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					Northwick Park Primary School                           March 2011

PARALYMPIC PRESENTATION              so many parents and friends here
DAY                                  to support the school. All the
During the afternoon of              money raised will go to the school
Friday 4th March, children           council’s project to build a climbing
across the whole school took         wall for key stage 2. Sponsor
their families on a tour of the      money is still coming in so we will
various demonstrations and           let you know the final amount after
exhibitions that were on             all the money is collected.
display around the school.
Every class had prepared a
static    exhibition     and    a    THEATRE TRIP
performance based on the             A group of pupils from Key
theme of the Paralympics             Stage 2 went to the Royal
2012. Some year groups had           Opera    House     in   Covent
written and then performed           Garden on 9  th March to watch

their   songs,     others    had     the ballet version of the story
prepared a dance, a poem or          Alice in Wonderland. The
had    made     a    film.   The     show was thoroughly enjoyed
exhibitions of art works were        by everyone that went and it
stunning and made the school         was pleasing to have the
so bright and exciting. The          opportunity to invite pupils
art work included costume            to see these professional
designs for athletes, clay           dancers.
medals,     Olympic      torches,
mascot designs, photos and
pictures.                            TIMES TABLES AWARD
This was the culmination of          These are award winners           for
the     Community      Project       learning their times tables.
funded by the Royal Opera
House. The pupils had a              BRONZE: Adam Howell, Madison
brilliant afternoon sharing          Callaghan, Charlie Hawkins, Holly
their work with their families       Curtis, Michael Dean, Chloe
and it was fantastic that so         Mallon, Frankie Foyster, Poppy
many of you were able to join        Bright, Jemma Clarke, Kaitlyn
us for the afternoon.                Wines, Kathleen Gunn.

SPONSORED PANCAKE TOSS               SILVER: Zoe Sammons, kaylee
On Tuesday 8th February all the      Jerome, Jaiden Barnes, Jason
children took part in our annual     Mansfield, Chloe Mallon.
pancake toss. It was lovely to see
SPORTS:                                 MUSIC COMPETITION
                                        On 18th March, our Chamber
FOOTBALL - The boys’ team               Choir and Boys’ Choir took
has continued to improve and            part in the National Festival
achieve better results. On 7th          of Music for Youth held at
March they played Canvey                Coopers Secondary School,
Juniors and won 21 – 0. The             Upminster. Thank you to all
team from Thundersley was               the parents who got their
stronger opposition but the             children to school for the
boys held them to a 4-4 draw.           early start. Both choirs sang
                                        brilliantly and represented
NETBALL - The netball team              the school magnificently.
has played the first match of
the season. Unfortunately,
they lost the match against             MARCHING BAND VISITS
St    Katherine’s   but   are           Pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 were
training hard for the next              entertained by a very noisy
fixture.                                marching band on 11th March.
                                        Afterwards the members of the
CROSS COUNTRY – Two of                  band allowed the pupils to try out
our year 4 cross country team           the drums and to join in with one of
were selected to represent              the marching routines. The pupils
Castle Point in an Essex                had a great time and can now
competition at Garons Park,             decide if that is a hobby they would
Southend. There were over               like to pursue.
100 elite runners in every
race.   Both    our   runners
performed       magnificently,          RED NOSE DAY
with Ellie Ashford finishing            Friday 18th March was Red
21st and Harry Cowper 57th.             Nose Day and to raise funds
A small team of year 5 and 6            we donated £1 to come to
runners competed in the                 school in pyjamas! During the
Essex    Championships      at          afternoon the children went
Hylands    Park.    They    all         to their family groups to have
enjoyed the experience and              a ‘sleep over’ with drinks and
performed well.                         biscuits.

A group of children from Year 5         DIARY DATES:
performed the song that they had        23rd Mar: Infant Music Festival
written   for    our    Paralympic      25th Mar: Quiz Night
Presentation Day at the official        1st Apr: Busy Bears Easter Party
opening of the Arts Centre at           w/c 4th Apr: Parent Consultations
Hadleigh Fire Station on 15th           8th Apr: School Closes normal time
March. They sang brilliantly and           Busy Bears open all holiday
entertained the important visitors at              7:30 till 6pm
the ceremony.

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