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									          MKT 445 01: Special Topics
Spring Semester 2001
T,Th 2:30-3:45 p.m., BoA 240
Instructor: Dr. Randall S. Hansen
Home Page:
Office (BoA 210) Phone: 822-7495
Office Hours: T/Th, 10:00-11:00; T/Th, 1:00-2:30; Th, 4:30-6:00; and by


        E-marketing is all around us -- the use of electronic data and
        applications for the most efficient delivery of customer satisfaction that
        achieve organizational goals while building customer relationships. E-
        marketing is the Internet and the Web -- the sexy stuff -- but also
        electronic databases, inventory systems, and much more.

        Doesn't everybody have a Web site now? With billions of pages on
        every conceivable subject, how does the astute marketer break
        through? Who are the winners and losers of the Web marketplace?

        These are the things this course is about. When you finish this course,
        you should have a solid understanding of e-marketing, have the ability
        to analyze Web sites, and understand the complexities of marketing on
        the Internet.


        E-Marketing, by Judy Strauss and Raymond Frost.

Key Resources

        Other Web pages that are essential to achieving success in this class

                Web Promotion Resources
                Web Marketing Resources


        Grading will be done on a numerical scale during the semester, with a
        final letter grade determined at the end of the course. Each graded item
        has been given a point value, and the percentage of points to total
      points will determine grade. Eg., 802 points (out of total 875) is a 92 --
      an 'A-.'

      Plus/Minus grading will apply: 93-100 = A; 90-92 = A-; 87-89 = B+;
      83-86 = B; 80-82 = B-; 77-79 = C+; 73-76 = C; 70-72 = C-; 67-69 =
      D+; 63-66 = D; 60-62 = D-; under 60 = F.

            Email Assignment -- 50 pts.
            Web Trend Report & Presentation -- 75 pts.
            Web Site Review & Presentation -- 75 pts.
            Activity Results & Discussion (50 pts. each; 8 in total) -- 400
            Team Project: Web Site Analysis with Recommendations --
             200 pts.
            Team Project: Web Site Analysis Presentation -- 75 pts.
            Total Possible Points -- 875 pts.

      Please see the calendar for the most current due dates and reading

E-mail Assignment

      The purpose of this assignment is to make sure each student
      understands the importance of checking and using e-mail -- both for
      this class and as a marketing tool. You can use your Stetson account or
      any other e-mail account as long as you have regular access to it at
      school and off-campus.

      You need to e-mail the instructor the following pieces of information

            Your full name (and name you prefer to be called)
            Your campus box
            Your campus phone (or local phone if off campus)
            Reason you're taking this class
            Percentage of Super Bowl advertisers who will be dotcoms
            Best class ever taken at Stetson
            The thing you like most about Stetson
            The thing you like least about Stetson

      Make sure you know how to create a "signature file" for your e-mail,
      and include your "sig" with your e-mail assignment. Once you develop
      a Web site, your sig should become a part of your Web promotion plan.
      Your signature should include at least your name, email address, and
      URL; some people add quotes, snail-mail addresses, job titles,
      company name, etc.

Web Trend Report & Presentation

      The goal of this assignment is to have you find an interesting e-
      marketing related article, preferably using one of the online resources
      found at my Web Marketing Resources. You are not limited to this list,
      however, as articles can be found on e-marketing in many traditional
      business journals and magazines.

      Please try and e-mail the article to the class at least one class period
      before you are scheduled to discuss it.

      Please submit a one-page summary and analysis of your article and be
      prepared to lead discussion on the date you are assigned to do so. Your
      grade will be based on the combination of the strength of your written
      analysis and your abilities to lead discussion.

      The schedule for this assignment can be found on the calendar.

Web Site Review & Presentation

      You will be assigned a Website to review. This site may be a highly
      successful site, one that is in an uncertain state, or one that is now
      defunct. Please submit a one-page summary of your findings, and be
      prepared to lead discussion on the date you are assigned to do so.
      Please include in your review

             Market/Industry Group
             Web-based competitors
             Non Web-based competitors
             Target market
             Strengths/Weaknesses
             Reasons for success/failure

      The schedule for this assignment can be found on the calendar.

      Your grade will be based on the combination of the strength of your
      written analysis and your abilities to lead discussion.

      Please note, for defunct Websites, a good starting place may be

Activity Results & Discussion

      Each chapter of the text has a number of activities related to the
      material found in those chapters. You will complete eight (8) of these
      activities, as assigned to you, which can be found on the calendar.

      Please complete these assignments within one-page. Attachments and
      appendices are allowed, as needed.

Team Project: Web Site Analysis with Recommendations

      This team project involves a semester-long analysis of a particular
      Web-based business Website.
       Your team will produce a report (no longer than 10 pages) that
       examines the following

             Core business of Website
             Key competitors
             Target market
             Site strengths & weaknesses
             Search engine/link analysis
             Critical recommendations

       There will be four teams this semester, with two teams to each client.
       The two clients this semester are

             Big E-Commerce. Client: David Bigman
             Quintessential Careers. Client: Randall Hansen

       Reports will be graded according to the following criteria thoroughness
       of research, appropriate use of analytical tools and techniques, quality
       of analysis, comprehensiveness of critical issues and recommended
       solutions, writing clarity and form, and strength of report organization.

