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									How to Fix the Results5 Google Redirect Virus
By Greg Kahn

Are you being redirected to whenever you perform a search online? If you
are, the good news is that this problem is caused by a particular type of virus which has infected
your PC. The bad news is that this virus is actually one of the most difficult to remove from your
system unless you know exactly what you need to do to be able to fix it. This tutorial is going to
show you a working tutorial to repair the virus on your PC in the most effective and reliable way

The reason why you're being redirected is because of a virus called the "Google Redirect Virus"
on your system. This virus is continually installing itself on millions of computers around the
World and works by redirecting your various search results to random advertising websites. The
Google Redirect Virus is one of the biggest infections you can get on your PC, and will
continually cause a huge number of issues on your system as long as it remains.

Unfortunately, the Google Redirect Virus is actually one of the most difficult infections to
remove from your PC, because of the way it installs itself on your system. The problem is that
this virus works a lot differently than other infections on Windows, in that it will just change a
few settings on your computer. Most "normal" viruses either place a small malicious application
on your system, or a file to perform some annoying things. This allows Antivirus programs to
easily identify & target most infections... but because the Google Redirect Virus doesn't have
any files / settings that it places on your PC, it's incredibly difficult to remove.

The settings the redirect virus changes are basically the ones which handle the website
redirections online, meaning that if you ever get redirected from a website, the virus will
interject its links and try to get you to an ads site. Not many people know this, but each time
you click a search engine link, you'll get taken to the search engine's main site first (for example and then redirected to the target site you wanted. This means that if you have the
redirect virus on your PC, it will just hijack this redirect and send you to a fake website instead.

The way to remove this virus is very easy if you have the correct tools. Instead of using a
popular antivirus program (which will not fix the infection), you need to remove it with an anti-
virus tool that is able to search through various Windows files and fix the errors they have.
We've found that there is a program called "ComboFix" which works well to fix this infection, as
well as "Frontline Registry Cleaner", which will repair any further errors your computer may

Google redirect virus removal

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