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									     Entertainment And Broadband On
     Indian Trains

Presentation by

Niravkumar Dave
Managing Director
0091 9821713259


Jan 2010
             Techno Sat Comm

    Indian based satellite telecommunication and research
     company and a subsidiary of Dave Holdings

    First Indian company to have successfully installed and
     demonstrated satellite broadband solutions on Indian train
     (Shatabdi express)

    Techno Sat Comm has invested 4 years for research,
     understanding and adoption of mobile satellite technology in
     Indian conditions and possesses the best know how and
     implementation capabilities

    A strategic joint venture with 21NET , world leaders in
     broadband on trains

March 12                                                            2
        Services To The Passengers Via
     Solutions Offered By Techno Sat Comm

       High-speed Internet On Trains :- Emails, Chatting, Voice & Video
        Chatting, Games…..
       Wi-Fi For PDA users
       Real Time Television – News, Sports, Serials and Stock
        Exchange etc
       Independent Multimedia Screens For Passengers
       On Board Train Reservation
       Passenger Information Kiosk
       Emergency Communication System
       ATM Centre
       Telephone/VOIP and Fax Facilities
       Video Conferencing

    March 12                                                          3
       Useful Applications For Indian Railways
              Operational Requirements
  Techno Sat Comm offered satellite solution enables many features for
  Indian Railways

1. Real Time Train Locating System (Can be Integrated with SIMRAN system
   or Indian Railway Server)
2. Integration with PRS and UTS server for issuing tickets on Train
3. Live and passive IP Based Video Surveillance
4. Broadband connectivity for Loco Pilot Information Monitor
    for important updates – Like Weather (FOG, Earthquakes, Rains,
    Flooding, News etc), Emergency Messaging, Location Information,
    Online Signaling and Information, Online Track Information etc
5. Train Guard and TC Information System through Touch
    Screen kiosks like – passenger count, online vacancies of seats,
    Emergency messages, on train Railway staff attendance etc
6. Electronic Passenger Chart Display with last movement cancellation
    updates and chart editing option
      March 12                                                     4
        Useful Applications For Indian Railways
               Operational Requirements

7.    GSM-R integration via Pico Cell connectivity on train
      for - Railway Messaging, M – Commerce, M-Ticketing, etc
7.    Broadband WiFi Connectivity For PDA’s of ticket collectors for
      punching tickets online and issuing e-tickets and M-tickets on
8.    Real time credit card validation
9.    Telephone / VOIP and Fax Facilities for Railway staff
10.   Accident Relief Trains - Voice communication, Data
      Communication, Video Surveillance Systems
12.   Inspection Cars And Saloons - Voice And Data
      Communication System with video conferencing on the move

       March 12                                                    5

       3000 Passengers Interviewed
       6 Trains AND 6 Routes

              Average journey time for RAJDHANI – 18 to 20 hours

              Average journey time for SHATABDI – 7 to 8 hours

       Methodology Used
              Personal interviews

              Questionnaires
    March 12                                                        6
                       SHATABDI EXPRESS

     Total travel time – 6.5 hours

     Total No of Passengers – 871 passengers

     Passengers with laptops - 30 %

57 % Of The Passengers Are Waiting For
the Services. And the Demand Shall Rise
With Growth In Teledensity

       March 12                                 7
           5 Available Solutions

March 12                           8
Broadband Technological Solutions

     Wi-Max

     2-Way Satellite Solutions with Wi-
      max/GPRS/ 3G backup

March 12                                   9
                         Wi Max
              (Trackside Antenna Systems)

                                            Max: 5 Km

 Will require a mast with antennas every 2 - 5 km (less in cities, on
  corners) with power and data connections
 Issues for maintenance, reliability, security, power supply etc
 Heavy CAP-EX and OP- EX
 E.g. Choices for data connectivity:

   Optical Fibre        Requires breaking the fibre every 5km
                        e.g. 100 times between Mumbai & Ahmedabad
                        Latency, and Reliability issues
                        One failure of optical switch and whole fibre and
                        train communication system out

   Daisy chain radios   One failure and whole system is out till next data
   March 12                                                                  10
             Perfect Solution

     Satellite            Local wifi
  Communication            Internet

 March 12                              13
           Broadband Demo On
            Shatabdi Express

March 12                       14
    Shatabdi Broadband Demo
Satellite Antenna mounted on platform on WLRRM Power Car

March 12                                                   15
     Satellite And IT Equipment Mounted In Rack

March 12                                          16
           Network Architecture

March 12                          17
           System Integration

March 12                        18
    Shatabdi Broadband Demo
External mounted WiFi mesh antennas for inter-carriage data link

March 12                                                           19
           Connected Carriage System

March 12                               20
     Shatabdi Broadband Demo

Wi-Fi antenna mounted on ceiling in each Carriage
                                 also showing WiFi CCTV

 March 12                                                 21
    Shatabdi Broadband Demo
  Can support many simultaneous users (e.g. 100 - 200)

March 12                                                 22
           Independent Multimedia

March 12                            23
Railway Staff Making Call To DRM Office

March 12                                  24
           Touch Screen Kiosk

March 12                        25
           Landing Page

March 12                  26
     Broadband Demo Results

       Average Data             1.75 to 1.85
       Speed                =   Mbps over
                                2Mbps Satellite

       Satellite            =   97 %

       Satellite Tracking   =   97 to 99 %

March 12                                          27
        Shatabdi Broadband Demo
Results - Download Speeds of up to 1,860 kbps (2 mbps = capacity of sat link)

    March 12                                                           28
               Project Reference

   Thalys, Belgium (27 Trains)
   VIA Rail, Canada (40 Trains)
   NTV, Italy (3 Trains)
   MooviTER Project (SNCF TER), France
   SNCB
   SNCF TGV (France)
   D-Bhan (Germany)
   Ranfe (Spain)
    March 12                              29
Let’s Bring Entertainment And Broadband
            To Indian Railways

    March 12                       30

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