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									                                      The handbag can charge

The performance of smart phones is growing, from single-core dual-core to quad-core
manufacturers scrambled configuration "to a realm. However, life has become the biggest
bottleneck in the further development of the smart phone. Smart mobile phone battery is not
enough, this is the user to reflect the most problems.

"No phone will be dead," the user away from home, suffered battery power is a nightmare. Since
the built-in battery to power, they began to seek another solution - buy a variety of external
battery. However, do not think that these external battery is really ugly and heavy and
inconvenient to you?

If you think so, this handbag can charge "will certainly attract your attention.

British fashion designer Richard Nicoll, and mobile operators to design a unique handbag. This
handbag in addition to fine the shape of the trend, it is the biggest bright spot is that we can
charge your mobile devices.

Prior to use, you have to charge for this handbag ". Speaking of charging you may think of the
long power cord, and not very elegant charging port, I do not think people would think to install a
charging port on the handbag tide it?

In fact, the charge is mainly adsorbed by a magnetic power adapter in your handbag up to
complete, is somewhat similar to the MacBook's MagSafe charging the charge in the form of the

Fully charged, you can safely take the handbag to go out. Once your Blackberry, iPhone, Android
device running out of power, you just put them in a specific bag pocket for charging through the
handbag. Power at least can make your mobile device to full power within two days. Is not great?

However, while charging the phone in your handbag there is a problem: once in a noisy place, it is
easy to miss a call.

Very thoughtful designers take this into consideration, this handbag on the side of the LED
indicator to tell you This is not a problem. Once the new call, handbags indicator prompts you. Its
own does not sound, so the tips are the same need for a quiet place.

It is reported that this handbag will be available late spring. I believe this product will be a model
for the perfect combination of fashion and practical. But I think, if the design of a men's men will
be very happy.

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