; Garden theme birthday party
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Garden theme birthday party


How to throw a garden theme birthday party for your kids!

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									Garden Theme Birthday Party

       I recently had the opportunity to throw a garden-
       themed birthday party for my youngest daughter.
       The garden or spring-flower themed birthday party is
       one that is used often by parents whose children were
       born during the months of March, April and May.

      For the birthday favors, I decorated little watering pots
      that I purchased from the dollar store. I used little
      stickers, as well as, a colored marker to write the names
      of each child on the side of each pot.

      Inside the pots, I placed sugar cookies that were all in
      the shape of my daughter’s first initial. Green frosting
      was placed on the top and little sprinkles were thrown in
      for an added effect. The watering pot favor also included
      more candy and other fun trinkets that the kids
      absolutely loved!

      The birthday cake was a delicious combination of grass-
      green frosting with chocolate and vanilla filling.
Last but not least, each child enjoyed
their very own cupcake that was
decorated with green, yellow and blue
frosting along with butterfly and flower

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