsoil,
swooned                  astonished                  topsoil, weathering
encouraging              brief
chuckling                soothing                       Social Studies:              Government
sobbed                   praised                     *What is an election?
                                                     *How does the national government work?
envious                  rivalry                     *What are the three branches of government?
                                                     *Who are the members? What are their jobs?
                                                     *How does a community’s government work?
                                                     *What do you need to know to be a good citizen?
                                                     *What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens?
                  Spelling                           *What are laws & consequences?
                                                     Vocabulary: candidate, ballot, campaign, platform,
       words with consonant-le                       parties, majority, council, rules, laws, rights,
title                   purple                       responsibilities, Congress, House of Representatives,
                                                     Senate, Supreme Court, President, cabinet, patriotic
table                   little
uncle                   middle
                                                                Important Dates
apple                   simple                       11-10-09            All Pro Dads Breakfast
cable                   saddle
                                                     11-14-09            Marvelous Math Day
bubble                  trouble                                          Specials
beetle                  scribble                     Mon.-Math              Tues.-Tech Wed.-Writing
rattle                                                Thurs.-P.E.                 Fri.-P.E.
                 Bonus Words                         *Please send in any empty
twinkle         buckled          scrambled
tablecloth              sprinkle                     Pringles cans.
         Please help your child preview these items and check their agenda for test dates!
                               Thanks, Mr. Chambers 

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