; Google Redirect Virus Fix - The Truth_
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Google Redirect Virus Fix - The Truth_


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									Google Redirect Virus Fix - The Truth!

By R. K. Jain

Is your computer currently infected with a virus called the Google redirect virus? If not, here are
the symptoms: your browser getting redirected to ad sites as well as website that have the
potential to be malicious and your computer seems to be so much slower than before. If so,
then there is a big chance that you have the Google redirect virus running in your system. This
is a virus which you need to remove as soon as possible with the Google redirect virus fix.

Your Data at Stake

The reason why you should get on to removing the virus with the Google redirect virus fix as
soon as you can is because the Google redirect virus has the potential to destroy your
computer. Because it frequently trolls malicious websites, who knows how many viruses are
currently running around your computer as you read this?

Even your personal information might get compromised because it would be so much easier for
hackers to steal it. This type of virus is what it known as browser hijacking - wherein you know
you have not clicked on a site but it still brings you to websites that you really do not want to
see, whether you like it or not. Before you know it, you have already become the victim of what
it known as identify fraud. The malware that has trolled your computer has already seized your
private information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and other passwords.

What You Can Do

Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure that the Google redirect virus gets out of your
computer and hopefully not come back. This requires a bit of knowledge when it comes to
computer registry and security. You see, the registry files in your system were compromised as
a result of the virus infecting it - and this is what you need to take out because once they have
been compromised they are already what is known as malicious files. These malicious files hide
under the disguise of notes such as the following: Browser add-ons, browser help objects,
registry entries and files in the dynamic link library.

What you need to do is to remove it using the Google redirect virus fix through the regedit
program under Run. As soon as you have located the compromised registry entries, it is
imperative that you clear the cache of your browser upon restarting your computer. You also
need to check your windows hosts file, dns resolver entries in network settings and check
internet explorer's setting to make sure you are not going through a proxy.

There might be other people - computer experts - who can help you out with this if you are
computer illiterate. Failing that, your next step is to look around for a very strong and time-
tested antivirus and anti-spyware program that could do the removal and the succeeding
monitoring for you.

The Google Redirect virus is one nasty bug that could do a lot to harm your computer and put
your life in shambles. Before this happens, you need to find a way to remove it. Removal can be
done manually or through the Google Redirect Removal tool which is very good spyware
remover software. It will not only remove Google redirect virus but also provide real time
protection to your computer.

Google redirect virus removal

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