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     Jessica Webb

  January 12th, 2011

English Honors Period 1

       American literature is very important. Each author changes something about America

depending on their stories whether fiction or non-fiction. James Patterson, as a person and a

writer, is a vital part to literature. Patterson has written an uncountable amount of novels. Many

of which that have been top sellers. From his faithful readers, to his eye catching covers, his

stories make everyone want to read them. James Patterson is someone that needs to be noted for

his writing.

       Everyone has their own unique story. Mine, personally, is a little different than most.

March 22nd, 1947 is the day I was born, in Newburgh, New York. My mother, Isabelle, taught,

and my father, Charles, was an insurance executive. I have three younger sisters. I would say it

was “comfortable”. In 1965, I graduated from a Christian Brothers school, St. Patrick’s, as class

valedictorian. After, I headed to college at Manhattan College- majoring in English, of course. I

worked over the summer as an aid at a psychiatric institute up near Boston. That same summer I

began writing to eventually get a job in academia. I entered the graduate program at Vanderbilt

University. Soon after, I realized teaching was not meant for me. Therefore, for my master’s

thesis, I submitted a novel in 1970.

     Unfortunately, soon after my companion for seven years was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Jane Blanchard died in 1970. (James Patterson, 1998). She was my new inspiration for writing.

At the age of 39, I became the CEO at an advertising company. In 1990, I was the chairman.

After more promotions, I decided to leave the company in 1996 to focus on my true passion-

writing. Later on, I did get married to someone. I also had a son. These this did not affect my

writing, but enhanced it.

    My books are for a narrowed audience. I have about 39 New York Times best sellers.

Although the buyers are mostly loyal young adults, I have written some comics to have children

be interested in my writing. Also, I write for myself. "Writing has brought me a great deal of joy

over the years, but it's also brought me an absolutely ridiculous amount of money, and frankly,

for the last few years the writing has been getting in the way of the joy of money." (Stephan

Harris, 2007). The people who read the novels I publish, always come back, and I can't leave

them hanging.

    I have written so many books, all with different story lines and ideas. Although, I have also

written a few popular series. I created this character, Alex Cross, and traced his life through

many novels. People reading it can see how he evolves as a person. Witch & Wizard is a new

popular book which will be coming out soon as a movie. It's about these two teenagers accused

of being a witch and wizard. The suspense is almost frightening.

    My writing is also very different than most authors. Most of my typical books you see in

stores contain many chapters. I do this on purpose though. The chapters are only a few pages

long. I like to get only the main ideas out, and make the reader think. "I was writing a book

called Midnight Club, and I'd done about 100 pages, and I was planning to really flesh them out.

And I read the 100 pages, and I said, there’s something interesting here. And that's where I went

to just leaving a lot of stuff out." (Grossman, L. 2006) Karen Sidle said, "I hate buying books by

other writers, because it feels like the books are just full of words." (Harris, S. 2007). I like to

keep my writers interested in what I have to say. My genre changes depending on the audience,

which I like. I have been trying to expand it. Most novels are thriller. I like to keep my readers

on the edge of their seat.

        Many people comment on my work. I wrote Black Market in 1986. The critics weren’t

very happy. “Newgate Callendar found the book ‘ambitious’ but ‘written in a superheated prose

very heavy on italics’, concluding that ‘the entire scenario is artificial and unbelievable’.” (James

Patterson, 2010). New York Times commented, ''The Road Less Traveled,'' with its famously

succinct first sentence (''Life is difficult''), is arguably the most successful paperback in the

history of the Times list.” (Dwight Garner, 2005). Each book, as expected, has positive and

negative reviews. No matter what they say, my books still get up to the number one spot.

        James Patterson is significant in American literature. He has a variety of work. He sells to

everyone. From children to adults, everyone buys his novels. Although as a child he didn’t like

writing, he grew up and it became his passion. Patterson knew he wanted to be an author, so he

made it happen. He didn’t let all the money and fame stop him from doing what makes him

happy. James Patterson is a great author and a very important part of literature.

TITLE OF NOVEL :               WRITTEN WITH: (he wrote       YEAR:
                               with other authors for some
The Thomas Berryman                                          1976
The Season of the Machete                                    1977

The Jericho Commandment                                      1979

Virgin                                                       1980

The Day America Told the       Peter Kim                     1991
Along Came a Spider                                          1993

Kiss The Girls                                               1995

Jack and Jill                                                1996

Miracle on the 17th Green      Peter de Jonge                1996

Hide & Seek                                                  1996

See How They Run                                             1997

Cat and Mouse                                                1997

When The Wind Blows                                          1998

Pop Goes The Weasel                                          1999

Cradle and All                                               2000

Roses Are Read                                               2000

First to Die                                                 2001

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas                                 2001

Violets are Blue                                             2001

Second Chance                                                2002

The Beach House                                              2002

Black Friday                                   2002

Four Blind Mice                                2002

The Lake House                                 2003

Jester                      Andrew Gross       2003

The Big Bad Wolf                               2003

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer                      2004

Third Degree                Andrew Gross       2004

London Bridges                                 2004

SantaKid                                       2004

Maximum Ride: The Angel                        2005
4th of July                 Maxine Paetro      2005

Honeymoon                   Howard Roughan     2005

Lifeguard                   Andrew Gross       2005

Mary, Mary                                     2005

The 5th Horseman                               2006

School’s Out—Forever                           2006

Beach Road                  Peter de Jonge     2006

Judge&Jury                  Andrew Gross       2006

Cross                                          2006

Step on a Crack             Michael Ledwidge   2007

6th Target                  Maxine Paetro      2007

The Quickie                 Michael Ledwidge   2007

You’ve Been Warned          Howard Roughan     2007

Maximum Ride: Saving the                                           2007
World and Other Extreme
7th Heaven                       Maxine Paetro                     2008

Sunday at Tiffany’s              Gabrielle Charbonnet              2008

Sail                             Howard Roughan                    2008

The Dangerous Days of Daniel     Michael Ledwidge                  2008

Cross Country                                                      2008

Run for Your Life                Michael Ledwidge                  2009

The 8th Confession               Maxine Paetro                     2009

Alex Cross’s Trial               Richard DiLallo                   2009

Alex Cross                                                         2009

Worst Case                       Michael Ledwidge                  2010

The 9th Judgment                 Maxine Paetro                     2010

Private                          Maxine Paetro                     2010

The Postcard Killers             Liza Marklund                     2010

Don’t Blink                      Howard Roughan                    2010

*Patterson also wrote other novels that are not included in chart. Library Database was not

updated to the current date with his new novels.

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