OPAL Chinese (Mandarin) Elementary by YoXbe69


									OPAL Chinese (Mandarin) Elementary


This accelerated course is designed for students who have learned some Mandarin Chinese and wish
to further their study to a higher level. Students who register for this course are expected to have
learnt the basics of the language such as the pronunciation, the writing system and fundamental
grammar and are able to recognise no less than 180 characters. The course adopts a communicative
approach for teaching and learning the language with emphasis on grammar and oral skills.
Participants are expected to do a substantial amount of homework and preparation for each lesson,
which will amount to at least an additional two hours’ work per week. Regular attendance is essential.
A high level of commitment and dedication will be appreciated.

Course material:
Kuai Le Han Yu Vol 2. Student Book. People’s Education Press + Kuai Le Han Yu Vol 2. Workbook.
People’s Education Press.
The course book will be supplemented as necessary by handouts provided by the tutor.
- Students are encouraged to use internet websites for self study.
- Materials and reference grammars for beginners are available in the Language centre library and
students are encouraged to self-access these, seeking advice from the Librarian if they wish.

Course description:
Please note that OPAL tutors will provide a detailed ‘week-by-week’ course syllabus and a
self-study guide at the beginning of each term.

Structural content:
Pinyin (Chinese Romanisation)
Character learning strategies
Character knowledge
More on modal verbs
More on time phrase
More on location phrase
More on measure words
Particle LE
Particle BA
More on co-verbs
Negation of the past
Structure SHI---DE—
Particle GUO
Affirmative and negative questions

Communicative content:
Describing a day
Describing location
Talking about likes and dislikes
Buying and selling
Talking about sports
Talking about the weather
Describing illness
Talking about colour
Talking about festivals
Making a date arrangement
Talking about hobbies and TV programmes

Chinese Mandarin Elementary Assessment Framework:

Continuous Exam:
Michaelmas Term Test 15%
Participation and course work 15%
Final exam:
Trinity Term test 35%
Project presentation 35%
Final marks & recommendation:
50 – 69 Pass
70 – 79 Pass with merit
80 + Distinction

Learning outcomes:


                                Reading: CAN understand              Writing: CAN complete
Listening/Speaking: CAN
                                straightforward information within   forms and write short
express simple opinions or
                                a known area, such as on products    simple letters or
requirements in a familiar
                                and signs and simple textbooks or    postcards related to
                                reports on familiar matters.         personal information.

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