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Nutrition is an integral aspect of any complete strength and conditioning program Fueling the body with the proper macronutrients allows a fighter to compete at a higher intensity for a greater pe


									Nutrition is an integral aspect of any complete strength and conditioning program.
Fueling the body with the proper macronutrients allows a fighter to compete at a
higher intensity, for a greater period of time.

Many fighters train twice daily. This non-stop work ethic taxes the body and
energy is needed to allow for the ability to train repeatedly in one day. The correct
combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates will allow a fighter to rebound in
between workout sessions and put their greatest energy towards each training

A balanced approach to your nutrition plan will not only aid in your specific
workouts, but the recovery will be enhanced which in turn provides for less injury
and the ability to perform more work.

Injuries are all to common within mixed martial arts. Whether they are a sprain, a
strain or a break, the time needed to recover can be reduced if that individual is
following a sound nutrition plan. A diet rich in anti-oxidants, the necessary
calcium for bone growth, and adequate levels of water intake will all aid in the
recovery of an injury.

Nutrient timing is critical in jump-starting an individual’s metabolism. An increase
in metabolism allows for an increase in fat burning. Balancing your meals
throughout the day with the necessary protein, essential fats, and non-processed
carbohydrates are essential in achieving these goals.

Additionally, a nutrition plan that is not grounded in carbohydrate comsumption
combined with the physiologically based strength and conditioning program will
force the body to utilize fat as fuel.

Utilizing fat as energy is the most efficient and most abundant source of calories
within the human body. With an unlimited supply of energy in the form of stored
body fat, the ability to tap into this reservoir will assist any fighter throughout the
duration of a practice or competition.

The demands placed on the human body as a mixed martial artist are greater in
this sport than in any other. Fueling the system with high quality nutrients
provides high quality results. Conversely, fueling the body will inadequate energy
will result in the culmination of stored body fat, loss of exercise intensity and
duration, as well as the inability to recover from injuries as efficiently.

Please implement the information below into your nutrition program. One
statement, however, I am not a registered dietician. Therefore, the nutrition
information I am providing is a recommendation. Please consult your physician
prior to beginning any advised nutrition and training program.
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