James S Bell Sports _ Wellness Academy Power Point by dandanhuanghuang


									James S. Bell JMS

  Information for Potential
    Sports and Wellness
   Scheduled Health and Physical Education

 Grade Level     Scheduled        Scheduled        Scheduled
                   Time             Time             Time
               (# min/5 days)   (# min/5 days)   (# min/5 days)
                 2009-2010        2010-2011        2011-2012
JK/SK                0               120              150

Grades 1-3          135              120              150

Grades 4-5          135              120              150

Grades 6-8          150              180              180
           Current JSB Practices

   Have an established school garden containing fruits and
   Offer a healthy breakfast program.
   Offer a Healthy Kinder-lunch program.
   Offer a healthy lunch program.
   Have a Gardening Club.
   Parent volunteers help to deliver the Lunch Program &
    Kinder-Lunch Program.
   TPH & LAMP support with food programs.
   Community grant funding.
         Potential JSB Programs

   Include healthy eating tips in each month’s school
   Establish school-wide healthy eating events e.g. Fruity
   Have TPH provide workshops on healthy eating, packing
    healthy lunches and snacks, etc. to parents.
   Have TPH provide "Rethink what you Drink" session to
           Current JSB Practices
   Treadmills and recumbent bikes available to
    intermediate special education students – “Back on
    Track” program.
   A wide variety of sports teams and intramural sports
    (traditional sports to yoga and zumba).
   Parent volunteers provide coaching support.
   Community grant funding.
   Dr. Spence’s Fit for Life Vision – 150+ minutes of
    physical activity weekly (released September 22, 2011).
   Existing partnership with Toronto Parks and Recreation.
          Potential JSB Programs
   Have painted lines on the playground pavement for
    games (such as hopscotch).
   Provide increased equipment/facilities to support
    physical activity during recess (e.g. balls, skipping
   Coordinate a “Walking Wednesday” program.
   Establish a Walking School Bus Program.
   Have guidelines related to Physical Activity that
    encourages all children to participate, emphasizing
    enjoyment, fair play, self-fulfillment and personal health.
   Provide structured recess/playground program
    promoting active fun, fair play and co-operative activities.
         Potential JSB Programs
   Encourage all staff to be role models to students.
   Train student leaders to lead other students in physical
    activities during breaks.
   Organize more school-wide events that promote physical
    activity (e.g. Terry Fox Run).
   Partner with TPH to support physical health & wellness
    (e.g. PALS program).
   Partner with the L.C.I. to support physical health &
   Partner with Humber College to support physical health
    and wellness.

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