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The Two Facades of Internet MarketingProfit or Bankruptcy for your Home-Based Business

The information superhighwayor what we commonly know as the Internetis built as a network of
reliable information resources. With the Internet used in conjunction with computer system
applications, the transmission of useful information is faster, more accurate, and such information
can be accessed by almost anybody who needs such information for their personal use and other
purposes it may serve them.

That is the Internet before on its early years of existence. Its rapid development, along with the
clever minds of webmasters and Internet geniuses, paved the way for the innovations that
changed the way we live in this world. Internet is not just for pure information dissemination or
transmission of useful datait now changed the way we do business in the 21st century.

The business community nowadays is now bombarded with many opportunities of earning through
the Internet. The traditional conduct of business such as getting necessary permits from the city or
state government, building physical structures as the ground of business, and advertising through
local newspapers and large billboards on interstate highways is now held at the helm of the
Internet. You need not visit the licensing division of the city or state government, find stalls where
you can offer your products or services for sale, or advertise your business through local
newspapers or large billboards.

All you need is your personal computer connected to the Internet, some effective market
strategies, some funds, and some self-confidence that you will succeed on conducting business
over the Internet.

Internet marketing offers sudden boost on your home-based business for several reasons.

1. As previously mentioned, you do not need to secure necessary permits from city or state
governments or find structures for your business. You just need to create a website for several
dollars (site design template and domain name registration), and you now have an online shop
where you will be able to display your products or services for sale. In fact, you have the chance of
getting clients outside the area of your business operation.

2. Advertising your products or services for sale through the Internet is relatively cheaper than
advertising through local newspapers and large billboards. Advertising your home-based business
online can attract more potential clients compared to local advertising. Moreover, you can also
earn additional revenues for your home-based Internet marketing business from advertising the
products or services of other Internet-based marketers through advertising affiliate programs.

3. The Internet is not just for Internet-based marketers who have products or services to sell
online. In fact, there are various home-based business opportunities over the Internet that do not
require products or services to sell, such as joining an affiliate marketing program, writing articles
for online marketing websites, reading and responding to paid emails, answering paid surveys,
and others. There is just a wide array of earning options for you over the Internet.

Because of the huge opportunity provided by the information superhighway, millions and millions
of people are now getting online to promote and conduct their home-based Internet marketing
business. Moreover, there are now hundreds to thousands of stories about individuals who have
already made millions of dollars online and still making hundreds to thousands of dollars within

However, just like the traditional business, there are also hundreds to thousands of stories about
individuals who have lost almost everything through Internet marketing because of several
reasons. First, they failed to plan their home-based business carefully. Without proper marketing
strategies on what type of home-based business they want as well as how they will promote it
resulted in losing the shirts of their back instead of getting a new one every now and then.

Second, they failed to understand the basics of Internet marketing. All they know is that Internet is
a pool of thousand to millions of dollars. Despite of the opportunities given by the Internet to
aspiring online marketers, their success will still depends on how they will handle their business
over the Internet. You will just be as good as a fool if you do not understand the fundamentals of
Internet marketingit has still two faces: profit or bankruptcy.

The Internet provides a huge opportunity on earning substantial amounts of revenues for your
home-based business. However, the success or failure of your Internet marketing business will still
depend on how you want it to happen. The choice is yours to make.

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