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                     Client Dinner Party Personal Chef Agreement

Client Information:
     Name:_____________________Date:__________
     Address:__________________________
     Zip code:___________________Home Phone:_____________
     Mobile phone:__________Fax number:________________________
     Event:_____________________ Time:_______________

I will arrive at your dinner party/kitchen location_____________________ at
approximately______am/pm with all the ingredients necessary to prepare the agreed-
upon meals in your kitchen/cooking area. I'll prepare and serve all dishes per your
request. I will clean your kitchen/cooking area and leave it as I found it and all of my
equipment will be removed.

Please make sure your kitchen/cooking area is clean and ready on the scheduled cooking
dates. Children and pets should be out of the kitchen/cooking area on the dates
schedule for cooking. I want to make sure there are no problems or accidents with
anyone or anything in the kitchen/cooking area when I’m cooking. If you have any
questions or concerns, I can come earlier or stay later. Please call ahead to schedule the
extra time needed.
Thank you


Number of total courses:                      ________________
Number of Adults:                             ______________
Number of Children:                           ________________

                                 Rustic Gatherings
                           Personal Chef/Dinner Party Service

Fees for Time and Materials:
►      Minimum hours required:                  $ ____________________
►      Deposit:                                 $_____________________
►      Balance on minimum hours:                $_____________________
►      Additional hours:                        $_____________________
►      Additional person at $ ph:               $_____________________
►      Cost of groceries:                       $_____________________
►      Cost of flowers:                         $_____________________

                               Total:           $_____________________

Payment schedule:

       A deposit of half of the estimated preparation time is required and will be due
two weeks prior to your event with this contract signed. This contract will be brought
back with me the day of the event with all the necessary receipts. Please make your
check payable to SD Retail Operations or you may choose to pay by PayPal through our
website www.rusticgatherings.com or Mastercard or Visa, call for instructions.

Cancellation Policy:

        Cancellations must be received via confirmed email or phone message no less
than 14 days prior to the scheduled event. Half of the deposit will be returned if the
event is cancelled within that time window. The deposit received will not be refunded
if the event is cancelled less than the time allowed.

Client signature          Date

_________________________________                                Thank you,
Rustic Gatherings         Date                                   “It’s a pleasure to serve you”
                                                                 Sandra Donahue
                                                                 Personal Chef

         Sandra Donahue, dba Rustic Gatherings is not responsible for any food allergies,
             health issues or health concerns for any guest during the event scheduled
        for ________________ that were not addressed during our client consultation..
          Per the client there are no health issues of allergies known to them. Thank you


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