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									Fix Google Redirect Virus - How To Get Rid Of The
Google Redirect Virus Infection From Your PC!

By Greg Kahn

The "Google Redirect Virus" is the common name given to a trojan horse / "browser hijack
object" which will continually redirect your search engine results. As one of the most common
virus infections in the World, the redirect virus is installing itself onto millions of computers
every day. The only problem is that if you want to remove this infection from your PC, almost
no antivirus programs available online will be able to get rid of it. It has some different
properties which prevent "normal" antivirus programs from working to remove it - meaning
that if you want to clear out your PC of the virus, you need to work smarter and not harder.

What Is The Google Redirect Virus?

This is a virus infection which redirects your search engine results to advertising & fake
websites. Typically finding its way onto your PC from the likes of a fake email attachment, rogue
download or infected website, the virus will generally sneak onto your PC with little or no sign
that it's on there. The infection itself is actually a small application which will then change some
settings on your PC. After the settings have been changed, the virus will disappear and leave no
trace of its presence, apart from the changed settings.

This virus will change the "redirect" settings that Windows uses to take you to the correct
websites you want online. Not many people know this, but each time you use the Internet, you
are being redirected to different pages & sites constantly (such examples as pages being moved
or websites merging will cause this). Normally, Windows is able to deal with these redirects
correctly... but the virus your computer has will actually make it so that it injects its own
malicious websites into the redirect process, causing you to see the sites you do. The "Google
Redirect Virus" is named so because it shows itself most when people click search links - these
links take you to a page on before redirecting you.
How To Fix The Google Redirect Virus

To remove this virus, you basically need to restore the settings that were either damaged or
corrupted by the infection. Unfortunately, popular anti-virus programs cannot do this because
they only look for files / applications that are causing a problem. In order to remove the virus,
you can either use a little-known program called "ComboFix" or perform a "repair installation"
of Windows.

The best way to fix this virus is to download a program called "ComboFix". This tool has been
developed by a group of experienced security developers who have decided to create a tool
which is able to repair specific files. You should download this program, install it and then use a
special "script" to send the program scanning through the files which the virus has changed.

Google redirect virus

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