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South Asia
Subcontinent of India
   Chapter Assignments:
   Chapter 28: Regional Atlas – Intro. to South
        Pages 590-604
   Chapter 29: Countries of South Asia
        Pages 606-625
   Part I: India’s Early History
        Article on the development of India
        Class handout
Profile of India
Population = 1.12 billion
   2nd largest in world
   7th largest country in land area
Ethnic groups:
   Indo-Aryan – 72%
   Dravidians – 25%
    • People from southern India who
      speak Dravidian rather than Indo-
      Aryan languages
    • Generally darker skinned
   Hinduism – 80.5%
   Muslim – 13.2 %
                                          Dravidian dominated areas
   Christianity – 2.3%
India: Profile
                                     Hindi – national language
                                     + primary tongue of
                                     30%of the people
                                     There are 14 other
                                     official languages
                                     (Bengali, Urdu)
                                     English= language used
                                     in the realms of national,
                                     political, and commercial

 Political map of India in Hindi
India: Profile
 Governmental Structure:
 Govt. type – Federal
 Independence = August 15,
 1947 from the UK
 Chief of State – President
 Pratibha Patil
    First female President of India
    Elected for 5 year terms (no
    term limits)
    Elected in July 2007; next
    election 2012
India: Profile
   Main goal is to feed their growing population
     More land has been farmed
     Better farming methods, increased irrigation and
     higher quality seeds
   India’s diverse economy encompassed many
   different areas:
     Traditional village farming
     Modern agriculture
     Wide range of modern industries
     Multitude of services
India: Profile
   Average growth rate of
   7% since 1996
     Reduced poverty by 10%
   India has a large
   number of well-
   educated people skilled
   in the English language
     Resulted in India being a
     large exporter of
     software services and
India: Profile
                 Economic improvement:
                 1950 – 16% literacy rate
                 2007 – 70% literacy rate
                 (males); 48% (females)
                 Overall improvement in living
                     1950 life span = 32
                     2007 = 65
                 India still has
                 issues/problems with large
                 sections of poverty and poor
South Asia: An Overview
       Video reflection questions:
 (1)   What stereotypes or misconceptions were
       challenged as you watched the video?
 (2)   Which stereotypes or misconceptions were
 (3)   What images surprised you?
 (4)   How did the video change your perceptions
       of South Asia?
India: Geography
 Located in South Asia
 Himalayas = form the
 northern border
   Contain over 30 of the
   worlds highest peaks
   “Rooftop” of the world
India: Geography
                   Main geographic
                   Mountain zone of the
                   Indo-Gangetic plain
                   (formed by basins of 3
                   great rivers)
                   Southern Peninsula of
                   the Deccan Plateau
Indo-Gangetic Plain
   Most densely
   populated part of
   Includes the most
   fertile soil of India
     Main crops – rice,
     wheat, and
Deccan Plateau
                 Southern part of India
                 Endures a dry season of
                 6-9 months
                 Climate is similar to
                 American Southwest
                 Irrigation improves the
                 regions agriculture
                   Main crops – cotton,
                   peas, beans, and wheat
India: Geography
     Altitude + distance from
     Indian Ocean affect the
     climates in India
     Monsoons (heavy rainy
     season) = July to
       • Winds blow from NE
       • Winds blowing from
          SW =

Historical Development and Overview
Group Research:
   In groups research the following:
     Ancient Civilizations of the Indus Valley
      • Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
     Mauryan Empire and Gupta Empire
     British Imperialism in India
     1885 Indian National Congress + Mohandas
     1906 Muslim League + Mohammed Ali Jinnah
     Partition of India (1947)
Historical civilization
  Indus Valley
   (2500-1500 BC); located in
   present-day Pakistan
      Harappa + Mohenjo-Daro
   Muslim dominance
      700’s AD – Arab conquerors
      brought Islam to Pakistan
   British Imperialism --
      1618 British East India Company
      set up trading posts along the
      1700’s British established their
      colonial empire in India
Historical Development
                   1885 Indian National
                     Formed to resist British
                   1906 Muslim League
                     Formed to represent
                     Muslim minority groups
                   1920 Mohandas Ghandi;
                   demonstrations to ease
                   tensions between
                   Hindu’s and Muslim’s
Historical Development
  1947 Britain divided its
  possessions into 2 new
  states based on religion
     India – mostly Hindu
     Pakistan – mostly Muslim
      • Conflict would arise over the
        territory of Kashmir
  Since India’s independence
  they have had a variety of
     They remain the world’s
     largest Democracy
  Use 15 minutes in your groups to discuss the
  following items (identify and describe):
  Turn in 1 paper for your group
    Harrapa + Mohenjo-Daro
    British Imperialism in India
    1885 Indian National Congress
    Mohandas Gandhi
    1906 Muslim League
    Mohammed Ali Jinnah
    Partition of India (1947)
Current Events for South Asia
   Each group should pick 1 current
   issue/event from South Asia (must be
   within the last 3 months)
     Countries of S. Asia – Turkmenistan,
     Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan,
     Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal,
     Bhutan, Bangladesh, Kashmir Region
   See Moodle instruction.

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