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Britain 1905-1951 The rise of the Labour Party GCSE Bitesize BBC

The rise of the Labour Party

1. Who was the first Labour MP?

    Kier Hardy

    Kier Hardie

    Keir Hardie

2. Why was the LRC set up in 1900?

    To spread socialist propaganda.

    To support working-class candidates in elections.

    To organise strikes.

3. What did the Lib-Lab Pact of 1903 agree?

    In the next Parliament, the Liberals would allow a number of Labour MPs.

    In the next election, the Labour and Liberal MPs would agree a common manifesto.

    In the next election, Labour and Liberal candidates would not stand against each other.

4. How many Labour MPs were elected to Parliament in the 1906 election?




5. Who was the first Labour cabinet minister?

    Ed Burns

    John Burns

    Mr Burns
6. Why was the 1910 Parliament particularly successful for the Labour Party?

       A minority Liberal government needed the Labour Party to support it.

       It was the first Labour government.

       It realised that there was going to be a world war.

7. What was the name of the Labour Party manifesto of 1918?

       New Labour and the Social Order

       Labour and the New Social Manifesto

       Labour and the New Social Order

8. What did Clause 4 of the Labour Party constitution advocate?

       A million new houses must be built at once at the State's expense, and let at fair rents.

       A community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the

       Equitable distribution of wealth and common ownership of the means of production.

9. When were trade unions first allowed to fund Labour Party candidates in elections?




10. Who was the first Labour prime minister?

       Arthur Henderson

       Ramsey MacDonald

       Clement Attlee

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