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					Isambard Brunel Junior School

To raise awareness of national safeguarding issues and
the Portsmouth perspective

To provide training to help staff deal with any
safeguarding issues that they may face

To increase knowledge surrounding safeguarding and
information sharing.

  Safeguarding INSET – Friday 12th February 2010
Isambard Brunel Junior School

Session One – Iain
National, local and school perspective

Session Two – Ash
Case study work

Afternoon Session
E-learning modules

  Safeguarding INSET – Friday 12th February 2010
Isambard Brunel Junior School

• Victoria was brought to the UK in
  April 1999 from the Ivory Coast, via
  France, by Therese-Marie Kouao,
  her great-aunt.

• Therese-Marie Kouao offered
  Victoria's parents the chance of a
  good education for their daughter.

• She had been brought into the UK in
  a private foster agreement.

• On 25 February 2000 Victoria died.

                                         Victoria Climbié
Isambard Brunel Junior School

• Victoria was known to four social services
  departments, three housing departments, two GPs,
  two NHS hospitals, an NSPCC-run family centre and
  two police child protection teams
• Victoria had contact with a childminder and with faith
  based organisations
• Following the death of Victoria Climbié in 2000, the
  Government asked Lord Laming to conduct an inquiry
  into the circumstances leading up to her death
• The inquiry became known as “The Victoria Climbié
  Inquiry”, or “The Laming Report”

                                Victoria Climbié Inquiry
Isambard Brunel Junior School

    Every Child Matters (ECM) was published in September
    2003 following Lord Laming’s report on the death of
    Victoria Climbié. Its proposals formed the core of the
    subsequent Children Act 2004 for every child, whatever
    their background or circumstance to be supported in
    order to:
•    Be Healthy
•    Stay Safe
•    Enjoy and Achieve
•    Make a positive contribution
•    Achieve economic well being

                                     Every Child Matters
Isambard Brunel Junior School

• The Laming Report had 108 recommendations to ensure
  that no child ‘slipped through the net’ in the future
The main recommendations were:
• A change in the management structure of services for
  children and young people
• The creation of a Director and Lead Member for Children
• The creation of the Children’s Commissioner in England
• A database – ContactPoint – containing basic details
  about children and young people
• Data Protection and Human Rights Acts

      Recommendations from The Laming Report
Isambard Brunel Junior School

                                Baby Peter
Isambard Brunel Junior School

  • Failure to identify CYP at     • Insufficient challenge by
    immediate risk of harm           the Local Safeguarding
  • Agencies working in              Children Board
    isolation – limited contact    • An over-dependence on
  • Poor practice in collecting      performance data, which
    and sharing information          was not always accurate
  • Varied front line practice &   • poor child protection plans
    poor supervision               • failure to talk directly to
  • Insufficient management          children at risk or to see
    oversight                        them alone

                         Baby Peter – Ofsted Inspection
Isambard Brunel Junior School

 Ed Balls - Children’s Minister:        DCSF:
     – Lord Laming Progress Review         – Statutory guidance on
        & Report on Effectiveness of          Children’s Trusts
        arrangements for                   – In response to Audit
        safeguarding                          Commission ‘Are we there
     – Directors and Lead Member              yet?’
        asked to assure themselves of      – Children’s Plan one year on
        quality of safeguarding            – 21st Century Schools
     – LSCB Chairs: LSCB Stocktake         – Social Work Taskforce - Jan
     – Re-inspection of Haringey
     – Chief Inspectors Report
     – Learning Lessons – Serious
        Case Reviews
     – Closed consultation on
        Corporate Assessments and
        safeguarding inspections

                                        Response to Baby Peter
Isambard Brunel Junior School

 Building Brighter Futures
 The National Children’s Plan

 • Published in December 2007
 • A huge array of developments to take forward the
   Every Child matters agenda
 • "Children's Trusts to have in place by 2010
   consistent high quality arrangements to provide
   identification and early intervention for all children
   and young people who need addition help".

                                National Policy Initiatives
Isambard Brunel Junior School

Schools White paper
Your Child, Your Schools, Our Future
• Published in December 2009
• “Every pupil will go to a school that promotes their
  health and wellbeing”
• “Every pupil will go to a school where they are taught
  in a way that meets their needs and where they
  receive the support they need”
• Includes a framework for Early Intervention
• Schools cannot do this alone – all agencies need to
  work together around individual children

                              National Policy Initiatives
Isambard Brunel Junior School

 Working Together to Safeguard Children

 • Published in 2006 – due to be revised 2009
 • Statutory guidance
 • Outlines function of LSCBs
 • Roles and responsibilities of agencies in
 • Outlines processes for child protection
 • Sets out the role of Child Death Overview
   Panels and Serious Case Review process

                          National Policy Initiatives
Isambard Brunel Junior School

• Two judgements on safeguarding will be
  made; under the leadership and
  management section and in the staying
  safe outcome section of all reports.
• All remits will be judged on the
  effectiveness of providers and services
  in ensuring that children and learners
  are safe and feel safe.
• The safeguarding grades will contribute
  to and may limit the grade for overall

                     Revised Ofsted Arrangements
Isambard Brunel Junior School
• Providers will be expected to provide evidence for inspectors to
  show that the safeguarding outcomes and features are promoted
  in all aspects of their work. This will most commonly be
  demonstrated through their self-evaluation. As part of the
  inspection the self-evaluation will be tested against inspection

• As a minimum, the aspects of the features which focus on the
  child protection/safety dimension of safeguarding (core features
  set out in remit-specific guidance) are those which must be
  explored in depth during institutional inspections.

