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                                                                                       February 2011

                                                                              There's    a     crack in
                           UNION PARISH                                       everything – that's where
                         Methodist Presbyterian
                                                                              the light gets in.
                                                                                              Leonard Cohen

                  Parish Register                            Ken Gartner is making a return visit to
  DEATHS                                                     Whangaroa in early February.
  26.12.2010 Evelyn Rose Green, of Kauri                                               6pm
       Lodge, formerly of Green Lane, Kaeo
                                                                          Wednesday 9 February
  06.01.2011 Dorothy Margaret Adlington, of the
       Rest Home, Kerikeri Retirement Village,                                   Kaeo Union
       formerly of Hone Heke Road, Kerikeri
                                                                                 Church Hall
  Our sympathy and prayers to their family and friends
                                                                           starting with a shared tea
                                                                         (bring plate of food to share)
To Joy and Keith Bilkey on their 60th Wedding
                                                              Come and
Anniversary                                                    enjoy his
                                                             gospel music
      OZFAME Kerikeri Outreach 2011
                                                                and his
   Friday 25 February to Tuesday 1 March
                          Featuring Ivan and Pauline
                                    Herald                   Ken was in prison
                             from NSW, Australia             and is now free, in
                                                             more ways than one.
                          The       Heralds      are
                          experienced pastors and            His message is hard-
                          recognised in the wider            hitting    but     very
                          community for their work in        encouraging,       and
                          Relationship and Family            relevant to all ages.
                      This is an initiative of the            In many parts of the world the people are
                      Frontline Church (AOG),                 searching for a solution which would link the
and is supported by the seven churches of the                 two basic values: peace and justice. The two
Kerikeri Combined Churches.                                   are like bread and salt for mankind.
Events will be held at The Centre, and at the Baptist                            Lech Walesa from his Nobel Lecture
and Frontline churches. See p.5 for more details.

Highlights in February
    Restart for Sunday School, Youth Group, Girls’ Brigade, Lectionary Study Group…
    Lectionary Study Group starts in Kaeo twice a month from Tuesday 8 February
    Kerikeri Combined Churches Bible-in-Schools Commissioning AOG 7pm Sunday 27 February

Robyn’s Ramblings                                            lovingkindness of God. That lovingkindess opens
                                                             the door to true confession without coercion,
                                                             making us truly thankful for mercy instead of
I’d been chewing over what to write for the
newsletter – something relevant, not too heavy, not
too light – when this appeared on a website I check          Others may feel compelled to expound upon sin
out each week. I have a feeling there might a few            and judgment. I’ll just stick with lovingkindness and
people who can relate to this.                               truth. That’s what I’ve received and that’s what I
 “I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and truth
                                                                    Kenneth L. Samuel, United Church of Christ, USA
from the great congregation. Withhold not thou thy
tender mercies from me, O Lord: let thy                      This helped because what I’ve been working at in
lovingkindness and thy truth continually preserve            my mind most, since the year began, is holding true
me.” (Psalm 40:10b-11, KJV)                                  to our focus as a church and keeping myself on track.
One Sunday, an irate woman announced to some                 The delay with the church building is hard because
members of our congregation that she would be                we want to get on with it, but I think it is harder in so
leaving our church and changing her membership.              far as it can tempt us off track. As if building a new
When she was asked why, she responded:                       church were the main thing.
“Because the Pastor here does not preach enough
about sin and judgment.”                                     Building a church and community facility in Kerikeri
                                                             is very important because of how it will help us, as
I had to admit that her assessment of my preaching           church, do the main thing in the Kerikeri
was accurate. I cannot remember the last time I
                                                             community. It will be an accessible, visitor-friendly
delivered a “hell and brimstone” sermon – a
sermon designed to convict sinners and send
                                                             place where we will keep sharing the welcome and
people streaming to the “mourner’s bench” in deep            warmth of Jesus. It will be a base for projects for the
repentance. Maybe this woman was missing the                 well-being of people and community, e.g. the young
good ‘ol days when people came to church to have             families and gardens projects we are waiting to
right and wrong clearly delineated for them. Many            explore once the building is underway, and other
believe that the world was a better place when sin           ways that we can work for shalom – well-being,
was sin and right was right and only those who               justice, peace. It will be a symbol of Christ-centred,
entered into the kingdom through the straight and            community-facing Christian faith, and a centre for
narrow gate would be saved. Everyone else (and               action on those lines.
this would include the vast majority of the world’s
population) would be condemned. Eternally.                   Time and energy will be going into the building
                                                             project this year, but I will make a point of regularly
I remember those good ‘ol days. But I don’t
                                                             reminding myself what it’s for. I too will stick with
remember them as being quite so good. I
remember that there was much confusion between               lovingkindness and truth and I will ask myself each
eternal truth and temporal church tradition, partly          week: what am I doing for peace and justice right
because no one was allowed to question the Bible             now?
and there was no real Bible study – only prescribed
Bible commentary. I remember people proclaiming
                                                                                                     Shalom, Robyn
things in church that they did not practice outside of
                                                                              DID NOAH FISH?
church. And I remember people who did not meet
the standards of religious ethical behavior being             A Sunday school teacher asked, 'Johnny, do
ostracized, publicly humiliated and spiritually               you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he
damaged.                                                      was on the Ark?'
I could not really argue with the woman who left our          'No,' replied Johnny. 'How could he, with just
church because she did not hear enough about sin
                                                              two worms.'
and judgment. The truth is that, like the Psalmist, I
can only give to others that which I have received
from God. The Psalmist draws a direct correlation                              HOME GROUP
between the lovingkindness and truth that he has             Kato and Michelle Akau’ola would like to start a
proclaimed to his congregation, and the
                                                             Home Group at their place on Kerikeri Road on a
lovingkindness and truth that he has received from
                                                             Friday night. Their plan is to meet fortnightly.
God. To be sure, there is acknowledgment of sin
and sin’s consequences in telling the truth, but the         If you are interested, get in touch with either of them
essence of the Psalmist’s message was the                    – Kato on 021 1761876 or Michelle on 027 5577181.

