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Randy Welfley


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									                                           Randy Welfley
Hewlett-Packard Company: June 1984 to January 2006

Information Technology Consultant: June 2005 to January 2006 - Audit Readiness and Assessment organization
within TSG Americas Headquarters. Focused on process improvement and automation. Responsible for leading
projects supporting processes used in the audit of both HP Internal and External Trade Accounts.

Information Technology Consultant: August 2004 to June 2005 - Managed Services Design and Delivery
organization within TSG Americas. Focused on process improvement and automation. Responsible for leading
projects and initiatives for the Technical Support Services organization and in presenting conclusions in an
appropriate manner for upper management review.

Information Technology Engineering Consultant: January 2000 to August 2004 - Network Operations Services
group in HP Operations organization. Created processes and applications to aid in the ordering and provisioning of
Voice and Data related services. Applications were both customer facing to aid in the ordering process, as well as
used by the service delivery groups to provide and manage IT services.

Technology Research Engineer: June 1994 to January 2000 - development group of the Technology Strategies &
Solutions (formerly called Technology Solutions Lab). Group was re-organized in 1994 to have some individuals
focus primarily on development projects. Development was for other IT organizations as well as when needed by
acquisition projects with the group.

Technology Research Engineer: October 1991 to May 1994 - Technology Solutions Lab for North American Field
Operations. Primary responsibility was the acquisition of new technology to be used by the computer and data
communications operation centers in Atlanta, GA by the North American Field Sales Organizations and by other
Corporate Entities. Position involved hardware/software product investigation and analysis, project management,
solutions integration, and solutions development when appropriate.

Telecom Engineer: February 1987 to September 1991 - held primary responsibility for wide area network
connecting all sales offices (approximately 20) within the Eastern Sales Region. This included investigation,
implementation, and operational support of production networks. Began with being involved in the installation of a
private X.25 network. Was the primary agent of change for the eventual replacement by a private TCP/IP network.
Also provided networking consulting to several manufacturing divisions located on the East Coast.

Computer Systems Manager: July 1985 to January 1987 - had responsibility for system management of HP3000
Series 68 and 48 computers in a multiple-cpu (6 to 8) EDP Operations Department. Responsible for all areas of
system management including computer performance analysis, computer security and directory structure control,
configuration management, operating system installations, and troubleshooting both hardware and software
problems for computers and data communications equipment.

Systems Programmer: June 1984 to June 1985 - responsible for analysis, development and maintenance of software
used in EDP Operations throughout the Eastern Sales Region, testing of new operating systems and providing
technical support to applications programming department. Wrote utilities to aid both system managers and standard
application users better manage files, maintain security and utilize new features of operating systems.

Susquehanna University: June 1981 - June 1984

Student Co-Director of Computer Center: December 1982 to November 1983 - responsible for staff of 6 student
operators who were responsible for daily backup procedures. Duties included training and scheduling of operators,
as well as supervision of computer facilities during evening and weekend hours. Aided system manager in file
management and evaluation of contributed library software.
Student Programmer: Worked full-time during summers of 1981 , 1982, and part-time during academic years as
application programmer/analyst. Developed software for Administrative Computer Center, which provided services
for all academic and business departments. Programmed on the HP3000, using COBOL, IMAGE, and VPLUS.

AMP Incorporated: June - August 1983

Programmer/Analyst: Employed during summer internship to work on a forecasting project. System involved the
transfer of data from a mainframe to the HP3000, reporting of historical data, and graphic output of historical and
forecasted values. Also developed a simplified electronic memo system and one module of department's main
manufacturing application system, using COBOL, IMAGE, and VPLUS.

