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					In the 1920’s
I. City Life
A. Great Migration
   1. Blacks move to Northern Cities
B. Concentration of Blacks
   1. Harlem – W side
      of Manhattan
II. Renaissance = Rebirth
A. Flowering of
     1.   Art
     2.   Music
     3.   Literature
     4.   Culture
B. Celebrating Black Culture & Heritage
Famous Harlem Renaissance Artists

         •   Paul Robeson
         •   Luis Armstrong
         •   Duke Ellington
         •   Bessie Smith
         •   Langston Hughes
III. Impact of Renaissance
A. Establishes Harlem & inner city areas
  as cultural centers
B. Recognizes Black artists
C. Develops new styles of music literature
  & art
     1. Jazz
     2. Critical of Society
While we listen to some music
answer the questions on the
  next slide on your notes:
• What is the subject or topic of the song?
• List as many instruments being used as you
• What stands out to you? Images created by
  the lyrics?
• What is its mood? How does it make you feel
  to listen to the song? Why
• Do the lyrics present an accurate picture of
  the event / time period?
• How is this music different than music from
  today ( including sound & message)
Poetry Analysis
• Read “Let America Be America Again”
• Make a list (on your notes) of 5
  important words or phrases that stand
  out to you or that you feel are
  descriptive of the Harlem Renaissance.
• We will share these lists when we have
  finished reading the poem