         PARISH COUNCIL UPDATE                                Michelle and Kato Akau’ola are planning to hold a
                                                              home group at their place every other Friday night in
From the meeting on 7 December 2010:
                                                              the coming year.
The new super presbytery has been voted to be                                                       Alan Robinson
called the Northern Presbytery, and Rev. Fakaofo
Kaio is to be the new moderator – both as we voted.              Bragging may not bring happiness, but
                                                                 no one having caught a large fish sneaks
A memorandum from PCANZ re proposed changes
                                                                 home through the alley.
to the book of order as a result of Assembly
decisions asks for parish feedback. The information
                                                                               ANGEL TREE
is beyond most of us, so Robyn has kindly offered to
look at it and summarise it into a simpler form.              Angel Tree has once again been a successful
                                                              outreach to the families of those in prison in New
It was agreed to support, with the six other churches
                                                              Zealand. This year has been the biggest so far and in
in Kerikeri, the OZFAME Kerikeri Outreach 2011,
                                                              our region there were 152 carers reached and 360
to the tune of $550. This outreach will be led by Ivan
and Pauline Herald from Australia, who have many
years of experience, and covers topics such as ‘Sex,          During this year the Angel Tree Co-ordination
Singles and Sanity’; seminars on Marriage                     Team, Northland, have continued to strengthen their
/Relationships; combined Men’s Breakfast; and two             links with over 70 churches within our area and now
church services one for commissioning Bible-in-               have co-ordinators in Dargaville, Kaitaia, Kaikohe
schools.                                                      and Whangarei. This has lightened their load
                                                              considerably and has enabled greater outreach with
Mike Shaw, of the Celebration Centre Church
                                                              people reaching out to others in their local areas.
(Kaikohe) asked for support letters from the local
                                                              To those of you, both churches and individuals who
churches to go to the Minister of Education in regard
                                                              donated gifts and finances, the Team send their
to their application for assistance in the building of
                                                              grateful thanks. Without you, this programme would
their new campus in Kerikeri. It was decided to leave
                                                              not be able to function.
it to individuals in the parish to write such a support
letter.                                                       The Team also acknowledge the tremendous work
                                                              carried out by the Prison Chaplains.
The PPG have received a revised “fee proposal”
from the architect, and are digesting it. If acceptable                    Sue Nash, Anne Byatt, Maureen Harris
it will be signed and the architect will proceed; we                  (Angel Tree Co-ordination Team, Northland)
will see action soon, hopefully!
                                                                     GREETINGS FROM ENGLAND
Interestingly it was revealed that some of the income
received by the parish comes from interest from a             Several of us received email greetings from Elaine
bequest made by past parishioners Ruth and Graeme             Gregory on Christmas Eve. Here’s what she said:
Keightley.                                                    Hi everyone – have given up sending cards or trying
After working with the parish for several months on           to be organised and have decided to just enjoy
various issues, Churches Together in Northland                throwing snowballs at my children instead!
made the decision to dissolve the Session (parish             Just a quickie to wish everyone a wonderful
council) of Waipu. This decision has been appealed            Christmas and new year. Enjoy the sunshine and the
by some individuals.                                          beach – we have loads of snow, so we will be
The annual Parish Picnic is proposed to be on                 building another snowman! I still have to dig my
January 23 at the beach at Mahinepua again.                   car out in order to go anywhere. We are off to the
                                                              pub later today for hot chocolate and cream with
Girls’ Brigade has had a good year in spite of two            some friends (that will be after we have skied down
leaders having small babies. Thanks too to Mary               the high street!).
Fenton and Ros Simpson for great support while
Sheryl was away. Sheryl put out a call for new                We miss you all and hope you are all keeping well
contacts for projects for the girls, e.g. sailing.            and have a fab 2011. I will attempt to send photo's
