MCB2010 – MICROBIOLOGY LECTURE
                                           M/W SECT
                                           FALL 2009

Instructor: Raymond E. Menard PhD            Office Hours: M/W: 1:00-3:00 PM
Office: SC239C                                             T/Tr: 3:15-4:15 PM
PHONE: 341-3561

Text: Tortora, Funke & Case, Microbiology: An Introduction. 10th ed.

Grading System:                                      Grading Scale:
3 Lecture Exams (100pts)              300            90-100% = A (540-600)
1 Final Exam (200pts)                 200            80-89%= B (480-539)
Homework Assignments                   50            70-79% = C (420-479)
Group Presentations                    50            60-69% = D (360-419)
                                                     below 60% = F (below 360)
                      Total Points: 600

Lecture Exams:
       The lecture exams will primarily focus on material presented in lecture with some reading material
included from your text book (main emphasis will be on lecture material). The exams will consist of a
combination of multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. The Final Exam will consist of questions
from the last lecture material as well as a comprehensive portion. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an
exam you will not be able to take the exam that day. YOU WILL BE PENALIZED FOR TAKING THE

Homework Assignments:
        At various times in the course you will be given homework assignments to help prepare you for the
tests. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day they are due. DO NOT ASK ME TO

Group Presentations:
       Within the first 2 week of classes there will be a list of topics you may choose from to do a group
presentation. Group size will depend on total enrollment of the class at the time the groups are made up. This
presentation HAS TO BE POWER POINT and should be 10-15 minutes long. In addition to the Oral
presentation, a SHORT write up of the topic is also required.

         Attending class and being an active participant are crucial to your success in this course. The
majority of exam material will come from notes presented in class so regular attendance should improve
your exam scores. Attendance will be taken at each class meeting and students who miss class are
responsible for all work due that day as well as any material presented that day (including exams, notes,
etc...) It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work that is allowed. Do not ask me for copies of
my notes or for a private lecture. You must get notes from your fellow classmates who were in class.
If you must miss due to a serious illness or other event, please let me know as soon as possible so that I am
aware of the situation.
Make-up Exams:
       Any student missing a lecture exam may take a make-up provided they have a legitimate excuse for
missing class (i.e. severe illness with doctor’s note, family emergency). All scores on make-up exams will
be reduced by 10% each time you need to take one. This penalty applies to ANYONE taking a make-
up, No Exceptions! The 10% penalty is additive, so the first make-up is -10%, the 2nd -20%, the 3rd -30%
etc… Make-up exams must be taken within one week of the original test date and note that make-up exams
may be of a different format than the original.

Grades Changes: Please follow the guidelines listed below if you feel that an answer on an exam, quiz,
homework, or other assignment has been erroneously marked incorrect. I will either post a key or go over
questions/answers in class with you for any assignments/quizzes/exams that are given.

       1) Please circle the answer in question and return to me within one week from the day you receive
          the assignment/exam back.
       2) I will review the appropriate answers and determine if your grade needs to be adjusted. I will
          return your assignment/exam back to you within one week from the time you give it to me.
       3) The time frame therefore for changing a grade on any given assignment is TWO WEEKS. If for
          some reason you are ill or otherwise engaged, you may make an appointment with me, but the
          appointment needs to be made within the two week time frame.

Please do not ask me during class time to review your papers for a grade change as there is no time for me to
assess the situation while in class.

Classroom Behavior:
        Success in this and any college class requires good note taking, test taking , and study skills. Please
ask me for assistance with any of these areas. Do not wait until mid-term before trying to improve your
work. Start asking questions and looking for help early on if you need it. In addition, attending class means
more than just showing up. Come prepared to take notes, ask questions, and listen. Please be considerate of
other students as well as myself during lecture. It is distracting to hear someone talking or laughing during
lecture so please refrain from side conversations during lecture. Students who continue to cause
disruptions in class will be asked to leave the classroom. For more detailed information on proper student
conduct please see the code of conduct in your course catalog.

Please turn off all beepers and cell phones while in class. Cell phones going off during class are a
distraction during lecture and exams. You will be given one warning if your cell phone goes off during class
before being asked to leave class for that period. If you need to use your phone please do so outside class
even if this is during a break time.

Finally, coming late to class is distracting to me and, more importantly, your fellow students so please
be on time for all class meetings. In addition, missing the first 10 minutes of class means you will miss
important announcements about the schedule, assignments, quizzes, etc. If you do arrive late please enter the
class and take your seat quietly. Do not ask students or myself questions at this time or copy notes that you
missed. You can ask questions or copy notes after class.

Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late for an exam will be asked to leave and will have to take the exam
late with the 10% penalty as per the make-up exam policy. For more detailed information on proper
student conduct please see the code of conduct in your course catalog.

Academic Honesty:
     Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated in this course. Cheating includes, but is not limited to,
copying of homework assignments, copying off other students during exams and quizzes and relaying exam
information to students who have not taken the exam. Anyone caught cheating will receive no credit for the
material in question and may be subject to further disciplinary action including a failing grade in the course.
Cheating is a VERY serious offense and will not be treated lightly.
                 MCB 2010 Microbiology Lecture—M/W Tentative Schedule Fall 2009
                                   St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus

Lec     Date                               Topic                           Chapter
1       8/24    Introduction to the Class
2       8/26    The Microbial World and You                                1
         8/31   Chemical Principles                                        2
3        9/2    Microscopy and Staining                                    3
4        9/7    Labor Day: No Class
5        9/9    Anatomy of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells                4
6       9/14    Microbial Metabolism                                       5
7       9/16    Microbial Metabolism Cont.                                 5
8       9/21    Microbial Growth                                           6

        9/23    EXAM 1 (Chapters 1-6)
9       9/28    Controlling Microbial Growth in Environment                7
10      9/30    Antimicrobial Drugs                                        20
11      10/5    Microbial Genetics/Biotechnology                           8,9
12      10/7    Classification of Microorganisms                           10

13      10/12   Bacteria and Archaea                                       11
14      10/14   Eukaryotic microorganisms and Parasites                    12
15      10/19   Viruses                                                    13
16      10/21   Principles of Disease and Epidemiology                     14
17      10/26   EXAM 2 (Chapters 7-13,20)
        10/28   Pathogenicity                                              15
18      11/2    Non-Specific Defenses                                      16
19      11/4    The Immune response                                        17
20      11/9    Practical Applications and Immunological Disorders         18,19
21      11/11   Veterans Day: No Class
22      11/16   EXAM 3 (Chapters 14-19)
        11/18   Microbial Diseases of the Skin/Eyes; Nervous System        21, 22
23      11/23   Cardiovascular Diseases, Respiratory Diseases              23, 24
24      11/30   Digestive Diseases                                         25
25      12/2    Urinary and Reproductive diseases                          26
26      12/7    Student Group Presentations
27      12/9    Student Group Presentations
        12/14   Final Exam-COMPREHENSIVE

      Deadlines: Drop with refund – August 28th, 2pm; Last day to drop with Grade of W-October 29th

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