To complement my project management and process automation skills (organization, communication, planning,
time management, etc), I maintain a level of proficiency in a variety of technical skills. I have working knowledge
of creating WEB-based solutions on MicroSoft Internet Information Server platform using Active Server Pages and
SQL Server. Have working knowledge of creating cross-platform solutions using PERL, PHP, MySQL DBMS, and
JavaScript. Have working knowledge of Borland's Delphi programming language, dBase, and MS Access for
developing PC applications. Have previous working knowledge of c, ksh, and HP AllBase DBMS on HP 9000
platform. Have previous working knowledge of COBOL, SPL, HP Pascal, VPlus, HP AllBase and IMAGE DBMS
on HP 3000 platform.

US Patent 6,810,114 (System for Updating a Voicemail Network), HP Q4 FY2002 MVP Award.

Susquehanna University: Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. May 1984. B.A. Degree in Computer and Information
Science; minors in Business Administration and Mathematics. Summa Cum Laude.

Johns Hopkins University: G. W. C. Whiting Part-Time Engineering Program, Baltimore, Maryland. July 1990.
M.S. Degree in Computer Science.


Electronic Communications Requests (ECR): Website is used for ordering new telecom services and requesting
changes or deletions of existing telecom services. Tickets are routed to the correct service delivery organization for
the service and task requested at the site specified (over 200 US sites are configured). A management authorization
scheme is used when requesting new analog line services such as fax, modem, or polycom lines. An annual
authorization renewal mechanism is also included.

Connection Management System: Application used at 20 story Atlanta site to manage wiring connections for
voice and data services. Later modules added for major data centers (Atlanta, Boise, Palo Alto, Roseville) to track
network connection information. Website originally hosted on hp-ux system and used PERL CGI scripts and
programs written in C to access HP AllBase database. System was later converted to Microsoft IIS and ASP scripts.
System Administrators use PC application written in Borland Delphi to update information in database.

Voice Operations Utilities: PC-based applications created to allow Voice Operations connect to remote PBX and
Voicemail systems. Application front-ends terminal emulation programs and execute scripts to log desired
information and perform certain configuration changes. The scripting system for keeping the routing tables
consistent received a US Patent. Various reports used to perform diagnostics and review system capacities.

PCS/Cellular Ordering: Website was used to order PCS services by all North American employees. Converted
website from static HTML pages to interactive viewing of PCS rate data based upon user geography. Website
originally hosted on hp-ux system and used PERL CGI scripts and programs written in C to access HP AllBase
database. System was later converted to Microsoft IIS and ASP scripts. System Administrators use PC application
written in Borland Delphi to upload new rate plan information in database. While the PCS ordering site is no longer
used (no centralized service anymore), a similar ordering site for pagers was created.

PhoneExtend Ordering and Configuration: Website was used to order PhoneExtend (Follow-Me, 1 Number)
service for the Americas. PERL CGI scripts interfaced directly with NetAccess Provisioning application (NAPA) to
perform real-time provisioning of the service. Also wrote hp-ux utilties called by NAPA on the back-end to do real-
time configuration of PhoneExtend system hardware. Those utilities are written in C and use sockets to
communicate with the PhoneExtend hardware. Same technology used to create web page to allow for user
configuration and scheduling changes.

NetAccess Log Reporting: Website was used primarily by Data Network Operations groups to view log records
generated by NetAccess connection accounting system. Application consisted of hp-ux scripts that collected data
from Radius logging systems and programs to summarize and store into an AllBase database. Call detail records are
summarized by POPs and Partner organizations as well as a summary for 800 number access. Application was also
used by network security group for connection investigations. System was eventually replaced when new usage
reporting system (ASU - Automated Service Usage) obtained network usage data directly from Radius servers.

System Logon Utilities: Various PC-based applications created to front-end Reflection terminal emulation program.
Version created for MPE System Management pulls password information from HP3000 via NetBase Client API.
Other versions for Atlanta Problem Resolution Center (HelpDesk) and Application Support groups store passwords
in an encrypted format on the client PCs. PC applications are written in Borland Delphi.
Additional project information is available inside HP at http://rwwelfley3125.atl.hp.com/projects.htm.

Email: randy@welfley.us

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