                                                              etc next year (maybe of the snow...!!).
The Kerikeri Sunday School was preparing a
diorama for Christmas, which was presented on 19              Take care, lots of love
December. (See photo on website)                              Elaine, Des, Emily, Lucy and Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jean and Tigger Andrewes received among their                   AND VICE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
Christmas mail this message for Paula du Plooy’s             …we have celebrated the birth of Jesus again into
friends in Kerikeri church.
                                                             our midst and the beginning of a new year and all the
Just a few words to say that I am in South Africa            fresh hope that this special season brings. We have
visiting family and my son.                                  enjoyed time with family and friends... People who
I might be back in March 2011, if it’s His will for          have given much to their communities have been
me. We were blessed with lovely rain in dry areas of         honoured and celebrated in the New Year’s Honours
our country. Pray for rain in NZ and blessings over          List... Students will now know how well (or not so
your beautiful country.                                      well!) they have done in their studies last year and
                                                             will be preparing for the year ahead…
You would not believe me, but I am missing NZ and
friends, Shine TV and Radio Rhema.                           However it also seems that this year an
                                                             unprecedented series of deaths, disasters and
Looking forward to see you again. God bless, Paula.          violence have been casting a pall over this holiday
                                                             season… Parts of New Zealand have seen flood
          CHURCH WEBSITE GOES                                waters rise and cause havoc and distress for property
             ‘RUBY-ON-RAILS’                                 owners and holiday makers. Christchurch had                 another earthquake on Boxing Day that caused new
                                                             damage to properties and further stress to already
The church website is all set to operate under a new         over-frayed nerves, and some families face a long
system. The change has been to enable more                   wait to have their severely damaged homes rebuilt.
functionality (i.e. do more stuff), but at this stage,       The police have announced their withdrawal from
most things will look the same. Ruby-on-rails also           the rescue effort at the Pike River Mine, bringing
allows for the site engineer (Kim Chirnside) to set up       added uncertainty for the families of the 29 miners
a system that a non-geek local operator (his mother)         lost. People are facing uncertain futures after further
can do more with, and it’s a case of first make sure         job losses, and domestic violence and suicidal
she knows what she is doing.                                 tendencies are reported to be increasing due to some
In particular, note that the schedule page now gives         of these events or to the ongoing economic
a full month of future events. So bookmark this              downturn. An attack outside a church in Alexandria,
page if you want an easy way to keep up with what’s          Egypt, killed 23 Coptic Christians and injured many
happening – all the events in the newsletter plus any        more. Our neighbours in eastern Australia have
late additions.                                              suffered devastating flooding, resulting in a still-
                                                             rising death toll, and will be facing an enormous
The website is already used regularly by a range of          clean-up once the waters have subsided. The list
people, church attenders and non-attenders, locals           goes on.
and internationals. The next stage is to design new
features to expand this and, when one is dealing with        On behalf of the Connexion we have offered
cyberspace, the sky is indeed the limit. We’ll be            sympathy and prayerful support to those who are
exploring possibilities for interaction and spiritual        suffering as a result of these events. We have
engagement, as well as for building interest in our          expressed solidarity with our neighbours in Australia
mission.                                                     and with our Coptic brothers and sisters in Christ,
                                                             remembering the words of St Paul that “if one
We would like to provide ways for people to get              member suffers, all suffer together with it.” …When
involved with us in work we do in our local                  so many terrible things seem to be happening, we
communities. It is just a matter of choosing what is         need to remember that God’s loving and sustaining
wanted and will work.                                        presence is always with us, being revealed to us in
One early plan is for regular updates on the building        new and sometimes surprising ways. Neighbours and
project in Kerikeri. Watch this space – and the              strangers are spontaneously reaching out and
