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					Get Rid of Google Redirect Virus - Easy Fix

By R. K. Jain

Are you experiencing problems with your computer because it keeps getting redirected to
different sites that you did not even click on in the first place? If so, then it means you are
infected with the Google redirect virus. While the effects are really nasty, it helps to know that
there are steps which you can take to get rid of this notorious threat.

Potential Harms of Google Redirect Virus

First off, it pays to know just what could happen to your computer if it is infected with this
Trojan. One, your browser will redirect itself to pages that could plant some more spyware and
malware into your computer. Second, the performance of your computer can slow down really
bad. Third, you will keep getting some ad sites popping up in your browser - ad sites that you
did not even click on or open.

Can't Get Rid of Google Redirect Virus? Here are the Removal Instructions

The best way to get rid of the Google redirect virus is to invest in software that performs
spyware removal or have an anti-virus program running in your computer. At the same time,
you can also uninstall the Google redirect virus manually - though it will take some time and
effort as well as computer know-how in order to achieve this. The Google redirect virus works
by corrupting registry entries in your system, so you need to do a manual cleaning fix in order
to solve this.

To remove this search result hijacking virus, you should click your Start button and type regedit
on the Run option. Look for the registry keys that have been affected, as well as their
corresponding values. In order to do this, you need to keep an eye out for values which have
undergone modification and remove any redundant entries.
Second, look for the unregistered DLL files - these are the malicious files that you need to
remove. As soon as you locate them, the next thing you have to do is to kill the processes which
are operating so the Google redirect virus stops spreading.

Should you find that this does un-install Google redirect virus, the next thing you have to do is a
system restore. Reformatting your system can also help, but if you do not know what you are
doing you could end up losing all important information or data that you have not yet been able
to back up. Reformatting hard disk is not the solution but automatic spyware removing
software will restore the earlier functionality of google search results.

At the end of the day, a very good spyware and antivirus could make sure that your computer is
being given close monitoring to get rid of all the potential harms you can get from malicious
websites. Automatic Removal Tools will not only remove this search result hijacking virus but
also protect you from any such threats in future by providing real time protection.

The malicious Google redirect virus can do potential damage to your computer if you are not
aware of its existence. It pays a lot to invest in Spyware Removal as well as know-how in fixing it
yourself. You can use this effective software to Remove Google Redirect Virus easily and get
your search results old functionality back.

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