Team Project: Web Site Analysis Presentation

       Your team will have up to 20 minutes to present your findings and
       make recommendations based on your written report.

       Presentations are expected to be professional.

       Grading will be based on the professional quality and style of the


       It is expected. You will not lose points for being absent from a class,
       however, no projects, quizzes, etc. can be made-up. Nothing can be
       made up unless arranged with the instructor prior to class.

Classroom Etiquette

       This class is a discussion class, so speaking in class is a must!

       However, please do not hold conversations with classmates whenever
       the professor or another student is speaking. Your undivided attention
       in class is a must. An atmosphere of mutual respect is in order.

       The professor reserves the right to request a student to leave if his or
       her behavior seems inappropriate and disrespectful.

                 I am always willing to see my students and will go out of my way to
                 schedule meetings. Please make sure that if you make an appointment,
                 that you keep it. Also, please do not call me at home later than 11 p.m.
                 -- and never during Letterman! (But, you can email me at anytime.)

                 Print sources containing Internet marketing information include

                        Business Week
                        Forbes
                        Fortune
                        Marketing News
                        Wall Street Journal

                 Times and dates are subject to change. Refer to the calendar for the
                 most current assignments and due dates.

                 All work completed in this class is expected to be your own and
                 original for this class


Course Schedule and Assignments
Draft Internet Book Chapters Available Online: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12, 13
Date                             Topic                                  Assignment
First           Vision to the Future:                         Review and Learn
                Course Introduction,                          Internet Marketing (IM),
                Introduction to the Internet                  Chapters 1,3
                                                              Glossary of Internet
Second          Understanding Internet Customers              IM, Chapter 2, 4
                through Analysis                              (In Chapter 4, read all
                Who uses the Internet and are your            material up to laddering)
                customers there?
Third           Auditing the Competition: Identifying Complete competitive audit
                Who and What are Competitors Doing and analysis of Eddie Bauer
                                                      IM Chapter 7
                                                      Case: Eddie Bauer, Inc.
Fourth          Dot Com Brand and Name Research, Conduct Research of provided
                Registering Domain Names.             list of Dot Com names to
                                                      determine attribute associations
                                                  and obtain the most desirable
FIfth      Success Strategies for Internet        IM CHAPTER 5,6
                                                  Due Tuesday October 3,
           Tuesday, October 1                     5 Page Case on
           Guest Speaker: Sam Taylor,
           VP International, Lands' End

           Lands' End Info
           Lands' End Annual Report
Sixth      Success Strategies for Internet        Comparison of Top sites:
           Commerce                               Case: FEDEX

                                                  IM CHAPTER 5,6
                                                  TOP SITES
Seventh    Customer Motivational Analysis:        A Means End Analysis
           Identifying the Features Customers     (Explains Term Exercise)
           Want and the Tangible-Intangible       Learning about Laddering
           Benefits Received
                                                  Laddering Theory
           Click Here for Part 1 of the Laddering (Explains how to do it)
           PPT Presentation
                                                  IM, Chapter 4 (laddering)
           Click Here for Part 2 of the Laddering 5 page writeup describing the
           PPT Presentation                       results of your means end
                                                  analysis is due 10/22/02
Eights     Plan Presentations                     Laddering Presentations,
                                                  Business Concept Evaluations
                                                  Means-End Writeup Due
Nineth     An Introduction to HTML                Designing your Web Site:
           programming                            Page Development Outline
                                                  Intro to HTML
                                                  HTML Programming Sites
                                                  Cookie Jar Exercise
                                                  Advanced HTML
Tenth      Developing a Sales Strategy that       IM Chapter 8
           Makes Money:
           What Story Do We Tell?                 Case: PRICELINE.COM
Eleventh   Creating Headline and Copy:            IM Chapter 9
           Emphasis Where it Counts...
           Designing your Web Site
           Developing Display Ad Layout
Twelfth    Spamming:                              Fast E-mail extractor 4.1
           Techniques and Software for            Extractor Pro, Web Weasel
           Extracting and Distribution            Paper 1 due: Topic of your
Thirteenth   Principles of Layout and Design for    IM Chapter 10
Fourteenth   Internet Sites                         Assignment: Design and
             Establishing Your Own Identity by      Develop Pasteup of Website
             implementing 10 Principles of Design   homepage + 2 collateral
             and Layout                             pages

                                                    Yale University Style Guide:
                                                    Section I and II Interface,
                                                    Site, and Page Design
Fifteenths   Creating the Visual Image:             IM Chapter 11,12
             Developing and Finding Graphics for    Photoshop Users Guide
             the Customer                           Yale University Style Guide:
                                                    Section IV Web Graphics
Sixteenth    Legal Issues In Dot Com                Paper 2 due:
             Trademark Applications                 5 page Writeup of Exercise
             Domain Name Registration ICANN
Seventeeths Promoting the Site... Search            IM Chapter 13
            Engine Listing and Traditional          Final Exam Topics
            Methods of Promotion Becoming
            #1 on the Search: Auditing and
            Diagnosing Search Engine
            Algorithms Tracking Search
            Engine Positioning

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