website – for action at 144 Kerikeri Road this year.         offering help to each other and communities are
                                                             being rebuilt and hope reborn. In our celebrating and
     Faith is permitting ourselves to be                     in our suffering, God is always with us, and for that
     seized by the things we do not see.                     we say alleluia.
                                  Martin Luther
                                                             Grace and peace, Desmond Cooper and Sue Spindler
  Brazilian Archbishop Dom Helder Camara                            2011 EVOLUTION WEEKEND
  once said: "When I give food to the poor,
                                                            This initiative from the United States involves a
  they call me a saint. When I ask why the
  poor have no food, they call me a                         number of churches from around the world. It uses
  communist."                                               the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth
                                                            (12.02.1809) as an opportunity for serious discussion
  OZFAME Kerikeri Outreach 2011                             and reflection on the relationship between religion
                                                            and science. To quote from the Evolution Weekend
          (continuing from the front page)                  website:
The programme will be as follows:                                              “Religious people from many
 Friday 25 February                                                            diverse faith traditions and
 7pm: Combined Youth event at The Centre, ‘Sex,                                locations around the world
 Singles & Sanity’ Hosted by Excite Church                                     understand that evolution is quite
                                                                               simply sound science; and for
 Saturday 26 February                                                          them, it does not in any way
 7.30am: Combined Men’s breakfast at Baptist                threaten, demean, or diminish their faith in God. In
 Church, Hosted by the Baptist men.                         fact, for many, the wonders of science often enhance
 Sunday 27 February                                         and deepen their awe and gratitude towards God.”
 10am: Service at Frontline Church                          It may be more extreme in the US, but the idea that
 7pm: Combined Service. Bible-in-schools                    one must choose between science and faith, and that
 commissioning. Hosted by Frontline Church.                 Christians must reject outright evolution as a model
 Monday 28 February                                         for exploring the ins and outs of the life process, also
 7pm: Marriage/Relationship seminar Part 1, at              gains some traction in this country. But there is this
 The Centre, Participants - $35pp for 2 nights.             different perspective, in which faith and science
                                                            respect and interact with each other, and it is no less
 Tuesday 1 March
                                                            Christian to hold this perspective.
 7pm: Marriage/Relationship seminar Part 2, at
 The Centre.                                                This is an important message to share, for the
                                                            purposes of understanding and respecting different
Ivan and Pauline Herald’s Marriage Seminar is the           views among Christians and because our world
largest in Australia, Christian or secular, with over       needs both strong faith and good science if we are to
85,000 having attended, between a quarter and a             face up to the environmental challenges of the
third of whom have been non-church people.                  decades ahead, and do so with justice.
More background at                    Read more at, including
                                                            sermons and articles that may be of interest.
 What a difference! The three kings had only a
 rumour to go by. But it moved them to make
 that long journey. The scribes were much
                                                                      LECTIONARY READINGS
 better informed, much better versed. They                  6 February                    13 February
 sat and studied the Scriptures like so many                Isaiah 58:1-12                Deuteronomy 30:15-20
                                                            Psalm 112:1-10                Psalm 119:1-8
 dons, but it did not make them move.
                                                            1 Corinthians 2:1-16          1 Corinthians 3:1-9
 Who had the more truth?                                    Matthew 5:13-20               Matthew 5:21-37
                                                            20 February                   27 February
 The three kings who followed a rumour, or
                                                            Leviticus 19:1-2,9-18         Isaiah 49:8-16a
 the scribes who remained sitting with all their            Psalm 119:33-40               Psalm 131
 knowledge?                                                 1 Corinthians 3:10-11,16-23   1 Corinthians 4:1-5
                                 Soren Kierkegaard          Matthew 5:38-48               Matthew 6:24-34

