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airpurify article


									The Rabbit Air BioGS SPA-421A air purifier is a pretty unique and modern
looking machine which gets a lot of positive reviews from satisfied
customers. Most Amazon customers give it a 5 star rating with a few
people giving it one star but that seems to have little to do with the product
itself. Quiet and energy-efficient seem to be the recurring positive points
when reviewing the Rabbit Air BioGS SPA-421A. This might have
something to do with all the major parts being manufactured in Japan and
not China. I do not mean to imply that China cannot produce world-class
goods but when it comes to bulk goods like air purifiers there are more than
a few made in China air cleansers on the market that do not really live up to
standard. austin air health mate The Rabbit Air BioGS might seem a bit
expensive at first but if you consider the low maintenance costs and price
of the replacement filters then you can all but conclude that its quality cost
ratio is very reasonable when compared to similar air purifiers. The unit
comes with three filters, a nano particle pre-filter and a charcoal filter which
are both washable as well as a HEPA filter that should be replaced every
18 months. The filter replacement shouldn't cost you more than about $50
annually which is very reasonable if you compare the cost and lifetime of
filters in similar units. There is also no guesswork involved as the individual
LED filter replacement indicators warn you when to replace the filter. What
makes the Rabbit Air BioGS quite unique is its fully automated functions
which enable it to go from standby mode to active as soon as it senses that
the air is polluted. I've read testimonials of people claiming the unit
activated itself when they changed their baby's diapers or passed some
wind under the sheets. There are basically two models available on the
market the Rabbit Air BioGS 421A model and the 582A model, the former
capable of cleaning the air in a 780 sq. ft enclosure while the latter can
clean areas up to 600 sq. ft in size. As mentioned before most customer
reviews are very positive but the one negative aspect that kept on popping
up was a complaint about the LEDs being too bright, especially in a
bedroom at night. The only solution for now seems to be to cover up the
sensors by putting something on top. Be warned though that these sensors
also steer the remote control of the Rabbit Air BioGS SPA-421A so take
care that whatever you put on top doesn't interfere with the remote as this
is the only way to control the unit. Are you constantly bothered by the
obnoxious odour circling around your home? Those who are shopping for
an air cleaner, Austin Air Healthmate is the perfect choice. It allows your
entire family to breathe less the disgusting odor that comes from the
kitchen, pet, smoke and other sources. Austin air purifier is smartly
designed to give the entire family the convenience and protection they
need from time to time. Moms who want to maintain overall cleanliness at
home or dads who want to secure the entire family's health, this product is
such a great help. roomaid,biogs spa-421a, The purpose of Austin Air
HealthMate is to provide air cleaner for the home that is electronically-
driven. You can rely on Austin air purifier to give you fresh air and cleaner
environment for your entire family without the dent to your savings. Austin
Air HealthMate clean air up to 1500 square feet and is certified to remove
99.97% of airborne particles that are at least 0.3 microns in size. Imagine
getting only fresh and clean air with Austin Air HealthMate - you surely
wouldn't want to leave your home. Additionally, Austin air purifier Plus
cleans 95% of airborne particles that are at least 0.1 microns in size. Air
that enters your home coming from the outside are filtered leaving you only
cool and safer air to breathe. It doesn't create any disturbing sound when
cleaning which makes it perfect for the house. Furthermore, Healthmate air
purifier provides you with thoroughly cleaned air as it features a 4-stage
filter that is able to remove sub-micron particles, chemicals, and harmful
gases from the air. It removes your pet odor from the air, giving you better
smelling air as well as great smelling home.

Austin Air Healthmate includes different stages to achieve the satisfaction
you need for a clean and clear air. Stage one removes large particles that
can be seen by the eye, and includes dust and hair. Stage two removes
smaller particles that include pollen, spores and moulds. This is highly
relevant to secure that 90% of the bacteria in the air is filtered. Stage three
comprises of about 15 pounds of activated carbon/zeolite blend which
absorbs odours, gases and chemicals. This stage secures that the entire
unnecessary odour is screened to only leave clean and fresh air. Lastly,
stage four consists of 60 feet of true medical grade HEPA, which removes
dangerous micro-organisms like viruses and bacteria. This stage cleans up
the air to prevent the spread-out of microorganisms that harms not only the
environment but as well the health of your family. Though the product is
proven for its outstanding performance of getting the air around your home
clean and fresh, there are still a couple of pitfalls that you should take extra
careful of. Austin air purifier doesn't work without power. It requires
sufficient amount of electricity to work but as soon as power is back, you
can plug the machine to let it start its function again. It doesn't eat up too
much of electricity so you never have to worry about increased power bill.
Additionally, this electronic air purifier is only available in plain colors of
black, sand, silver and white. biogs 421a Austin Air Healthmate is your
perfect cleaning partner to resolve the dirty air at home. With this item
available in your room, you are assured that the air around you remains
fresh and clean. Imagine satisfying your home visitors, giving the entire
family the convenience they need or keeping your children's safety every
single day with Austin air Healthmate at a price of $300-$400 - wouldn't
that be amazing? You are sure to get the amount of money you pay for this
amazing product that would last with you for years.

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