RedArmyResists1 by dandanhuanghuang


									*The Red Army Resists*

   By: Whitney Cole & Wayne Gladman 
*Battle of Stalingrad*
Red Army Resists Characters

   Nurse (N)
   Russian Soldier (S)
   Television reporter
    *Character Script*                              S: Well every days a hard day out here
                                                     and uh well I cant really explain what
                                                     I’m feeling right now Don, I guess
    R: Hello this is Don Johnson! We are            German bullets take all the feelings
     at Stalingrad live with the report on the       out of our minds.
     Russian and German fighting. Today             R: That’s very intense private. I’m sure
     we will be talking with a Russian               no one except your fellow comrades
     soldier and nurse who are both                  would understand what you are going
     struggling to win control of Red                through.
     Square.                                        S: Yeah, but I hardly fear death
    R: Behind me is a Russian recruiter             anymore. War takes that fear out of
     getting the youth of Russia to win back         you, yet whether we fear it or not its
     the motherland                                  always a possibility.
                                                    R: So what’s going on?!?!?
    Russian recruiter talking                       S: Well, like I said before um this war
    R: We have a young Russian soldier              is very horrible. However, we have
     here, about 18 years. So, private how           trapped the Germans and they are
     have your days been going out here              without food or ammunition, with no
     on the front lines of Stalingrad?               hope of rescue.
                                                    R: Oh, well that must bring hope to the
                                                     Russian troops.
*Dialogue with Soldier Cont…*
   R: So, how many casualties have
    there been so far?
   S: Well, we don’t really know how
    many Russians we have lost, but there
    are rumors going around that the
    Germans have lost close to 300,000
    men now. Even with all our wounded
    men, we have one of the best nurses
    around to help us out.
   R: Oh that reminds me; can you show
    me where she is?
   S: Sure. She’s stationed in the
    medical depot.
   R: Thanks private, and good luck.
    Walking, goes up to nurse.
*Dialogue between Nurse and Reporter*
   R. Well Miss, it seems you have quite        N. Why yes I suppose so, its my lunch
    a lot on your plate here.                     break anyway.
   N. Obviously! I'm trying to save lives       R. Alright well what does this part in the
    here, get out of my way.                      Russian army do to you mentally and
   R. Could I maybe pull you aside for a         physically?
    moment for quick interview?                  N. Well it is obviously mentally grueling
                                                  when having to lie to nearly dead soldiers
   N. Are you serious we have helpless           telling them they’ll make it.
    men dying out there at the hands of          N. Physically this job can be dreadful, the
    the corrupted fascist army!                   last wink of sleep I got occurred nearly
   R. Well the people deserve to know,           two days ago. From my point of view you
    don’t you want your voice to be heard         don’t even have to be on the front line to
    across the motherland!?                       see the terror of war. I see examples of
                                                  what war causes everyday a comrade is
   N. Why yes of course but I am just a          dragged in here.
                                                 R. I see, I’m sure nor I and the people at
   R. That is true but you seem to have          home listening can contemplate the
    the capability to explain your position       sacrifices you make everyday. I am truly
    in this war better than any other man.        happy you were able to give me this time
                                                  with you. Good luck!
   R. Oh jeez we better get out of here
    there is shrapnel everywhere! We
    have to make it back across the Volga
    River before we end up right back with
    that nurse!
   R. This is Don Johnson reporting from
    Stalingrad Live. We know you have
    many other wars to listen to tonight
    and we're glad you picked Stalingrad!
   R. Good Fight! and Good night!

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