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                               Deadline: April 8

This is a $500 scholarship given to students who are pursuing a degree in the
agricultural or health fields. Please complete a paper that includes the following
information and send it to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

Your paper should include the following information:

       1. Post-secondary educational goals and career plans.

          Where you plan to attend college and the degree you plan to pursue.
          How do you intend to use your education in the health field or the agricultural

       2. Financial Need

          Please include how many siblings are in the family and if any are attending
          college; family situations that might show some need (i.e. separation or
          divorce; any hardships the family has faced; etc.), why this scholarship will
          help you to meet your educational goals.

       3. Please list and describe activities and offices in high school. How have
          these activities contributed to your goals in agriculture or health.

       4. Enclose a letter of recommendation from a person who can attest to your
          character and financial need. The screening committee will hold all
          information in strict confidence.

       5. Attach a transcript that contains your GPA, class rank, and ACT or other
          college acceptance testing.

       Scholarship is due to Mrs. Stark April 8, 2011.
     James B. and Gladys L. Glover Scholarship Application

       1. Application should be completed by the applicant.
       2. Any dishonest statement made in the application will automatically disqualify
          the applicant.
       3. Recipients must maintain a full-time status as defined by the institution for
          continued eligibility.
       4. Recipients must be enrolled in courses that lead to a degree of certificate.
       5. Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
       6. Student must maintain good citizenship.
       7. Student must provide proof of enrollment before payment is issued.
       8. Student must plan to pursue careers in agriculture or health.
       9. Student must attach a current photo.

Applicant’s name_______________________________________

Applicants Address_____________________________________



Applicant’s phone number________________________________

I have read and understand the above guidelines for applying and receiving a James B.
and Gladys L. Glover Scholarship.

Applicant’s signature____________________________________                Date________

Parent or Guardian signature_______________________________              Date________

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