                   Kerikeri                                                            Kaeo
              Door and Tea Duty                      Readers                           Readers
6 February    Ambler Family and W Vine               Jenny Phillips                    Lorelei Hayes
13 February   B Norman & W Judd                      Helen Norman                      tba
20 February   J. Jeffs & T Jenkins                   Bruce Norman                      tba
27 February   D Paterson & T Bedggood                Gay Traas                         Alan Robinson

         Thursdays Kerikeri Girls’ Brigade 3.30-5.30pm at the Baptist Church – contact Sheryl 407 8963
        K-TOWN Shakers Youth Bible Study 6-8pm Wednesdays at Drop-In Centre across the road from
               Union Church. Drop-in Centre open from around 4.30pm – contact John 405 1267

Sunday 30          9.30am     Kerikeri Worship      led by          Children’s activities available
                  11.15am     Kaeo Worship        Jan Gough         Children’s activities available
Tuesday 1          7.30pm     Parish Council meets at Kaeo
Thursday 3         10.00am ACW Fellowship at BBQ area at Stone Store Basin, Kerikeri. All welcome.
Sunday 6            9.30am Kerikeri Worship: Communion              Sunday School and Youth Group
                   11.15am Kaeo Worship: Communion                  Sunday School available
Monday 7          1.30-3pm Kerikeri Lectionary Study Group first session for the year. to read through the
                           week’s Bible readings, learn more about their background and share thoughts
                           and responses, at Jean and Tigger’s, 22 Fairway Drive, Kerikeri.
Tuesday 8          3-4.30pm Kaeo Lectionary Study Group – as above – in the Kaeo Church Supper Room.
Wednesday 9         6.00pm    Return visit to Kaeo by Ken Gartner beginning with a shared tea.
                              (combining with the restart for K-TOWN Shakers for 2011)
Sunday 13          9.30am     Kerikeri Worship Faith and Science           Sunday School and Youth Group
                  11.15am     Kaeo Worship         Sunday (see p.5)        Sunday School available
Monday 14         1.30-3pm Kerikeri Lectionary Study Group
Thursday 17     3.30-5.30pm GIRLS’ BRIGADE restarts for 2011 at the Baptist Church, Hobson Avenue
Friday 18                     Material for March newsletter due
Saturday 19        10.00am Churches Together in Northland meets at St John’s Whangarei beginning with
                           a cuppa from 9.30am
Sunday 20           9.30am Kerikeri Worship                 Sunday School and Youth Group
                   11.15am Kaeo Worship                     Sunday School available
                    4.00pm Communion Service at Ted Robinson Chapel
Monday 21         1.30-3pm Kerikeri Lectionary Study Group
Tuesday 22        3-4.30pm Kaeo Lectionary Study Group
Saturday 26           am      Inaugural Service for the new Northern Presbytery at Forrest Hill
                              Presbyterian Church, Auckland
Sunday 27          9.30am     Kerikeri Worship                  Sunday School and Youth Group
                  11.15am     Kaeo Worship                      Sunday School available
                  12.45pm     Communion Service at Kauri Lodge
                   7.00pm     Kerikeri Combined Churches Service at Frontline Church, Hone Heke Road
Monday 28         1.30-3pm Kerikeri Lectionary Study Group

                                          Parish Contacts
Parish Council Secretary:     Alan Robinson                Ministers:      Everyone in the parish
        ph: 405 0688              Minister to the Ministers:   Robyn McPhail
Newsletter: or Box 166, Kerikeri             ph: 401 7554           fax: 401 7555
Bulletin: or ph: 407 8883                  021 0247 6280
Parish Treasurer: Arlene Purdie ph: 407 9640               Kaeo Bookings: Margaret Langman 405 0337 PO Box 166, Kerikeri 0245                 Kerikeri office answer-phone    407 8250


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