; Antiderivative of 0
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Antiderivative of 0


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									                      Antiderivative of 0
Antiderivative of 0

Our question is to find the antiderivative of 0 ? So for calculating the
antiderivative we have to know definition of antiderivative :

in calculus, antiderivative is an operation which calculate opposite of derivatives
means antiderivative calculate integration operation on derivative, like g(x) is a
derivative of f(x), then we calculate antiderivative of g(x) by integration method
and it produces f(x) as a result -d (f(x)) = g(x) then antiderivative of g(x) means
integration of g(x) is ∫g(x) dx = f(x) + c

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For proving that antiderivative is an opposite operation of derivation, we take
some examples like we have a function f(t) = t step 1 : Firstly we calculate
derivative of f(t) is d (t) = 1.t1-0 = 1

step 2 : As we all know that antiderivative operation is behaving like integration
operation, then if integration of 1 is produces original function than we can say
that antiderivative operation is opposite operation of derivation . So, let’s check
it - ∫1 dx = t0+1 + c = t + c

it produces t as a result , which is our original function f(t). So, we can say that
antiderivative is an opposite operation of derivation.

So, we can say that if somebody knows derivation very well, than it’s very easy
for them to calculate antiderivation operation on certain functions.

Now, we discuss antiderivative of 0: As we all know that 0 is a derivative of
constant (k) meansd (c) = 0 where c = 1,2,..........any constant number which
includes all rational, irrational numbers

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dx then antiderivative of 0 is constant(k) because antiderivative is opposite
operation of derivation : ∫0 dx = 0 + c = c Here c is a constant . So, we can say
that constant(c) is an antiderivative of 0.
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