• where a judgement of satisfactory is awarded for
  safeguarding it is most unlikely that the overall effectiveness
  of the provider will be better than good.

                            Revised Ofsted Arrangements
Isambard Brunel Junior School
Directors of Children’s Services and Lead Members

• Both posts formed by the Children’s Act 2004
• A Director (DCS) is a single senior strategic leader for
  Children’s Trusts – Julian Wooster in Portsmouth
• Employed by the local authority to manage education and
  social care functions
• But also responsible for securing good outcomes across
  the Children’s Trust partnership
• The Lead Member for Children was also created by the
  Children’s Act - Cllr John Ireland in Portsmouth
• The Lead Member ‘exercises local political accountability
  for the same range of services as the director’

                              Portsmouth Perspective
Isambard Brunel Junior School
Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards (LSCB)

• Formed from the Children’s Act 2004 to replace old Area
  Children Protection Committees
• The LSCB is part of the Children’s Trust structure and
  reports to the Children’s Trust Board.
• However, LSCB’s also have a ‘scrutiny’ role to challenge
  the Children’s Trust to ensure children are kept safe
• LSCB’s have responsibility for;
   - Publishing the local child protection procedures
   - Supporting (and challenging) safeguarding practice
   - Participating in planning and commissioning
   - Reviewing the deaths of children and Serious case
                              Portsmouth Perspective
Isambard Brunel Junior School
Schools can keep children and young people safe by :
• providing a safe environment for children and young people to
• identifying children & young people who are suffering or likely
  to suffer significant harm
• taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure they are
  kept safe both at home and in school
This can be achieved by:
• preventing unsuitable people working with children and young
• promoting safe practice and challenge poor & unsafe practice
• Identifying where there are grounds for concern about a child’s
  welfare, and initiate or take appropriate action to keep them
• Contributing to effective partnership working between all those
  involved with providing services for children and young people
                     Safeguarding Children in Schools
Isambard Brunel Junior School

Head Teachers need to:
• Put in place procedures for handling cases of suspected
• Appoint senior member of school's leadership team to co-
  ordinate action within the school & liaise with other agencies
  on suspected abuse cases ‘Designated Senior Person for
  Child Protection’
• Ensure that the designated senior person receives
  appropriate training and support
• Ensure that all staff are alert to signs of possible abuse &
  know to whom to report any concerns or suspicions
• Make parents aware of the school's child protection policy
• Consider how SEF covers all arrangements – Ofsted sharp

            Child Protection - Whole School Issues 1
Isambard Brunel Junior School

     Designated Senior Person for Child Protection
Needs to have appropriate training and should know:
• how to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse and
  when to make a referral
• the LSCB & LA procedures and their own role within them
• the role and responsibilities of the investigating agencies
  and how to liaise with them
• the requirements of record keeping
• the purpose of a child protection conference and how the
  designated senior person or another member of staff can
  make an appropriate contribution to it
• how to contribute towards a multi-agency assessment,
  child protection plan and core group
• Children’s Services updating lists and training tracker

           Child Protection - Whole School Issues 2
Isambard Brunel Junior School
Safeguarding role of governing body to ensure school has:
•   Child protection policy and procedures in place
•   Effective safe recruitment and disciplinary procedures
•   A senior member of the school's leadership team designated to take
    lead for child protection
•   Arrangements for the head teacher, and all other staff who work with
    children undertake appropriate training, that is kept up to date by
    refresher training at 3 yearly intervals
•   To ensure any deficiencies or weaknesses in regard to child
    protection arrangements that are brought to its attention without
•   To ensure that a member of the governing body (usually the Chair) is
    nominated to be responsible for liasing with the Children’s Services
    and /or partner agencies
•   Reviewed its policies and procedures annually
•   Clear understanding of the contribution their school can make to
    helping children keep safe

                         Governing Body Responsibilities
Isambard Brunel Junior School

• Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in
  Education 2006
• Working Together to Safeguard Children
• ‘What to do if you are worried a child is being abused’
• LSCB protocols & procedures :
• Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006
   – Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) will replace
     current scheme (October 09)
   – Independent Safeguarding Authority will work
     alongside CRB
                          Key Documents for Schools